Monday, March 30, 2009

The Haunting In Connecticut

I've always been very much into the supernatural.  I do think there are things that exist that we can't see or can't explain.  I love a good ghost story.  One of my favorite shows is "A Haunting" on the Discovery Channel.  One of my favorites of those was "A Haunting In Connecticut".  It was a story of a family that had a son that had cancer and moved into a rental property that had been a former Funeral Parlor.  Creepy right?  No kidding, that episode always freaks me out even today.  I have to change the channels allot.

So it was no surprise that the show was taken "Hollywood" and made into a major motion picture "The Haunting In Connecticut".  I've waited for this movie, I've counted the days, I was so disappointed.

Advertised as Based on "the" true story....not "a" true story but "the" true story.  Apparently the author of the original book "In A Dark Place" (which is what the Discovery Channel show was based on) came out and admitted that the family's stories were inconsistent and constantly changed.  He approached the Paranormal Investigators "The Warrens" and told them of the problems he was having.  They basically told him to take what he could get and write a story around it.  So whether the story was real or not, who knows?  Anyway, the motion picture was supposed to tell the "real" story.

Yeah right, the only thing real about this was that the family rented a former funeral parlor and the one son had cancer.  The rest of the story was all made up.  If you haven't seen it yet, you may want to stop reading cause this post is full of spoilers.......

I, of course, did some research.  Apparently the family gave one story to "A Current Affair" first.   Available at You Tube here: .  Then there was the Discovery Channel version - also available at You Tube in several parts - just search it.  Then there's the motion picture.

What I've learned is that the following in the movie NEVER happened:

1.    No seances were held on the property.
2.    No bodies were buried in the walls of the house.
3.    The son did not burn the house down.  As a matter of fact it still stands, someone lives in it, and there's been no paranormal 
4.    There was no fellow cancer patient that happened to be a Pastor.

And unfortunately that's the whole plot of the movie - nothing like the original.

The movie *does* make a good ghost story - had they left the "based on the true story" out of it; it would of made a good horror movie, but since they didn't - it falls very short and is very disappointing.

As for what's the truth?  I think the son with cancer had hallucinations due to his illness and medications and the family fed into that.  Maybe there was some paranormal activity involved, but to what extent?  We'll never really know.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Busy, Busy....

Despite the flu.....I loaded up with cold medicine and Hubby and I went to Hanover, PA to the Petco for another Luv My Pet Vaccination Clinic with Toby & Keyser yesterday.  On the ride up, I noticed I'm missing allot of shopping opportunities in Pennsylvania.  Right off Route 15 is a huge Outlet Mall...and Hanover is full of shopping places as well...I made mental notes of this for the warm season.

Anyway, the clinic was from 2:00-4:00 p.m., and not wanting to have the long wait again, we left the house at noon.  It takes about an hour to get there, so that put us there at 1:00 p.m.  This Petco is an older one and smaller than the others we have been in.  There was a training class going on in the area where the clinic would be, so we were told to start the line a little way back to not interfere with the class.  We were first in line, and well waited.  Others lined up behind us.  About 20 minutes before the class ended a lady with 3 cats and a gentleman with a dog showed up, they apparently had done this before and started there own line right next to the class.  It was quite obvious that the rest of us were not standing there for our rude are people???  Fortunately, the one worker sent them to the back of the line when the class ended and the clinic began to set up (there is justice after all).

There was no walking to the parking lot to a white van for the shots this time...everything was taken care of in the store from start to finish (as it should be).  There are lots of things these clinics offer (heartworm treatment, flea treatment) besides vaccinations that by the time we got to the worker last time...they never mentioned.  Being first in line this time, meant they were going to sell us anything they could!!  Keyser needed everything, but Toby only needed his kennel cough vaccine.  We did give in to heart worm testing though, but did not order heartworm medicine as what's the point until we get the results back???  Anyway, we filled out the forms and proceeded to the next table to the Vet.

The Vet was about 80 years old and retired.  And boy, was he ever a talker.....and he use to raise Beagles to hunt, so he had quite an interest in Keyser who he couldn't believe was actually a Puggle.  He also sees more dogs named Toby these days then he ever has.  I explained Toby was named after Toby Keith the country star.  He said he couldn't believe anyone would ever name a pet after a celebrity.....I didn't bother to explain Keyser's name!

From there we moved to the payment table and then out the door!!!  We then went through McDonald's drive thru where we got drinks and the dogs got Mcnuggets and then drove home.  It was a tiring day for all of us.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Since his name was mispronounced several times today....just for you that don't know - "Keyser" is pronounced "Kizer".  He's named after the character Keyser Soze in "The Usual Suspects" and that's where the spelling comes from as well.

