Sunday, June 29, 2008

Family Reunion

Today was my family reunion for my mother's side.  The dogs really enjoyed themselves.  Toby swam in the creek..Keyser isn't quite as brave but he did run through the low area.  It was hot and not allot of people came.  It seems to be pretty miss and hit...some years there are many, others not so many.  But we had a good time.

Hubby's MRI was Saturday so we'll know something on his next doctor's appointment, which I believe is the 7th.  He is doing better with the new drug they gave him, the last one made him feel weird.    At least this doctor gives you samples to try, my doctor on the other hand gives you a prescription...which is fine if the drug works, otherwise it become a waste of money.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hubby & Stratsville

First, every time you come to the site - you need to click the link to "Stratsville" on the sidebar.  You need not do anything once you get there (you can leave a message if you like or not) but the only way to make the city grow is there to be hits on the site.  There's no signing up for anything, don't have to enter you email address - nothing....

Okay, so hubby has been dealing with numbness in his hands and feet, pain, strength weakness and such.  He's also lost weight and muscle tone.  A Brain MRI was done last Thursday to check for MS, stroke, tumors and such; blood work was also completed to check for disease and such.

Both the blood work and MRI came back normal.  Today the neurologist checked his nerves with electrodes and also his muscle, which she mentioned last week is deteriorating.  Nothing showed up.

He had a full MRI in 2005 for back and neck problems.  That MRI showed disk deterioration.  The neurologist feels that the deterioration has gotten worse and is affecting the nerves and muscle.  So he's off for another full MRI on Saturday.

But we do feel allot better knowing it's not MS, a brain tumor and such.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hubby, Computers and Keyser

Thanks for all the emails with prayers and concerns for Hubby - it's much appreciated.  More testing on Tuesday and hopefully we'll have some answers.  I really don't want to share anymore until we know something.....

Today the ethernet port on my computer decided to die.  I'm praying the new one gets here before it dies completely (has a June 25th ship date).  Fortunately I had set up a wireless network for my laptop and I just had to pop a USB Wireless Adapter into the computer and I've internet access now.  My new computer will have both an ethernet and internal wireless card.  The wireless seems to be working well and I just may stay with that.

Today Keyser graduated from puppy training class:

He graduated first in his class - okay he was the only one in his class, but I like to think the other 3 dropped out cause they knew he'd be too good - lol!!!

And though I share very little photos of myself (too fat)...I did like the one of he and I together:

If only I had not worn shorts...this would of been a great shot!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Prayers Please

Without going into too much details.....please keep my hubby in your prayers.  He has had medical testing done that we are waiting on results and more tests coming.  Should have somewhat of an idea of what is going on next week.

Thank you.

Life (for lack of a better title)

My computer has been slowing up for sometime and one of the hard drives has started to make a grinding noise.  I know I'm looking at a crash down the I've opted to get a new one prior to that happening.  I didn't want to build again....although I could build a better system for less than what I bought, every time I build something is wrong and it becomes frustrating to get things right...I just can never pop everything in the case and get it up and running.  I'm not a Dell person and I just didn't want to buy a pre-built one in the store; so I got on HP's site and they let you customize models.

Course, every time I customized it ended up being some huge price tag.  I then looked at it sensibly and realized I was going for a gamer, when I don't play allot of games.  The Sims, on occasion, but that's about it.  Anyway I finally customized but still came out higher than I hoped but decided to go with it, when checking out I noticed a box for a coupon code (if you had one).  Hmmmm....I got online and searched and came across one that saved me $400.00!!!  Brought me right under the amount I hoped!!  Now, of course, I just have to wait for it.  The only thing I'm not looking forward to is Windows Vista - but since I've worked on my cousin's, dad's and hubby's....I think I can get through it to get it adjusted to my specs.  Of course, I have allot of backing up to do!!!

Keyser is now terrified of Mickey.  Apparently bothering Mickey too much gets you swatted in the face (and it happened more than once) now if Mickey happens to be laying on the floor in the direction Keyser wants to go...Keyser just sits and whines.  It's funny in a way; I've never seen that dog as calm as he is when Mickey is around.  Mickey, of course, wanders around meowing...but he has slept with me the past few nights and he hasn't tried to get outside.  Got my fingers crossed this time around (but then I do every time).

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

He's Back........

I had a nice dinner tonight with the Y girls and when I came home, hubby is asleep on the couch and I see we have a phone message.  Mickey was trying to break down the door at the old house and they were wondering if we could come for him.

