Monday, March 31, 2008

And Monday Just Continues....

Despite the fact that my filing system is all fixed and workable's happens to be full, basically meaning there is no room for the 2 weeks of filing sitting in piles in my office.  I started pulling some 2005 files help, I got a few empty drawers but with some of the drawers so jammed packed, by the time I loosened them up..well there were no empty drawers.  Looks like 2006 will have to come out as well.  Then there's the problem of where to put the files we're pulling.......

Never a dull moment.

Mickey is in the land of the missing again.....I know, I know.  Can you believe we kept him inside for WEEKS, and for the past 2 weeks he's been going out (sometimes out all night) and 2 nights ago, he just decided not to return.  He hasn't shown up at the old house yet, but fortunately the weather isn't as bad as it has been in the past when he's been missing.

New puppy is doing okay, Toby is completely jealous and that's causing a few problems.  I don't want to yell at him, but at the same time I don't want him hurting Keyser.  I'm hoping everything works out in the end.  I don't want to even think about having to return Keyser to the rescue, but at the same time I don't want Toby's personality changing.  He's such a good dog.

Tomorrow starts the Nablopomo postings for April - but I'll have other postings in there as well.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Choosing Your Friends

I'm loving this new book by Rick Warren and as I read through it there were things that just popped right out to me, so much so I've gone back and re-read to make sure I didn't miss anything. 

Like my last post, in which knowing whom to please caught my eye, the part on choosing friends caught my attention this time.  It states "we are asking for trouble if we choose the wrong friends".  We need to choose friends wisely, as we can not complete God's purpose for us if we choose friends that keep us from that.  It states to ask yourself the following:

Do your friends keep you from living a hundred percent for God?
Do they tear you down, or do they build you up?
Do you find yourself having to conform to things you don't like to do?

The last two questions caught my eye and put me back to the situation I discussed last time.  I think I was meant to read this book.  I had received kind comments from people I didn't expect to, and none from those I thought I would (well there was one).  I don't think that any of these people are "wrong" people, I think they all have very special qualities, but I think I may have limited myself from other people, and I feel bad about that.  None-the-less, it's been a learning experience and I think I'll go with my gut feelings from here on out.  I realize that I can be friends with whomever I want to, and if another friend doesn't like that, well...they probably aren't really my friend to begin with.  There doesn't have to be a "group", we can each be individuals with a variety of different friends.

Rick Warren goes on to say that the kind of friends you should have should bring out the best in you, they should lift you up, encourage you and make you a better person.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Know Whom You're Trying To Please

I like to read.  I read all kinds of things and have no specific area I like reading more.  I got this from my Dad, who is an avid reader of everything.

I recently got two books written by Rick Warren from his "Living With Purpose" series.  I started reading the "God's Answers To Life's Difficult Questions" and the first chapter is "How Can I Cope With Stress?".  One of the principles in this chapter hit home for me.

Dedication:  Know Whom You're Trying To Please.  It goes on saying that you can't please everyone because by the time you're pleasing one group another group is upset with you.  It also says that when you don't know whom you're trying to please you cave in to three areas:  criticism, competition and conflict.

This really caught my attention because I recently went through a stressful situation among a group of friends.  I was doing something that seemed right and was making people happy, only it caused another group to be unhappy.  Unable to decide how to make everyone happy a part of my life I really enjoyed just died and became empty.  I had fallen into criticism because I was concerned what others would think of me, I had fallen in competition as it seemed to be some game that was being played and I hit conflict because I didn't want disagreement and well, no one that I expected came forward and said "Gee, sorry that happened, but don't worry about it, it'll be all right."

So the best way in coping with stress?  KNOW WHOM YOU'RE TRYING TO PLEASE.  We can only be victims of stress if we allow others to pressure us with their demands.  I guess the best thing to do is do things that would please God.  If you know if you're pleasing God, then you'll know the right thing to do.


I stole this little meme Kim:

Why did you start your blog?

I was leaving a comment over on a blogger at blogspot and it wouldn't let me leave the comment without an account, so the next thing I know......

How did you come up with your blog name?

Well this is an easy and obvious one...Strat's my cat!!

