Tuesday, January 1, 2008

First Place - The Bible's Way To Weight Loss

Every New Year one of my resolutions is to lose weight....I typically fail at this every time.  Mostly because it becomes too much like work and on some diets, I'm basically starving which leads to overeating.  None-the-less I've decided I'm not totally defeated yet in this area.  I've found a way to do both weight loss and Bible time together...that program is called First Place .  It's name comes from allowing God first place in your life and it works with the exchange plan based on the food pyramid.  I think I can work my way through this one.

This diet is normally done in a local church, however, the closest churches to me having this group were 30 minute drives away, and I know if I have to drive a distance to get there...I'm not going to do it.  Then I thought I'd join their online group Outlook Ministry , however the Bible Study Group book that I chose (there's several) is not one that is being used in January (as a matter of fact all the groups are doing the same one, which seems odd - and I didn't find this group until after I purchased).  Part of the plan, however, is being accountable which is why a "group" is so important...that's why I've decided to be accountable to you-my readers.  The side bar will indicate my current weight loss, which I'll update on a weekly basis.  It'll also include the weekly memory verse, Bible readings and any other little things I come across.

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