Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas & Bryce

I'm happy to say that Bryce got a new home for Christmas!!!  But all those other kitties are still in need homes - anyone????

Christmas went very well this year.  I got:  a remote starter for my car, a laptop lap desk, 7th Season of "Smallville", clothes, coffee grinder and money - which I used to buy a new coffee pot and dishes.  So things went well - I'll get pictures up tomorrow.

Mickey left Christmas Eve, BUT he is at the old house, they just haven't caught him yet!



    • Sunday, December 28. 2008 Polt wrote:
      A remote car starter...sweet. and a laptop lap desk...I might need both of those soon. Glad Christmas went well.


    Wednesday, December 24, 2008


    Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!!

    Merry Christmas!

    Sunday, December 21, 2008

    Shakes Head....

    I assume everyone is familiar with the reusable shopping bags being sold at practically all stores in hopes of eliminating the use of plastic bags...I'm a big fan of these bags and buy them from almost every store I come across.  I wish, however, the store logos weren't on them (congrats to The Dollar Tree stores for leaving their logos off).

    Anyway...I'm in Kmart today and come across their bags the size of everyone else's; but further back I come across much larger ones for 50 cents more.  I opted to buy one.

    So I have my bag...I have my purchases....I go to the register....and how do you think the girl bags me?  Yep, throws everything, including my reusable shopping bag, into a plastic bag!!!!  Wow - that's helping the earth now isn't it?

    As hubby tells me...."They do walk among us."  He's not kidding...

    P.S.   Mickey is home!




      • Sunday, December 21. 2008 Barbara wrote:
        I like those bags too. Occasionally I even remember to take them out of the car and into the store. I do recycle the paper bags as kitchen garbage bags, however, so I don't feel too guilty. And the plastics, including the newspaper wrappers, can be returned to the store. When I remember!
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      Thursday, December 18, 2008

      Poop and Stuff

      Okay, I know you're thinking "WTF"????

      But dog and cat poop are part of my everyday life and is this blog.  I mention it because I've set a litterbox in my home office for Cooper, forgetting that Toby has access to that area of the house.  The other night Toby went running up the stairs first chance he got...a few minutes later he comes down running with something attached to a string.  I began to wonder - what was upstairs that he had?  So I track him down and low and behold, he has "poop on a string" - I'm not kidding, a big long string with poop on it like beads.  Cooper must have eaten string from somewhere - fortunately he passed it.  As I'm telling this story tonight to my Vet, she had a horrified look on her face that turned to relief when she knew he had passed it - it's apparently not a good thing.

      Thinking of the Vet visit, Cooper had to go to get his rabies shot.  It was there it was discovered he had ear mites.  Neat little things - they let me look in the microscope to view them.  They are very interesting little critters, you really have to see it to believe it.  Anyway, he got an ear cleaning and treatment for that as well.

      While having Keyser on his pee and poop walk last night, we had a rather interesting event.  When Strat was around, he would follow us on walks and aggrevate Keyser.  The normal running past him, running up trees...just about ANYTHING to prompt the dog to pull and try to chase him and of course, forget all about what the walk was for.  It was annoying.  Mickey does the same thing.  Anyway, Strat's gone, Mickey's gone...Keyser and I are walking.  Out of no where comes this gray cat...who insisted on walking with us doing exactly the same thing Strat and Mickey always did!!!  He almost followed us home, but stopped about 2 house short.  Don't know who he belongs to or where he came from......

      Speaking of Mickey, on the way home from work today, hubby had to drop off a shirt order to a business that's near the old house.  So I drove by the house first...and sitting on the side porch is Mickey!!  I pull over and hubby immediately goes into a "We have to deliver the order first."  So we go do that and of course, you know what happened, he wasn't there when we got back.  Hubby then decided that I had imagined him sitting there.  Oh please.........    But it is nice to know where he is!

      Maybe a more pleasant post tomorrow???

      Friday, December 12, 2008

      Cats Needing Homes

      The Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter in Chambersburg, PA is a very nice facility.  If you live within the area and are looking for a pet - please visit their website and have a look.

