Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm a Grandma!!

Well it finally happened....Colton Michael arrived today at 2:50 p.m. weight 8 lbs. 3 oz. at 21 inches long.




Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Have Turtles

I forgot to mention that while on vacation I got 2 turtles.  You know, the little ones.  They sell them at the beach now like they do hermit crabs.

I remember having these little turtles as a kid...boy has time changed from then.  The little plastic container with the little island and plastic tree are no longer the suitable container for them (no wonder they always died).  Even though the woman at the store sold them to us saying you could keep them in that and therefore talking us into the largest plastic container......  the truth is you need an aquarium and a large one at that as those turtles get big!

When we moved a year ago I had two 20 gallon aquariums that we trashed....figures doesn't it?  Anyway, another county employee gave me a 10 gallon aquarium and we've set it up with gravel, a filter, a water heater and big basking rock (with a basking light of course).  They are very interesting to watch.

I'll try to get pictures soon....

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Some Updates

First off Mickey is still gone and we're hoping he's back in the old neighborhood.  Just waiting on the phone call.

Hubby finally heard back from John Hopkins.  They want to do another test and then another MRI.  They've told him that there is the problem in the neck, but that there is also a problem in the mid-back.  Once the tests are complete (still waiting on the call for when they are), they'll do the neck surgery first which results in a 3 day hospital stay, after those 3 days they will do the mid-back surgery.  We're figuring he'll be in the hospital for a week.  We're unsure what the rehab time is with this or how much time he'll be off work.

Grandson is due the 26th of this month.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

From The Air

As promised (finally), here are the photos from the helicopter ride:

The last picture hubby took with his cell phone.  The little building with the blue roof, sitting in between all the larger ones, is our hotel.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Everyday Life

Last week Chris and I went to the movies.  We saw an absolutely terrible movie called "Babylon AD".  Though I'm a Vin Diesel fan, I must say that if these are the types of movies he plans on doing, well he might as well give up acting altogether.

Anyway, upon leaving the theatre Chris' car wouldn't start.  It wouldn't do anything at all.  So she pops the hood (for some reason the light under there worked, well it worked on and off) and started messing around the battery.  A man and woman came out and offered assistance as well as the employees at the theatre.  It turned into a free for all, and a two hour ordeal.  Of course, being the blogger that I am I pulled out my camera and took some photos - much to Chris' dismay (as a matter of fact she threatened me):

                                                Chris Under The Hood.

                                                 From The Front Seat Looking Out.

                                                     From The Front Seat Looking At The Theatre.


                              Chris Threatening Me Not To Take Her Picture Again. 

Yeah, the photos didn't turn out the greatest, but it was fun anyway!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

So Ummm...Yeah, It' Been An Interesting Week

Betcha' thought I fell off the earth or something, huh?  Nope, still here, not a good week.

***Mickey Update***  I think he's gone again.  He was around last night but not this morning.

Work was a trip through hell this week and I went into total meltdown mode.  The one lady I work with "K" was due back from vacation on Tuesday.  On Monday she calls and says this to me, "The check we needed to go on vacation just arrived today, so we're leaving for the beach and I'll be back next Monday, that is if no one cares."  Yep, I'm not kidding, she actually did that.  But it gets better....not only wasn't she coming back to the following week, she'd work double time when she got back (I could hear the "overtime" bells ringing) AND she didn't even have enough of vacation time to finish out the week - she had to do Leave Without Pay.

My meltdown happened very fast for several reasons:

1.  Whenever there is anyone out of the office it's a hardship on the rest of us as we are short staffed and they refuse to hire anyone else.  So yeah, we do care if you don't show up - that's a stupid question to ask anyway.

2.    I'm not a supervisor - why are you calling and asking me?

3.    She is the only one in the office that is ever approved for Overtime - to hell with the rest of us and in general the rule is "no overtime only under extreme circumstances".

4.    We don't do the "Leave Without Pay" thingy....

Anyway I sent her call over to the Sheriff's secretary to handle the leave problem.  I then went into a rage just as both the Captains are walking in the front door.  I'm not kidding you when I tell you I screamed at both of them....went into a speech in regards to the unfair overtime circumstance, the leave without pay thing, AND the fact that she tends to take over other peoples' duties so she can't get her work done and thus stay and get paid overtime.  I left out the part of the departmental cell phone she has that she's not entitled to, but I'm saving that for later.  None-the-less, I was assured that overtime was not going to be an option for her when she got back and that they would talk to the Training Coordinator to make sure she's not doing his job (which she is, who do you think signs her overtime slips?). 

