Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm Very Disappointed

My cousin Chris and I often go to the movies.  We love the movie theatre on Leitersburg Pike in Hagerstown.  It cost $5.00-$7.00 to get in (depending on the time), we can get dinner (hamburger, chips and drink for $4.00 or hotdog, chips and drink for $3.00 - there's others but that's what I normally get) and then popcorn at the normal movie price.  The theatre is not a new stadium seating one, but rather one of the older ones.   There's two large theatres and 8 smaller ones.  We go at least once a week.

Chris had a birthday this month and her co-workers went together and got her a $60.00 gift card from there.  We went to the movies last Sunday....we had missed a few weeks due to our schedules, and was rather surprised that only 6 movies were showing and none were newer ones.  We opted for a locally done "Night of the Living Dead" (which by the way was also showing) rip-off called "Deadlands" (don't bother).

We, of course, questioned the staff on the movie choices and they said they were told there'd be new ones out on Friday (remember this is Sunday).  We noticed no posters hanging in the outside holders, which led me to believe they were ready to shut down...but we were assured new movies were coming.

On Tuesday, I get a call from Chris.  One of her co-workers has a friend involved at the theatre.  Apparently the staff were informed on Monday, that the theatre would be closing on Thursday.  Chris, of course, still had money on her gift card, but according to this co-worker's friend it was unlikely that she'd get any money back at this point.  We decided to go to the movies on Wednesday and use what was left on the card.  Our only choice (since no newer movies were showing) were movies we had already seen, we opted for "Night of the Living Dead" since we've never seen it on the big screen.

We arrive at the theatre on Wednesday evening.  Parking lot is empty and few lights are on.  It immediately became apparent that the theatre was closed.  There were a couple cars parked at the doors.

Chris gets out and says she's going in to get her money for her card.  She comes out a few minutes later waving me to come in.  The owners of the building were in there and are old friends of mine (they were not the ones running the theatre, it was being leased).  They assured her, she would have a refund within a few weeks (even though it wasn't their place to do it).  They proceeded to tell us that THEY had just found out that morning that the theatre was closed.  The person left owing them quite a bit of money and they have 2 new projectors that will need sent back.  It was quite a mess.  Right now the status of the theatre is unknown.

After some non-movie related chit-chat we left and went to dinner, quite disappointed that we will now have to go to one of the "expensive" theatres to see movies.

****Stopped by the old house to look for Mickey.  No sign of him.  Neighbor said she's been looking but hasn't seen him, neither has the guy that lived behind us.  There was no dead wildlife on the porch, so it was determined he isn't in that area.****

Saturday, October 20, 2007


For those that have been asking, no there has still been no sign of Mickey and I'm beginning to adjust myself to the fact that there may never be.

The only sighting we do know of is by our next door neighbor.  She came over one evening to introduce herself and during the conversation of "cats"(there are many strays in the neighborhood), I mentioned what had happened.  She DID remember seeing a cat that fit his description one day, but that was it.  Apparently, just about everyone feeds the strays, so if he's still in this neighborhood - he's well fed.

Neighbors are watching for him at the old house (which by the way hasn't sold yet - thought that realtor could sell it within 2 days, there was a waiting list for that area???).

Friday, October 19, 2007


I'm a huge horror movie fan.  I love the edge of the seat, hide your eyes thrill they can give you.  My all time favorite is the original "Night of the Living Dead" - that movie just creeps me out.  What I don't like is the horror movies that rely on "let's come up with the goriest death ever" scenes - you know the slashers.  Sometimes just the thought of what's happening is more horrifying then actually seeing it.  It's the imagination that makes these movies so thrilling.

I really like the original movie "Halloween".  Though considered a "slasher" it is not quite as bad as all the others that came after it (and I absolutely hate Parts 2, etc... of these types of movies, gets old after a while).  Anyway my cousin Chris and I go to the movies often and there wasn't much on so we decided to go see the new remake of "Halloween".

The great thing about the original is you have this seemingly small innocent 8 year old boy from a good family that one Halloween while dressed as a clown stabs his sister to death.  You then see him standing on the front of the house, bloody knife in hand, parents arriving home........  what went wrong there???  You never really know, that alone makes it creepy - what would possess an 8 year old to do that???  In the later films they'll weave a connection between Michael Meyers and the part played by Jamie Lee Curtis; but in the first one that hadn't happened yet (I don't even know if the writers had thought of it yet).

In the remake, they leave nothing to the imagination.  You get all the background on Michael - family was very poor (but for some reason had an in ground pool in the back yard), stepfather was mean, older sister teased him, kids at school teased him and beat up on him....(you know the story).  The actor playing young Michael looked about 13 years of age, and looked more like a bully himself rather than the victim.  He goes berserk and kills more than his sister that evening.  Then you have to watch him through the years of therapy and such....then the movie starts coming in with current day and follows pretty much what the original does other than it pulls that "family" connection into it.  With this one, you understand why he may of did it....don't know about you, but that takes all the creepiness out of it for me.