The message was an hour old, but I got the cat carrier and drove over.  He was still on the front porch and the lady living their now came out.  She was very friendly and apologetic about not being able to keep him (not that we expected them to).  And she was worried that he looked bad.....bad???  That cat is perfectly clean and doesn't look as though he's lost weight.  I assured her he was fine, said they'd probably see him again-but not to worry, he does have all his shots and he is self-sufficient with food.  I thanked her and left.

For some reason Keyser was thrilled to see him (I believe the last time Mickey left was when we brought Keyser home).  He keeps bowing down and barking, which in dog talk means "This is my friend and I want to play."  Mickey, on the other hand, is more like "You are not my friend, get  away from me, go play with Strat."  But in case you are wondering - No Mickey is in no way intimidated or afraid of Keyser.

Looking back through my posts I realize that my last indicating Mickey had left again was back on April 1...though I'm pretty sure he'd been gone about a week before I posted that.  But even starting at April 1 - he's been gone for 11 weeks!!!  Has it been that long???  He looks VERY well for that length of time.

I'm glad he's home. 

Oh Geez........

I've been dealing with some computer issues recently, not the normal everyday ones, but weird "makes no sense" ones.  I had mentioned once before that I had to change my password here due to old posts re-posting; this didn't seem to be a Go Daddy issue, it seemed more that someone had my password as the only posts that were being affected were "Spacey" related.  Needless to say, I've changed usernames and/or passwords on just about everything I do online.  Yesterday morning I'm online and notice that an online group I recently started has vanished - it doesn't seem to be maintenance issues - it's just gone!!!  None-the-less a computer guru had me run all kinds of scanners and programs on both my home and work computers - but a virus or hacker doesn't seem to be the issue, everything is secure.  It's very disturbing and I really don't understand why anyone would mess with my Spacey stuff.

Our neighbor at the old house called hubby yesterday to inform him that Mickey is driving the new neighbors insane.  He, of course, wants in the house and they, of course, don't want him there.  However, they have chosen to FEED we all know what a huge mistake that is!!!  Anyway, as soon as we catch up with him...Mickey will be coming home again!  That makes me both happy and sad.....happy because I really want Mickey with us; sad because, well it's not where he wants to be.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Keyser Again....

My home life as you noticed involves pets.  Keyser is the newest of the family arriving back in March.  He's a total puppy.  He chews everything, doesn't seem to concept eliminating himself outside (though he does use the puppy pads), and is very hyperactive.  But he is just as cute as the dickens, and you can't get too mad at him:

Yesterday, he seemed a little more subdue than normal.  None-the-less we went to our class at Petsmart (we started with 4 dogs and we're all that's left - why would you pay $109.00 for class and then not show up?) and he seemed pretty normal there.  But most of the evening....he just wasn't himself.  When I got off the computer and went downstairs about 11:30 p.m. last night a very strong odor hit me.  He had pooped (fortunately on the puppy pad-well mostly) but it was diarrhea and some had hit the carpet.  I cleaned that up and took him out.  We then went to bed, but he wouldn't settle....he then got up and puked twice.  So I clean that up and about 30 minutes later he settled down on the couch (unusual for him not to sleep with me).  This morning he seems much better, but this is the second batch of bad puking we've dealt with in regards to him and can't understand what isn't agreeing with him, or what he's eating that he shouldn't be.

Genetics is also a concern for me.  Keyser is a Puggle (part beagle, part pug).  Though not pure breds they are a new line of dogs know as "designer breeds".  Buying one from a breeder, you'll pay anywhere between $800 to $1100.  Those types normally look more like pugs, being brown with a black face.  The other colors are considered 2nd generation (or at least that's what I read on a website).  We first saw a puggle at the pet store and fell in love with it, unfortunately we didn't love the price tag.  Since Toby came from a rescue, we opted to go that route again and by some weird coincidence that rescue had 3 puggles available.  At the rescue they run $425, still pricey BUT they have all their shots, are wormed, are neutered/spayed and they bathe and Frontline them for you before you leave.  So basically you're paying the vet bill.  We chose the little brown and white puggle hoping he wouldn't get adopted prior to our getting there the next day (and we couldn't go first thing in the morning).  When we got there all 3 puggles were still available.  But the brown/white one was sleeping as was the all brown one and there was the little tri-color one staring through the window at us - love at first sight!!  We were fortunate because right after we got him out for a better look; two other people showed up wanting to look at him.  Anyway, we adopted him (one of the others adopted the brown one) and went home.  I noticed two days later on the rescue website that all of a sudden the description of the brown/white one had changed to indicate that he was blind!!  I often wonder when they discovered this???  So I'm often concerned over Keyser's health.

