Sunday, August 19, 2007

This, That and Some Other Things

Been busy and not here nearly like I should be.  So an update:

We close on the house September 14th.  We have until November 1st to move out of the rental so we've plenty of time.  Owner has promised us that there will be no "For Sale" signs or "House Showings" until we are completely moved out.  This has somewhat upset the Realtor (same guy that appraised) as he keeps pressuring her to move faster.  He even had the nerve to ask her to tell us to remove all small animals from the premises as that makes for bad selling....hmmmm...what part of "no for sale sign or house showing until we're completely out" did he not understand?????

I do hope, however, that she has not disclosed to him the price she offered the house to us.  Here's a home buying tip to everyone out there....Don't pick the realtor who's photo is being shown with the house you want to see.  Why?  That realtor has already been contracted by the seller and therefore is selling with THEIR best interest in mind, not the buyer's.  Find a realtor that will have YOUR interest in mind.  That doesn't mean you can't use the same real estate office or that you can't look at any listings under your realtor.....but just keep that thought in mind - who were they working for first??? 

In my opinion, this particular realtor is pressuring because he already knows someone looking for a house in this area.  If she's told him of the offers that she's made to us...that let's him know what she's willing to accept.  See?  He's already working with the buyer......

Some people are so behind of my co-workers walks in my office to ask a question this week and notices the photo of Kevin and I on my bulletin board.  He says, "The guy in that picture with you looks just like Kevin Spacey."   I said, "That's because it is Kevin Spacey."   Where's he been????   He works with me!!  One of the guys from the other division gives tours to people to my office to show that picture....some people need to keep up!!

Leaving for vacation on Friday, heading to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  They'll only be updates if I can get an internet connection.  Our hotel is an older family run one and doesn't offer that service, but 2 brand new resorts were completed last year and are now open and sit right next to our hotel.  If they have free wireless service, I may be able to get a connection.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

We're On The Move


Well, we made an offer Wednesday and we got the news yesterday that it was accepted.  As long as everything goes as planned, it'll belong to us on September 14th!!!

Now the packing begins.......


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

House Hunting 101, Part 6 - House #4

Okay, maybe the next one has some potential.....This one boasts central air, replacement windows, new roof,
4 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bath.  Two of the bedrooms are in the finished attic. 

As always, let's start outside:

With this one, we're giving up yard space.  The yard is very small.  There's a one car parking space in the back, but we decided that with the yard as small as it is to begin with, why not take out the tree and have 2 spaces back there.  That's actually an alley that runs along side of the house.  The neighbor told us that the city is very good about clearing that in the winter and that it doesn't get alot of traffic.


Well, it's a basement - we weren't expecting anything more.


I'm a kitchen person remember???  This particular one is a nice size, has red in the floor design (my chosen color for a kitchen), a new "clean" refrigerator and stove (though I'm taking my 2 oven stove with me) and <drum roll> a DISHWASHER!!!!!  I've always wanted one of those!!!  The kitchen was actually an addition to the house at some point, we're assuming what is now the dining room was the original kitchen.

This picture of the dining room is unfortunately fuzzy, not big - but we don't use the dining room anyway.

Below is the bathroom, very small but it's a bathroom..... next to that is the back bedroom on the first floor.


The living room:


The largest bedroom - first floor, right off the living room.

The 2 bedrooms on the upper floor.  Low ceilings but we figured one could be my office and the other the guinea pig/rabbit room!!  Love the hardwood floor in the first one.


Both of us said later that we noticed that each of us kept referring to this house as if it were our's already!!!  So out of the 4 we looked at, naturally you know which one we chose!!!


  • Tuesday, August 07. 2007 Liss wrote:
    I like the entryway. It gives a feeling of having a hall entrance to the house instead of opening the door and already standing in the middle of the living room. Which is what I do. I also like the windows in the kitchen. I only have one window over the sink that won't open.
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  • Wednesday, August 08. 2007 Barbara wrote:
    Tell us more about the guinea pig/rabbit room and your pets! We are avid rabbit lovers, currently have a siamese sable Netherlands dwarf that we adopted last year from the House Rabbit Society.
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  • Wednesday, August 08. 2007 Kim wrote:
    I like it, L! I was talking to your mom today at the church about what you two were gonna do. This house seems to mostly need a couple of coats of paint but other than that, it looks homey!
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Sunday, August 5, 2007

House Hunting 101, Part 5 - House #3

This particular house has been my top contender.  I love an old house.  It's in a very nice in-town neighborhood and there's a park nearby.  This house boasts 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, kitchen, dining room and living room and was built in 1908.

