Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Mickey is also about 10 years old (6 months younger than Sebastian) .  He's also Spunky's son, but from her second (and last) litter.  There were 4 in that litter, a female that looked like Spunky and 3 males like Mickey.  The female was tiny and petite, the males were 3 times her size (and never actually looked like little kittens).  Mickey was the friendliest of the lot, so we kept him.

Mickey is a laid back cat, mostly enjoys being outside and is a hunter at heart.  We usually find dead wildlife on the porch - anything from a squirrel, rabbit, bird, etc...  He has never, however, bothered our pet rabbits or guinea pigs.  It's like he knows.

For those that read here, or know me personally, you're aware that when we moved we were unable to find Mickey to move him with us.  That search took a week, we then brought him to the new house and he was in much displeasure with constant meowing.

Back on October 4th (which was less than a week of Mickey being at the new house), while I was away at training, Mickey and Strat tore out one of the window screens at the house and left.  Strat returned the next morning.  Mickey didn't. 

I had thought this post would make a good "in memory" for Mickey.  But as it turns out, it doesn't need to be.
Yesterday, Mickey came home!!!  It took him a month, but he found his way back across town to the old house.  One of the neighbors called us. 

When I got there he wasn't around, so I kept calling him and then I could hear his meowing coming from several yards away.  He was running right towards me...but he wouldn't get close enough for me to pick him up.  The neighbor brought out cat food, but he would still back away.  I finally opened the screen door to the house and he went right to the door (he wanted inside), I was then able to pick him up and put him in the carrier.

So now we're at square one with him - he's wandering around meowing his displeasure - but this time the windows are shut!!!  Toby seems happy to see him as well.

Despite his meowing, I know he's glad to be around us again...he's laying right at my feet as I write this.  I had to use "Faith" as one of the categories of this post, because God answered this prayer and gave me the answer I wanted.

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