Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm In The Wrong Business

I'll admit it - I'm a computer geek!!  I love computers and want to know everything there is about them.  Today when I got off work I went to my parents to correct a problem Dad was having with his email.  He meets me in the upstairs hallway all in a tizzy because now the internet wasn't working (which for some reason he blamed on me).  Anyway, I walk in - unplug the modem, then plug it back in.  It boots up and we have internet (yeah, it's nice when it's an easy fix like that).  I then go into his email account and try all the things Netzero emailed me to try...now he has email again.

I go to the movies ("Enchanted" this time - very good) and when I get home I have a message to call my one sister.  She needed something bid on at Ebay.  I take care of that.

I'm not off the phone 30 seconds, when it rings and it's now someone I work with who's home computer is infested with viruses because the "trial version" anti-virus program her computer came with expired some time ago.  Her's is still an issue that will probably require me to actually go to the house - but not tonight.


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sexiest Man Alive 2007

I was standing in line at the supermarket last night and noticed the new People Magazine was out - the sexiest man alive issue and see Matt Damon on the cover....

Matt Damon??  MATT DAMON???!!!!  Sexiest Man Alive???  C'mon now - MATT DAMON?

Surely someone fell asleep on this one....

Kevin Spacey - yes, Patrick Dempsey - yes, Johnny Depp - yes, Michael Rosebaum, Sean Bean....but Matt Damon?

Really now.....

Friday, November 23, 2007

Some Faith, Diet and Pets All Wrapped Into One

I've been extremely bad with my faith lately.  So today I sat down and started a Bible study along with the "Thin Within" faith based weight loss program.  Almost the same as "Weigh Down Workshop", but I just wanted a different read this time around.  I wanted to purchase their materials from their website as well, but now instead of an online purchase they want you to call them for a discussion.....well, I'll just stick with the book.

I sat on the floor, spread everything out around me and began.  The next thing I know Sebastian is right in front of what I'm reading.  Give him the attention he is so craving, back to study.  Now it's Sebastian and Mickey - I got through it but it was very difficult to do.  Cats!!

Toby was laying on the couch asleep.  I then noticed him whimpering and realized he was dreaming.  What do dogs exactly dream about?  Do they dream like us - things that don't make alot of sense?  Or do they dream of past times in their lives?  Since he was whimpering, it couldn't of been a good dream.  I wondered if he were reliving a time when he was a puppy and was not in a good living environment....since he was a rescue and there was no information prior to his stint in the Humane Society...I had to wonder.  Was he whimpering because the living conditions were bad, whimpering because he was taken from his mother to a strange place, whimpering because he was due for execution (got a reprieve when the rescue took he and his sisters from the Humane Society), whimpering being in another strange place, whimpering because people were choosing little puppies over him.....  I had to stop thinking at some point, cause I was getting depressed!!

Though I've been off work all week, I feel as if I've done very little..... and I'm still doing nothing. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Bachelor

So last night was the finale of the reality show "The Bachelor", it was to have the most shocking rose ceremony ever - and boy, this time they weren't kidding.

The Bachelor chose neither lady.....yep, right..rather than choosing one and breaking it off later as has happened other seasons, this guy chose neither of the final two.

Good twist, I enjoyed it - but in bachelor fan land, well..some people are really upset.

He led them on...

First, when you apply for this show there is more of a chance at rejection than love.  Every woman that does not receive a rose at any point during the show is facing rejection and basically was "led on".  Let's say he chose one of them, then the loser would of been "led on".  We can't accuse him of being a jerk just because he honestly decided he wanted neither.

Never watch the show again...

Good.  I hope you don't.  These shows are for entertainment purposes, just like a regular sitcom.  If you watch them with that in mind, perhaps you won't take it too personally.

Tonight will be the After The Final Rose.  This was just recently filmed (last Friday).  Rumor online has it that he'll finally propose.  You know, you have to have extremely low self-esteem to go on one of these shows to begin with - you definately have no self-esteem if you accept a proposal from someone who rejected you on national TV.  Let's hope that rumor isn't true!!!



Monday, November 19, 2007

This, That And Some Other Things

I hate winter...I really hate the cold weather.  That's really starting to happen now and the weather is staying that way, rather than bouncing back between hot and cold.  The house seems to do well with maintaining a good temperature.

Yesterday Mickey made his first venture outside since returning home.  He was out for about 2 hours, couldn't find him, was a little worried.  But, when I took Toby out for a walk....Mickey came from the neighbor's yard and walked with us.  Then he came back inside.  Hasn't shown an interest in going out again.  Although he's always been more of an outdoor cat, cold weather tends to make him more of a homebody.  So perhaps this is the perfect time of year in teaching him where his new home is.

