Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Johns Hopkins We Will Go...Again & Again & Again.....

Today was ANOTHER Johns Hopkins trip.  Originally scheduled for June 3rd but on a waiting list for a cancellation - hubby received the call Monday that Dr. Belzberg was available to see him today.

Actually hubby had to call them to get the ball rolling again.  Apparently the PA never passed the information on to the RN to schedule.  So hubby calls the RN who hasn't a clue what he's talking about.  She emails the PA at home (he's home because he just got back from Mexico and Johns Hopkins says "You need to stay home an additional 4 days to make sure you're clear of any flu symptoms').  The PA calls hubby and apologizes.  RN calls and schedules for June.  Calls back and schedules for today.

Hubby gets up this morning.  Not a good morning, having a hard time walking and he can't urinate.  We decide it's best for me to drive.  I hate driving on the interstate, but what can you do???  We arrive at the offices at Greenspring (part of Johns Hopkins, but located a 15-20 minute drive from the actual hospital).  We get there on time only to be told that the appointment is at the hospital not there (RN failed to mention that).  They call over there, sorry but we can't fit you in now - you'll have to call Veronica and reschedule.  (Hubby at this point has gone to the bathroom and the walking is improving).  We get back to the car.  He decides to call Veronica from the cell phone to schedule.  She, in turn, squeezes us in at 11:45 - Hurray!!

We get to the hospital and since we have time, decide to eat.  We pass a cafĂ©, hubby asks why we aren't stopping.  I say "Oh yeah, that's right, you laid in a bed all day....I found the real food."  I then take him to the cafeteria which consists of a cafeteria and a food court with some fast food options.  We eat, then head towards neurology.

Dr. Belzberg does his usual exam and reviews the EMG from April 10th.  It is his opinion that it isn't C-5 Palsy.  If it were the entire nerve wouldn't work.  He thinks it is Brachial Plexus; which apparently means a portion of the nerve isn't working.  The only concern is the nerve that works the deltoid; everything else is improving.  He decides he wants ANOTHER EMG done the first week in June.  If no improvement, he will then proceed with a nerve transplant.

So we're back in waiting mode again. 

Monday, April 27, 2009

A Quickee....

I watched the movie "Grey Gardens" today on HBO.  If you have HBO - watch this movie, it's very good!

We're back to Johns Hopkins on Wednesday (will it ever end).

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Well Twitter Dee Dee

I'm enjoying Twitter, I really am.  Didn't like it at first, but now that I know how it works, I'm enjoying it.  I've cleaned out some of my followings though.  When I recognize a name, I follow it - some have turned out to be constant tweeters and it just got annoying.  I have followers that come and go over and over again; I have followers that have left and I didn't even know it; I've got followers I don't even know!!!  It's kind of funny though, I can't wait to have a cell phone I can twitter from.

It was a long day at work.  We had the agility testing after work for applicants.  It was so much better organized this time around.  I find it amazing and also sad that are applicants are older.  So many people have lost their jobs and are trying to find something stable with benefits.  It's very sad.

Mickey has come and gone several times....he can make it back to the old house in just a few hours now - he is one determined cat!!  I'd love to put a video camera on him just to see his route!

Today was "Administrative Professional's Day" (aka: Secretary's Day).  The only way we get anything is if I take care of it.  I found us plants at Walmart who's care said "thrives on neglect" - yep, that was the plant for us!!!  Suppose to be doing lunch tomorrow.

Friday, April 17, 2009


My subscribers probably have a mailbox full of postings...most of those were old ones that I transferred over from the old site - this is an ongoing process and sorry it has to be completed this way.  Be patient only 1 year and 3 months of posts to go!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

More of This....

Tuesday on Facebook I posted the following:

"On my way for Office Supply Ordering Training, like I don't have enough to do (and how hard is ordering supplies?)....."

I received a response of the following from my sister:

"is that class for real????????"

Ummm, yeah - you can't make something like that up!!  Yes the class was for real, we do our ordering through OfficeMax online and they came to review how to use the website.  It's not the website any internet user can get on - it's a website for contracts.  Still pretty simple to use, but whatever.....I did get some nice freebies though.

Mickey came home this evening.  He's getting harder to catch.  No one can ever call the cat stupid...he runs if he sees us and has now caught on that the owners of the house will put him in a crate and call us.  It's a funny ongoing circle.

Still waiting to hear back from Johns Hopkins.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Almost Forgot!!

Today isn't only tax day, it's Toby's 3 Year Anniversary with us!!!  

Where does the time go???