Do your friends and family know about your blog?  What do they think of it?

Yes they do and they've never really given me an opinion one way or another.  Actually, I don't really care what anyone else thinks, the blog is for my thoughts and feelings; and I realize that some of those thoughts and feelings may offend or people may make fun of, but it doesn't matter...the blog is for me. 

How do you write posts?

No real planning...I just sit down and start writing.

Have you ever had a troll or had to delete an unkind comment?

Not really.  I've had spam stuff show up under comments that I've deleted.  I've had invisible trolls - those that, due to certain posts (mostly my rant ones, which by the way only stay up for a few days - not due to pressure or anything - but because I'm done with that rant and have moved on)...anyway, the invisible ones are the ones that, due to these posts, decide you're worth monitoring for a few days and would like to comment, but don't due to having to leave their email addresses- you'd be surprised the information the site meter gives you.....

Do you check your stats?  Do you care how many people read your blog?  f you care, how do you increase traffic?

Sure do, I don't really care how many people read here, but like to see where in the world all the readers are and also what link brought them here.  I do nothing to increase traffic.

What kind of blogs or posts interest you?

I read just about anything.  I like reading others lives and opinions.

What do you like and dislike about blogging?

I like the sharing, especially to the friends and families I don't get to see too often.  Can't say there is much I dislike, unless I'm too busy to blog!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Well this year for Easter I got this:


This is Keyser - he's a puggle and as cute as a button!!!

Actually everything started Friday, we had gone to Chambersburg for dinner and stopped at The Pet Store (yes that is the actual name).  We always stop there when we're up that way.  When we were looking at the puppies, this absolutely adorable Puggle caught my eye.  We got her out to look at.  She was absolutely terrified and wouldn't move.  Though we've always talked about getting another dog, we were pretty sure this one wasn't it and once we heard the price tag ($899) we KNEW it wasn't the dog for us.

But when I got home I got on the Molly's Place website.  That's where Toby came from.  Well looking down through the photos we saw they had 2 dauschand/terrier mix pups (which is what Toby is) and 3 puggles!!  So we drove up yesterday.

When we got Toby we were there when they opened the doors, had we been 10 minutes later....we wouldn't have Toby because another person showed up after us looking for him.  This time we were closer to closing than opening.  I had picked the tan & white puggle from the website, but when we got there I preferred the tri-colored one; so we had them get him out.  I'm not kidding you when I say in less than 5 minutes holding that puppy, someone came in wanting the tri-colored puggle.  We knew it was a sign, so we adopted him.  The other person ended up adopting one of the others, and they had several phone calls about them while we were there (they are a very popular hybrid these days).

Things seem to be going well at home so far.  For Keyser (named after Kevin Spacey's character in The Usual Suspects), he's a normal 8 week puppy - full of energy.  We're going through the housebreaking bit, we've had a few accidents but we expected that.  Toby is jealous, of course, but not aggressive...and the cats aren't hiding in the basement as they did when we brought Toby home.  Course it's like having a baby - need to do those pee walks every so many hours (including at night); but we're all adjusting well.
Molly's Place is looking to win a One Million Dollar Makeover, help them by going to and joining the community.  While signing up put the zip code "17055" in on the last step and choose Molly's Place from the drop down list.  Thanks for your support!!  And if you're looking for a cat or dog?  I highly recommend them and unlike most rescues, at this one you can take the animal home with you the same day.

Friday, March 21, 2008

This & That

Well my filing system at work has met disaster.  Not only will it be down until the guys can get here to fix it NEXT THURSDAY, we had to unload the whole thing.  All 112 drawers and lock them in a room.  Obviously we didn't have the floor space for this, so we had to stack.  Fortunately, several deputies came over to help, so I just had to supervise.  Unfortunately, we still can't access the files....well we can, but it will involve alot of moving, digging and bad language.  I had one employee walk out of that room with a file saying, "This is ridiculous, fortunately what I was looking for was right in the front, but we'll never be able to access the ones in the back."  Well, duh.....I don't remember an email going out saying that the files were now accessible....had to send another, stating that they weren't.  Actually, it could of been worse...they could of all still been stuck in the Kardex and you really wouldn't of been able to get at them (the guys DID show up long enough to get us moving to unload).