Anyway, last Sunday - March 22nd - was Keyser's one year anniversary with us.  We didn't intend to get another dog...but it just happened.  The night before we stopped in "The Pet Store" in Chambersburg, PA and I fell in love with a Puggle.  Unfortunately, she had a HUGE price tag and no papers coming with it.  Once home, I checked the website for the rescue we had gotten Toby at.  They happened to have 3 puggles available - a tan one, a brown & white one and a tri-color.  We went up the next day, but had to go up later - which often can mean the dog you're hoping for is gone.  I had chosen the brown & white one from the internet.  We get there - all 3 are still available; but I kind of liked the tri-color better (we later found out the brown & white one was blind).  They get him out for us and we begin the decision.  It's a puppy, 2:00 a.m. walks and such......  I'm not kidding when I say that within 5 minutes of us getting him out of the cage....2 other people show up wanting him!!!  It was a sign (the same thing happened with Toby) we took him!!

I'd be lying if I said the adjustment was easy - it wasn't.  Little puppies are like having babies....but all has been going well and let's just say..."It's A Good Thing He's Cute!"

Keyser's Rescue Photo:

Keyser's First Day At Home:

Keyser All Grown Up:

In case you're wondering....most Puggles that you see are brown with a black face.  Puggle's are not pure bred's but are referred to as "designer breeds".  Puggles are a cross between a Pug and a Beagle.  Keyser is considered a "second generation" Puggle, which means his parentage could be any of the following:  Puggle to Puggle, Puggle to Pug or Puggle to Beagle.  Coming from a rescue - we really don't know.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Still Alive & Kicking

I have a really sore throat and feel terrible.  Despite that, I drug myself to work today to try to catch up on the filing because it has gotten totally out of hand.  Fortunately, a co-worker took pity on me and helped with it's back to normal now.

I've finished 2 courses with my Criminal Justice Program with 100% on the class exams.  Course those finals will show up once I finish the semester and well, I expect they will be a little harder.  But I'm trudging along with that.

Went and saw the movie "Knowing" last night.  I really liked this movie, but more than anything I liked going to and viewing others opinions of it (as it gives you a different way of looking at the film).  I go there after seeing almost any movie and there are always that crowd of people who take things "way too seriously".  A movie is a form of entertainment, nothing else.  So chill out people.

I didn't get to post on Sunday, but that day marked the 1 years anniversary of Keyser.  So we had him a year.  I'll try to get that up before the weekend.

But for now - Bedtime!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another Downslide Appears

We went to Johns Hopkins this past week for the 4 month follow-up to the surgery.  The surgeon has decided that since there has been no improvement with the nerve that controls the shoulder muscle at this point, the chances are it will never work.  Not the news you want to hear.

We now have an appointment on April 10th with Dr. Allan Belzberg , a nerve specialist at Johns Hopkins.  I've run an internet search on this doctor and am very impressed with what I see.  I've got my fingers crossed that hubby *is* considered a candidate for the nerve transplant surgery.  Apparently they take part of a working nerve from another area and place it into the non-working area.  That doesn't mean that after surgery, hubby's arm will miraculously work as normal, there will still be a several month healing process...but at least there is some kind of "hope" there.

"HOPE" it brings me back to that candle I bought there when he had his surgery.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mickey On The Move

Through my travels I pass some things that your town may have too:






                                                                                                                                                                                The Mickster

Sunday, March 15, 2009

As Promised

Here's some photos of Colton:




Saturday, March 14, 2009

Everyday Life

Last night hubby and I decided to go to Denny's to eat as we were both hungry for breakfast food.  We arrived at the restaurant and we're like the only people there.  We were seated, we ordered and waited.  The restaurant filled up pretty fast and well...we waited.  About 45 minutes later, we were beginning to wonder if they were waiting for the chicken to lay the eggs - cause really, how long can it take to make breakfast.  Then the people in the booth behind us, that arrived about 1/2 hour after we did, got their meals - and the man had ordered exactly what I had!!  It was then the waitress came over and explained that another server had taken our meals and the kitchen was making us new ones fresh.  That was fine, but why hadn't they bother to tell us this earlier and also, why was it still taking close to an hour to get the meals?  The manager finally delivered our meals, no apologies, no nothing...he just delivered them.  When the waitress came back to check on us, she asked if the manager had spoken to us.  We answered "No, he just delivered the meals."  She seemed confused and walked away.  When she went to get our bill, I saw her approach the manager.  Yeah, I know what you're thinking, we were expecting a free dinner or at least a huge discount.....we got neither.  The waitress seemed confused as well.  But I just pulled the main offices address off the internet and decided that it's time that bad service is NOT rewarded.

Today I walked down to the library and got a card.  This library is extremely small, but since it didn't look busy, it should be doable.
On the walk I noticed that the one house has a real live turkey in the pen behind it, and I heard two dogs barking near another and discovered them in the very top window of the house.  I was sorry I didn't have my camera with me...would of been interesting.

For those that subscribe here, I'll be copying over some more posts from the old you may be seeing alot posts show up in your inbox - just the old stuff!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

And I Did It MY WAY!!

As regular readers here know, I'm always discussing diets but rarely stick to them.  I find it very very hard to diet when the whole diet is focused on food.  You know, you have to weigh it, measure it, track it, log it, etc...  How can you not want to eat it if your mind is constantly on it?