From the internet, it looks as though the old house has a contract on it.  The neighbors say that it's been painted and new carpet was brought in...I had noticed that it looked as though it was being rewired (electrical that is)...so the sale didn't come without some fix it ups!!!

In the meantime, the new house is coming into shape and I'm down to a few less boxes to unpack.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The House

I know everyone views things differently.  I know everyone has different tastes.  I know life would be boring if everyone liked the same things.  I don't however understand why people have a tendency to be insulting.

My house is a perfect example.  When giving tours I get the comments... "This is a cute little house" "This is a nice little house" "It's a good size since there are only 2 of you"  Yes, everyone...I just bought a small house...if you think the house is cute or nice...is it necessary to add "little" to it???  Same with it being a perfect size for 2.

***Okay, I must admit I DID give one tour where the size of the house wasn't commented on - instead it was the carpet.  The person said sarcastically "I love the carpet."  I said "Really?" (actually it's the same brown carpet that was in the other house).  They replied "No, what do you think?"***

We know the house is small, we know it was a downsize.  I now find myself giving tours and emphasizing "This is our itty bitty bathroom" and such...just so people know I'm aware of it.  It's not necessary to be reminded of it.  And, no, I'm not ashamed of the house....but why is it necessary to comment on its size?

I happen to like this house.  I don't feel the need to over extend my budget in order to put on "airs" for my friends or family.  I can see no use for a 4-5 bedroom house with 3+ bathrooms, eat-in kitchen, formal dining room, living room, family room, laundry room, finished basement, and 3+ garages.  I mean, talk about overkill!!!  How do you clean a house that size??  But then I remember that alot of people with those houses are now in a crisis as their mortgages are skyrocketing due to the mortgage loan they chose to have a house that size.  Yep, choosing to live over your means, has crashed on alot of people.

I know people who live in those types of houses and they are beautiful, but....  I never feel comfortable in them.  You can walk in my house, prop your feet up and if you spill something...oh well, we realize accidents happen.

Downsizing has become a challenge for us.  You'd be surprised how creative you become when you need some space.  I'm going to share some of those things in later posts, but for now, let me tell you - you really don't need a large house.  There's plenty of room in a small one, you just have to know how to utilize the space.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Product Promotion


I don't normally promote products, but when I come across one that seems so simple, yet so useful I can't help but want to tell everyone.

Remember when slow cookers (or as we called them "crock pots") became popular?  You could cook a meal while at work and have dinner ready when you came in the door.  Nice, simple, easy...that was until you had to wash it.  Since the cord was attached to it and couldn't be submersed in water, you kind of had to have that part sticking out of the sink and aimlessly try to scrub the inside.  Cooking was convenient, cleaning was not.

Then they invented the ones that that "crock" detached from the electrical part - HURRAY!!  It made cleaning so much simpler.  Though simpler, I still hated cleaning the crock, mostly because it was oval and didn't exactly fit nicely in my small sink.  Sometimes it would sit for days (making the cleaning worse).  I just hated cleaning the thing.

Now they've come up with slow cooker liners (pictured above).  This has got to be the most incredible idea yet.  You put one in, cook your meal, then pull the thing out and trash it.  Take a clean cloth and wipe out the crock.

Can't get any simpler than that!!!

  • Sunday, November 11. 2007 jenny wrote:
    thanks for the product promo. I didn't know of anyone that has tried these and i'm a real skeptic about that kind of stuff but now I'll give them a try. Thanks cuz!

  • Sunday, November 11. 2007 Donna wrote:
    Thank you - Thank you - Thank you. Just added these to my shopping list.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Everyday Things

 I got some good news today...the theatres I enjoyed going to so much that closed down a few posts back will be reopening this month.  Don't know all the details yet, but I'm so very glad to hear this.

Work has been very busy.  We're a person down due to surgery and another is out due to a family death.  It's alot of work for 4 people, but being down 2 - well it's chaotic!!!  And people don't think we do anything.....

You know when you walk into a room and everyone stops talking, so you know they were talking about you?  That happened to me today.  I personally don't care what anyone thinks of me...but since it happened at work and one of the people in the room (who was doing the talking) I consider one of my best friends, well....I do somewhat have a problem with that.  I hate office politics, why can't people just come to work and do their work and leave???

Wednesday, November 7, 2007




                                                      Mmmmmm.....yeah, do I need to say more??????