I'll be doing the NaBloPoMo theme of "Letters" here at the blog for April.  My theme will be "My Life Through The Alphabet". 

Off work today....hope everyone has a Happy Holiday!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Alrighty Then

Remember that Kardex filing system in my office that breaks down once a year and that occurred last week????  Well, today, it broke down AGAIN!!!!  We've finally decided that the system was designed when we had approximately 200 inmates now we're more than double that and apparently the files are making it too heavy.  Once it's fixed (the guy wasn't quite as quick this time), we've decided we need to do a major pull and rethink how we the meantime we're still in a back-up of the filing.

On a positive insomnia seems to be gone completely making my moods much better (as expected).  Another positive note?  We're off work Friday - HURRAY!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sleep At Last

I have been dealing with insomnia for the past month or so...Ambien, OTC and All-Natural products didn't work for me.  But for some reason last night I went to bed and well, slept - completely, straight through the night.  Woke up, not tired, but refreshed.

I rolled over and Toby's in bed pulling the stuffing out of an old stuffed toy of his that I didn't even recognize, I rolled back over.  About 10 minutes later, I hear it "squeaka, squeak" - he now had a toy that makes noise.  I rolled back over to face him and the "squeakas" became softer but with a tail wagging.

But everytime I rolled back over, he'd jump off the bed and then come back with something else.  He jumped off the bed at one time and then I could hear him digging at something.  I sat up.  There's a box of his toys that sits in the bedroom - toys he hasn't messed with in some time.  But for some reason he discovered this box and a whole other world was open to him.

He'd bring a toy to bed and begin chewing (some squeak and some don't) but his tail would wag the whole time.  He had re-found something he had lost, something he had forgotten about but then found and realized how happy it had made him.

I understood completely...this past week, I had re-found myself and it's a good feeling.

Friday, March 14, 2008

At The Movies

So my cousin Chris and I are at the movies last night......we go to this older theatre, but we like it.  It has 10 theatres, but isn't very busy.  We get there and apparently other than the 2 people working - we're it!!

We pay for tickets and go to the snack bar.  We order the Large Combo which comes with 2 drinks.  We order diet drinks.

Employee:   We're all out of diet.  Most people that want diet just end up ordering Dr. Pepper, Sierra Mist or Root Beer.
<Note:  none of those choices are DIET....there's a reason people want DIET.  And considering there's no option no wonder they just order anything.>

Other Employee:  We do have diet in bottles, but we'll have to charge for large drinks rather than medium.
<Note:  had we ordered ala carte instead of combo, the bottled drinks would be cheaper than the medium ones.>

Me:  If I get a bottle can I at least get a cup of ice with it?

Employee:  No. <Note:  this employee lacks customer service skills>

Employee 2:  Well you can if you pay $3.00 for the cup. <Note:  I used to date a guy who ran a chain of movie theatres-which included this one...cups don't cost $3.00 a piece and gee, they were already gonna overcharge for the drink anyway, plus you've already inconvenienced me since you don't have diet.>

We both just got Root Beer.

And they wonder why their business is bad......

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

As Expected....Monday Continues....

So someone called in sick today, and well, since we don't have enough people to work the office when we're all there, one down causes quite an extra work load. filing is still backed up.  And my new computer is still not in my office.   Ever have those days?  Well this video is for you:

glumbert - Bad Day at the Office

And boy, can I say there actually have been days I've wanted to beat the crap out of my computer or a co-worker!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Why I Hate Mondays.

Today was your typical Monday at work.  You know when the week starts this ain't getting any better.

In my office is a huge filing system known as the "Kardex".  Here's an example below:

Course my desk isn't attached to it nor is my desk that organized - what am I saying - you can't even see the top of my desk!!  Anyway, the Kardex is a filing system that has a carousel rotation to it - it goes round and round.

This morning, while filing, I push the button to get to the row I need and there's this huge BANG from the top portion.  I immediately knew one of the rows was on the verge of a collapse.  When this thing breaks down, there is no accessing any inmate files, so you can imagine the standstill we come to.