Let's face it, the "designer breeds" are the big thing right now and yet some are already showing up in rescues.  My guess is that these puppies are the product of a puppy mill, and let's face it....conditions at puppy mills aren't that great.  So this is why I'm always concerned with his health and that these two incidents, not that far apart, are worrying.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Back To The Home Theme

Despite the how hectic life is right now, it's time to get back to the home theme.  After buying we did two items prior to moving in:

That was to paint the dining area a lighter color to open it up a bit (still want a laminate floor in there).

The other thing we did was the Kitchen.  I didn't take before photos, however, the walls had a small flower type print in apricot on them with a matching border.  We painted a solid off-white over that and bought a different border.  And my kitchen is here:

This past month we laid a new floor in the bathroom, it originally had carpet and well - why would you carpet a bathroom????  Anyway, this is what we started with:


And now I have this (sorry that hubby put the door back on prior to my photo):


Now actually....there's alot more that need done in here - why we start with the floor only Hubby knows.  Obviously the bathroom is very small, it's also decorated in that yellow-gold 70's style.  We want to pull out the sink and toilet and get new ones in white.  We also want to go with a pedestal sink as we don't use the cabinet around the sink anyway and it is taking up floor space.  That would leave the bathtub still gold colored but the a small inconvenience until we could afford something like bathfitters to come in.  Course I want the door to be replaced with a wooden bi-fold one.  Another idea, that lacks money, is to completely tear out the bathroom and make it a closet....then make the small bedroom next door into the bathroom/laundry room.  It would give a little more space and move the laundry up out of the cellar. 

There's alot this house needs, we just need the money to do it!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


"Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, but Today is a Gift.  That's why it's called the present."

And there readers is the message in the movie "Kung Fu Panda"......  okay so it's a kiddie movie, but really everything else we had seen and we just needed a movie night!!!

Work has me so busy that I don't have time to keep up with alot of things (this blog for instant).  It took me over an hour to do expungements today (and I've still got files to pull for some of those) and we even discuss the filing...everytime I think I'm ahead - more shows up!!!

I am just so tired........

Monday, June 9, 2008

Paperwork, Kevin and Keyser

Yes, since I messed up Nablopomo I am getting a little lax with updating this thing. 

Anyway, work is so backlogged.  The filing paperwork is at least 2 weeks behind and it never stops coming in.  Today I'm at work like 5 minutes and the Warden had just walked out of the office heading over to the jail side when the Sheriff walks in looking for him.  He then proceeds to use my phone to locate him.  The whole time I'm thinking "Gosh, he probably doesn't think I do anything...."  Anyway when he hangs up the phone he says "Laura, who is that on your computer screen?"    I said "Kevin Spacey."  He laughed and said "I was thinking he looked familiar but couldn't think where in law enforcement he worked."  He then proceeded to notice the photo of Kevin and I together and then asked the story, which I gladly told.  Phew.....I owe Kevin thanks for preventing the talk about getting my office cleaned up!!  Thank you Kevin!

Despite my own job being backlogged, the one Captain is off, which leaves me to sign off on all the leave and overtime slips; and the commissary guy is off, which leaves me with having to handle the bank deposits.  So will I ever get caught up?  Probably not....  as my fellow office workers are part of the "that's not my job" group, it'll be quite some time before I find my desk again!!!  Team work - yeah right!

Poor Keyser got sick tonight and we were somewhat worried.  He threw up BIG TIME like 4 times, then proceeded to throw up clear frothy liquid so many times I lost count.  He's now sleeping on the couch but it had me somewhat worried.  My parents had a dog that happened to once and it died (and she wasn't very old).  I'm so much more concerned these days with none of the vets in the area doing emergency "on call" duty.  You're expected to go to the emergency clinic that is a 45 minute drive away!!!  The animal could be dead by then.....I know someone that had to do that only to be told at the clinic that she had to pay $1500.00 up front before they would even look at the animal.  She declined, and fortunately the animal lived to see her own vet the next day.  It just makes me mad because I spend more in vet care than I do my own medical care, so asking for an emergency visit on a rare occasion, isn't asking much in my opinion.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Back On Track

Well now that my posts are back on track.....

