Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Everyone is Back & Safe

Well, Sebastian returned about 6:00 a.m. yesterday morning...must of been shut in somewhere.  Yesterday evening Strat went out and disappeared.  Cats & Stress are not doing me well these days.

Anyway, I get home from work today, go into the backyard and call him.  I can faintly here what I think is a cat meowing.  So I called again.  Very faintly I hear it again and know I'm not imagining it.  Eventually it got louder and I realize he's in the garage next door.

So I have to knock on the neighbors door, so they could let him out.  I was somewhat embarrassed and apologetic...they didn't seem to mind and even showed me where I can open the garage door if it happens in the future....so for now, everyone is home and safe - even Mickey.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I'm Somewhat Angry and Distressed


Yesterday I was getting ready to meet my nieces for dinner and drinks.  Hubby went to walk Toby and after he left, Strat wanted out.  I let him out, closed the door and then Spunky wanted out.  I let her out.  Once Hubby came back, we left.  While in the car I remarked to him "Both Strat and Spunky are outside."  He replied "Spunk went out?  Sebastian went out last night, or was it this morning or maybe he didn't?  I don't remember, you let him in or have seen him around the house today, right?"

Well.....no I didn't.  It would be hard to check the door on a cat I was unaware was out.  And what's with "last night" "this morning" "maybe I didn't"?  He doesn't remember?  Thinking hard I realized I hadn't seen Sebastian all day.

This has me in distress...Sebastian is the one 99.9% inside cat.  The times he does go out, it has to be pitch dark out and it's for a very short period of time.  He hates outside.

So let's see....he was let out either Friday Night or Saturday Morning...and it's now Sunday Night and still no Sebastian.  He's been out before at this house and has returned...but never for this length of time.  So this distresses me that he hasn't returned.  He's not a cat to wander and there are very few hiding places in and around our house.

I'm angry because Hubby didn't mention letting him out or can't even remember if he did (he must have because Sebastian lays in the guinea pig room in front of the heater continuously and he's not there)....and  Hubby doesn't really seem to care.

And in case you're wondering - Yes, Mickey is still here.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Butter On Cats Paws

Kim wrote:
Interestingly enough, I just recently heard about the butter on a cat's paws and the person
who told me said it worked for them. Might be worth a shot!


I did a web search on this.  It's actually an old wives tale - a myth, that isn't even new.   However,
in it's original format it had nothing to do with moving to a new home, it was just to keep your cat
from wandering or well tomcatting around.  There are two reasons that is given...the original
reason was that a cat loves butter and will stay in the place where it knows it exists...
the more current reason is, of course, that they will lick the smell of the old house off their feet
and thus remain at the new one.

Alrighty then......

When I was 5 years old, we moved to a new house across town.  Our cat we owned then, on
several occasions went back to the old house.  While discussing our problem with Mickey at
my parents house one Sunday, Hubby asks how they eventually got the cat to stay.  My
mother's answer was simple "We just kept bringing him back, after a few times, he stayed." 
No butter necessary.

I don't understand the butter thing.  Why butter?  Why doesn't licking cat food off the paws work? 
Or licking off the everyday dirt?  Why is it that the entire contents of my house came from the old
house and thus, has the "old house" smell in it - why doesn't the cat attract to this?  Wouldn't
walking around, put the new house smell on the paws?

Let's say you were successful with the butter method....how do you know that it was the butter
that actually worked?  It may well have been that at the time you decided to use that method
was the time the cat finally decided to stay, and you just assumed it was the butter that worked
...thus using it from here on out and recommending it to all your friends.  Used it before ever
seeing if the cat would stay or not?  Well then you really don't know if the cat just stayed or
it was the butter.

We have 4 cats.  Strat was running in and out of the new house from day one..no interest in
returning to the old house.  Spunky and Sebastian are mostly inside cats - since about week
2 they will go out in little spurts, but return to the new house - no interest in the old one. 
Mickey, a mostly outside cat, as soon as he goes out heads back to the old house.

It has nothing to do with butter.  It's the cat's personality and main attraction - that simple. 
Strat, an inside-outside cat, is attracted to his owners; so he remains where we are.  Spunky and
Sebastian, mostly inside cats are attracted to "inside", too much of an outside track to find the
other inside, so they remain at the new house.  Mickey a mostly "outside" cat is attracted to the
outside - use to the "out of town" outside rather than the "city" outside he heads back to the old
house.  Plain and simple - it's the cat, not the butter.  If the old house smell could only be removed
with licking butter off the paws, well...all my cats would be heading across town.

Mickey has been inside now for a week, though he goes to the door on occasion, I just pick him up
and plop him into the next nearest room.  He hasn't been doing his normal howling to get out. 
Maybe this is the time, he'll choose to stay.  My goal right now is to keep him in for a month...then
short walks out on a leash. 

I'm not real sure about the butter thing, that's almost saying that your cat doesn't recognize one
house from another, but I can't believe licking of paws has anything to do with a homing device.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Still Here

I am still alive and feel terrible that I've let this blog go for so long without an update - just been so busy.