The next thing is that there is only one person in town that services them and he is a VERY odd character and well isn't available when you need him, but rather when he feels like showing up.  Anyway, I made the service call, got the answering machine and left a message (that was returned 4 hours later).

It did get fixed....and of course, everyone always says that's because this guy likes me...which in a way is kind of true.  I leave NICE messages not the "raging get here right now ones".  And he's told me that.  The service is still not as fast as I'd like it to be, but since this system breaks down about once a's not too bad.

Filing was already backed up, now it's twice as bad...but I see some overtime coming my way to justify this.  So it's not all that bad.

In addition my new work computer is in, but not in my office yet.  That possibly will happen Wednesday.  My old computer had broken down so many times that the last time we just never called downtown to see if it was fixed.  I've just kept the loaner...which they apparently forgot existed.  But it was our year in the computer rotation to get new ones and I'm so looking forward to that, because if mine gets any slower...I might as well get out the paper and pen.

So work has its ups and downs this week.....

Saturday, March 8, 2008

"Saturday" (for lack of a better title)


Yesterday was the 11th Anniversary of Hubby and I's first date.  So I got these at work:


It is the one date he really never forgets!!!   And, in honor, of that's a photo of us during our dating days:


And since moving in, I haven't shared any of my house.  Since I cleaned the upstairs today, that's the area you get to see.   This is what you see at the top of the stairs:


This is room one, which is my office (from two different angles):


If you're at the top of the steps and look left:


You're heading toward room 2, affectionately known as "The Pig Room":


And that's my blog for today!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Do people have no control over their pets these days?  Maybe control isn't the right word - what about "care".

Case in point....2 weeks ago I'm walking Toby and we're going down around the block.  Across the street I hear a dog barking (which is normal when an outside dog sees another walking by), comes this big Lab across the street heading right for us totally unattended. 

Now Toby loves other dogs but for some reason the hair started up on his back with this one.   It seemed to only want to play.  Never-the-less Toby and I tried to continue walking but this dog kept bothering us.  It was then that Toby decided he was turning around and heading home.  It was also at this moment that this other dog decided we weren't allowed to pass it.  Fortunately, I then hear a yell of "Bailey" and a man appeared out of the house across the street, apologizing and blaming everything on his kids. 

Last night Toby and I went for a before bedtime walk...we walked up and back the other direction this time.  It's dark and quiet but very windy.  After we walked so far, we turned around and headed back.  We were halfway back when I hear a jingling sound and Toby came to a dead stop.  Right behind us came a dog - a Lab (I'm hoping wasn't Bailey).  Though Toby didn't seem intimidated by this one, I kept tugging at him to keep moving.  Eventually I yelled "Toby - keep moving."  This somewhat got Toby moving and scared the other dog off.

We all like to think our dogs are friendly, would never bite unless provoked HOWEVER things can happen unexpectly and some dogs bite out of fear.

Though Toby is a friendly dog, he is somewhat of a timid dog.  I'm always amazed the people that thinking nothing of allowing their children to approach him without asking.  When that happens I make him sit and I go down to his level.  You can tell he's very uncomfortable with this and is very happy when it's over.  My parents always taught me not to approach strange dogs.  That's good advice.

I was also taught not to allow a dog to run loose.  Though I realize escapes do happen, I would think at some point you'd notice they are missing.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I've probably never in my life slept completely through the night or at least it's been so long ago I don't remember.  But recently, this waking up several times and not being able to get back to sleep is taking its toll on me during the day.  I'm always tired.  Since my lab work is all normal, my doctor prescribed me Ambien.

I had the prescription filled, but after reading all the warnings I was somewhat reluctant to take it.  Did you know there are some people who experience cooking meals, driving cars and having sex and are totally unaware they are doing it!!!  You should report that to your doctor - now if you don't know it, I don't know how you're to report it...but you get the idea with the warnings.

My cousin suggested the all natural Melatonin which she uses.  I found it at Wal-mart.  Tried it for two nights and it kept me up all night.  After several days of non-sleep, I decided to give the Ambien a try.