In my opinion...they took a perfectly good classic horror movie and made it into a piece of crap.  Save your money!

Monday, October 15, 2007

People Are Just Dumb

During an interview last spring, Kevin Spacey made the comment "People are just dumb."  I've learned this quote is so true.

Recently someone chose to post on one of the guestbooks at a fan site in regards to Kevin's trip to Venezula and his next stop being Cuba.   They ,of course, were appalled, were never going to be a fan again and stated it was illegal for Americans to go to Cuba.  That was news to me.

I looked it up and she was right, however, further investigation led to all the "exceptions" to the law and actors fell under one of them.  I copied and pasted that information.

You guessed it, she posted back that I was "just making excuses for Kevin by stating he fell under a special category".  So I posted back stating that the information was from the official government website and I was not making excuses but stating fact.

So what do you think her course of action was?  Educate me with more information?  State why she felt his visits to these countries were so terrible?  Ignore it?  Nope, she had no course of action but to sling mud - she didn't care, I was still only making excuses for Kevin but then everyone needs a hobby; she wouldn't engage in battle with an unarmed person (yeah, I didn't get it either...we weren't in battle and I was armed with FACT) and then ended with "your village called, they miss you" (yeah, I know- a saying that makes no sense cause she got it wrong).  Basically, she was calling me and the official government website stupid because we proved her wrong (well not entirely, she was right about it being illegal for Americans to travel to Cuba).

Kevin Spacey's right....People are just dumb

Friday, October 5, 2007

Quick Update

Just got home, very tired...but wanted to update:

Strat returned this morning.  He apparently thought sitting on the outside of the bedroom window and consistently meowing was the way to get in.

No sign of Mickey yet .

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Missing Cats

So hubby calls me tonight to tell me there's been an "incident".  Apparently Strat & Mickey took it upon themselves to rip out one of the window screens and are now missing......

Do you think maybe, just MAYBE he should of waited until I got home to tell me this?????

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

At The Resort

Well I'm at the resort in this very nice luxury room with a KING SIZE BED - all to myself!!!!

We had to downsize to a queen size for the new house and last night we slept with Toby, Mickey and Strat - it was a crowded night and I didn't sleep well, so I'm really looking forward to sleep tonight.

Sorry honey!!!!  zzzzzzz..........

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Adjustment Period Begins

Well the adjustment period has officially started.  Hubby found Mickey today and brought him home.  He has expressed his displeasure almost continuously with meows.  He hasn't attempted to run out any doors, but Strat has.  It's going to be a long first few weeks.

Despite all the boxes, I'm off to Winter Green Resort for 3 days of training.  I attended this last year and loved it.  It is such a nice place.  It's right on the top of the mountain in Virginia and the views are breathtaking.
There is an internet connection, so I'll be able to post or such if time permits!!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

The Aftermath - Unpacking, Pets, Cable TV......

So I guess that we have everything in the new house.  We hit the deadline last night and were just throwing things in boxes and bags.  We also trashed a lot of stuff and I can't help but wonder if we'll be looking for any of it at a later date - lol!!!  It was just late, and we were very tired.  I must also add that hubby and I did the moving all by ourselves.  His son helped with some heavy objects earlier in the week, but it was mostly us. 

Spunky, Sebastian and Strat arrived last night.  Strat does pretty well but he wants outside; Sebastian is slowly moving around taking care with each step.  Spunky has chosen the basement as her domain for the time being - which is good as that's where the litter boxes are.  Unfortunately, we've been unable to locate Mickey.  He's mostly an outdoor cat and frequents in and out of the old house at his leisure.  I think the upheaval at the old house has him in hiding.  I'm going to drive by the old house around the time I normally would be getting home from work and see if he's there then (he's normally laying under the front bush).  The neighbor lady is watching for him and has food sitting out.  I'm not too worried about him as he's so self-sufficient and if necessary the neighbor lady will take good care of him....but....he is my cat and part of the family and I'd really like him to be here!!! 

Cable TV was the my last post indicated everything got hooked up, but we were having problems with the service.  Not major problems, but annoying ones...for instance, Comcast On Demand was not working due to a communication error and the Channel Guide all said "To Be Announced".  Customer Service was no help...more signals were sent to the TV then you can imagine - none doing anything.  One guy told me that the work order had never been closed and I would have to call back the next day.  Sunday morning I called again and they agreed to send a technician out.  As soon as I hung up the phone - all of a sudden I had Comcast On Demand and a Channel Guide showing the TV shows.  Hmmmmm.......I then realized that all the lower channels (2 - 25) where you normally find the major networks (CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CW) were all out of whack.  In other words ABC wasn't at the channel it normally is, etc...  Now I couldn't believe they changed a channel line-up overnight.  Anyway prior to the technician arriving, I received a call from Comcast wanting to know if I still I had a problem.  I explained the new problem to the girl....she pulled my account and guess what???  They had programmed me wrong....she reset the box and everything was normal.  So the service call was canceled.  Whew......

Anyway, I took the day off work and need to do some unpacking....