Sunday, November 30, 2008

So It Ends

So this is the last day for the NaBloPoMo challenge of posting each day for a month - and I've done that (there was even a day or two I did more than one post).  So thus it ends for another year.

I had an email from someone asking (or rather hoping) I just hadn't had the time to give a Strat update due to hubby's surgery.  I am sorry to say that Strat is still missing and though we will always hope for him to return; down deep we know that's probably not going to happen.  Around the first of the year there will be some changes with the blog, though still existing in Strat's honor, but moving on to something new.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sexiest Men Continue and Other Stuff

Another sexiest man vote - John Cusack!!  Any more???

*****UPDATE*****  I know I've been hanging low with the hubby updates.  He's doing fine.  He is home now and pretty much doing what he normally does.  He'll call the therapist this week to get Physical Therapy scheduled and as of now, I'm the chauffer!!!  So it's coming around.

I put the Christmas Tree up last night - rather early for me, but I wasn't in the mood for TV.  Pictures coming.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Another Sexy Man

Okay, I had a vote for Ed Norton to the Sexiest Men List, any more??


    And I can't believe that dear cousin Chris hasn't requested this one:

    Johnny Depp

    Thursday, November 27, 2008

    Happy Holiday!

    Hope everyone is having a nice Thanksgiving!!

    A few posts back, I had mentioned that Extreme Home Makeover came to the area.  Here's the Before & After Shots:


                     I'm told one of the kids likes Godzilla, thus the fire breathing thingy helping destroy the old house.

                                                         The New One - NICE!!!!

                      And here's the shirts hubby made for Ty and crew:


    Wednesday, November 26, 2008

    The Flintstones

    Remember the cartoon "The Flintstones"?  I use to always watch it.  One of my favorite episodes was one where Fred had a dream that Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm could sing and they became famous singing the song "Let The Sunshine In".  I never really paid attention to the words of the song.

    I recently came across this episode on You Tube and realized that the song is actually religious and it's not "Let the SUNSHINE In" but more "Let The SON Shine In" (though they may have released it on record as sunshine).

    Here's the video and the words and don't ya think "sun" should be replaced with "Son"?:

    Mommy told me something
    A little kid should know
    It's all about the devil
    And I've learned to hate him so

    She said he causes trouble
    When you let him in the room
    He will never, ever leave you
    If your heart is filled with gloom.

    So let the sun shine in
    Face it with a grin
    Smilers never lose
    And frowners never win

    So let the sun shine in
    Face it with a grin
    Open up your heart
    and let the sun shine in

    When you are unhappy
    The devil wears a grin
    But oh he starts to running
    when the light comes pouring in

    I'll know he'll be unhappy
    'Cuz I'll never wear a frown
    Maybe if we keep on smilin'
    He'll get tired of hangin' 'round

    If I forget to say my prayers
    The devil jumps with glee
    But he feels so awful
    When he sees me on my knees

    So if you're full of trouble
    And you never seem to win
    Just open up your heart
    And let the sun shine in

    So let the sun shine in
    Face it withi a grin
    Smilers never lose
    Frowners never win

    So let the sun shine in
    Face it with a grin
    Open up your heart
    and let the sun shine in.

    (thanks to elsangrecaliente at youtube for supplying the lyrics for everyone).


      Tuesday, November 25, 2008

      How Many Seconds To Mental Breakdown????

      Okay - hubby came home today.  I went to the hospital early (7:00 a.m.) to get instructions on anything I needed to know.  Basically his incision staples need to be covered when he showers.  So they showed me how to do that....then prior to his "release" they removed the staples, so that training was all unnecessary.  Anyway, we go to CVS to drop off his prescriptions on the way home.  The one was written for 10mg pills - which they don't make.  When hubby looked at it he said to the Pharmacist "You're right, that prescription is wrong it should be 5mg."  In which the Pharmacist went into to "rant" (I'm not kidding) that he could not fill that prescription as it wasn't correct, etc.....      Customer service is really lacking in the world these days and I can remember the day a Pharmacist would of contacted the doctor for you to check on things rather than treat you like you were trying to steal drugs or something.  Anyway, we came home, called the doctor's office and well...waited.

      Approximately 4 hours later, the office finally calls back and says hubby can pick up the prescription.  I ask if I can do it as he was sleeping.  I get a disgruntled "Yes, but next time he has to come himself".  I make the 20 minute drive to the office and back again and head to Wal-mart with all the prescriptions (we absolutely did not let CVS fill any of them after the attitude they had).  I'm told it will be an hour wait, which was fine as I could shop.