I took 1/2 a tablet on Saturday.  Though I didn't sleep entirely through the night, I was able to get back to sleep fairly easily.  I was still tired during the day on Sunday, but felt my body just needed to adjust to the medicine.  On Sunday night, I took another 1/2 tablet.

I could barely get out of bed Monday morning.  It took everything in me to get out of bed.  The entire day I just wanted to lay down and sleep (daytime drowsiness is a side effect), I was somewhat dizzy (side effect) and felt like I was in a daze (side effect).  Also, any time I ate I felt nausea (side effect) coming on.  When I got home I went to bed and slept 4 hours, which of course didn't help with my sleep when it was bedtime.  I decided to forgo the Ambien.

Though I took nothing last night, I'm still fighting some of those side effects's very annoying.   Anyone have any ideas on how to cure insomnia???

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Help Me! Help Me! My Computer Won't.......

Before I seriously start this post.....This post is not intended for the Spacey Ladies or those on occasion who need my computer don't anyone take this too personally.

In a perfect world, you'd walk into a store, buy a computer, take it home, set it up and it would perfectly and forever work without one ounce of problem.  That, of course, is a perfect world and we don't live in we have the "computer problems".

First I'd like to give advice for those about to embark on buying a computer whether for the first time or for an upgrade.  It is not necessary to buy the big name brand, nor does your computer and all its attachments have to be the same brand.  Also - know what you want to do with your computer, so you get the right specs the first time around.

I built the computer I have now by parts purchased at .  Tigerdirect is like a candy store for me - I can't get enough of it.  At Tigerdirect you can purchase a computer, purchase parts for a computer for upgrade or to build, you can even build-to-order and they'll put it together for you.  You can also add support.  But if you're someone who is unfamiliar with what all those parts do, it's probably best to buy one all put together.

First bit of advice - DO NOT BUY THE FLOOR MODEL.  You know, the one sitting out on display - the one they offer discounted when their stock is all sold out.  Why?  This is the one all the customers play with - so it's bound to have parts on the verge of a breakdown.  My one co-worker's husband purchased one of these from a well known wouldn't believe the porn that was on the computer (all dated prior to their purchase).  Now you know what those employees do before and after hours.

Most computers these days come with a well equipped hard drive - I'd totally overlook anything less than 120 GB.  The very first computer I ever bought was 7 GB (which in that day was considered quite a lot).  The sales person told me that was more than I'd ever need.  Alrighty then.....a year later - I was full and the computer was running extremely slow.  The norm seems to be 250 GB these days - and that's a decent computer.  Thinking of running slow, anything less that 1 gig of memory is a no-no - if you can get 2 gigs even better.

I've seen some Compaqs and HPs in boxed sets (monitor included) at Wal-mart for anywhere between $548-$600.  They have a 250 hard drive and 2 gigs of memory.  That's a nice computer for a good price.  So don't overlook these just because you think another "brand" is going to be better.  I actually have a brand I hate, but everyone else seems to think they are the best that it's a matter of opinion.  But anyway - buying?  No floor models, nice size hard drive, plenty of memory and you should be alright.

How did I learn all my computer knowledge???  Trial and error people.  When I have a problem, I will take the time and search the internet to see how to fix it.  Error message?  Write it down and search the internet.  Sometimes it takes days...but somewhere someone else has had the same problem.  That's how I learn.  I'll try anything on my own computer.....I'm not quite as ready to do that on someone else's.  I don't mind replacing my own, but I'm not going to replace someone else's.  If you still have support on your computer - use it.

And since I don't work for Geek Squad and therefore will not be's only  necessary to leave me one message or email...when I feel like dealing with the problem, I'll get back to you.  I'm not your personal computer fixer, better yet, how about calling the tech support people you got the computer from OR start searching the internet, now there's a novel idea.

Yeah, I'm being's just that recently someone ask my advice about buying a computer - didn't take it.  They also don't want to deal with all the set-up that comes with it and thinks I should do that.  First problem they hit, they called me...problem was easily fixable if they'd of taken the time to pay attention to what they are doing.  Guess I'm just tired of dealing with everyone else's problems.   Did you learn your job in a day?  Me neither, I didn't learn computers in a day - if you're going to use one, start reading.