Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Small World

Remember this post:

It was about all the cats I had the pleasure of meeting at the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter when I got Cooper.  My Christmas wish was for all these cats to have homes by Christmas.  That wish didn't come entirely true, but I am happy to say that as of today, all those cats have found homes!!

What made me think of this post again, is that last night Hubby and I were in Petsmart in Chambersburg and while in line, the lady in front of us had her shelter paperwork to process (if you bring that in, Petsmart gives you a special coupon book).  I asked her if she had adopted from Cumberland Valley.  And she said yes - "This huge cat."  I told her we had adopted in December and asked the name of the one she had gotten, and it was:


MARCUS!!!  I was so very thrilled and told her he had been a consideration of our's, but we thought a young adult cat would be a better adjustment for our household.  She seemed extremely happy to of gotten him (as 5 other people were there wanting him as well) and I know he'll have a good home as she was buying practically everything in the cat department.  It was nice to meet someone that had adopted one of the cats I had considered.  Plus, he's an older cat and they are harder to find homes for.

So I thought, I'd add to my sidebar - one of the cats each week that are available at the shelter.  I'm going to do Cumberland Valley in Chambersburg, PA;  Antietam Humane Society in Waynesboro, PA;  and Humane Society of Washington County in Hagerstown, MD.  That gets the word out from the 3 local area shelters.  I don't know if this little blog helped in anyway, but I like to think it did.

And don't forget to read the sidebar at your visit....Cooper has quotes, Toby has tidbits, Keyser has recipes and soon Spunky will be giving Movie Reviews and Sebastian will have cat care tips!!!

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