Sunday, January 25, 2009

Work - Grrrrr..........

I know, I's been way too long since an update.  Things have been hectic this week and well....I've just been tired.

I'm really backed up at work and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight.  I'd stay after to try to get things caught up, but they tend to not want to pay anyone but one individual in the office overtime (I know legally they really can't do that).  What irritates me is the overtime she gets is for doing the work that is assigned to a Sergeant and well, I just think maybe they should make him do his job.  Mind you, it's not that he's forcing his work on others, she just does it to abuse the use of overtime.  And we all could use a little overtime.

Actually the work involved is part of what is a long and drawn out hiring affair.  For some unknown reason, the head honcho decided she should give the rest of us the opportunity to help with this.  So she holds this meeting and claims she really needs the help (where is that Sergeant that is responsible for this?) and then proceeds to go through the process.  It was all very confusing to me and had more steps then what I think there needs to be, but then, I was also thinking of all the stuff I needed done in my own office and well, my mind was rather blank through most of what she said.  To cut the meeting short, one of the other ladies suggested that it may be better to help her through the next process and get on hand training rather than explain it.  Meeting adjourned.

It wasn't 5 minutes after the meeting when the chosen one entered my office to let me know the dates involved with the next hiring process, she then at that moment informed me that overtime was not an option, but that compensary time would be the compensation.

I have nothing against comp. time,  I actually like having it so I can build up my vacation and sick leave time.  BUT, why has she always gotten overtime for this and the rest of us aren't allowed to?  This does involve staying a night during the week and then giving them a whole Saturday morning.  I then thought that maybe it's because we will all be doing it for the next one, once it gets down to just one of us to handle it, perhaps it will be different.  I'll have to check with the one Captain on that....I'm not really sure I want any part of it if overtime isn't part of the deal.  I mean, I can get comp. time for staying and getting my own work caught up!

I also find it somewhat degrading that I've been drowning in paperwork for months and keep being told not to waste time and/or use your time more wisely - it certainly couldn't be that there's more work for one person then there should be....but then the chosen one is backed up and well, everyone is expected to help her out........hmmmmm........

Am I being petty?

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