Saturday, September 29, 2007

Very Long Day

Moving is very tiring.   You never realize how much you've accumulated until you move.  The guinea pigs arrived last night, the rabbit today and the cats will arrive tomorrow.  Toby moved in last night with us.  We still have some things to get from the old house...I'll be so glad when all things are in one location.

Had the cable & internet hooked up today.  There was a cable wire already in the living room, however, the cable guy insisted on running all new wiring, he also insisted that under no circumstance was a splitter being used on any of his cables.  He didn't care what all the other technicians have done, he does it correctly.  He did soften up after awhile...but if he's any indication of their customer service - well there's issues....  Although the internet works great, I cannot access Comcast On Demand and and the online channel guide all says "To Be Announced", the channels work though.  So far their customer service has been very unhelpful.  Actually, he's the only technician that I've ever dealt with that left prior to making sure everything was working properly - he just said it would eventually all work??????!!!!!!  Last customer service rep told me to wait 30 minutes, unplug the box for 30 seconds and try again.....


  • Saturday, September 29. 2007 Kim wrote:
    Nice...I'd be sure to call customer service and let them know about your issues!

    1. Saturday, September 29. 2007 stratcat43 wrote:
      I've talked to customer service THREE times claims it'll straighten itself out within 24 hours....another tried to "ping" it but it didn't help, the last one said it's because the work order wasn't closed out but he was unable to get dispatch.  He suggested calling tomorrow during down time to get it done.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


 A few months ago I was reading the Reader's Digest and they listed an online group called Freecycle .  These are Yahoo groups where people offer items for free that they no longer want, thus the "free" in the name and "cycle" meaning recycle.  The object is, of course, that instead of cluttering up the landfills with items - recycle it to another person.

If you go to the site (click on the Freecycle in the first paragraph), it will lead you to groups in or around your area.  I chose to sign up for my local one as well as some neighboring ones (as most people do I've noticed).  I had actually forgotten about them, until we started to move.  We had this huge Sectional Sleeper Sofa that just was not going to fit in the living room at the new house, plus it was old, stained and the cats had clawed the one end to death...however, it was comfortable and I thought maybe someone may use it for a hunting cabin or in a basement.  So I took the chance and posted it on the site.  I'm not lying when I say that within 30 seconds, I had an email from someone wanting it!!! And three hours later they were at my house getting it.

Another posting allowed at Freecycle is if you're looking for a certain item.  I noticed a posting for someone needing a full size mattress and boxspring...well we had one in the basement we weren't going to have room for.  I emailed the person, she wanted it...we put it on the front porch and she picked it up today. 

So I thought I'd share that site with everyone in the event you don't know it's there.  And there are sites available in other countries as well, so for those not living in the U.S. you should check it out.


  • Thursday, September 27. 2007 Kim wrote:
    I love Freecycle. I've never given or gotten from it, but I love reading them!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It's Been An Interesting Day

No recipe today as all my cookbooks are at the new house in boxes.  I should be completely moved in by this weekend.

My step-daughter *did* go back to college with the attitude to try to finish this semester.  She's going to look for someone to take her place at the off-campus housing, as long as she pays to the end of the lease they'll remove her name from it, so in the event there's any damage, she won't be responsible.  She's also thinking of dropping a class or two so she can catch up better in her studies.  Time will tell.....

It's been a really weird day in "Kevin Spacey Fan Land" today.  Apparently Kevin visited Venezuela and had dinner with President Hugo Chavez.  This has caused horror in spaceyland.  Some will no longer be his fan and are no longer going to post on his fan boards and there have been a ton of posts, by those that normally don't post on Kevin's board at, are yelling "treason".  Amazing how he's being "judged" (doesn't God teach against that?) and has been tried and convicted when there isn't any evidence of wrong doing.  Actually a more detailed story surfaced this afternoon:

My take?  Kevin is visiting Latin America; because of who he is - he's being giving the "red carpet" treatment; there was chit-chat about politics, the cinema-project and cacao.  

Some feel that if he chooses to do a film there, he's doing nothing more than "greasing the palm" of a terrible person.  Ummm.... this may come as a surprise to alot of you, BUT movies/tv have been filming all over the world for decades, and yes, even in countries that are ruled by dictators.  Those countries do make money from it.  I bet most of you have seen one or more of those movies without realizing it.  If you feel so strongly against should of spoke up long ago.  Of course there is the fact that other celebrities are mentioned in the post and no one is asking for them to be deported.