      My Christmas wish is for the following cats to have homes for Christmas:

      Snowcone is a very friendly male pure white cat.  He has an irritable stomach and can only have chicken & rice food. 

      Marcus is a very beautiful HUGE cat.  He's older and looking for someone to love him.

      Joe, another of the older ones.  He's also HUGE and declawed.

      Mimm - just a baby and a bobtail; such a sweetheart.

      Spice - absolutely gorgeous!!

      Bryce - he was Cooper's cagemate.  He has the orangest eyes I've ever seen.


      Viola and Viveka - sisters of Bryce.  Both very friendly.  Viveka actually lept out of the cage into my arms!!

      Now can you understand why we had such a hard time making a choice????

      Thursday, December 11, 2008


      Excuse the messy floor - right outside the rabbit/guinea pig room!




        He's a sweetheart!!!

        We're beginning to think that his head and legs just aren't growing as fast as his body and feet - once full grown he may look normal, but if he grows into those feet - he's going to be a BIG boy.

        He's extremely friendly and afraid of nothing.  He was under the Christmas Tree and Keyser was barking and jumping at him, and Cooper was like "What IS your problem?"  Toby is much calmer.

        He found his way to bed last night and slept at the top of my pillow - purring.

        He loves the upstairs, likes walking across the keyboard as I type, he likes batting at the cursor on the computer screen, he likes hiding and jumping at the other cats. 

        Spunky has no interest in him but has stopped hissing at him, I notice Sebastian somewhat playing with him this morning (until he noticed I was watching), Mickey.....well....we believe Mickey is on his way back to the other house AGAIN - I don't think it has anything to do with Cooper though, was just about that time; perhaps he'll be back in time for Christmas.

        He is underfoot alot, so we have to be careful (especially hubby); fortunately the shelter had put a collar on him with tags-so he jingles.  It amazes me that that doesn't bother him though, it's like it's not there.  I need to make a Vet appointment for a rabies shot and check-up, the shelter gives your 14 days to do that.  He has all other shots, has been tested for Feline Leukemia, flea treated and fixed....I find it odd that they don't do rabies as well, but I've notice most shelters do not.  Oh, and he also is microchipped.

        I'll put pictures up tonight - PROMISE!!!




          Wednesday, December 10, 2008

          Yes, We're A Little Fickle

          "Dever" just didn't work - it just wasn't him, neither was any other name on my list.  But today, we found the PERFECT name - COOPER.

          So Cooper (or Coop for short) he will be!!!




            Monday, December 8, 2008

            Dogs, Cats and Names

            Keyser was suppose to have a consultation for his surgery today, but the Vet was sick and we had to reschedule.  Keyser has what is called a luxating patella - which means that his kneecap is dislocated.  Not all Vet's do this surgery, mine don't.  They recommended a Vet in Frederick.  I called around to see if I could find someone closer - I could not, which I thought was rather odd.  But I did find a Vet in Emmitsburg (which is a little closer than Frederick) that can do it.  So that's who we will be seeing Friday.

            Tomorrow we go to the Humane Society to pick-up Bueller or Bryce.  We're unsure which one he is.  I gave a description to the girl but she seemed unsure herself....ummmmmm....have they never really looked at the cat?  Or is it just us?  The cat's head is smaller than the body, it has stubby legs and huge feet - he's not proportioned right; they haven't noticed that?  In all fairness though, until we took him to the "room", we didn't notice it either.  Maybe they are just too busy with so many that they never noticed.  Anyway, we sign paperwork tomorrow evening at 5:30.  I'm looking forward to it.  I am trying to come up with a new name though as I like neither Bueller or Bryce.  Anyone have any ideas?  Let me through a few by you:

            Dever (this is a family name of my husband's, though they spell it Devor).
            Aesop (as in the fables)

            So you see, I'm not really sure what to name him!!!   Please Help!!!



