Friday, February 29, 2008

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!


This is my new monitor - a 22 inch widescreen.  Though the photos don't show it well, the clarity of this screen is unreal - I love it!!!

My sister-in-law recently bought a new HP computer with a 19 inch widescreen.  I helped her set up her internet and was very impressed with the monitor.  So......  at first I looked at the HP, only a larger one than she had.  I then ran a check through and looked at other options.  Well, I knew what how the HP looked and worked....but there was a Samsung reasonably priced.  My current monitor was a Samsung and I've always loved it.  I debated back and forth, but went with the Samsung.  I'm not disappointed in that decision.

I'm a computer geek - I can't help it!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Mickey, Weight Loss, and Kevin Spacey

Mickey is doing great.  Each day after work, I watch Mickey and Strat run through the house chasing each other.  I haven't seen Mickey play since he was a kitten.  He doesn't try to get outside, he doesn't get into things and he is very affectionate.  He's been inside for 5 weeks.  We're doing much better this time around.

We were due for some very bad weather today, but it didn't happen, at least not like it was suppose to.  Didn't really matter as I'm fighting off a cold anyway and spent the day in bed.  Diet is going so-so, but I haven't given up yet - which is a triumph in itself for me.

I'm been following my friend Kim on her site as she battles the path to Weight Loss Surgery.  Her site has led me to other sites of people facing this as well.  Anyone that thinks that Weight Loss Surgery is an easy way out needs to spend time reading about it.  Think your insurance company is just going to pay for it???  Doesn't work that way, **if** you're lucky enough to have a policy that will consider it, they'll make you go through hoops for the approval.  No this is not a decision you make one day then schedule for the next week.  Her site is worth reading.  Right now, her approval has come through, but her husband's has not.  Please keep them both in your prayers.

On the Spacey front....seems that his new play at the Old Vic in London is doing extremely well.  He and Jeff Goldblum are getting rave reviews.  Word has it that this production may come to NY.  The block at the moment is that the play's writer gave the rights to someone else that is hoping to do a production on Broadway with a different cast, however, seems like everyone drops out or doesn't want a part.  Anyway, rumor has it that the playwright is on his way to London to see the production.  This could pan out well.  Since buying the house, I had to give up my trip to London this if it moves to NY, I should be able to see it (if tickets don't sell out too fast).  Would just love to go into the city again, see Kevin and meet up with the chatroom gals.  That would be a great vacation.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day


This is my Valentine's Gift hand delivered by Hubby himself to my office on Valentine's Day.  Beautiful aren't they?  Ignore the mess on the file entire office is nothing but chaos!!!  Hubby does well with these things...he knows I hate red roses (so typical) and I really love this square unusual vase they are in.  Actually, that's what everyone that walked into my office noticed first - the vase!

I know there are Valentine haters....too commercial....but what holiday isn't?  Believe me I spent many years without a significant other and had to sit through all my friends getting gifts and doing "couple" things.  It can be lonely if you let it get to you.  I never did, that didn't bother me.  I spent many years with boyfriends who didn't believe in celebrating these things...which was fine also, but actually worse then not having someone and getting nothing.  Try to get friends to understand why you have someone but do not get a gift!!!  Now that's the hard one.

I was never a person that felt I had to have someone to complete myself.  People just don't understand that and it is a shame that society has brainwashed the majority into thinking you have to have someone.  I can remember when someone once asked me "Why haven't you ever been married?  What's wrong with you?"  I smiled and simply said "Just lucky, I guess!"  I always hated that it was "assumed" there had to be something wrong with "me".

I never wanted to be married just so I could say I was married.  How can you make a lasting marriage out of that?  I waited until I found the right one.  And that is what works best.  I really don't think that any of my past loves would have been tolerant of my not wanting children, my "one can never have too many pets" attitude, or my obsession with Kevin Spacey.  Nope, those marriages would of been long over!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Today It Snowed

Today it snowed....when I got up this morning it had snowed, it continued switching back and forth from snow to sleet.  A co-worker brought me home as I was too afraid to drive despite a 4-wheel drive vehicle.  That seems strange to a lot of people, but 4-wheel drive does not mean 4-wheel stop!!  Actually I'd drive if there was no one else on the road, but other's just best I don't drive in this weather.

I did lose 4 pounds the first week of Weight Watchers.  Rather exciting huh?  Course the first week you always lose more; they say to expect 1-2 lb. weight loss a week.  Anyway, I'm not finding it as hard as I expected.  I've tried Weight Watchers on several occasions.  The first being many years ago when I worked at the YMCA.  We had hoped to have WW come to work and have a group there, but we were one person short of what they required to do that, so they refused us.  None-the-less, one of the ladies went to the center and bought the books figuring we could all do it ourselves.

This is when WW first started the "point" system.  So we started.....the first day I split a small bagel (and when I say small, I mean small) with someone else and slap about 1/2 a teaspoon of cream cheese on it.  For lunch I had 1/2 cup of white rice with 2 grilled chicken tenders.......I realized when checking the books I had used up all my points for the day.  What kind of diet was this?  I discovered bananas were extremely high in points and weren't a good fruit choice.  By evening, I had a headache and was sick from not eating anymore than that.  I gave up on WW.

A few years later I purchased the books online and gave it another try.  Now you could "bank" points - in other words, if you didn't use all the points in a day, you could use them another day.  This came in handy if you were going to be eating out anytime during the week.  I still wasn't good at this because "banking" points became too confusing.  I again gave up.