      Go back to the Pharmacy, still have to wait.  After about another 20 minutes they call my name.  They've filled 3 of the 4 as they are out of the 4th until Tuesday.  They hand me that prescription back and send me on my way (I also remember the day a pharmacist would call around to find out which pharmacy had what you needed). 

      So now I stop at Rite Aid on my way home, which is now my preferred pharmacy....why?  Well I walk in (no line) and the lady apologizes that it will take 15 minutes to fill the prescription.  Can't beat service like that!

      Hubby is getting around well.  We solved the Keyser jumping problem like this:

      No he doesn't have to be in it 24/7...but it does keep him out of the way, and yeah he does whine!!!!  And we've instructed visitors to use the side door as he's blocking the front one.


        Monday, November 24, 2008


        Well hubby WILL be coming home tomorrow!!!  The leg problem has resolved itself and I'm beginning to wonder if alot of that was due to medication and stress....  we still have a complaint pending, but at least he can come home.  So I've taken the rest of the week off (we get Thursday and Friday anyway) and told them I'd just take it on a day-to-day basis from there.  My office is pretty accomodating (especially when they know you want to work), so I can work split shifts, 1/2 days, whatever is necessary.

        So we have a few more "nominations" for Sexiets Men:

        2 more coming from "Mamma Mia" :

                                Dominic Cooper "Sky"                                                                     Philip Michael "Pepper"

                                     Rob Lowe                                                        Michael Rosenbaum

        Any more????


          Sunday, November 23, 2008

          Alrighty Then

          I was in pretty high spirits on Saturday.  When I got to the hospital, hubby was in the "parlor" area with his one sister.  He looked great, was in good spirits himself and I wasn't have as worried as I had been in having him come home on Tuesday.....

          Saturday night he calls me and says that his legs aren't as well as they had been, but no one will believe him.  Today he calls me in a rant, because not only have they changed his medications AGAIN (it's any every day thing) they basically have told him he can come up with his own drug regimen (?????).  Rather than the Patient Advocate contacting hubby in regards to his complaint....the PA chose to call the on-duty nurse to let her know that he wouldn't be able to see hubby until after the weekend.  Needless to say, now that a complaint is pending....they want him out.  It is rather odd that the minute they knew about a complaint, they contacted me letting me know he'll be released on Tuesday.  He knew nothing about it when I told him, and with the decline in his legs-doesn't think he should come home.

          Let's see....  he's only allowed to walk unassisted in his room.  To walk anywhere else he must have someone with him and have a waist gait on him.  They never use the gait unless he insists it be used.  They can't get a drug regimen worked out.  They refuse to call and talk to the doctors at Johns Hopkins - claiming they are hard to work with.  And no, he's not the only patient with these complaints, he's just the only one willing to speak up.

          So I've loaded myself with insurance information, the Maryland Attorney General,  Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization....and a ton of other stuff.  It's going to be interesting.

        • Sunday, November 23. 2008 Pamela wrote:
          This is outrageous! I'm so sorry you have to go through this.
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        • Sexiest Man Alive 2008

          Okay, People Magazine has named Hugh Jackman ast Sexiest Man Alive for 2008; though I *do* like Hugh Jackman, he just doesn't top my list......So who are the Sexiest Men for 2008.......        

                                                                              KEVIN SPACEY - okay, so this one is no surprise!!

                                               STELLAN SKARSGARD - loved him since seeing Mamma Mia!!

          Alright ladies & gents - who do you want added to the list????


            Saturday, November 22, 2008

            The Day Before The Holiday

            So it's been a cold and dreary day.  I've done a little bit of nothing and just want to continue to do so.  Okay, first thing this morning I went and bought the turkey, baked the pies (frozen) and chopped up bread, onion and celery for the stuffing; I also did a little bit of dusting but that got boring.........

            Hubby told me this morning that Thanksgiving Dinner is around 1:00 p.m.  So glad it's early rather than later.  I'm hoping to be able to eat, clean up and then hibernate in the bedroom with the laptop.  Hubby's family likes to watch football - I find it extremely boring, as I do most sports.  So it gives me an excuse for some alone time.  Course I'm sure the dog and cats will prefer my company.

            Another Day

            I went to see "Twilight" last night and really enjoyed it!  Another good vampire thing to watch, if you have HBO, is "True Blood".