Let's face it, we all know what's healthy and what isn't.  We all are pretty much aware what a proper portion size is.  This stuff has been rammed down our throats and unless you've been living in a box somewhere - you know it.

I've tried many different diets, but none that made a lifestyle change for me.  I recently tried the Flat Belly Diet .  I did the 4 days jumpstart - they have a very nasty water recipe.  "Sassy Water" as it's referred to is a must for the diet.  I couldn't stomach it and had to switch to just plain old water.  I made it through the 4 days, not losing as much as I had hoped and basically starving.  That was okay though as the regular diet was started that involved more calories.  There's a regime to follow, and I opted to use some of their recipes to help that along.  I went to the store, purchased the items, paid the expensive bill (dieting is very expensive) and continued.  Though the recipes sounded very good, they tasted very blah....needless to say I didn't last long on this diet.

It was this week I decided to take matters in my own hands.  I bought some of those "Jump Start" breakfast packs by Kellogg's.  They consist of a proper portion of cereal, apple juice and another item which varies.  The one I bought consisted of Frosted Mini Wheats, apple juice and teddy graham cookies (this week I just bought the items in regular size and am making my own portion sizes out of them).  For a mid-morning snack I opted for Dannon's Lite N' Fit Smoothie.  Lunch varied - either left overs from the previous night or tuna in a pita.  Afternoon snack was Laughing Cow cheese wedge and wheat crackers or a banana.  I ate regular dinner with Hubby and if I needed anything else - I made a smoothie.

That's actually alot of food, if you think about it.  And I'm eating almost constantly.  That's a key - you have to eat to keep your metabolism working.  But you don't want to overeat - you need to watch that.  I don't measure or weigh food, but I do eat less portion sizes than I normally do.  I also track what I eat and no food is off limits.

Since Monday, I've lost 4 lbs. 

Thursday, March 12, 2009

More of This & That

This evening we visited the grandbaby.  He's really getting big!!  We got a "late" Valentine from him.  A heart with his handprints in it.  So it's my first (of what I hope many) of his "art" on my refrigerator.  I have some new pictures of him and I'll get them up soon.

I signed up for my Criminal Justice Degree online classes.  I decided to go with the Bachelor Degree instead of the AA one.  There were 2 entry tests, one for reading and one for math.  I did VERY well with the reading one.  I also did well with the math (which was just general math) but the fractions are what screwed me (I still got an 84% though).  Fractions just were never my strong point.  I've found some internet sites with help for that, so I may study those a little.  Anyway, the tests are done, they have a copy of my diploma and my first lessons are on the way.  Actually the first 2 are introductory things.  I printed them off the internet site to get a head start.  The first one is just the basics of online classes.  It does have alot of helpful hints though and I now have a list of things to get!!  The other is an introduction to Criminal Justice, which I haven't started yet.  However, sitting here trying to read the lesson, proved a problem.....Cooper layed on the lesson, he played with the ink pen, he played in my drink, he was a royal pain in the "you know what".  So I need to get my desk upstair cleaned off and set up properly and this weekend I think I'll visit the local library (which I've been meaning to do, but never have) - that could be a good "get away" on Saturdays.

On the work front, construction is underway and we should be in our new offices by June, possibly sooner because they are apparently ahead of schedule.  I'm really looking forward to that.

Please keep my cousin Chris in your prayers.  She woke up with pain and numbness in her one arm and goes for an MRI on Saturday.  Hubby and I are back to Johns Hopkins on Wednesday.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

And It Was, What It Was

Well, "The Bachelor" played out exactly as the rumors said they would.  He picked Melissa, dumped her on the after show for the runner-up Molly.  Ahhh...the path of true love - isn't it wonderful????  And needless to say it's an ongoing topic on all the boards.  From watching the show, I'm pretty sure Melissa was expecting it.  The show taped back in the Fall and the couple apparently spent holidays together before taping the after show in early January.  I mean, she certainly didn't seem THAT air headed that she couldn't tell that things weren't working out.  I say it's best she found out now, then later.  Nice girl, refused to be the next Bachelorette, so she's apparently very smart as well.

Then last night "American's Next Top Model" started.  There was some drama, but they didn't pick the drama queen to continue on to the second hour- but they do have another, so the show may get interesting.  This show is really getting "same old, same old" and they need to add some variety to it.  How about one with just plus-size models?  Or one with older women?  Or one for male models?  They could do allot with this, unfortunately they do not.  And they consider plus-size a size 6 and up - so well.......

I'll be finishing up my Advance Word and Excel online classes this weekend.  I use Word quite a bit and though I learned some of the hidden features within it, most of it I knew already.  The Excel one was a little different and I'm still somewhat flabbergasted with some of it; but I don't use that program that often.  I'll be glad to end those.  I'm now working on a Criminal Justice AA Degree online.  A little more intense, but since I work within that area, it could be informative.

I know this site is a little outdated and I hope to get that taken care of this weekend.  Mickey IS still on the move (though he's home right now), and the quotes, tidbits and recipes need upgraded; as well as the cat adoptions.  I also have a new feature I want to get up as well.....gee will the weekend be long enough for all this?????

Back to work.....