This, That and Then Some

Since Kim is in England for her mother-in-law's funeral, I've been helping her keep up with the daily posting at her blog.  She posted earlier today, so I thought I'd hop over to my own and at least have something current.

Really hasn't been a whole lot going on.  Went to see the 4th edition of The Fast & The Furious last night.  I've always been a Vin Diesel fan after seeing him in Pitch Black (still the best of his movies); but I really never cared for the original Fast & Furious and never saw the 2nd & 3rd editions.  But since the original cast was back for this one, I begged Cousin Chris (from here on out known as "CC" on this blog) to go see it.  I didn't really like this one either, but I did like seeing Vin Diesel on the big screen again.

Last week CC picked Adventureland to go see.  Yeah, that was a real dud.  It's advertised as a comedy, but it's not really a comedy.  And it has no storyline what-so-ever.  Everytime you thought it was going went elsewhere.  Strange movie!

My Criminal Justice classes are moving along.  The text book is rather dry and boring, so I try to do small sections at a time.  Because I work in this field, I know the information...but I'm learning the proper terms and meanings to everything and it's rather...snore-fest!!  Fortunately the exams are openbook (but timed), so I try to keep things marked and write down good notes and hopefully that'll get me through.

I wish Spring would get here and stay here.  I'm told there is sunshine tomorrow and to expect a nice weekend - FINALLY!!

Furniture Project at work is ongoing...everytime I think I have it complete-they throw something else at me.  The vendor is due in Friday morning, and I have a strong feeling all my work will be for I'm sure he'll show up with plans from his design department.  As a matter of fact, I know that's what he's doing, he told me that by phone call on Monday...but no one will listen.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Long Johns Hopkins Day

It's been a very long day.  Today was our appointment with Dr. Belzberg, the nerve transplant specialist.  Dr. Whitham had referred us to him as the last EMG indicated no improvement with the C5 Palsy.

We get there, and they take us in pretty quickly.  The PA comes in and goes over the history.  Then in comes Dr. Belzberg - again we go through the history, he does the arm strengths tests, looks over the last EMG, looks at his PA, shakes his head and does the tests again.  The PA and he keep giving each other these odd puzzled looks.  So we ask the obvious, "What's the problem?"

Well it seems what the EMG was saying and what he's seeing are two entirely different things.  He says the EMG (which was done locally and not at Johns Hopkins BTW) doesn't make sense.  He's also saying that there is one nerve that controls 2 muscles in the arm and that it's only working the one - which doesn't make sense.  He thinks it may be Brachial Plexitis rather than C5 Palsy.  He wants an EMG done there.  Just when it's crossing both of our minds that this will involve another trip down, they tell us there is an opening at 4:45 if he wants to do the test today.  We agree and just wander around until the appointment time.

We get there and the test proceeds.  I can't remember this doctor's name, but after the test it's his opinion that it is not Brachial Plexitis and he thinks it's just a waiting game.  Nerves grow 1 millimeter a month and hubby has at least anywhere from 2 to 5 more months of growth to go.  However, that's just his observation.  We have to call next week and see where Dr. Belzberg wants to go from here.  So we know no more that what we knew before.

Once funny thing did happen though.  Course through the appointments hubby always mentions that he first noticed symptoms while playing the drums, etc...  Well when the PA came back into the room and says they can do the EMG today, hubby says "Groovy".  I looked at him and said "Groovy???  Who says that anymore?"  In which Dr. Blezberg replied "50 year old drummers."  And we laughed, at hubby's expense of course!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Life Is Just Short

Nick Adenhart, one of the California Angels pitchers, died today in a car accident.  Though I didn't know him, he was from the local area and a relative is a co-worker.  It's very very sad.

It's when things like this happen, it makes me re-think that all the things I complain about, are so not worth it.  There are people out there that are dealing with things that are far worse.  I should feel blessed.

On the work front....I've been dealing with a furniture project ALL WEEK.  And it's still going on, fortunately I have 3 days off and left all that paperwork on my desk at work.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Well Twitter Deedee....

As you know, I've been twittering.....

April Winchell sent me a DM - congratulating me on being her 400th follower - she apologized for there being no prize.  I didn't care about a prize, but I would like to know how she was able to DM me when she doesn't follow me.  I thought you had to be following each other to be able to DM.  I was unable to DM back.  Hmmmmmmm........yeah, I know...must be an automatic response thing.

Anyway, the twitter thing should be a fun it somewhat bums me out when people are stressing out over it.  Enjoy it - it's really not that big of a deal.  So for my friends out there (whether your physical friend, online friend, family, etc...) the "following" thing is NO BIG DEAL.