              Saturday, December 6, 2008

              God Works In Mysterious Ways

              Hubby and I went to Chambersburg today to have lunch at Red Robin and go to Petsmart.  The Humane Society also puts some of their cats in Petsmart, so we thought we'd check them out.  They *did* have some adorable kittens...but nothing that actually caught my eye.

              Anyway, we shopped and picked up some Whole Meals for the dogs and bought Feliway that the Vet recommended for the cats.  We're in line and the lady in front of me has a little kitten with her.  She's telling the clerk that it was 7 months old (it only looked about 6 weeks to me)...but then I hear her say that it was deformed in the face (hence the lack of it's size).  When I finally got to see it - it's eyes weren't in aline with each other, it's face was kind of off-keel - but it was ADORABLE!!  And I thought, what a great lady for giving a home to that cat - cause really, most people would pass it up - she's giving it a chance.

              It was then it hit me - I may had picked Freddie and Mac off the internet; but there was a reason they were both gone when I got there.  God's plan was different.  His plan crawled right up the cage to me.  He has short stubby legs, his feet are huge, his head is too small for his body.....soooooooooo.....come next week - I'll be tracking back to the Humane Society to get him.  I don't remember what his name is (he and his cagemate we're both orange tabbies and we didn't know which was which) but he does deserve a home!

              So I've emailed the Humane Society that **that** is the cat we want. 




              • Saturday, December 06. 2008 Kim wrote:
                I am so glad you changed your mind about that cat! I was a little bummed out when you said you saw him and saw vet bills and now I am all happy that God showed you another way to see it! can't wait to see pictures!
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              Friday, December 5, 2008

              I Don't Quite Understand.....

              Spunky, Sebastian and Mickey are wonderful cats...BUT they aren't Strat.  Spunky & Sebastian are more of the "please leave me alone" breed and Mickey is the "let me out, let me in, let me out, let me in" type.  And they are all 10+ years now. 

              I miss Strat, I really hubby and I decided to find another cat. 

              I find Freddie online at the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter in Chambersburg, PA.  I fill out the online application and the next day, they call to tell me it's been approved HOWEVER....Freddie had already been approved for adoption by another applicant - but they have plenty of other cats available.  I ask about Mac, she tells me that he's a wonderful cat and happens to be Freddie's brother.  I tell her we'll be there between 3:00-4:00 p.m.

              We arrive about 3:15 p.m. and I check in.  The girl informs me that she's really sorry but the people that adopted Freddie decided to adopt Mac as well.  Now I know that it's wonderful the two siblings got to go together BUT....  I couldn't adopt Freddie because there was already an application on him BUT someone was able to adopt Mac even though I HAD placed an application on him?????  Does this make sense to anyone????

              Now, you know what happens......we have to go into the cat room and look around and EVERY cat wants your attention.  The girl directed us to a white male named Snowcone.  True he was a sweetheart, but he had digestive problems and could only eat certain foods...we leave an unlimited bowl out for our cats, so that wouldn't be good for Snowcone.  I stop to look at another cat and it's cagemate climbs up to me.  We take him to the "get to know you" room.  We notice his head is way too small for his body and he's very short and stubby and his feet are huge!!!  Cute, friendly, but odd looking....I see medical bills piling up.

              I stop at another cage to look at a gray cat, open it, and it's cage mate actually leaps into my arms.  She's purring, she's letting me hold her like a baby....I'm in awe.  But then we go to the room and she wants no more to do with us.

              We decided to do the process of elimination.....  Mickey is an orange tabby - so that deletes half the room; Spunky is a tortie - that's another half; Sebastian is black - that takes out a few more.  We have no interest in the kittens that are available, and decided that although giving a home to one of the older cats would be nice-we believe that will be a hard adjustment with our own cats.  That leaves the young adults.

              We came home empty handed, it was just too overwhelming.  We're told our application is good for 6 months; so I'll watch the internet to see what they get.  But I still think it's unfair that someone else was allowed to go home with my cat!

              Thursday, December 4, 2008