Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm So Drained.....

Hubby was due for a follow-up appointment at Johns Hopkins today, so I was off work....and since I'm fighting a very bad cold (that is winning by the way), the day off was needed.

We woke to snow and sleet - not overly bad as the temperature was up and thus it was melting as fast as it was falling, but it was enough to make the drive messy....going over the mountain was more snow....closer to Baltimore more sleet.  We made the appointment just in time.  That was unadventful and we're due back in another month.  The drive back was foggy and rain.  When we got back to town, we went by the old house to check to see if Mickey was there (yes, I am aware his post for the blog is running late this week).  He wasn't there.  I got home, and I'm not home 10 minutes when I receive a phone call saying Mickey is at the house!!  He apparently appeared for the new owner's daughter after we drove by (and yes, she did see us drive by).  So I get in the car, go to the bank, stop and get gas, and then pick up Mickey, who was less than thrilled.

I've been using the laptop a little more than the desktop, basically because I can work on the laptop downstairs...but sitting here in the dining room, I realize it's very cold in here even with the furnance running.  I like older homes, but they certainly are drafty!!

My Dyson arrived yesterday, and everyone was right - I LOVE IT!!!  I gave that thing one pass on the carpet (about a 1 foot area) and the container was full of animal hair!!  I looked at the carpet - I'm seeing no hair....start running it again - it fills again with hair!!  Hmmmm....that Bissell was apparently not doing a very good job.  I couldn't believe that it was digging that deep into the carpet.  It is also light weight and pivots around things.  I actually may be finding myself vacuuming more - it's way too easy now.

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  1. I love my Dysons! I have an old one that I use upstairs and the newer pet hair one for downstairs. They are amazing vacuum cleaners and they support my vacuuming habits quite well!