Friday, March 13, 2009

And I Did It MY WAY!!

As regular readers here know, I'm always discussing diets but rarely stick to them.  I find it very very hard to diet when the whole diet is focused on food.  You know, you have to weigh it, measure it, track it, log it, etc...  How can you not want to eat it if your mind is constantly on it?

Let's face it, we all know what's healthy and what isn't.  We all are pretty much aware what a proper portion size is.  This stuff has been rammed down our throats and unless you've been living in a box somewhere - you know it.

I've tried many different diets, but none that made a lifestyle change for me.  I recently tried the Flat Belly Diet .  I did the 4 days jumpstart - they have a very nasty water recipe.  "Sassy Water" as it's referred to is a must for the diet.  I couldn't stomach it and had to switch to just plain old water.  I made it through the 4 days, not losing as much as I had hoped and basically starving.  That was okay though as the regular diet was started that involved more calories.  There's a regime to follow, and I opted to use some of their recipes to help that along.  I went to the store, purchased the items, paid the expensive bill (dieting is very expensive) and continued.  Though the recipes sounded very good, they tasted very blah....needless to say I didn't last long on this diet.

It was this week I decided to take matters in my own hands.  I bought some of those "Jump Start" breakfast packs by Kellogg's.  They consist of a proper portion of cereal, apple juice and another item which varies.  The one I bought consisted of Frosted Mini Wheats, apple juice and teddy graham cookies (this week I just bought the items in regular size and am making my own portion sizes out of them).  For a mid-morning snack I opted for Dannon's Lite N' Fit Smoothie.  Lunch varied - either left overs from the previous night or tuna in a pita.  Afternoon snack was Laughing Cow cheese wedge and wheat crackers or a banana.  I ate regular dinner with Hubby and if I needed anything else - I made a smoothie.

That's actually alot of food, if you think about it.  And I'm eating almost constantly.  That's a key - you have to eat to keep your metabolism working.  But you don't want to overeat - you need to watch that.  I don't measure or weigh food, but I do eat less portion sizes than I normally do.  I also track what I eat and no food is off limits.

Since Monday, I've lost 4 lbs. 

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