Saturday, December 22, 2007

Two Senseless Deaths

A police officer died this week in the line of duty as my previous post states.  I didn't know him and he wasn't was of the deputies I work with, but he was assisting them.

The suspect stabbed to death his girlfriend, then took their 2 children and dropped them off at his parents house.  Officer Nicholson arrived first as he was in the area, he was shot and found lying next to his cruiser.  The suspect also shot at the State & County officers that arrived.  He was finally apprehended when shot by one of our officers.  The suspect is in the hospital under guard.  He lived.  However 2 families have suffered great loss.

When you work for a police agency, any death of an officer ANYWHERE is tragic...but when it hits this close to home, you pray alot and it hits you as if it were one of your own.

Officer Nicholson was only 25 years old.  He had bought a ring to propose to his girlfriend on Christmas.

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