Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Because Nice Matters

My cousin Chris and I were always very close in our childhood. When her parents divorced we lost track of each other for a good many years. As adults, by some odd coincidence, we ended up living in the same area. So naturally our friendship picked up like it never was gone in the first place.

Several times a month we get together and go to the movies. The car ride from home to the theater is our "catch-up" time...the what's happening in your life right now. We both seem to be going through some aggravating times at work these days, and one day as she's ranting over something she made the comment that she was having a sign made that says "because nice matters" to hang at work. I was very impressed with that, I liked it.

I made a small sign with those words and hung them above my desk at work. No one has commented on it, but I know they see it. I wonder if they stop and think about it, like I did when Chris first said it.

Today while on break, I was on the internet checking the various postings on the Kevin Spacey fan boards (since I don't smoke, this is my smoke break). There was one thread talking about the Old Vic Theater blog that had posted a few home made videos of behind the scenes events. The blog started but then ended rather suddenly and no more videos had been posted in quite a few weeks. Some fans were contemplating posting and asking for more. I innocently suggested they may want to start an email campaign to the email address on the site. So it surprised me somewhat when a "new poster" blasted my idea because of the extreme pressure and workload that Kevin is under. You know, one of those "holier than thou" fans who think he walks on water and everyone should bow down before him (I like the man, but don't view him as a god).

I posted back that obviously it wasn't Kevin doing this whole site, he had help and that writing an email saying that the videos were well liked and you hoped to see more wasn't "pressuring" the man to do more. Within 5 minutes (I'm not kidding you) she had another post, pulling quotes from mine and of course bashing them again. She even had the nerve to suggest that I don't know what it's like to be too busy to take a break nor have pressures in life (oh yeah, like anyone that reads here doesn't think the past few weeks of my life have not been crap). My temper immediately hit the ceiling, so I began a post back...then out of the corner of my eye I caught the sign: "because nice matters".

Well I did leave a post, a nicer one than what I originally wrote and ended it with a "let's agree to disagree". After all I may of been arguing with a 12 year old and "nice does matter".

Tuesday, October 24. 2006 Sarah wrote:
Read your post on that site and thought it an excellent reply.
Whats wrong with letting the people involved with the blog that its appreciated ? Yes Kevin is busy but he is extremely aware how important keeping the interest up in the VIc is. Besides he looked like he was having a ball being let loose with a camera!
And yes nice does matter !

Monday, September 25, 2006


Like most people, I have a cell phone.  Unlike most people, the phone is not continuously attached to my head.  I can drive without a cell phone, grocery shop without a cell phone, work without a cell phone, eat out in a restaurant without a cell phone and go to the movies without a cell phone (don't get me started with that one).

My post that mentioned my flat tire prompted a comment from my dear friend Kim about a flat tire we had many many years ago while returning home from King's Dominion (amusement park for those unfamiliar) with a group of friends.  Approximately 45 minutes from home we got a flat tire and there was no spare (I know what you're thinking...but it WAS Kim's car and not mine.  In her defense, she had told all of us before hand she didn't have one).  A cell phone would of been nice to have then, but they only existed to the we all had to walk to the next exit in search of a phone to call home.

I attended my aunt's funeral today.  There was only a graveside service.  My aunt had been in a nursing home for sometime and had not attended a church in quite a while.  So the minister had been provided by the funeral home.  I have attended funerals where the minister was unfamiliar with the deceased and though they lack that personal touch, they normally are appropriate for the situation.

This minister apparently came completely unprepared.  He not only lacked personal touch, he lacked Biblical approach as well as prayer.  But what was most annoying was approximately 45 seconds into the service, his cell phone rang!  He immediately said "Sorry about that, I don't know who'd be calling me now" and proceeded to look.  I almost thought he was going to answer it, but apparently common sense finally took over and he said "Sorry, I'll set it on vibrate".  Immediately after the service (which lasted less than 5 minutes) he was returning that call.  Needless to say we were all appalled, especially my two cousins.  The one said she was going to call the funeral home tomorrow and complain, she didn't want to have a "scene" graveside - though she'd of been justified.

Have we become such a bad society that we cannot go ANYWHERE without a cell phone?  What is the real need for this?

See even Kevin has one!!! 