            If all goes well hubby will be coming home on Tuesday.  This has me somewhat  pleased and displeased both at the same time.  Pleased because he'll finally be home; displeased because he may not be ready too.  This Hospital has been a far cry from Johns Hopkins.  The staff are very unprofessional and talk to the patients as if they are 5 years old.  One of hubby's main problems is pain - which is being made worse by the stress of being there.  He finally complained to his physical therapist and she sent the Patient Advacate up to see him.  Needless to say, with a complaint filed, it hasn't helped the situation.  Now, all of a sudden, they claim the insurance wants him out.....funny, I checked my insurance paperwork and it says in-patient rehab is unlimited.   Think the complaint may be rushing them along?

            Anyway, he is able to walk, feed himself, shower and we're good there!!!  But he still has pain; hopefully they'll get the medication cocktail right for that.

            Keep those prayers coming!

            Friday, November 21, 2008

            So Looking Forward To The Weekend

            Hubby is now able to move around without the help of an assistant.  There's still the arm issue, but there also is still months of therapy to complete; so time will tell.

            It's been an exhausting week.  I'm looking forward to a little relaxing this week.  Off to see "Twilight" tonight with Chris & Josh....hope it's as good as it's suppose to be!!!

            Thursday, November 20, 2008

            Not A Bad Day

            It was nice to visit hubby today and see him in normal clothing.  Plus his son, sister and mother were visiting when I got there.

            Prayers are doing very well.  Please continue to prayer for healing and fast recovery.  The left arm is still an issue and no one can give us a straight answer if full recovery or paritial, or whatever is possible.  But may I suggest some more things to prayer about??  Hubby needs prayer for patience - not just for the recovery but also with the medical staff; he needs prayer to keep a positive attitude and he needs prayer to not judge one hospital with another.  I think these things can help with the recovery.

            They are saying he may be there longer than a week...he's saying no way.  Yes, we need prayer that God will guide him to do what is necessary to come home.

            Wednesday, November 19, 2008

            Another Long Day

            Yesterday was a long day....

            I worked all day, went home walked dogs, packed clothes for hubby, picked up my mother, went to hospital to visit hubby.  He's in good spirits, though he did mention that the staff at the local hospital is not nearly as nice as the staff at Johns Hopkins (that is so true), took mom home, came home and walked dogs, took bath....

            I was so ready to fall over and hubby isn't even home yet.

            So I'm going to leave you with a cute photo someone had emailed me:

            Tuesday, November 18, 2008

            Not To Often You Get Two Posts In One Day...

            Well I just heard from Hubby and they have found him a bed in a Rehab Center in Hagerstown (we both work in that area and live just right across the state line from there).  He's doing VERY well.  Right arm is getting stronger, he's able to lift his left arm up a little higher than before...and he walked the 9th floor at Johns Hopkins twice last night (with assistance, of course).  So things are moving along very well!!

            As long as the insurance approval goes through....he should be in Hagerstown tonight!!



              • Tuesday, November 18. 2008 Pamela wrote:
                Oh, Laura, I am SO glad to hear this good news! So now you can visit him after work during the week he is in the Rehab center. Good luck getting the comp time as he will need you when he comes home. I will keep praying for you both!
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              A Much Better Day

              Despite having to go to work and explain WHY I was back....and then having to get a "note" from the doctor's office for the 3 days of Family Sick Leave I used (it's only FMLA at the 4t day and work wouldn't accept that paperwork as proof that I needed off <rolls eyes>.....the day went fairly well.

              I just got off the phone with hubby about an hour ago.  During his therapy session today, he was able to lift his right arm much higher than he had been and he was able to lift his left elbow up about 1/2 an inch - which had him very excited.  I guess the swelling is starting to subside and the healing starting.  He's still got a way to go, but he's been so depressed lately that this was very uplifting.

              Upon release from Johns Hopkins, he'll go to an in-patient rehab facility for about a week prior to coming home.  Though all the doctors are not in agreement with the in-patient rehab, hubby said he feels more comfortable doing that first - as do I.  The rehab facility will be closer to home relieving the stress of *that* drive.  I was somewhat upset that the kids did not go down to visit today as planned due to my stepson being AWOL for most of the day.....they just don't see the seriousness of this situation <shakes head>.

              Anyway, this gives me a little more time to possibly accumulate some comp. time and come up with a solution to keep Keyser from jumping on hubby and knocking him over!!

              Keep those prayers coming..... <smiles>!

              Monday, November 17, 2008



              I read the above book "The Last Lecture" on Saturday while Paul slept on and off.  I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it.  It's by Randy Pausch and it deals with the last lecture he gave after finding out he had cancer and only a few months left to live.  He chose to title the lecture "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams".  The book is small and an easy read.

