Friday, February 22, 2008

Mickey, Weight Loss, and Kevin Spacey

Mickey is doing great.  Each day after work, I watch Mickey and Strat run through the house chasing each other.  I haven't seen Mickey play since he was a kitten.  He doesn't try to get outside, he doesn't get into things and he is very affectionate.  He's been inside for 5 weeks.  We're doing much better this time around.

We were due for some very bad weather today, but it didn't happen, at least not like it was suppose to.  Didn't really matter as I'm fighting off a cold anyway and spent the day in bed.  Diet is going so-so, but I haven't given up yet - which is a triumph in itself for me.

I'm been following my friend Kim on her site as she battles the path to Weight Loss Surgery.  Her site has led me to other sites of people facing this as well.  Anyone that thinks that Weight Loss Surgery is an easy way out needs to spend time reading about it.  Think your insurance company is just going to pay for it???  Doesn't work that way, **if** you're lucky enough to have a policy that will consider it, they'll make you go through hoops for the approval.  No this is not a decision you make one day then schedule for the next week.  Her site is worth reading.  Right now, her approval has come through, but her husband's has not.  Please keep them both in your prayers.

On the Spacey front....seems that his new play at the Old Vic in London is doing extremely well.  He and Jeff Goldblum are getting rave reviews.  Word has it that this production may come to NY.  The block at the moment is that the play's writer gave the rights to someone else that is hoping to do a production on Broadway with a different cast, however, seems like everyone drops out or doesn't want a part.  Anyway, rumor has it that the playwright is on his way to London to see the production.  This could pan out well.  Since buying the house, I had to give up my trip to London this if it moves to NY, I should be able to see it (if tickets don't sell out too fast).  Would just love to go into the city again, see Kevin and meet up with the chatroom gals.  That would be a great vacation.

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