Though I do believe in everyone's right to an opinion, and I do know most of the posts at imdb are just people trying to p*ss spacey fans off....I do think this whole thing has gotten completely out of hand - and why is it more newsworthy than the War in Iraq for example????

Another funny thing is he's doing a movie called "Recount" which is based on the 2000 U.S. presidential election and the subsequent recounts in Florida.   Someone at Legacy posted:
re the whole recount issue...LET IT GO! This happened almost 8 years ago and people are still not over it?!

I thought "Let it go"?  "8 years ago - still not over it"?   With that philosophy we should:

Let go of September 11, 2001 (that was 7 years ago); how about we let go of: Vietnam, World War I & II, Korean War, Civil War, Revolutionary War, etc.......  I can't believe anyone would make a comment like that - Let go of history????

None-the-less, I'm an American and a Spacey Fan.  If that bothers you, read elsewhere.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Why I'm Not A Mother

Don't get me wrong with the title, I DO like kids and kids have a tendency to really like me; but when I've had all I can take of them, I like to hand them back to their mothers and go on my way.  You can't do that when they're your's.

Had I gotten married in my 20's, I probably would of had children, but since I didn't get married until I was 36, well, I was kind of set in my ways and saw a child disrupting that.  So I'm not a mother BY CHOICE (alot of people don't understand that for some reason).

However, the man I married does have two children from a previous marriage.  They're grown now (ages 22 & 20).  The oldest is a boy - he has his own apartment, works full-time, pays all his own bills.  We had alot of problems with him during his teens (drugs, wrong crowd and such) but some tough love got him back on his feet.  We tried the "help" way first, it made things worse.  Some people just have to hit rock bottom to be able to get their life together.

My step-daughter just started her sophmore year in college.  Though only in school for less than a month, she by total surprise, showed up this weekend to tell us she hated it there and wanted to drop out.  She's now claiming she didn't like it last year and didn't want to go back this year.  She didn't tell anyone that because it was easier to just tell us what she knew we wanted to hear.  She's depressed, she does nothing but lay in her room at school and cry, she has no friends there, the classes are hard and unnecessary, she doesn't have a major, and she hasn't been attending classes....etc....

Let's back up to Freshman year at college.  She had just started dating a local boy before leaving.  She was home almost every weekend to see him or he went to college to see her.  When we questioned her on whether that was necessary, the response was "But I love him and want to see him."  So because she had to see him, she didn't do the things college kids do - hang out, go to sporting events, festivals, join clubs.  She didn't socialize with anyone outside of her dorm room.  During her freshman year she insisted she wanted to live off campus the next year with 2 of the girls she had met there and was friends with.  We were all against this, but then gave in.

She comes home for the summer, works, is happy.  In August she broke up with her boyfriend but immediately found it's time for school again.  And guess who visits not just on weekends, but any chance he gets?

You're not going to enjoy college if you can't let go of the hometown.  You won't have friends at college if you CHOOSE to lay in your room rather than involve yourself in activities.

At some point during the discussion with the four of us (mom, dad, step-mom, step-dad) she got mad at what someone said and got up and left, and at that point no decision was made.

Between the four of us we decided to leave the decision up to her (why continue paying the money, if she won't attend classes?), however, if she chooses to drop out...then she'll be responsible for the remainder of the lease for her off campus housing (that's until next spring), her college loan, her cell phone bill, and car insurance.  That seems fair.

What I would really like her to do, is finish this semester.  Then transfer to one of the closer colleges where she can live at home.  But right now, you can't tell her anything....loverboy is all that matters.

Monday, September 17, 2007

"You Can Disagree Without Being Disagreeable"

A good friend of mine died quite suddenly last week and the funeral was today.  He was very well know and well liked in the community and I've known his wife for most of my life (long before he even knew her).  Because of the amount of people who knew him, his funeral was extremely large. 

One of the eulogies read included the quote that is the title of this post.  This friend said that when the two of them both moved to this area, an older gentleman befriended them and that was one of the things he told them - you can disagree without being disagreeable.  He felt this was how Gordon chose to live his life, and I agree.  I hope to meet more people like him.  He will be greatly missed.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Well, as the sign says the house officially became our's on Friday, September 14th.  We had a few home projects to get complete prior to moving anything in.  One being painting and the other cleaning carpets.  We finished the painting today.

The dining room in the house had dark brown paneling which continued back the hallway.  Since the area isn't that large to begin with we chose to paint it white to open it up a bit.  Here's before and after shots:


Again, this home was built in an era where "carpet" was considered the proper flooring for a dining room (???), I've yet t0 figure that one out.  None-the-less, a laminate floor will go in here at some point.