              �We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.�
              �Randy Pausch

              In the Gift Shop at Johns Hopkins, I found a candle.  I debated buying it, but after reading the book - I decided to:


              The candle itself isn't really what caught my eye, but more of the verse that came with it:

              Hope is like a candle flame,
              It flickers now and then.
              Sometimes we all need help to see,
              The strength that lies within.

              For life's not always easy,
              We're bound to have some sorrow.
              But hope can keep us going,
              For a better day tomorrow.

              So when you light this candle,
              And the flame is burning bright.
              May the angels bring you hope,
              And turn the darkness into light.

              How did the book help me decide?  Well in it he mentions that one of his favorite stories was "Pandora's Box"....and "Hope" was what was left after she opened the box.

              Sunday, November 16, 2008

              The 2 - 3 %

              We all know about the 97-98%.  That's because, for the most part, we fall within that percentage.  When you're told there's a 97-98% success rate, you don't even consider the 2-3%.  The 2-3% happens to other people.  You never even think about the 2-3%.  Until you become one of them.....

              Paul's surgery had a 97-98% success rate.  Good odds.  The surgeon is one of the best; working at one of the best hospitals in the country.  So how did we end up in the 2-3%?

              It just happens.  Part of the problem that leaves you so depressed is that they prepare you for the success.  Oh, they mention the 2-3%, but it's so marginal, it's not worth an extensive talk.

              We're the success of the 2-3% (betcha' didn't know there was such a thing)....Paul can feel pain, his legs are strong, and hopefully, with physical therapy, his arms will become stronger.  I know, it could of been worse.  "Maybe, Possibly, Perhaps, Probably" - all words that have become part of our world.

              I'm very sad as I had to come home and leave Paul there putting a 1-1/2 hour drive between us.  We just didn't have the money to continue with the hotel and dog boarding.  We decided that it was best for me to return to work on Monday and save my leave days for when he does come home.  However, I *did* leave him with one concrete fact (not a maybe, not a perhaps, not a probably, not a possibly) - "GOD HAS A PLAN".




                • Sunday, November 16. 2008 Kim wrote:
                  Yup, God does have a plan and Paul is young and strong and healthy and he will focus on making a full recovery. Does lose hope as I have complete faith that this will all be FINE when it is all over!
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                • Sunday, November 16. 2008 Pamela wrote:
                  Yes, I believe in God's plan too. I know it's so hard to patiently wait for that plan to be revealed. I know it was hard for you to leave him, but you'll be together again soon. Take care of yourself, Laura!
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                Saturday, November 15, 2008

                Another Long Day

                Yesterday was a long day.  Hubby is now on a regular floor.  He's getting better with the left arm as far as from the elbow down.  It's the shoulder area that seems to have the problem.  He hasn't slept since Monday night, so I told him to tell them to give him something.  I leave today for home and I'm kind of stressed as to leaving him...but I can't stay forever. 

                I'm becoming concerned with my work leave.  The original plan was to be home by Monday and back to work by December 1st.  But with the set back, we don't know when he'll be coming home.  I can take off past December 1st but it will be without pay.  The only paid leave I have left, I can only use for myself (sick leave) and there's no way I can go without pay.

                STRESS, STRESS, STRESS..........

                Friday, November 14, 2008

                A Better Day

                Things are much better today.  He has had a little movement in the left arm which is a good sign.  It means something is working in there or at least trying to.  The one person (I've lost track of the titles and positions of these people) said that we'll probably see more movement as the swelling from the surgery goes down.  That doesn't rule out physical therapy-that will still be needed but after 2 days of the arm being totally useless, it's nice to finally see something positive.  He did finally eat solid food today, swallowing is hard but that's due to swelling from the surgery.


                He's actually ready to be moved from Critical Care to a regular room but there are no beds available.  Actually there's 8 in the unit that could be moved but are just waiting on beds. Once he's there they'll be getting him up and doing some therapy and then hopefully home!!!

                Thursday, November 13, 2008

                A Slight Set Back

                Well the weakness in his left arm didn't go away and then the right arm started to have weakness, so they went back in to check everything out.  Another long day with surgery.  They didn't find anything but they repositioned the hardware they put in slightly and open the nerve endings more.  This helped with the right arm, but the left is no better.  Basically he can use the hand, but he can't lift the arm (so it's more a shoulder type issue I believe).  They think physical therapy will help with this as they have seen this before and it's just something they have to wait and see with.  No guarantees...but hubby is in good spirits, I'm hanging in there.  My sister has come down to stay with me.