Mickey is still at the house mostly because we haven't let him out yet.  He does want out, but we've been careful about it.  We're thinking a cat leash may be a good idea to get him use to the neighborhood prior to letting him out on his own.  Somewhere online I read to put butter on the bottom of a cat's feet and when they lick it off it will lick off the smell of the old house with it - mmmm.......yeah, I don't think so.  Anyway when he isn't eating or pouting in the bedroom, he lays on the computer desk in Strat's place when I'm in the office.  So far, he hasn't been there when Strat is there too...but it's a matter of time.  Strat, on the other hand, has been driving us nuts getting into everything, biting poor Sebastian in the neck and basically just being a royal pain in the "you-know-what".  Last night I finally pitched him out the back door into the cold, 3 hours later I let him in and he was a little calmer.
Love him dearly, but he does try your patience sometimes.

Work has been very busy.  Today though I presented an idea to help eliminate some paperwork and it was accepted!  The Asst. Boss almost put a halt on it with another idea along with a revised version of mine...this however would involve some weeks possibly months of research first...the Boss finally said, I like the first idea.  So it was done.  It will save me lots of time filing, and I think it will be welcome to allot of employees the process works through.  It's taken the Boss sometime, but I really think he now realizes when I come up with a filing idea - there's a reason and those that don't file really shouldn't involve themselves in it.  He use to get everyone else's input which caused a whole lot of extra work, which eventually resulted in him telling me I was right to begin with when it was too late to fix everything.

Diet isn't doing well, I've been too busy to weigh/measure food, though Toby and I have increased our walks.  I'm too afraid to get on a scale right now.

'til next time......

Friday, January 18, 2008

This & That

Just a quick update.....we were successful with Mickey tonight.  I guess spending the night out in the snow and cold had him thinking he didn't want to spend tomorrow night out (it's to get extremely cold).  I also didn't want him out in THAT cold.  It took allot of coaxing, but we eventually got him and brought him back home.  At least for the next few days my stress level will be down.

I've started watching "Property Ladder" on TLC.  It's about people who buy a house, remodel it to sell for a profit.  Apparently this past week has been on people who have no idea what they are doing, but feel they can do the remodeling all themselves (some don't even think about permits).  There were people who didn't have an inspection prior to buying (and should have), people who knocked out walls they shouldn't have and such.  Needless to say the majority ended up close to being in the hole.   I enjoy these type of shows just to get some ideas...our house is livable, but needs work.  But we certainly wouldn't do any big projects on our own!!!

I'm somewhat a little ticked over bills.  When we moved, our landlord told us she would take care of having the water, sewer and electric bill transferred to her name for the sale as she didn't want the services cut off completely.  Electric bill comes every month and after our final one at the old address we've received no more, however the others come every quarter.  This month I've received the bills for our house plus the ones for the old house!!!  Naturally, we're not paying them...I just sent them back with a note stating we haven't lived there since September (bills are for a time period after we moved) and giving them the landlord's address.  When I received the sewer bill, I figured she just missed one....but I received the water bill today and well, sorry-how can you overlook the water bill????  When you live in town (which we do now), the water, sewer and trash all come on one bill.  When you live outside of the city limits (where the old house is) all those bills come separately.  We had canceled the trash as there are several companies to choose from outside the city limits for that; but the sewer is from the township and the water from the city.  So when I got the sewer bill, I just thought that maybe she was thinking that the water bill covered everything...but when I got the water one, sorry....that's just negligence.  What made her think that only the electric bill needed to be changed over?  I know, I know...it's needless complaining...but it would just be nice to be totally done with that part of our lives, Mickey is making that almost impossible and this just added to it!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Why Punish The Cat?

As I mentioned in my last post, Mickey had taken off again.  This morning hubby couldn't sleep and got up extremely early and went ahead and walked the dog.  When he came back he woke me and said "I just saw Mickey".  He explained that they (he, Toby and Strat - yes Strat goes on the walks too) walked up the hill from the house and a yellow cat ran across the street.  He yelled "Mick" and it stopped and sat down...it allowed both Strat and Toby to rub up against it but wouldn't let hubby touch it.  It then began to meow and he had absolutely no doubt it was Mickey. 

Today it snowed and it is very cold out.  They allowed us to leave work early and I had hoped Mickey would be near the house...no such luck.  We ventured out to the grocery store to pick up something for dinner and since we were near the old house I told him I just wanted to drive by.  As soon as we pulled into the driveway...there he was on the porch.  I was relieved to know, that he would be inside for the bad weather.

That wasn't to be, he wouldn't come to either of us...though he kept meowing at us.  The trick of opening the screen door to the house so he'd think he was going in, no longer worked either.  Eventually he ran across the street.

This has me extremely distressed.  I realize he's a cat and I realize their thinking ability is not that of a human, they mostly live on survival instinct.  What I don't understand is why God thinks it's a good idea to put this poor cat through all this.  I mean, it's cold outside...there's snow on the ground and he's out in it.  If the plan is for us not to have Mickey anymore, why does he keep showing back up?  Why not just have him disappear totally or better yet, have a neighbor from that neighborhood say "Hey, we'll take care of him for you."  Why does the cat have to suffer?  There's lots of things I don't understand...and I really do not understand this situation at all.

