Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Up, Up and Away....

Yesterday we got like an hour of beach time, then it rained.  So we shopped the rest of the day.  Today it was overcast and made for a very pleasant day...when it's straight sunny, it's too hot.

Hubby and I took a helicopter ride today!!  I'll share photos when I get home (the laptop is rather slow).  But it was very enjoyable though no one else would go with us.  We enjoyed it much more than the parasailing we did 2 years ago.

Just a short one today!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Myrtle Beach #2

Beach weather has been beautiful.  There has been some remnants from TS Faye - lifeguards aren't allowing people out very far in the ocean as the water is really rough - but other than that it's sunny & hot.

Spent this morning on the beach than moved to the pool and now am relaxing in the room.  Room door is open and I can watch the ocean directly from here.  We always do ocean front now, it's just the way to go. 

Last night I chatted with the Spacey ladies and it was a very nice (no trolls present) chat.  I'm glad I paid for the internet card or else I'd of missed that.  I've made some really good friends in cyberspace and though we sometimes have our differences, it all works out in the end.  And I've always felt that that is what real friendship is.

My sister, her husband and my mother arrived at the beach last night, so I would guess we'll all go out to eat tonight.  My sister and mother went shopping today, but I opted out to spend time on the beach...I can shop anytime.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Myrtle Beach

Well hubby and I arrived in Myrtle Beach, SC last night - what a nice break.  We normally leave on Friday, drive as far as we can, then continue on Saturday.  But we made really good time yesterday and there wasn't alot of traffic, so we kept going.  When we got to the hotel, no one was in our reserved room, so they went ahead and let us have it - no extra charge.  It was very windy last night, but the sun is shining this morning!!

This year I rented a broadband card for the laptop from www.wifirents.com .  It cost $159.00 for a two week period.  That may seem expensive, HOWEVER, my only other choice was to get one through my cell phone provider and they cost approximately $100 PLUS a $60.00 montly fee PLUS a two year contract.....I don't travel enough for that cost.  This family runned hotel we stay in just has not upgraded to internet yet!!  So I was glad to find the wifirents website.  There's another one as well, who's name escapes me, they are a little cheaper but then charge for postage and then that makes them more expensive.  With wifirents the postage is free and that includes free postage to return the unit.

More later....

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Did you ever observe someone and try to guess what is going on in their lives?

This morning I went into work to catch up on a few things that needed taken care of and I wouldn't have the time for due to hubby's appointments and vacation.  When I got home, hubby and I decided to go out to eat.  It was about 1:00 p.m. and I wanted breakfast food, so our only options were Denny's or Cracker Barrel as they both serve breakfast all the time.  So we opted for Cracker Barrel and got in the car and headed to Chambersburg.

They seated us and we ordered.  I noticed a family sitting a few tables over.  It was (what I assume) a Father, Mother, Son and two daughters.  The son was about 14 years old, one daughter maybe 7, the other 3 or 4.  The son sat staring at the table as if being forced to eat out with the family on Sunday was the worse thing ever.  On occasion he'd look up to answer a question directed at him, but he immediately would stare back at the table.  His expression never changed.  It almost was as if he felt out of place.  I began to wonder if he were a step-child spending his assigned weekend with the non-custodial parent and their new family.  Don't ask me why I thought that...I just did.

Course, I was trying not to stare, but they had my attention and were oblivious to my watching.  While they waited on their dinner, the father buttered rolls for the two girl and then did it for the son!!  I could see from the look on the boy's face he wanted to slide under the table.  When the food arrived, the father practically forced everyone to taste all his dinner items, the girls could refuse but the son couldn't and if he did, it was just put on his plate to eat with his own meal. 

Now, mind you, in no way did things seem to be unpleasant.....the father did not appear to be mean, but was more trying to involve the son in the family time.  That's what made me think that maybe the son was a step-child....feeling out of place and the step-dad trying too hard to communicate.  OR maybe it was just the normal attitude of a teenager.

Call me weird if you'd like but that's just something I observed today.  Am I the only one that does that?