This time around, with the purchase of the newer books, the program has changed once again.  Now you have a set amount of points to use each day, and they give you 35 weekly points to use at anytime during the week (or not at all).  I've found this much easier.  Also they've eased up on the points a little...I guess recognizing that not everyone is going to be a vegetarian and that a healthy choice, like a banana, is better than say, potato chips.  I'm finding it much easier (though I must work on weekends) than the previous plans...and I'm really not hungry at all.
And since more products are available out there to make dieting easier, I don't have to worry about all the measuring and weighing which totally makes a diet seem too much like work.  The only thing I do recommend to anyone out there is to watch the calories, it's really unhealthy to eat less than 1200 calories a day (unless a doctor is telling you otherwise) so you want to make sure your points are equaling up with the calories...but don't panic over that there are many online sites (Sparkpeople for example) that can help you track that without too much trouble).

So I've started Week 2 today......

Friday, February 8, 2008

Let's Diet Together!!!

I haven't updated my weight loss area on the side bar because, as expected, my weight loss program fell apart when I got to the chapter where they were trying to force a vegetarian lifestyle on me.  I have absolutely nothing against Vegetarians....but I do love my meat and well I just wish the website would of been more informative on that diet.

None-the-less I DO have all the Weight Watchers books and such and decided to give it a try.  I just started this week and actually did pretty well up until dinner tonight when Hubby and I went out.  But with the "35 weekly use anytime during the week points" I think I'll end up okay. 

The one lady I work with decided she was going to do this with me....she isn't, well not really.  Maybe it's me...but when I seriously am into a diet - I'm very good at it.  Though I have the Weight Watcher books, I do not attend their meetings as I'm not paying someone $12.00 to weigh me when I can do that for free at home....I also find no use to pay a monthly fee to use their website when will give me the same tools for free.  So I've been logging in my food at Sparkpeople and at the end of the day I print out that day's menus and figure out the WW Points for each item to get a daily total (Sparkpeople doesn't do points).  Now, again, I pretty much know what my point value is throughout the have to know or else you wouldn't know when you're about to run out or such.  So I have this nice notebook, set up by week where I put the daily menus in...a section with recipes...and a section of WW tips and such. 

My co-worker's idea of weight watchers (and she borrowed the books from her sister-in-law) is to skip breakfast, eat a salad loaded with dressing for lunch (today it was a cheeseburger instead) and then in the evening whatever she wishes and weigh herself 6 to 7 times a day and oh yeah, you don't do WW on weekends right?

I've realized that the only way I'll have a buddy for this is if I provide them with all the details, menus and food...I've opted to go alone basically because I'm not responsible for someone else's weight (nor their groceries).  Though I know there are people out there that try and try to lose and can't, she is someone that CAN lose...but doesn't want to put the effort, well we know what happens there. 

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Surprises, Surprises Everywhere!!!

I found out yesterday that I'm to be a grandmother!!!  A GRANDMOTHER!!!  Is that even possible?  If you remember reading here back in the fall, you'll remember my stepdaughter was going to finish out the semester at college and then return home - which she did.  Yesterday she stopped by to tell hubby and I that she's expecting.  I'm apparently the only one that didn't give her a hard time initially.  Yes, I realize she's only 20 and unmarried, but what are you going to do after it's done?  Just got to accept it.... (and yes, the young man is involved and committed).

Then today I go into my mother's for Sunday dinner and find out I'm to be a great-aunt again!!  Same niece as the first one (he's 6 years old).  Again - I seem to be the only one happy at this point.  It seems her boyfriend whom she lives with, has bought a house with...has decided (much too late) that he doesn't want another and may be bailing out of the whole situation.  My guess is once he realizes what child support will cost on two children...he'll rethink that.  Time will tell.

Anyways, though both are unexpected and unplanned - why would God bless anyone with a baby if it weren't meant to be?

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Well the week is FINALLY over.......

Had my 44th birthday this week, celebrated the Saturday before with my two nieces and on Tuesday with a small group of relatives.  Birthday actually fell on Wednesday and fortunately no one at work remembered.  I did receive a few snail mail cards, some e-cards and lots of online greetings!!  Thank you all very much! 

My online greetings at one Spacey forum was somewhat ruined by another poster.....only two of us were listed with birthdays in January (you have to put your own on the calendar) and someone dropped in to wish me a Happy Birthday and a belated to the other lady.  Almost immediately a fairly new poster hopped on and said "guess mine's not listed"...which immediately resulted in posts of apologies and wishes to her (and we still don't know when her birthday actually is).  She then waited two days to post her thank yous cause her birthday wasn't a good one (boo hoo)....I find it very childish and selfish to force birthday wishes out of people....though I didn't post a response back (cause I didn't want the dear, sweet list-mommie to yell at me), what I wanted to say, I can say here:

Scarlett - Have you given anyone here your birthdate?  Have you added it to the calendar?  No?  Well then NO ONE HAS ANY WAY OF KNOWING WHEN YOUR BIRTHDAY IS!!!  And frankly, just because your birthday wasn't a good one, doesn't give you the right to come on here, make Kathleen feel bad for sending wishes to Desiree and I and then practically forcing wishes from everyone on the board.  Oh and yes, thank you for taking the day away from me, because I guess that's what selfish people do.


And yes, regardless how petty it sounds - I feel a whole lot better saying it.  And if she reads here...well maybe she'll learn some etiquette.

Anyway, Hubby bought me (us?) a new VCR/DVD-Recorder for the TV (I absolutely hated the one we had - recordings were crappy, sound was crappy and it was hard to use) and owes me a dinner...we were doing that last night but the weather was crappy.  And all the cats are here!!!  So it was a Happy Birthday!!