The 4th (and last) house we looked at is here:

This of course was the house we bought:

So this is where we have been since September.  Since heat does seem to be a problem in the upstairs, we decided that by next summer that area needs better installation and a roof exhaust fan.  I do have some projects in my head I want done, but right now we're just relaxing.

Friday, June 6, 2008

So Yeah I Blew It!!!

First week in the month and I missed posting yesterday and therefore elminated myself from the NaBloPoMo challenge!!!  But I had good reason.  We've hit 90 degree weather with terrible humidity and my upstairs where the pigs and computer are has been terribly hot.

We bought a larger air conditioner for the pig side plus one of those nice tower oscillating fans to help move the air through.  It helped some but the office side wasn't workable.  Since heat is terrible for a computer, I opted to move the computer to the dining room.  Which would of worked *if* I could connect to the internet.  I have a wireless network so I popped a USB adapter into a USB port.  It would connect but then the computer would keep crashing....we finally put the smaller air conditioner on the office side and now I'm back upstairs wired to the internet and everything is working.  We had to rearrange the office so the desk didn't block the air...and though not to my'll have to work!!!  Phew!!!!

Anyway that was the drama at home this week.....but continuing with the home theme I started;;;;;

The next house we looked at was another one that was nice, but needed way to much work.  It wasn't even liveable without the work:

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

And On To Another Home

Our house hunting took us to this house:

Actually had the attic been "finished", a new roof put on and the basement fixed of all leaks...this would probably be our house.  It was in a nice quiet area with a nice size yard and front porch.  Since it's no longer listed as being for sale, perhaps someone has made a nice home out of it.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So We Needed A New Home

So with our rental selling and it being too pricey for us....we had to start looking elsewhere.  The first house was here:

The photo is missing from there now (don't know where it took off too), however, this house is still for sale and can be viewed here:

Click for the multiple photos and you can view the inside.  They never bother to show you the unfinished upstairs (which is a total mess).  The photos make the backyard look larger than it is AND the shed is ready to fall apart.

This home was not doable for us and I've noticed the price has dropped very little since last year.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Bad Times

Though NaBloPoMo's theme for the month is "Home" don't really have to do the theme - you're just suppose to post everyday of the month.

I'm going to go a little off theme today.  Just a little because I consider friends & family part of my "home".

I spent 12 years working at the local YMCA.  Not the new fancy one, but the older one when it was downtown.  Though the competition from the newer fitness centers hurt the business a little, a loyal following of members and staff gave it a "family" atmosphere.

It was the one place that I've worked, that everyone keeps in touch.  There's a group of us that get together every other month for dinner and even with the few that I don't see as often, when I's like the time has never passed.  Those strong family ties still exist.

I was very distressed last week to receive an email from one of the Y workers (since I was off sick from work, I didn't get her call there) telling me that one of the Y Family had unexpectedly died.  Erik was only 36 years old and he had lost a brother back in November 2007.

If there were ever a family that stood for the Y.  The Meinelschmidt Family was it.  They are the aquatic department there.  I worked with Karen for those 12 years and watched Erik, Kirk, Wendy & Cort grow up.  Erik even helped me out at the front desk when I was short of help there.  He was always fun.  Always helpful.

I don't have children, but I'm sure losing a child has to be the worse thing to go through.  You don't expect to outlive your children.  Losing a child is terrible....losing two children in a 6-month period is....I don't even have a word for it.

I went to the viewing this evening and there was Karen and as each one of Erik's Swim Team members came in, she took the time to tell them how proud he was of all of them; she even recalled some of their accomplishments he had shared about them.  She cried when I hugged her, I cried too.  Though I never really understand death, somehow this one seemed wrong....a mistake.

Erik will be missed.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our Life Together Starts Here


This was hubby and I's first home together.  It was a 2 bedroom, one bath rancher.  It was a rental that hubby lived in for 15 years; I was there 7 of those years.  For those that have been reading here for a while, you know the trials we went through with upgrades and such; and the sorrow we went through that when it was being sold (and we had all those years been told we would be the buyers) we were priced completely out and had to go into a very fast house buying process.

For those that are new you can view the house projects here:

It's funny looking back through these; I wonder if Strat's paw print is still in the basement at the house???