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Mickey is also about 10 years old (6 months younger than Sebastian) .  He's also Spunky's son, but from her second (and last) litter.  There were 4 in that litter, a female that looked like Spunky and 3 males like Mickey.  The female was tiny and petite, the males were 3 times her size (and never actually looked like little kittens).  Mickey was the friendliest of the lot, so we kept him.

Mickey is a laid back cat, mostly enjoys being outside and is a hunter at heart.  We usually find dead wildlife on the porch - anything from a squirrel, rabbit, bird, etc...  He has never, however, bothered our pet rabbits or guinea pigs.  It's like he knows.

For those that read here, or know me personally, you're aware that when we moved we were unable to find Mickey to move him with us.  That search took a week, we then brought him to the new house and he was in much displeasure with constant meowing.

Back on October 4th (which was less than a week of Mickey being at the new house), while I was away at training, Mickey and Strat tore out one of the window screens at the house and left.  Strat returned the next morning.  Mickey didn't. 

I had thought this post would make a good "in memory" for Mickey.  But as it turns out, it doesn't need to be.
Yesterday, Mickey came home!!!  It took him a month, but he found his way back across town to the old house.  One of the neighbors called us. 

When I got there he wasn't around, so I kept calling him and then I could hear his meowing coming from several yards away.  He was running right towards me...but he wouldn't get close enough for me to pick him up.  The neighbor brought out cat food, but he would still back away.  I finally opened the screen door to the house and he went right to the door (he wanted inside), I was then able to pick him up and put him in the carrier.

So now we're at square one with him - he's wandering around meowing his displeasure - but this time the windows are shut!!!  Toby seems happy to see him as well.

Despite his meowing, I know he's glad to be around us again...he's laying right at my feet as I write this.  I had to use "Faith" as one of the categories of this post, because God answered this prayer and gave me the answer I wanted.

Monday, November 5, 2007



This is my Sebastian.  Sebastian is close to 10 years old and is Spunky's son from her first litter.  He was the shyest of 5 kittens (4 black, 1 gray) and well, no one took an interest in him, so we kept him.

Sebastian is my buddy.  He is definitely my cat.  He also must have vampire in his blood...not because he's a biter (he's not) but because the few times he decides he wants to go outside (he's pretty much afraid of outside for some unknown reason), he'll only venture out if it's pitch black.  And if he's not back in by morning light...you won't see him again until it gets dark.  We've never been able to figure that one out.

Sebastian spends alot of time laying on my desk while I'm "web surfing".

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Movie Review

This past week I went and saw 30 Days of Night.  This was not your typical vampire movie.  The vampires were the ugliest vampires I ever saw in a movie, and when they talked - it was subtitled.  Though gory, it was mostly done in flashes, letting your mind take over.

You can't really relate to the victims in the movie as they make some stupid decisions...but you have to love those vampires!!!  Danny Huston plays the vampire Marlow and is fabulous.  Here he is in the best moment of the movie:


Go see this!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007



This is Spunky.

Hubby found Spunky when he was working for a lawn care business.  She kept hanging at the shop and he brought her home.  Spunky is definitely his cat.  She's about 11 years old.

She isn't particular fond of me, unless she's craving lovin' and he's not home.  She has, however, become a little nicer to me since the move.  Spunky and I do share one thing - that's just between she and I.  When I boil off chicken for pot pie and such, she patiently waits in the kitchen, because once it's cooked and cooled off - while I pick the chicken off the bone, I throw her some pieces.  It's kind of our "girl thing", since we're pretty much out numbered by the males in the house.  It's our little quality time together.

But for the most part, Spunky is a cat.  She's wants attention when she wants it and don't bother her any other time.  She is probably the one cat that Toby doesn't go near too often.  She is the mistress of her domain.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Columbia House DVD Club Probably Hates Me

I've been a member of the Columbia House DVD Club for quite sometime.  Yeah, I know...Wal-mart is probably cheaper, but every once in a while Columbia House does offer a good deal.

Back in September they offered the First Season of Saturday Night Live at a discounted price.  With my "fun cash" I was able to get it at almost 1/2 the regular price.  I ordered it.  It never came.  However, I had a bill for it.

I contacted them letting them know the item never arrived.  They apologized, took the charge off my account and reshipped a replacement.  HOWEVER, the replacement was at the regular price (double of what the initial one was).  For some reason I couldn't get them to understand that the "replacement" should of been at the price I originally ordered.

Anyway, the second one arrived...I refused it, it went back.  I noticed today that they do have my account at a zero balance and they've received BOTH shipments back (wonder where that first one ended up at?).  I then noticed that it is on sale AGAIN, and with my fun cash, well....it's 1/2 price.

So yeah, I ordered it again.