And, why if you are waiting on a check to come, did she not just come to work until the check was there?  We're pretty easy in the office with leave, she could of told us that her vacation would start as soon as she has the check.  That would of been fine.

I'm still not happy.  The Warden was off and this all has to go through him as well.  He is aware of it, and he is aware of my displeasure, unfortunately, "K" is his favorite due to her "tattling" on others.

We'll have to wait and see if meltdown number 2 happens his week.....

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Guess What???

Received a phone call this morning....and guess who I got to pick up and bring home AGAIN!!!                       


I don't even think I had mentioned he was missing again (I just lose track).  Anyway the system is, the people at the old house get him in a crate, call us, and we pick him up (and return the crate later).  He was very clean and looked really healthy!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

People Are Just Dumb

I work for county government.  About 2 weeks ago some inter-county emails occurred within the departments of people having things to sell, or looking for something, etc...  I deleted them and thought no more of them.

Today I get to work and apparently someone within the county was bothered by those emails, as I had an email from the head of the IT Department stating that there was a website available for employees for those types of things and then it went on through the entire policy in regards to email, internet and phone know the normal garb about not using business equipment for personal use.  I thought nothing more of it, deleted it and went back to work.  If only, it had ended there......

After lunch, I receive an email that went out to all county employees, it was from an employee at another department questioning an attached email titled "Only Open If You Have Time For God."  Basically it was one of those "send to all your friends" emails that tries to guilt you into sending the email or else you really must not love God.  I remembered this being in my email box when I returned from vacation, and just deleted it as I do all "send to all your friends" emails God related or not.

Anyway this county employee had replied back to the sender of the email (one of our correctional officers) and to Everyone else in the county with a "Should this type of mass email be sent to everyone?" message.

Now there's several problems with his email:

1.    First the original email was sent out a week ago, why all of a sudden is it a problem?  Why not last week?  Oh yeah, IT just sent out an email this morning saying not to send this type of email through the let's point out that someone isn't following policy.  You know, let's tattle and get someone in trouble.   And, went to EVERYONE, so everyone already knew about it....there was no secret.

2.  Individual is complaining that it was sent out to everyone HOWEVER, they chose to send it out to EVERYONE again with their snarly comment.  So now we all have it twice.    <not too bright huh?>

3.    You have now embarrassed the original sender of the email not only in front of all his fellow co-workers, but in front of every employee of the county!  A more professional thing would be to deal directly with the sender, or their supervisor...but EVERYONE????  And hey, there is that delete button there.

Though my thought was to reply back with the snarly comment "And yet you just did it again"....I refrained myself and instead thanked him for pointing it out as I tend to just delete mass emails and missed to whom it had been sent to.  I assured him that the email was probably meant for just "our" department and I would remind the staff again that when you choose "everyone" that means every employee in every department gets it.  He never replied back.

I then did send out an email reminding my department of the "everyone" option.  Then one of the County Commissioners sent out an email to everyone apologizing as he has used the system to ask for items for personal use; and then another came out from the Sheriff saying not to send personal email out.  For at least an hour today, the entire county government was caught up in stupid "forward to all your friends" email policy.....I mean, who had time to work???

Like I said in the title "People Are Just Dumb".

Monday, September 1, 2008


Okay well......

Got home from vacation and had a complete computer crash - and I mean one where I had to use recovery disks to get it back up.  HP support was very helpful and we discovered that an external hard drive I have was somewhat corrupted and causing the problem (bad driver perhaps?), of course that is where I kept my I did lose a few things- mostly some photos - that are unrecoverable; but that stuff happens.  Anyway I've found a "free" online storage site that offers 50 GB of free storage...I'm gonna use that to back up things with AND do backups more frequently (fortunately I did have one from July). 

Vacation was great and I hated to see it end.  On one of the posts I mentioned that hubby and I went on a helicopter ride, here's a photo:


Had to scan that in as they gave us the photo (well we paid for it) so it's not as clear.  Anyway, I've decided it really is time to lose some pounds, so I'm back on weight watchers tomorrow!!  And hopefully next year's photo (yes, we're saving for the longer ride) I'll be a size or so smaller.  I have some photos from the air that I hope to get up tomorrow.

Picked up the dogs from the camp retreat (aka: kennel) on Saturday.  Keyser was hardly recognizable!  He grew up, lost what was left of his puppy face, and had put on weight!  We both commented on the change.