P.S.  I forgot to mention on my Dog Housebreaking post.  One - I did have to get the dog on a feeding schedule- no food sitting out all the time; and Two - I had to watch the dog constantly for 3 days - no doing other things, he had to be within my sight!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Home Projects, John Hopkins and Vacation

Yes, I'm still alive and well!!!

Home Projects are back in swing and we're going to finish the bathroom this weekend.  Hubby's working on getting the floor finished, then Sunday we are going to paint.  It still leaves us with the yellow tub dilemma, but we decided the overly expensive things we're pushing to the bottom.
Other things on the list:

Painting the bedroom and laying new carpet (paint and carpet already bought).
Laminate flooring in the dining room and down the hallway.
New floor in Kitchen.
New carpet in Living Room.
Waterproof walls in basement, and clean up down there.
Get rid of tree and carport in backyard.

So we've got quite a list and a long way to go, but it's always nice to get a project complete.

Hubby's appointments at John Hopkins are Monday & Tuesday.  Originally they were both on Monday - but you now how that goes....

Then Friday we leave for Myrtle Beach - can't wait for that!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Fine Art of Housebreaking A Dog

Toby was very easy to housebreak.  I think he had like 2 accidents, we told him "No", took him outside and that was that.....Keyser on the other hand.....

Keyser was a nightmare.  I had to buy a carpet cleaner just to keep the odor down.  When an online friend mentioned her puppy had been housebroken within days I asked for advice only to discover that her puppy was using "puppy pads"......I don't consider that housebroken, to me "housebroken" means they only go outside.  Though Keyser *did* go outside when we walked him, he also went inside.  We broke down and bought some puppy pads - better he go on the pads then on the carpet, right?

Not really, he still was going in the house.  Slowly moving the pads towards the door didn't work - he'd go on the pad AND on the place the pad use to be.  I was slowly losing my mind.

Then I talked with a friend who understood my problem, she told me that though her dog was 4 years old...it was still going on puppy pads - sometimes that's just what you have to do!!  It was then and there I decided to make a bigger effort in housebreaking that dog.

Oh yeah, I downloaded (and paid for) all those "Housebreak Your Dog In Seven Days"; "Secrets to Housebreaking Your Dog", "What The Experts Don't Want You To Know" downloads available on the web.  All I got was basically a very tight schedule - the exact same one that is available for free.  What a waste of money!  Yes, I'm sure those schedules work, but not if you work (especially a distance from home) and since I did not have nearby friends or relatives to help (why should they anyway?) or neighbors that wanted to take on that responsibility...that schedule wouldn't work.  But according to these sites...if I couldn't commit this much time, I shouldn't have a dog.

Well I'm no idiot - I can look around and see there are working people with dogs.....so I opted my own plan.

I got rid of the puppy pads cold turkey (after all isn't that just training him to go in the house?).....and then I would crate him when I was at work and at night.....in the evenings for three solid days I never took my eyes off him.  If he ventured near an area that a puppy pad had been in - I took him outside.  I also gave him a treat when he went outside.  But within 3 days - he was housebroken.

Now if I could just get him to stop chewing.....

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Okay, I'll Admit It.....

Stellan Skarsgard caught my eye when I saw "Mamma Mia".  But when I got online to gather more information...very little existed of him.  Looking down his list of movies made me realize I had seen him in lots of things....but had somehow overlooked him (this is exactly what happened when I first noticed Kevin Spacey).

Now don't get me wrong, Kevin Spacey is still my numero uno....but this Skarsgard guy is rather nice looking too.  I seem to overlook the "pretty" boys of Hollywood.

Anyway, I've opted to start a Yahoo Group for him....so if there's any other fans out there wanting to share with other fans, please come join:

Subscribe to stellanskarsgardgroup

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And though it's not highly advertised, I *do* have a Kevin Spacey group as well which is slowly growing and if you'd like you can join here:

Subscribe to spacey-ness

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Why not advertise?  Basically because I'm not looking to overtake the Kevin Spacey Fan Kingdom - lol!!!  I don't care if there is 2, 3, 10, 100, or 500 members....numbers mean nothing when 75% of the members do nothing more than lurk.  Actually I think we're averaging about 20 members right now with quite a few lurkers - not that there is anything wrong with that, some just don't want to interact - but I find that it's more fun if you do.