Seriously everyone - don't apologize for not following me, or not responding fast enough to my request to follow you or anything.  You don't have to follow me if you don't want to; if you don't want me to follow you-that's okay too; want me to follow you but don't want to follow me- okay; want to follow me but don't want me to follow you- fine.  Quit stressing over it - it's okay.  I know some of you are not interested in networking with a huge group and that's okay.  This is suppose to be fun - quit making it into such a chore...relax!
And CS - Yeah, I know - I've noticed it too, don't think to much about it; it's actually better this way.  Anyway - if you want to follow - send your request, if not-don't; if you don't want me following-just decline the request; I'll speak to you the next time I see ya, honestly!  Life is actually too short to be worrying over who's following you on Twitter....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

All Work And No Play....

Work was somewhat of a challenge today.  My plan was to file, take care of the file boxes falling over in the corner and to update and file the leave slips.....none of that happend.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the furniture for the new office area has become somewhat of a project - apparently for me to solve.  What we had originally was a list of furniture that was to be ordered from a chosen vendor.  The problem was, we didn't know which items were which.  Today the architect emailed the actual information with the models numbers and such.  My job?  To go through the current catalog and update the prices.

First page - 10 executive L-shaped desks in the Contemporary Line with a last known price of $694.00 each.  Problem?  There was no Contemporary Line in the catalog.  The model numbers didn't exist.  As a matter of fact, there was no L-shaped desk priced less than $1100.00 in the book.  This process continued with almost every item.

I eventually came across a sheet in the mess of paperwork that stated the original list was completed in 2002 and then updated in 2005.  Apparently no one bothered after that.  I realized that the pricing was way outdated and that the furniture line that was chosen was more than likely no longer available.  I called and emailed that company to call me back with what the line had been replaced with and also with the pricing for their modular units as the catalog fails to list those prices.  I'm still waiting for a response.  Problem?  The money for this project is state funded, no room was left for increase, so we can't go over the furniture allowance; I must also add that they picked out the cheapest things they could find and never bothered to check what you really needed.

I think I'll just take my current office furniture with me......

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Haunting We Will Go

My one co-worker today was telling me of some weird stuff going on in her house.  She said about a month ago, she was in the living room and heard a child's laughter.  She realized it was coming from the room she has set up for her granddaughter (GD).  It stopped and then started again.  She said she has this photo album with photos of her GD and it has a button that you press so you could make a recording and she had recorded her GD laughing when she was a little younger.  She realized that that was what the sound was.  She started back the hall and it stopped, but she continued to the room and when she turned on the light, the recording started again.  She didn't think much about it, thought maybe the battery was going bad or something.  But it stopped going off and life went on.

She was telling me that she has a play kitchen for her GD and you have to push a button to get the kitchen sounds to work.  On the stove, if you place a certain pan, it sizzles like bacon is frying.  She said the only thing that makes that burner work is that particular other object or your hand will get it to sizzle.  This past week, again, she and her husband hear a noise and she realizes it's that kitchen stove sizzling.  She double checked, kitchen was turned off...but at least twice more it made the sound.

Again, she overlooked it.  However, this past weekend her GD came to stay with her.  She sleeps with her GD when she spends the night and they got in bed.  After her GD fell asleep - the toy phone began to play.  She said you have to push the phone buttons to get the different messages/sounds and it kept just playing them over and over.  Her husband came in to see what the noise was.  They had to take the batteries out to get it to stop.

In the middle of the night she gets up to go the bathroom; as she's coming up the hallway you can see into her kitchen/dining area/ living room.  She came to a dead stop.  There going through the living room is a white figure, she yelled for her husband, the figure disappeared into the wall and was gone.

Her husband wasn't very responsive (half asleep), so she goes back to bed with her GD.  Once she feels comfortable enough to start falling asleep, she feels someone slide into the bed between her and her GD.  Thinking it was her husband, she rolls over - NO ONE IS THERE!!!  Needless to say, sleep didn't happen.

The next morning her husband asked her what she was trying to tell him last night.  She begins to explain expecting him to make fun of her.  Instead he respond with a "Yeah, I've seen it too."  Apparently he has seen the white figure on several occasions since they moved in over a year ago and never mentioned it; he just hoped she would never see it.

The neighbors admitted that they too see the white figure in their house.  The lady claims that the houses are built on what was once an Indian Reservation.

Strange, huh????

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Different Stuff

Prayers go out to Kim as her mother-in-law passed away early this morning; this was unexpected and her hubby's on his way to England (which is where his parents live).  Keep them in your thoughts.

