Saturday, January 27, 2007

Proverbs 22:6

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
(Proverbs 22:6)
Above is the Bible verse that appeared as the "verse of the day" on my sidebar.  It made me think of the news story this past week where a husband, wife and their 3 year old daughter were removed from an airplane due to the fact that the child would not buckle into a seat; the parents were, of course, appalled and stated they would never fly that airline again.

Everyone has an opinion of this story.  Mine happens to be - the airline was correct.  FCC rules state that all passengers must be seated and buckled before take off.  The child was throwing a fit, climbing under the seats and hitting the parents.  The flight had already been delayed 15 minutes.   The parents believe they should of been allowed more time to quiet the child down. long would that take?  Apparently the rest of the passengers don't count?  How many other passengers were trying to reach a destination to catch a connecting flight or a business meeting?  They should just forget their own plans so two total strangers can calm down a child they apparently have no control over?

Let's take a look at this,  we have a 3 year old throwing a fit and two grown adults trying to "calm her".  How about, picking her up, sitting her in the seat and buckling her in?  Yes, she would probably continue with her fit - but the plane could take off and once in the air the calming down could occur.

Though most comments agree with the airline, I've read some for the parents.  Unfortunately those for the parents overlook the FCC regulations and the other passengers.  These are probably the same people we see everywhere that take orders from their children (no one parents anymore).  One person went as far as to state that her own child is autistic and cannot be comforted in the normal fashion, but other people would not know of his disability.  While I sympathize with her situation - we know this wasn't the case here or else it would of been in all the news reports.  I'm actually glad that the parents chose to go to the news with this story.  They were looking for sympathy from the public and hoped to ruin the airline's reputation - it failed for them.  Good.

It's time people take responsibility for themselves and quit looking for someone else to blame.



    • Saturday, January 27. 2007 Kim wrote:
      This was obviously another situation of the child controlling the parents and it is just so wrong! One three year old, two adults and in 15 minutes between the two of them, they can't get this kid buckled in? Whatever....
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    Sunday, January 21, 2007

    Hubby Wants It Known

    My dear husband wants everyone to know that the ONLY reason he's willing to go the extra mile to ship me off to see another man is because the other man is someone he KNOWS I never have the chance of having!!!!

    Wednesday, January 17, 2007



    Yes, my has finally happened!!! I have tickets to see Kevin Spacey on Broadway in May!!! Two shows, one night in the third row center and the other front row mezzanine center. I am VERY excited!!!

    In my last post I had mentioned that tickets didn't go on sale until February, HOWEVER, there was a "pre-sale" for American Express holders. I wasn't one of them, but found someone that was that was more than happy to make the purchase.

    I must say that I married a very good man. When I called him at work one day this week, stressed that I would have to wait to buy tickets until February (and what if they sold out ahead of time???) he went the extra mile and found a friend with a Amex (now how many husbands would work that hard to send there wife off to see another man???). The friend was more than happy to do it and was very familiar with "pre-sale" process.

    So NOW there really IS a Countdown!!!!

    Thursday, January 18. 2007 Kim wrote:
    The husband sounds like a keeper! YAY for you getting such great seats!

    Sunday, January 14, 2007

    The Countdown Is Beginning

    Well tickets for Kevin Spacey's play will be for sale in February so my nerves and excitement are up!!!! I can't believe I'm finally this close - so keep your fingers crossed for me...need those tickets!!!

    Looks Gorgeous Doesn't He?????

    Kevin is in L.A. apparently to attend some of the Golden Globe parties and probably to do some Triggerstreet business. Here he is arriving at the airport:

    And at one of the pre-parties:

    Always nice to see him out and about.

    On a more personal my new year's resolutions aren't going well (I've no willpower what-so-ever) and work has been blah!!! And speaking of work - to Kim at . Please hang in there sweetie, I know how you feel. I go to work daily and deal with a boss I have absolutely NO respect for in the least. I can have no respect for him if he cannot respect me. I've always told him that I know he doesn't like me - which he'll deny...however, you KNOW when someone doesn't like you - and I KNOW he doesn't like me. So it makes work hard. In your particular case however, you're dealing with a new boss coming're still in an adjustment phase; it could just be God testing you. I know he's tested you in many areas of your life, but I'm sure it is only because he has such a wonderful plan for you. Keep your chin up and keep praying!!!! Take it to God, before taking it to your boss.

    Sunday, January 7, 2007

    Today I Started

    Today I started some of my resolutions.  I went to church (twice a month was my goal so I'm halfway there), I had hubby set up the Gazelle Walker in the basement (now that there is room for it), I did a 1/2 hour of Bible study at home and I reset my goals and starting point at Spark People which included preparing my menu for tomorrow.  Now I know Curves is also part of the deal, but with hubby's car in the shop and he having to share mine...well Curves isn't an option at the moment - but the Gazelle is, so I think the exercise goal counts.

    Church was very interesting today.  They have a new Pastor and this was his first day.  I know I should be saying "we" instead of "they".  I did grow up in this church, but left for personal reasons which I won't go into.  I joined another church, was married there and was somewhat involved, however, during the last presidential election...well let's just say it became TOO political.  Have been wandering ever since and found my way back to my original church.  I still need to make that final commitment by transferring my membership, but I'm getting there.  However, the new Pastor seems very nice and I'm looking forward to seeing what changes he'll bring to the church.  Unfortunately the church had a huge split a year ago involving 1/2 the church leaving and starting their own.  So the church is rebuilding and I'm sure it will take quite a few years before it will be thriving again.  However today I noticed a "need" for a children's class during the church service.  Some of the children are just too young to sit through the service, it's too long of a period.  And though the congregation is small and therefore not an abundance of children are there, I think the need is still there.  I'm praying about this, I'm not quite sure I'm ready to take on this mission.

    Got all the Christmas decorations down today both inside and out.  Despite how much I love the season, it's always nice to get back to normal.

    I want to extend a CONGRATULATIONS to one of the Spacey Gals from the Driving Mr. Spacey chatroom - Jackie - for her engagement over the holidays.  Good Luck To You!!! 

    Saturday, January 6, 2007

    Okay, so no I haven't.......

    I hate to admit it, but so far, I've stuck to none of my resolutions - they're still in the works, but life has just not allowed it.  Hubby's car is broke, leaving us with one car to work our schedules around and earlier in the week I thought I was coming down with that flu going around, but fortunately it never arrived.

    I did spend some time today giving the blog a new look.  I've added some items to the sidebar and hope to have a few more soon.  I'm trying out some different things but they may change as I work this out.  I like change.

    I did clean out my closet today, have 2 bags for goodwill and a bag for trash.  And now my closet is nice and organized.  We've been cleaning the basement - we've had 3 loads of trash hauled and have another to go; the basement looks nice and I'm beginning to think we should do our entertaining there as the rest of the house has become a mess because we've been working on the basement in our spare time!!!

    In case you're wondering...yes, I do still plan on going to NYC - just waiting for tickets to go on sale.



      • Sunday, January 07. 2007 Kim wrote:
        Yes, I did a little basement cleaning myself today..ugh! As well as put away the rest of the Christmas decorations. I also got annoyed with our new pastor today, but I can't blog it because he has read my blog!
        We need to get you out there need to find some other blogs to comment on or some rings to belong to, so you can increase the traffic to your blog. Do some of those Spacey friends of yours have blogs?
        Like the new look too!
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      • Thursday, January 18. 2007 Andrea wrote:
        Yes Laura, the blog looks better now. I'm sure as the time is passing you'll have more and more visitors on this site... Hope my bad English won't drive away the callers
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