Saturday, February 7, 2009


For Christmas 2006, Hubby got me a new digital camera.  I had one, but it was rather heavy and I wanted a compact one for my NY trip.  I researched and then drove him nuts with the one I wanted - An Olympus Stylus 710:



I absolutely LOVED this camera!!!  It was small, compact and took WONDERFUL pictures.  I carried it everywhere with me....last week I took the photos around the house for Mickey's blog entry....the next day there was some snow, and I decided to take more pictures, I took the camera out of my purse and turned it on....and it made some funny noises, the lens wasn't right, the window area was blurry and then 2 error numbers popped up on the screen.  I was upset - what was wrong with my camera???  I got online and discovered the lens was out of alignment ( a problem that seems to be common)....Olympus could fix it of course but the price was about as much as the camera had cost; I found a forum with others that had the same problem, some had fixed there own and gave their advice...but none of that would work for mine...I was heartbroken.

They don't make the 710 anymore, though there are refurbished and used ones available online; but the cost of them (mine originally cost about $300) well, you might as well buy a new camera.  So I opted to do such. 

I searched at and there was a newer stylus available for about $300.  I just didn't know if I wanted to pay that when there are so many cheaper good digitals available these days.  I opted to stay with Olympus and chose the FE-370 in pink:


A very nice camera - does take nice pictures...but it just wasn't my 710....and I realized I should of went with one of the upgraded Stylus' (840 or 1010).  Don't get me wrong...really there's nothing wrong with this camera - if you have it, you probably LOVE it, if you think you may buy it - go ahead - it'll probably suit your needs.  But it just wasn't ME!!  So I opted to send it back....except.....

Tigerdirect said all returns for this product was through the manufacturer....Olympus said "That's right, if the product is defective, which it isn't - return to where you bought it from".  I then decided it was probably better to just sell it on Ebay, I may take a loss but whatever....

After Hubby and I left Petsmart last night, we went to Circuit City.  As you know, they are closing all their stores and everything is discounted.  Anyway...while in there, there was an Olympus Stylus 1010 at 30% off - a very good deal, and there were only 2 left!!  As I explained to hubby the problem with the return of the pink one and such, I decided to go ahead and purchase this one.....except....

All my charge cards were at home.  I had removed them to prevent impulse buying.  I was heartbroken.... so I slowly slumped to the door.  It was then that hubby said "Oh just get it!"  He didn't have to tell me twice.  He's going to take the pink one and use it at the business.  When we got in the car he informed me that that camera was my birthday present (he hadn't gotten me anything last month), it was also my Valentine's present AND my Anniversary present.  But that's okay - it's something I wanted.

I couldn't get the battery charged fast enough, but once I could finally turn it on - I knew I had my camera back.  I LOVE it!!


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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love getting comments! Good luck with your camera. What in the world did we do before we had digitals?