Saturday, May 31, 2008

Quick Update

Well it's hard to believe that this month is over already!!  I don't know about the weather where you are, but we seem to go from a day of autumn to a day of summer - it's so back & forth with no happy medium!!!

I wasn't going to sign up for the Nablopomo challenge for June, but then the theme is "Home" and well, that seems to be one I can do!!!  So June brings us home with some recaps from past posts to get things started.

I've been off work fighting a really bad cold - which won of course.  Today is the first day I've felt better but I'm still very congested.  And I almost had everything caught up at work!!!  Not now......

Is The Month Over Already????

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Once More...

The embedding is turned off on this one, but you can access it here:

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Monday, May 26, 2008

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Alrighty Then

Hmmmm... I keep getting emails saying I have new posts here that are actually old ones....  in case you subscribe to this blog please be assured that I am NOT reposting old blogs.  Don't know if Go Daddy is having a problem or if someone is playing games, but I changed my password just in case.

Sorry if it inconvenienced anyone.

I also just found out that my co-worker's husband who has been on my sidebar for prayers passed away Friday evening.  Please keep the family in your prayers it is much appreciated.

More of THAT Same Voice

Mr. Spacey did quite a few interviews this week for his HBO movie "Recount" which airs tonight (for those with HBO).  Though he did a few of the regular talk show circuit, he also did several interviews on the news channels which weren't listed so my week dealt with allot of phone calls, emails, and forum posts trying to keep up with all of them and get them recorded.  I was wore out by the end of the week and realized I put more energy into those interviews than I did work - lol!!

Anyway here's one of those interviews:

I want to thank all the Spacey gals who helped track these interviews so I'd have them (especially Liss, Joanne, Jen and Ginger) and thanks to Joanne for getting them uploaded online (which meant I didn't have to-lol!).  Despite differences on occasion, we all do work very well together when it comes to Kevin!!

Also a big thank you to Legacy member Lynn for emailing me the reason Audie Murphy doesn't have a big memorial type grave at Arlington Cemetery - it's because he requested not to have one!!!  I'll pass that on to Dad at dinner today.

I do still have photos to share from the Air & Space Museum at Dulles Airport.  I hope to get those up this week.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Today's Voice: Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey, of course!!!  Been wondering when it was coming huh?  You'll hear allot of his voice until the end of the month!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Busy Day....

Not allot of time, so just voices today to keep up with the NaBloPoMo challenge.  I found this website of voices:

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Today's Voice and The National Mall

Martina McBride

Now the Lincoln Memorial:

And down at the other end of The National Mall:

Tomorrow there will be more!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Today's Voice and Still More of DC

***Yesterday we hit 5,000 on the site meter....thank you!"

                  Lee Greenwood

And with that song, we come to this:

The reflection makes it hard to photograph but it says "Freedom Is Not Free".  That's the saying at the Korean War Memorial .  

This memorial has many statues and they are all standing as if they are at war.





There's also a wall here, again the reflections make it hard to see:


And some more:




The last photo is the wall along the walkway.  It has all the countries listed on it.  I was very distressed that parents allowed their children to walk and crawl all over this!  I don't blame the kids, I blame the parents - show some respect!!

Another moving experience - allot to take in in one day.

More coming tomorrow!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Today's Voice and More of DC

Today's Voice is Huey Lewis and The News singing the Star Spangled Banner.  The owner of this clip has the embedding turned off but you can access it here:

And on to D.C.:

Continuing our walk down the Mall brought us to the
Vietnam Veteran's Memorial .  Though not as elaborate as the other 2 war memorials, it's still a very moving experience.  The Wall has 58,260 names which are arranged in chronological order according to the date of casualty.  Numbers and dots are used to help visitors find names.

It was very busy at this Memorial. 

This is the Statue - very crowded, couldn't get a better photo.

This is a very emotional place.  Visitors leave flowers, flags, notes and American Flags:

Below is the Vietnam Women's Statue. 

More tomorrow....

Monday, May 19, 2008

Today's Voice and More DC

                      Taylor Hicks

Now onto DC.  The next stop was The Mall and we were dropped off at the
World War II MemorialThis opened in 2004 and it was my first time seeing it.  There were an abundance of Veterans here and they were more than willing to answer any questions.