  • Tuesday, September 26. 2006 Kim wrote:
    I hate cell phones. I had one for years, because Chris insisted as I was commuting for work, but a year and a bit ago, I finally won the argument that I didn't want one. Sometimes not only do I not want to be found, but I am just someplace inappropriate (like the pastor in your post) where the ringing of a phone would be tactless. I'm actually amazed that there are not more cell phone related accidents as it seems my driving is always being impacted by some goofball driving while talking.
    So sorry about your aunt...and your pets. This has not been a good month for your family!
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  • Saturday, October 07. 2006 sarita wrote:
    GREAT pic of Kevin!! thanks!!
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  • Saturday, October 21. 2006 getout77 wrote:
    You are right with the cell-phones. But sometimes a cell-phone makes your life easier. Remember once Kevin durring a play (as I remember it was The Iceman Cometh) quiped to a spectator whose phone rang for some seconds: "tell him we are busy!" and he continued to act...
    OMG!!!! that is an amazing picture!
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  • Tuesday, October 24. 2006 Sarah wrote:
    In your life you get maybe a handful of calls that are really important - the rest can wait.Switching a phone OFF is an option!!!
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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Maybe It Should Be Weeks From Hell

Every since vacation life has been crappy. While on vacation my one aunt died. She had been fighting cancer for quite some time. From my past two blogs y'all know my one cousin died. This past week another aunt died!!! This leaves my Dad as the only surviving sibling in his family.

Prior to vacation I had to have one of my guinea pigs put down. A week later another one died. The week after vacation another died.

They say things happen in three's. So hopefully this is the end of death in my life for a while.

Work's been especially crappy. For those that do not know, I do office work at a County Detention Center. We've been at almost full capacity since before vacation. Where we normally run 325-350 inmates, we are now averaging 415-430. Inmates have increased, staff has not. So, obviously, everyone is over worked and not in the best of humor.

Last week I was to do the deposits for the commissary while the guy that normally does that was on vacation. On Monday I had a migraine (a bad one) so I had to call in. On Tuesday I was able to do a deposit but was developing a sore throat. By Friday it was a full fledged cold with fever and at Noon I called it quits and went home. Needless to say my work is extremely backed up. So I'm not looking forward to going back tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

It's Not Easy Getting Older

It's never easy getting old. You can't avoid it as it happens to all of us. There's more health problems, aches and pains and such. We just don't have the activity level we once had. But I find the hardest thing about getting older is that you attend more funerals.I have a cousin who is "special". For those unfamiliar of him - he's handicapped in terms of he can't walk, talk (though he can make sounds) and has the mentality of an infant. So he's "special".Though "special" is just a nicer way of saying he's "not normal". He is in fact "special" in many different ways. He does communicate in his own way. Of course, you would have to be around him to understand his communicating, but he can communicate.I can remember at a family picnic one year, one of my other cousin's young daughter was afraid of him. Actually most young children would be if not around him for periods of adjustment. I remember my cousin trying to explain to his daughter in terms she'd understand and apparently "Poor Rodney" became her "term" for him. As she adjusted to him through family gatherings, she'd always say that "Poor Rodney". I didn't think much of it back then, but when I think of it now - it's insulting. The child was taught that because he was "special", you should feel sorry for him, and that's wrong. And though, I'm sure it was not intentional to teach the child this, it still was not the proper way to do it. Rodney has a good life. He has a good family that have cared for him for 45+ years. They love him...we all love him. I'm thinking alot of Rodney today, as my sister called me yesterday at work to tell me Rodney had died in his sleep. His parents had found him in the morning; and as my sister and I cried...I realized how very much he had touched our lives and why hadn't I realized that before?Yes, Rodney was "special".

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

The Start of Autumn

Well it's that time of year again!! I must once again get back into the exercise and diet routinue. Though I've tried this off and on again and again, I never seem to stick with it. But this time I'm determined!!!

I renewed my Curves membership and readjusted my goals at . For those unfamilar, Curves is a circuit training workout for women and Spark People is a "free" website loaded with health and exercise information and a personal diet plan. If you've ever used the Weight Watchers website, Spark People is in the same order as that, with one difference - Spark People is FREE, you have to pay for Weight Watchers.

Actually today, I didn't do too bad...though I ate a little more calorie wise then I wanted to, it was still healthier eating and I was really afraid I would go on an unhealthy binge if I didn't eat something!!! Although Spark People will give you a menu plan (and options to make changes), I have chosen to do my own menus (and their site calculates the calories and such). I'm kind of following the Curves diet which I did 2 years ago with a few differences - but healthy ones. Plus the dog and I just walked a mile, so between Curves, the Walk and the better eating habits - I'm off to a good start!!!

Sunday, September 3, 2006

I absolutely love the beach. Myrtle Beach, SC is where we spend vacation the end of August. We stay in a little family run hotel on the beach and it is a very relaxing time for us. This is one of the pictures I took this year. At the end of August you are past their high season but there is still enough going on to keep you busy. Someday we hope to be living there.