Saturday, September 8, 2007



Going back to work this week was not good....not only is all my work backed up, but I had a terrible cold/sore throat all week as well and being my first week back from vacation really couldn't take off.  So I had to work sick and infect everyone else.

Then there's the stress of the house buying business.....

So what a pleasure it was to get home today and find in the mailbox a note from Kevin Spacey thanking me for all my kind words regarding the play in New York.  This was totally unexpected (as I have already received a thank you for the shirt).  The card was extra special as it was totally handwritten and he addressed the envelope (his new thing is computer generated letters which he signs).  So it was kind of extra special.

This is why I love this man!!!

Friday, September 7, 2007


Next week at this time I'll be a home owner.  Yes, next Friday is the closing date - FINALLY!!!  Someone told me that house buying is one of the most stressful things you'll do and trust me, they weren't kidding!!!  The financing alone has been a nightmare, but our current broker has told us not to worry - everything is fine and in place.  I'm told that's pretty good to know this a week in advance, sometimes the financing isn't for sure right up to when you're ready to sign the paperwork.

There's lots of "terms" when financing a home.  A "pre-approval" is no guarantee of the loan, it's just a letter stating what you can afford on a house and for the itty bit amount of financial information we have on you, we'll consider looking into giving you a loan.  Our "pre-approval" (by several companies) was $400,000!!!  Yeah, I laughed at that one too.  We never would of been able to make the first payment on that one - and we wonder why the housing market is in such shambles????  This is why.

I really hated hearing "you're approved pending...."  Ummm...if there's a "pending" then it's not approved.  Maybe a better way would be to say, "Everything looks great so far, now on to step 2."  The word "approved" shouldn't come up to the very end.

Right now, it's a buyer's market.  That actually was good for us, since we weren't prepared to buy.  We offered the asking price if they'd pay all closing costs.  They took the offer.  I was shocked at what closing costs are!!!!  But both our realtor and their's considered this a reasonable offer.  And it must of been.  I guess alot depends on how fast you want to sell too - are you looking to make some money, or is it a piece of property you just need to get rid of.  The latter was our case, the owner had died and the family was selling off the estate.

We have new "home project" plans for this house, so they'll be many blogs involving that!!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

V A C A T I O N - Again!!

V A C A T I O N - AGAIN!!!

This is the last of the vacation postings, just wanted to share some beach photos.  We had a full moon one night and it was gorgeous, unfortunately I couldn't catch it with the camera very well (I really do need to read the manual).  Enjoy!!




Sunday, September 2, 2007

V A C A T I O N - More!

Below is the octopus, he (she?) was kind of stuck to the tank in the corner and hard to get a photograph of.  Apparently it's very smart.  It eats shrimp and they sometimes will enclose the shrimp in lego type blocks.  The first time it took awhile to get the blocks apart, but the next time it only needed to pull away one block to get the shrimp!!!!  (this was all told to us by a worker there, we didn't see it):


As fascinating as marine life is - that is one ugly form of life!!!!

Below is what is called Sea Dragons .  They are beautiful and fascinating. 


Here's an unpopular creature, but beautiful anyway...the brochure says they are mostly made up of water:

The Eels tend to hide in rocks (who can blame them???):



If you ever visit Myrtle Beach, make sure to stop by this aquarium located at Broadway At The Beach.  And if you have kids - they'll love it!!!


Saturday, September 1, 2007


Well, I'm back from vacation and everything went very well.  It was much needed.  We stay at a little family run hotel in South Myrtle Beach called the Mystic Sea :

Yes, it's sits between many large resorts and though it's nothing fancy it is clean and the staff are very nice.
The weather was great the whole time we were there with only one night of storms.  The days were very hot and the ocean water was very warm.  It seemed the vacationers at our hotel were the "pick" for the gentleman was stung by a very large one - he said he actually saw it - tentacles and all!!!  There were three others that had the jellyfish encounter as well, we fortunately did not.  This was the first year we were ever there that this happened.

We visited Broadway At The Beach and went to the Ripley's Aquarium .  I love aquariums as I appreciate marine life - it's so beautiful:

I absolutely love stingrays, and they have a whole pool of them, there's even a petting pool!!!

Around the corner is the tank with no petting pool for obvious reasons - lol!!!  I'm sure you're wondering (as I was) if the sharks eat the other fish in the tank.....they said sometimes that happens but rarely as they keep all the marine life very well fed.


The shark tank is very cool as it's huge and you walk through a tunnel and they're all around you!!!

More tomorrow!!!