                As of now, the other surgery scheduled for Friday is off.


                  Wednesday, November 12, 2008

                  Some Relief

                  Well last night was a better visit.  He didn't even remember me being there earlier in the day.  His left arm has weakness but the nurse told me that is due to swelling.  They were giving him muscle relaxers to hopefully help that out.  One of the doctors came in and did the routine tests of move this, move that, push here, push there.....  hubby was still complaining about the pain and that prior to surgery his right side was weaker, now it's the left side.  There also seems to be some coordination issues.  However, the doctor explained that the surgery requires cutting through tissue, moving muscle around and even moving the spinal cord.... so I guess it does take time for the stuff to get back in track.  So I feel better knowing that.  The nurse changed his pain medicine and he said that was working better than the last.  So I'm hoping for more improvement when I get there. 


                    • Wednesday, November 12. 2008 Su wrote:
                      Just to let you know I'm thinking of you and wishing your husband well.
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                    • Wednesday, November 12. 2008 Pamel wrote:
                      Well, it sounds like they're doing everything they can to find a way to help manage his pain. I guess healing will just take time, and then he has another surgery coming up, right? I'll continue to pray for both of you. He's very lucky to have such a loving supportive wife! You're doing great, Laura! Hang in there!
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                    Tuesday, November 11, 2008

                    A Long Day

                    Well I've been up since 3:00 a.m. this morning - very long day.  I'm at the hotel right now (very nice and fancy, but lacks FREE internet) and will be returning to Johns Hopkins about 6:00 p.m.

                    The stupid local doctor's office NEVER sent the results of all the pre-op tests even after being contacted yesterday and saying they'd take care of it ASAP.  So they had to do the testing first thing this morning.  This pushed everything back.  The surgery didn't start until 9:45 a.m. (instead of 7:30) and took about 2 1/2 hours (the doctor originally said 4 hours, so this was a good thing).  It was almost 2:00 until I was able to see him.  He's in pain, he's miserable, he doesn't understand why he doesn't feel 100% better immediately....  they  *did* increase his pain medicine for him while I was there and did some testing as far as having him lift arms and legs, how many fingers do I have up, etc...  They said it's improving since surgery - which is good.  I hope he can get a really good night's sleep, but perhaps they'll give him something for that. 

                    I'm still scared, but trying not to show it.  And hope he's in better spirits tomorrow when the kids come down.  I know it's serious surgery and it's going to be a process; and it's good he can move, feel pain and understand everything...but it's still hard.


                      Monday, November 10, 2008

                      Just What I Needed To Brighten The Day

                      Remember this post:


                      Well things have been rough as you all know.  Strat's still missing, Mickey is on his way back to the old house again, I didn't nearly get done what I wanted to before leaving work for 3 weeks and John Hopkins called to say they never received the results from the pre-op tests that are needed prior to surgery - apparently the transcriptionist at the local office is off sick.  Ummmm.....yeah, they know he's having surgery, they know it's needed, but WTF - she's sick so nothing gets done.  So there was a mad rush to get that taken care of as surgery is TOMORRROW.  Then there was the guilt of dropping Toby and Keyser off at the kennel..... so it was a nice surprise to come home today - and what is in the mailbox???  A note from Kevin Spacey!!!  What a bit of sunshine in a stressful day!!!  It's like he knew!!!

                      Thanks Kevin!!!

                      Sunday, November 9, 2008

                      Just A Quicky!!

                      Too much to do before leaving for Johns just a quicky to keep up with NaBloPoMo this month!!!


                        Saturday, November 8, 2008

                        More Extreme Makeover Home Edition

                        Well Chris drove to the house where this is to take place..unfortunately everything was blocked off so she didn't get anywhere near it.

                        Today hubby got a call at work.  Apparently Ty Pennigton and crew will be doing a small segment with one of the local little leagues (the family is involved with this league) and needed t-shirts printed for that segment.  So hubby was more than happy to oblige.

                        It doesn't get Chris and I anywhere near Ty - but hey, it's neat to be this close and involved at the same time!!

                        Friday, November 7, 2008

                        How Very Exciting

                        For the past month, the newspaper has been saying Extreme Makeover Home Edition was coming to our area.  "Our Area" could of meant just about anything - 100 miles away.  Today the exact location was announced - Mont Alto, Pennsylvania!!!  That's only a 10-minute drive from where I live and it happens to be where my cousin (and movie buddy) Chris lives!!  How very exciting!  It looks as though they will be doing the construction all next week while we're in Baltimore; so I'm depending on Chris - NOT to forget her promise to take care of my cats, guinea pigs and rabbits - but to also keep me updated on the happenings and take photos!!!