Is there anyone out there somewhere, that can tell me how to adjust this cat to his new home?????  Don't say "keep him inside"; we've tried that and he ran out first chance he got like a streak of lightning (and it is extremely hard to squeeze yourself through a small opening of the door).  And it doesn't seem to matter how long he's inside....as soon as he's out, he heads right back to the old house.  He even STAYED one time for a week going in and out of the house, then one day went back to the old one.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Same Stuff - Different Day

Yes, I am still here - just been very busy with work (that time of year).

Though I gained a pound back from my initial 6 pound weight loss, I don't find that bad considering the initial loss was due to being sick anyway.  It only made sense that I'd gain some back when I was eating more regularly.

Mickey is gone again - this is becoming so stressful.  I DID get him to the vet for updated shots and such before he left this time.  Neighbors at old location have not seen him yet.

Other than that, not a whole lot happening.  Same stuff - different day.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

This, That And Some Other Things

Well as you can see I have a 6 lb. weight loss for last week.  Don't get too excited with this as remember there were 2 days that I only consumed for the whole 2-day period - 2 cups of jello and a cup of hot tea due to being sick and then the following days I ate very little.  Though any weightloss is welcome, it's the next coming week that will prove anything.

As I read more and more on this new diet plan, I wish their website had been more informative.  It's not that it's a bad diet plan, but I'm questioning wether or not I'm capable of doing it.  For one thing meat is very limitive and well, I'm a meat person at heart.  Though I've taught myself correct portions, I thought it would be nice to have a sandwich at lunch and then a meal for dinner HOWEVER with this diet plan I'm limited to 2-3 "exchanges" of meat a day, which equals 2-3 ounces....which isn't a lot and basically impossible to split between the two meals to make them worthwhile to eat.  Actually the member guide has a whole section on becoming a vegetarian - not going to happen.  Potatoes, corn and peas are considered starches and not vegetables...I'm not a big vegetable eater to begin with but felt salad could fill that void - nope, what I eat in a salad is considered "free" and needs to be limited to 50 calories a day.  This has put a roadblock in this diet plan.

I do LOVE the biblical portion of it though.  I like keeping a prayer journal, I like the memory verses and Bible Readings (though I'm behind in those) and I like the Bible Study that I chose to use (they're several).  And I find myself doing those things while keeping track of my eating at sparkpeople.com .  And I am losing.

Wow - just writing all that has giving me such peace.  I've been so rattled over losing weight and trying to find a way to do it and involve Bible study that I forgot it was right in front of me.  I know how and what to eat and have a place to track it.  I have a Bible study book to follow (and there are more) and a prayer journal.  What more do I need?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Prodigal Son Has Come Home

Just a quick post...but here we go again.....

Hubby came home tonight and said he had just gone by the old house and guess who was there???  So we went back and got him.  He still wanted in THAT house - what's it going to take???

Was at the doctor today and he says my thumb is fine, the weird coloring and such will disappear but it's nothing to worry about.  Course all the nurses and aides were concerned because poor Mickey was out in the freezing cold....

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Not A Good New Year

Okay, my New Year didn't start out great...around 2:00 a.m. on the 1st I developed a stomach virus.  Now mind you, there was no warning of this, I wasn't sick on my stomach or anything, but it happened and continued until about 6:30 a.m.   <I was somewhat perplex, as at some point I couldn't of had anything to puke up - but I did>.  The rest of the day was spent in bed or on the couch wrapped up in a blanket trying to get warm - which I couldn't, the cold chills were terrible.  Sometime last night, I all of a sudden felt normal - all at once.  Today I've spent most of it sleeping and so far have eaten jello and drank a cup of tea. 

Needless to say, the diet hasn't actually started yet...the thought of food is well, nauseating.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

First Place - The Bible's Way To Weight Loss

Every New Year one of my resolutions is to lose weight....I typically fail at this every time.  Mostly because it becomes too much like work and on some diets, I'm basically starving which leads to overeating.  None-the-less I've decided I'm not totally defeated yet in this area.  I've found a way to do both weight loss and Bible time together...that program is called First Place .  It's name comes from allowing God first place in your life and it works with the exchange plan based on the food pyramid.  I think I can work my way through this one.

This diet is normally done in a local church, however, the closest churches to me having this group were 30 minute drives away, and I know if I have to drive a distance to get there...I'm not going to do it.  Then I thought I'd join their online group Outlook Ministry , however the Bible Study Group book that I chose (there's several) is not one that is being used in January (as a matter of fact all the groups are doing the same one, which seems odd - and I didn't find this group until after I purchased).  Part of the plan, however, is being accountable which is why a "group" is so important...that's why I've decided to be accountable to you-my readers.  The side bar will indicate my current weight loss, which I'll update on a weekly basis.  It'll also include the weekly memory verse, Bible readings and any other little things I come across.