And then there is Legacy:

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Legacy is the largest active Kevin Spacey group.  They've just started a new feature "On This Day In Kevin Spacey History" - very fun and interesting.  Especially a good feature for the newer fans and well for me as well since I've only been a fan a little over 4 years.  Always interested in what I missed.

Course I can't leave out the following Spacey Groups either:

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Unofficial Kevin Spacey Fan Board

(Sorry they don't have a fancy link box).

Monday, August 4, 2008

Gripe of the Week

I think I'm going to start a new weekly feature titled "Gripe of the Week".  So to start it off - here's this week's gripe......

My house is heated with oil - and we all know where oil prices are these days.  For the past several years we've been on the budget plan with our oil company.  In the past the budget plan ran for ten months, August thru May with no payments due in June & July.  Basically they looked at your previous year's usage with what the projected oil price was and gave you ten payments from that.  If you overpaid - the next year's payments were cheaper...if you underpaid - the next year's went up.  Last year my payments were $83.00 a month.

About February of this year the oil company sent out notices that they were going from a 10-month payment period to a 12-month payment period and rather than a coupon book, you'd receive monthly bills.  You were to continue your coupon payments this year to May and then take June & July to catch your account up; then in August the monthly billing would begin.

I made our last $83.00 payment in May, received our balance due bill of $600.00...which we paid with our tax incentive check.  So our current standing with this company is $0.00.

This weekend I received our first monthly bill on the BUDGET PLAN.  Our monthly payments will be........sit down for this one...... $300.00 per month!!!  THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS A MONTH!!!  This is a BUDGET PLAN?????  Oh, there was a little note stating that monthly payments were high due to projected oil prices and to make sure you don't miss a payment.......how sweet???

$300.00 - that's a car payment.   $300.00 - I have no idea where we're getting this money.....I had budgeted for $175.00 a month.  Even at $175 that's crunching us...I guess if we don't eat, use electricity, get rid of cable TV, phone service and all our animals....we just may be able to come up with this. 

Okay, so I may be overstating our circumstances.....but what about the people out there that really can't afford this but are at an income level that is considered too high to qualify for help? 

I've opted to tell the oil company to take us off automatic delivery (they are famous for topping off your tank every chance they get) and wearing heavier clothing in the winter.   I very much want them to owe me at the end of the year.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy Birthday To Josh!!

Nothing can be more interesting then attending a 16th Birthday Party.  Teenagers are just fun to watch:



                                                           Our Birthday Boy!!!


                                                                        All his friends!!!


                                                                 Time for the Cake!!


           Mom (my cousin and movie going buddy Chris) cutting the cake!!  And yeah, everyone thinks we're sisters.


                                                                            Present Time!!

Let's Just Have Lots Of Fun:






Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Quick Update

This one will be a quickie:

My mother-in-law was in the hospital for a few days and then was moved to Quincy .  She was there for one day, then back to the hospital as it was discovered her hip was broken...that required surgery.  She seemed very well after surgery yesterday and is doing better today.  She'll be moved back to Quincy after this hospital stay for physical therapy and home after that.

Work's been "blah" - my filing system is down again and the gentleman (and I use that term extremely loosely) that comes to fix it, can't seem to fix it.  He also does not keep business hours.  He likes to start his days around 2:00 p.m.  That's unacceptable to us as we close at 4:00 p.m. and he likes to show up at 3:30-3:45 p.m.  We've run him out of there twice this week.  He apparently doesn't know what the problem is and we've been unable to file since last Tuesday, plus we can't access the files that are in the system!!!  I'm at meltdown stage at this point!

I'm off to my cousin's 16th birthday party this evening at the local pool.  Hopefully it won't rain....