My grandmother's cousin, Sam, was also on the bus trip and he is a Veteran of World War II.  He was very anxious to see this memorial and I was very glad to share this with him.

Here he is posing under Maryland.  I must say the crowd at this memorial were very accommodating to the Veterans wanting their photos taken - they would come to a complete stop for them and then before venturing on would shake their hands.  It was very overwhelming - VERY!!  And of course, the Veterans were making new friends as well:

It didn't matter whether they served together or not - it was instant friendship!!




At this reflecting pool is a wall of gold stars.  While standing there taking it all in, a Veteran approached me and asked me if I knew what I was looking at.  I admitted I did not, and he proceeded to tell me that there are 4,000 stars representing the more than 400,000 that lost their lives. WOW - 400,000 lives standing before you.  It brings tears to your eyes.  I then watched this Veteran approach others and tell them the same; he was so proud to be able to honor his comrades in this way.



Coming up the other side was a huge crowd around this guy.  It took my Dad a minute or so to recognize it as Sen. Bob Dole.  He was happily having his picture taken with just about everyone.  And meeting him was a definite high for Sam:


Visiting these memorials (and I've 2 more to tell you about) is a very eye opening and humbling experience.  It's a reminder of how this country was built and what it cost to get there.  It makes you wonder if we're honoring these people enough!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Today's Voice & Other Things

                         Daniel L. Smith

Yesterday I went on a bus trip with my Mom and her church to Washington DC.  Though I only live about an hour's drive from DC, I really don't get there much.  Actually the last time was probably when hubby and I were dating.  Anyway, we went yesterday and the weather couldn't of been more accommodating.

First stop was Arlington Cemetery.  I have never been there so this was a must for me.  Fortunately we arrived earlier than scheduled and were given more time - which turned out to be good cause we needed it.  Actually, I'd like to go back and spend more time because 2 hours just isn't enough.


  This is the entrance sign and then a shot of the multitudes of graves.  It's very over whelming.


These are the graves of John & Jackie Kennedy.  Their son Patrick is buried on the other side of John and there's a place for Caroline on the other side of Jackie.  This was very hard to get near, but I must tell this story. 

There were dozens upon dozens of very rude school groups there.  I was at the grave site with a group that were middle school aged.  This was the conversation:

"Hey, this is where John Kennedy was shot."
"Really, right here?"
"Yes, that's why he's buried here."
"And look his brother Jacqueline is buried next to him and a Patrick too."

Hmmmmm.......what are they teaching in school these days?  And honestly, they weren't joking around they were serious!


Down around the corner from the Kennedy's across from a small reflecting pool is this grave site, that you can miss if you're not paying attention.  It's Robert Kennedy's grave (unfortunately you can't read the tombstone due to the sun reflection).

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers is the most popular area there, and I did make it to the area in time to see the changing of the guard.


Above is the building of the Unknown Soldiers and if you turn the other way there's the fountain at the end.


This is the grave site of Audie Murphy and the only thing my Dad wanted to see.  We had to ask someone where it was.  My Dad then complained the rest of the trip because Audie isn't being recognized like he should be; he was expecting a big monument.

I'll admit, I didn't know who Audie Murphy was; and for those others that don't - he's the most decorated American combat soldier in World War II.  Knowing that, you do have to ask yourself why the grave site is so insignificant.

Next stop is the The Mall, but that's for tomorrow's post!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Today's Voice: Bugs

Hmmmm...that one grasshopper has a rather familiar, sexy voice....doesn't he???

Monday, May 12, 2008

It Was A Good Mother's Day

This was my Mother's Day present from my step-children:


Beautiful aren't they?  My step-daughter got engaged on Mother's Day and today we found out the baby is a BOY!!!

I'm all excited!

A Year Ago Today

Thanks to Donna who gave me this idea when she commented on my "A Year Ago" post in regards to NY.

Actually 2 things happened at the stage door in NY on May 12, 2007.  The first was after the matinee show.  Kevin happily had his picture taken with KevieBear of Driving Mr. Spacey fame:


You can read that story here:

And then after the evening show, he came out wearing my shirt:


And you can read that here:

Yes, quite a memory to have!!!