Wednesday, February 21, 2007


This week at work we discovered the "Belief-o-Matic" online at work.  This is a quiz you take regarding your religious beliefs and it takes those answers and tells you which religion you are.  I took this quiz and discovered I was 100% Orthodox Quaker followed by 98% Liberal Christian.  One co-worker was a Reformed Jew, another was a Mormon (much to her shock), another was Catholic (which she is), one was a Pagen (he admitted that yes he was and please don't tell his wife) and one as expected was Atheist. 

The atheist is probably my very favorite person I work with...he interviewed me and did my background check, so he knows me better than anyone else!!  He's the type of atheist though that accepts others right to their belief, but after we all took the quiz, God became the topic of discussion.  He was insistent on "actual proof" that there was a God.  He also used the "why is there so much problem in the world" also.  Unfortunately, I am not educated enough in my faith to give plausible answers.  But all of a sudden he starts asking about the "Ark"!!  After all, it would of had to of been huge and if it existed - why haven't we found it yet????  And how did they get all those animals in there and how did they know none of the animals were gay???  Needless to say we were rolling with laughter, but I was able to tell him the purpose of animals being in the ark was to re-populate the earth after the flood, so they had to be male and female - it couldn't work any other way!!!  I think there may be hope for him yet.

You can take the test here:  But may I offer some advice?  Be honest with it - I know that my Catholic co-worker actually equaled out to what she is because she chose the answers the church taught her-not necessarily what she believed (and through discussion, I know she doesn't believe the Catholic faith totally).  Choose what you believe not necessarily what you've been taught.

I don't know about the Quaker thing...but I can say I probably am a Liberal Christian.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Home Project Number Two

I have great ideas. As a matter of fact, once that idea is in my head...I think it needs started immediately and completed just as fast.

A few posts back I mentioned the remodeling of a room in the basement. We started that project this weekend. I'm the kind of person that when I think of painting...I think you buy paint, roll it on the wall and a half hour later you're done!!! Hmmmmm.......

We're painting a concrete basement wall. It had been painted a mint green apparently many, many years ago. We got a lot of advice from Lowe's and Wal-Mart - Lowe's claimed that since it had been painted before, just slap on any type of paint....Wal-Mart suggested that since water is sometimes an issue a waterproofing masonry paint was the answer. Who to believe???? I asked the garage mechanic at work (he does home improvement work on the side) and he said the masonry paint - it doesn't matter if it's been painted before or not (Lowe's claimed that was a problem). I'll take the garage mechanic's word over the teenager at Lowe's (who has probably never painted before in his life). After some internet research stating the same, we bought the Dry-Lok Masonry paint.

You don't have a whole lot of choices when it comes to color - White, Beige or Gray. We chose Beige (which is really an off-white). Dry-Lok turned out to be $5 more a gallon then what I had hoped to pay, but we wanted the job done right. So we buy it, get home and start.....Dry-Lok is VERY thick, you're not suppose to thin it and spreading it is HARD work. Guess you can figure out where my interest in painting went? Yep, I'm doing laundry and hubby is finishing the painting!!! And as always, the venture has become more expensive then original anticipated and we still need the carpet....but I keep telling myself, hopefully, the project will be completed next week.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Change One

Reader's Digest has a diet called "Change One".  You can do the diet online at or better (and cheaper) go to purchase the book and use for menus and such.

The diet is a simple concept.  "Change One" eating habit each week.  The first week is "Breakfast"...if you don't normally eat breakfast - now's the time to start, if you's the time to do correct proportions and such.  The next week is "Lunch"....they even have a week for "Snacks".  I think this is a doable diet.  Now, doable in terms of yeah - it's better than the rest....but is it doable to keep Laura on track???  That is the question!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Let It Snow, Let It Snow....err...I Said SNOW - What's With The Ice?????

Yesterday we got snow:

Nice pretty snow......Toby LOVED it, we couldn't keep him out of it!!!  The cats were less than thrilled, of course.  Then sometime after midnight the freezing rain came and we woke up to this:

Yep, that's my car...covered in about an inch of ice.  Needless to say...Toby doesn't like it anymore!!!

Work has been delayed today until 12:00 Noon, but I've decided that the whole day is a no show for me.  4WD does really well in snow, but I've yet to find a vehicle that handles ice well!!!

Oh...and it's snowing again!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Yes We Are Gluttons For Punishment

Above is a room in my basement. I've decided to redo this room and put the rabbits (already there) and guinea pigs down there. Yes, you'd think we'd of learned laying the floor....but Home Project is back up and running.

Actually this one should be easier. The room is all concrete (walls and floor) and painted green. It had recessed lighting, but hubby just put in regular lights. We added a small heater as there is no heat in the basement (and heats a must for guinea pigs), but hopefully by next season we will have a gas insert in the fireplace to help with the heat. All that needs done now is a paint job and we've opted for indoor-outdoor carpet for the floor. Sounds easy, sounds cheap...but you never know with us!!! I'm hoping to pack up what junk is left and clean up the walls and such this week, paint next weekend and then get the carpet the next. Once complete, the pigs will move down with the rabbits. I noticed that 90% of the dirt/dust in our home comes from the shavings that line the cages. Putting them downstairs will help eliminate that problem.

I then plan on taking the spare room (which currently houses the pigs) and create a small office for myself. My computer desk and accessories have taken over one part of the living room and I decided I needed my own space. The room will also consists of a daybed (money pending) for when my step-daughter is home from college and opts our place instead of her mother's. In case you're wondering what we do with her now...well believe it or not she actually sleeps in that empty room in the basement in the picture above!!! There is a bed in the end of the room you are not seeing, and we have cleaned out the other furniture and such that used to be there. Both the kids had created this room and didn't seem to mind the lack of heat or the interior. That bed will actually remain in that part of the room for her as well.

