Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Wireless Network

My great nephew received a laptop for Christmas.  Today he and his mother (my neice) come to my parents house for Sunday  dinner with it.  She was complaining that she had been to Circuit City to see how to get it hooked up to the internet and was told it would cost $60.00 for the equipment and $60.00 a month thereafter.....  I asked the obvious - "Is he just trying to use it at the house?"  She said that he was and I told her that for $40.00, I could hook her up - she just needed a wireless router to hook to her DSL connection.

Anyway, my mother handed me the $40.00 and I went to Wal-mart.  I prefer Netgear over any other router brand...they are just so easy to set up, but Wal-mart was out of the cheaper I opted to give Belkin a try.  It also was very easy, so I must recommend that brand as well.  As a matter of fact, I imagine most are pretty easy to set up these days, but back when I originally set up was fairly new and the directions were for people that understood all the computer lingo (I didn't) - and Netgear was very user friendly (I returned two others before finding Netgear).  So I got that complete today, and I'm beginning to think I should start a business setting up wireless routers for people.  It's the third one I've set up.  I'm diffently in the wrong business.


  1. Yeah, have I ever thanked you for setting up mine? If I didn't (and even I did) I'll just thank you again right now. :) THANKS!


  2. Nice work from your side... have a nice time with yoru blog :)