                        More info:

                        So see - today I *did* have something to share  .

                        Thursday, November 6, 2008

                        A Fast One

                        Well...I have absolutely nothing to share, perhaps tomorrow???

                        Wednesday, November 5, 2008

                        Almost Ready...

                        Well we're almost completely ready for Johns Hopkins next week.  The dogs are set for boarding and my hotel is booked.  JH offers a service to families that need to stay in the area - and that is discounted hotel rooms.  You just call that office and they set you up.  They have me booked at the Sheraton at the Inner Harbor.  The hotel will provide me with taxi vouchers to get back and forth.  They really got me a good deal on it.  Now I just need to spring on my Dad that he has cat/guinea pig/rabbit duty next week.

                        Strat is still missing and I really think someone has him.  Not in a bad way, but he is a friendly cat and would go to anyone.  Strat is just not the type of cat to just leave he's in a house somewhere.

                        As for Mickey.....he's on his way back to the old house AGAIN!!!

                        Tuesday, November 4, 2008

                        Life Is So Bothersome

                        Life is so complicated sometimes.  As I've mentioned, I need to be off about 3 weeks with hubby's surgery and the office wasn't happy.  I'll take some of that back....

                        Employee A came into my office and asked about what she could do when I was off, Employee B came into my office and did some filing to allow me to catch some other things up before my leave starts.....then there's Employee C...the one that's not speaking to me or talking to me unless she has to.  Employee C does excellent work but hates taken on new tasks and responsibilities.  She's not very dependable when someone is off as she has the "that's not my job" mentality.

                        So yes, Employee husband is intentionally have surgery on his neck and back to inconvenience you at work!! <sarcasm>

                        Monday, November 3, 2008

                        Let's All Vote

                        No - I'm not going to list a bunch of lies about your candidate....No - I'm not going to tell you why my candidate is the right person to vote for.....instead I'm just going to ask you to please vote responsibly.

                        One - please do not base your opinion on ANY candidate based on the stuff you receive in emails.  These are half-truths and downright lies.  Always check these emails at for what it's really about.  Allot of these emails are now including that "this information has already been verified at" may even encourage you to go check yourself.  Make sure you do - as this is just a way for you not to check and thus believe the lies within the email.

                        Two - are you really so insecure that you can't choose your own candidate?  Do you really need your spouse, parent, etc... to TELL you who to vote for??  Think of what is important to you and then investigate to see which candidate is supporting your issues.

                        But use YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE!!  This is the future of our Country we're talking about, why wouldn't you want to be involved???

                        VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!


                          Sunday, November 2, 2008


                          I failed to mention yesterday, that Keyser is also in need of surgery.  His knee slips out of place and surgery is needed to correct it.  Luxating patella is what the condition is caused and seems to be common in puggles.  My Vet does not do the surgery, so I'm looking for one that will.  Despite the fact that my vet recommended another in Frederick...with hubby's surgery and all - I can't be running all over the State!!

                          Still no Strat  .

                          Saturday, November 1, 2008



                          Strat is still in the land of the missing.  We did get a call from someone that had found a cat meeting his description, and thus got our hopes us....but it wasn't him .  I cry a lot - Mickey lays with me and purrs.....

                          Hubby on the other hand is FINALLY scheduled for surgery.  First surgery is November 11th and the next is November 14th.  He'll remain in the hospital the whole time possibly coming home November 17th (if all goes well).  I'm now thinking of boarding the dogs and staying down there.  I figure I'm going to need off about 3 weeks and I have this Family Medical Leave paperwork that needs filled out.  Really going to put the office in a bad mood, but what can I do???

                          I think it's going to be a long month.........


                            • Saturday, November 01. 2008 Pamela wrote:
                              My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband that all goes well with his surgery - and that he has a speedy recovery! And that Strat comes home too!
                              Keep us posted on your husband's progress.
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                            • Saturday, November 01. 2008 Kim wrote:
                              You're do what you have to do. I'm a believer in God first, then family and friends and then work.

                              Really hope you find Strat. Maybe he just took a little vacation or something.
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                            • Sunday, November 02. 2008 Su Jackson wrote:
                              You are never going to regret you didn't spent more time at work ! Thoughts are with you and your family - human and animal.
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