This is Maggie and Megan. They recently moved to the basement. And yes, they actually do live in a 2-level cage.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

New York City And The Flu

After a week of running from it, the Flu finally caught me on Thursday and has had me down for the weekend. I do feel better today but my head is very stuffy. I am fortunate to have caught the flu involving the cold...the other one going around work is the one involving the stomach - and puking just freaks me out!!!

NYC is still a go. I'm now thinking of flying in on Tuesday night - giving all day Wednesday for sightseeing. For those that have asked - no Hubby is not going with me...I'm going alone and meeting another Spacey fan - Marlene, from New Mexico - when I get there. No, I've never met Marlene in person before and Yes, she's promised she's not a serial killer or rapist!!!! Funny, how the people at work were initially appalled that I would consider meeting a total stranger I met on the internet and they were concerned of whom she may be (which is nice to know they care that much). My Mother didn't seem too concerned (which was surprising); my one sister finds it entirely odd, but as she's not one to take the step out of the "box" (as the saying goes) that doesn't surprise me.

Prior to "the world wide web", I met fans of my past crushes through magazines and fan clubs and did the letter writing thing. I do have a very good friend of many years - Jody, Ft. Washington, MD - whom I went to many Loverboy concerts with and got to know her entire wonderful family as well. No one found that odd for me to go stay with a total stranger the first time...but when you mention the internet - people tend to think "stalker".

Anyway, Marlene tells me she hasn't been on vacation in 10 years!!! So she's flying in earlier to do some things I'm not interested in and visit family, then we'll meet up on Tuesday and try not to drive each other crazy until Monday morning - lol!!! Though the whole trip started with seeing Kevin Spacey on Broadway, I must say I am anxious to get back to the city. I love big cities and wish at some time in my younger life I had had the nerve to pack up and go live there!!! So this adventure became an extended one around the two shows. Besides Kevin, we're hoping for Ellis Island, Ground Zero and The Bodies Exhibit...actually I'm leaving the details to Marlene - she seems to be really into planning things, and she's welcome to that.

This trip is offering me more than Kevin Spacey. I've always wanted to fly and have never had the opportunity - so guess what??? I'm going to fly into NYC all by myself. I know, I could take the bus, Amtrak or drive myself there and leave the car at Port Authority.....but I don't want to. Amtrak is actually more expensive then flying; and driving or bus will take several hours. I've yet to decide on an airline (though I'm leaning towards JetBlue) and which airport to land at (JetBlue only goes to JFK); but I'm very excited about this. So the trip now has the excitement of Kevin and flying - could there be more??? Actually, yes - not only am I meeting Marlene for the first time ever.......but Ginger, Jackie and Joanne (all Spacey fans) from online as well. We'll catch up with Joanne after her show on the 10th, Ginger at the Matinee (her seat is right next to our's - some coincident huh?) and Jackie is aiming for the Matinee as well. Now if we could get some of the others in the chatroom (hint, hint - Jen, Liss) to come........

So I could use advise on airlines and NY airports and the best way to get from the airport to the please leave your comments!!!


Sunday, February 04. 2007 Kim wrote:
I didn't realize you were going for a whole week! Take lots of pictures!
I recommend SouthWest Air or Jet Blue, though I have never flown the latter, but they are both reasonable in price. Are you renting a car once you get there or doing the bus/taxi thing?
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Sunday, February 04. 2007 Laura wrote:Well I got a good rate at Delta with my AAA card, so that's what I'm flying. I've heard good things about JetBlue though. Do you really think it's safe for me to drive in NYC???? (lol) - nope shuttling from the airport and the rest of the trip will be walk, bus, subway, etc.....
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Sunday, February 04. 2007 Jenny wrote:
Ok if you are like eveyone else in our family then you my dear are directionally challenged so whatever you do DO NOT try to drive in New York. You will enjoy yourself so much more without the hassle of a car. About the airports....I probably been to most of the big airports in the US and none are any better than the next one. LA and Chicago are the worst but NY.....not that bad.Have fun and be safe and enjoy evey second of it.Remember New York never sleeps!!!!!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Time to "Weigh Down"

No matter what I do, I always end back at this weight issue.  I read all the diets and cannot get motivated or even find one that I know I'll stick too.  Dieting is a tough thing - it's not really a temporary thing - it has to be a lifestyle change.  That's why I keep coming back to the Christian based "Weigh Down Workshop".  You may find a group in your area hosting the program or you can do the online one - but if you just by the book, you can do it all yourself and without the $$$$ pricetag.

Gwen Shamblin is the founder of WDW and she has some very good words of wisdom.  She says that diets fail because we try to make the food behave and with a diet all we think about is food!!  She's right you know...when going on a diet (whether it's Atkins, Curves, South Beach, Weight Watchers, etc...) the whole diet has you focused on food - you have to shop for food, plan menus, weigh the food, measure the food, prepare the food - if you diet with a group, then you sit around talking about food and sharing recipes.  Diets prepare you for failure because you're focusing on the one thing you shouldn't be. 

She also says that diets adhere to man made rules and not God rules.  Man made rules consist of: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner; there's starving children in Africa-clean your plate.  This food is good for you, this one isn't and so on.  Ever eat just because it's time to eat, even if you're not hungry?  Gwen says it's time to listen to your body and feed it when it says your hungry (stomach grumbles for most) and to stop eating when it says it's satisfied (not stuffed).  She says if you turn to God and ask for his guidance and seek obedience to Him; you'll lose the weight and be free of diets forever.

I know this diet works, I've done it...but again when I didn't consider God a lifetime commitment and chose the path to do it my way....the weight came back.  Guess there's sense in that; not just with food but in all aspects of life..things go better if you choose God's way.