Below is the front of the house, the back, the back yard and the flagstone back porch (the front porch is done the same way):



At the end of the yard, you'll notice a building.  That's a garage, below is the inside of it.  Pretty bad.  During one of our drivebys we had said that would be torn down.  The realtor told us today that that is what the owner is going to do.

We're going to start from the bottom, these are the 3 rooms in the basement.  You can't see it in the first photo, but there is a shower stall in there!!!  This is also the room where the washer/dryer hook up is.  The middle picture is the middle room, you can see some water damage around the bottom.  This particular room leads to the outside, so water may be coming in from there.  The last room is the furnace room.  The furnace was new.


The first photo below is off the kitchen and is what's considered the dining room.  The second is the living room.  Both rooms are nice sized and with older houses have high ceilings.


The one thing this house wasn't lacking was a kitchen.  It was huge and a table would have no problem fitting in here.  Better yet, how about a big island going down the center of it?  Don't let the photos fool you though.  The walls and cabinets are filthy and some areas look as though there's mold on them.  What the pictures don't show is a hole in the ceiling above the cabinets.  Apparently there's a leak from the bathroom above ( a bad one).



And now it's time to head up the stairs.  I loved the stained glass window there!!


Below are the 3 bedrooms and bathroom.  You can't tell from the picture but anyone tall (hubby for example) could really hit their head going into the bathroom if not careful.  The slanted ceiling is causing that!!!



Below is a lot that sits next to the house.  We assumed it went with the house on the other side - nope it comes with this one!!!  Nice addition!!!

This house is still my top contender.  We just couldn't take it off the list.  But we did have to realize that it required more than a good cleaning, paint and new carpet/flooring that we could do.  It also is in need of a new roof and replacement windows and then there is that leak.    So though the top contender...we had to pass.

  • Wednesday, August 08. 2007 Kim wrote:
    I like this house alot, though it does need some work. Any chance of asking the leak to be repaired and for the price to come down due to the roof needing to be replaced?

House Hunting 101, Part 4 - House #2

Today we went to look at 3 more houses.  Please keep in mind that we are looking at older homes built in the 1950's.  That basically means no gourmet kitchen, no open floor plan, no huge family room, no bedroom "suites" and small bathrooms with no double sinks or whirlpool tubs.

The first one is the one situated outside of town.  It boasts 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, combo kitchen/dining room, basement and partially finished attic.  This time I remembered to bring the camera along.

This is the front of the house, the back and the back yard.  The back porch is enclosed and partially finished.

Below is the partially finished attic.  Though it is not easy to tell from the picture, alot of work has been done here and it will make a very nice room.

This is the kitchen.  It's really not a whole lot bigger than what you are looking at so I'm not sure where they expect you to put a table (since it's a combo kitchen/dining room).  For some reason there's two sets of cabinets, nice wood ones and old white metal ones.  Not sure what's going on there.  I'm a kitchen person when it comes to houses.  It doesn't have to be a gourmet kitchen or even large, but it does need to be workable.  But the cabinets are a minor decor inconvenience until you have new ones put in.

This is the living room.  Decent size, carpet not the greatest but that's replaceable.  Dining table could go at the end closest to the kitchen.

Below are the 2 bedrooms.  First thing I noticed was no closet space.  Actually each room had a metal wardrobe for that purpose.  Obviously they aren't large.


Below is the bathroom from 2 angles.  Tub is blue to match the sink.  I really liked the shelving around the sink.


Below is the basement.  We could find a washer hook-up but no dryer hook-up (though we agreed the best place for those would be on the enclosed back porch).  There were two small puddles of water.  That was a flag.  A closer look showed a concrete drench going around the bottom of the walls to the floor drain...obviously there's a water problem.  Once outside we noticed the roof was old and not going to last much longer.


Despite the potential of this house, the basement and roof bothered us somewhat.  I picked up a flier lying in the kitchen and later noticed that the owner of the house was the same man that owned the last house we looked at (little green one, a couple of posts back).  I always thought real estate investors purchased properties and fixed them up!!!  This guy apparently buys them, does cheap fixes, starts projects to be finished by buyer and basically sells "as is".  I can't see how he is making money here.  I thought of the tv show "Sell This House"...and thought he should bring those people in and let them show him how it's done!!!

This house was a no.