Twittering has been going on, but it does get confusing and overwhelming at times.  I made my account "public" one day, and you can really understand the conversations if you do that.  But it gets overwhelming and I've chosen, for the time being, to stay "private" and just deal with those I want to follow and such.  I did turn off the option of having the messages flow into my email box though - that fills up too fast.  I just enjoy it online.  I have twittered (or is that tweeted??) Kevin Spacey, but he hasn't responded back, but that's's all just fun and the best way to handle this is to twitt (or tweet) and not expect responses.  Have fun with it!!

Thinking of twitter, I was reading a question and answer in a magazine today.  Someone asked why celebrities don't answer their own fan mail.  The answer came from some celebrity agency that said that they advise their clients not to answer the mail due to stalkers and crazies and such.  They claimed that alot of that starts because a person wrote a innocent fan mail letter and the celebrity wrote a very generic response (or even just sent an autographed photo) and the fan "assumed" they were now "friends" because they got the response.  That made me think of Twitter....  What if Kevin tweets a response to the wrong person?  Some people may assume that because he chose to respond to them - that means there's an interest there.  That worries me.....can these people associate that an online response does not mean an interest in you?  Let's hope so.

Hubby played drums at the Otterbein Church today.  It was the first time he's played publically since his surgery.  He had to do all 3 services though and it made him very tired.  We go back to Johns Hopkins on Friday to meet with the nerve surgeon.

That's all for today....

Friday, April 3, 2009

This & That


Above is a picture of Bob.  Bob's one of the turtles I got last year in Myrtle Beach (the other died unfortunately).  Bob's twice the size he was when I got him and seems to think there should be an endless supply of food for him.  Bob's my office buddy here at home, always popping out to say hello and beg for a treat.

We've had over 10,000 hits to the site as of today!!  Hard to believe huh?  But exciting just the same!

Though my flu seems to be gone, I am so very tired.  I'm hoping to catch up on sleep and get caught up on my studies this weekend.  I'm still in the introductory phase of the lessons with one lesson to finish.  However, the first real lesson has finally arrived - a nice big hardback text book "Introduction to Criminal Justice".  I'm looking forward to diving into that.

Our new offices are coming along and we're at the "picking out furniture stage".  Which basically means, it doesn't matter what you pick're going to get what we give ya and like it.  I just don't understand why this has to be a project when in fact it could so much be a simple task..........why oh why oh why.......????

Off to bed....

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm Kind Of Honored And Weirded Out All At The Same Time

I joined Twitter around the same time that I did FaceBook.  I didn't bother much with Twitter until recently mostly because I didn't quite understand it's purpose...but this week I've learned a lot.

Kevin Spacey began Twittering.  Yes, you heard that right *the* Kevin Spacey - it really is him...he even posted some photos of a concert that he and his friend/Triggerstreet business partner Dana Burnetti went to.  Dana is a big Twitterer and is also on FaceBook and well recently got Kevin into twittering.  I'm friends with Dana at FaceBook and I think he must just befriend anyone - cause really who am I to him?  But it's fun to follow him because he FaceBooks/Twitters almost constantly.  So I chose to follow him at Twitter along with Kevin Spacey.

At Twitter you can respond to just about anyone out there, but you can only "direct message" (which is private message) with someone that you follow that also follows you - Kevin Spacey only follows Dana & Triggerstreet; who can blame him - he'd be bombarded with psycho messages.

Anyway, why am I honored and weirded out at the same time?  This morning, I open Twitter first thing and have a follower request (no not from Kevin Spacey) from Dana Burnetti.......  The computer guy happened to be in my office doorway and said "You look puzzled."  I began to explain....ending with "Does he want to follow me because he thinks I'm some psycho Spacey fan or........"  He looked at me and said "Yeah, what could be the or?"  Anyway, I accepted his request and hopefully he will see I'm just a normal everyday person who happens to be a normal everyday Spacey fan.  So I *am* honored to be followed by the man, but a little weirded out because I don't know why.......I mean really, how interesting can my life be to him?

Oh and for all you MySpacer's out there that are friends with Kevin there - it's NOT him, he doesn't MySpace....just some impostor (but I already knew that).
This evening I bought a Magic Bullet.  For those that have no clue what I'm talking about it's a blender.  I love to make smoothie's and frozen fruit drinks and have been through about 4 Hamilton Beach Mini-Blenders.  I like the small ones because they are transportable.  My one broke last night, so I needed another, but rather than go the cheap route again...I opted to spend some bucks and got the Bullet.  So far I'm very pleased.

Tomorrow it's just me and Mary in the office, but since it's Friday it should be relatively quiet.