Sunday, May 31, 2009

The USMC Memorial

Yesterday I went with my mother and her church on a bus trip to the Smithsonian and Washington Zoo.  The buildings don't open until 10:00 and since we were early, the bus driver took us to see the USMC War Memorial (which I had never seen before, I really didn't even know where it was, I'm ashamed to admit):

There were some school groups there and one group asked me to take a photo, the next thing I know I had several cameras in hand!!!

Trips to DC are always very humbling experiences for me.  Though I don't really live all that far from there, there are many things I've never seen or taken the time to do.  I really enjoy going there and think it's a worthwhile trip for anyone.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We Interrupt This Wedding......

I must once again interrupt the I must rant....

Despite the bad weather, despite having to go back to work after a 3-day weekend...I was in pretty good spirits today.  I decided to forget the filing and concentrate on the leave slips (which is about as bad).  I'm the first in the office and the lady that normally beats me there called to say she was at a doctor's appointment and would be in after that.  No problem...there are a few things that need to be done first thing in the morning that she normally handles but I went ahead and did those - ran reports, emailed reports, picked up weekend paperwork and mail and then sorted it.  Then I basically processed leave slips.  Everyone shows up (one with a broken ankle - another story entirely) and well work goes on as usual.

Around quitting time, the lady that was late due to the doctor's appointment and I are chatting about the meetings tomorrow to go over the yearly enrollment with health insurance and such..she's attending the afternoon meeting, I'm going in the morning.  She's somewhat complaining because though she'll be in the office for the morning the computers will be down and she'll get nothing done.  I then make the obvious suggestion "You could put some paperwork in order for me."  Her response?  "I don't do that."  And she walked away....

You all did read the first paragraph right?  You saw what I did for her this morning right?  You did notice I didn't ask her to actually file right?  You do realize why I'm a little ticked right?

Even more amazing while walking to our cars she THANKED ME FOR DOING THE MORNING REPORTS AND SUCH.....

Teamwork, yeah...the only teamwork that exists in this office involves everyone's job but mine.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Ceremony

I took the next picture and it is the best of the bunch and I'm dying to see how it compares to the photographer's one:

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Moment In Life

Thursday, hubby took Toby to work with him. 

When I got home Thursday evening I took Keyser for a walk; Cooper walked with us.  Coming back to the house I noticed something in the alley next to the house.  I put the animals in the house and walked over.  It was a baby bird that apparently fell from the nest and more than likely was learning to fly.  There were robins around in the trees.  I picked him up and put him in the neighbors yard under the tree as I didn't want Toby picking it up when he and hubby got home.

I kept an eye on it and watched for hubby and Toby to come home.  Eventually, here came Hubby.  He walked in the door and I asked the obvious.."Where's Toby?"  Hubby had this blank look on his face.  He had left Toby back at the shop - totally forgot about him!!  We had to get in the car and go back to get him.

One of those moments Hubby will never live down! 

Friday, May 22, 2009

We Now Take A Break...

Yes, there are still some wedding photos to come...but in the meantime regular life does happen.

My internet has been buggy lately.  After trying numerous things I finally broke down and called Comcast support.  The first few things they suggested I had already tried, after much glibberish of other things, he had me plug my cords into the cable modem and forget the Vonage modem & Wireless router for now.  It worked perfectly.  He suggested I power everything down and rehook up, which I did.

But everytime that wireless router got back into the equation, my internet got buggy.  I researched, nothing worked.  So I broke down and bought a new router.

When I first hooked up a wireless router I purchased a Linksys.  It was a nightmare, 6 hours later I returned it to the store.  I then purchased a Netgear, I was up and running within minutes - very user friendly.  I've since hooked up a D-link and Belkin rather easily for friends/relatives.  I've never ventured Linksys again, though probably by now they've improved.  Anyway, I  hit Walmart and looked at Netgears...but there was a Belkin a tad better and I bought that.  It was a very simple hook-up and the lights on it are actually easier to read.  It even tells me that my network is secure and the wireless lights up when someone is connectly wirelessly (so if the secure light is on and the wireless connection is on and I'm NOT on - that means someone has hacked in).  I'm very pleased....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Here Comes The Bride

And now that everyone is an icicle....let's get this show on the road:

                                 Minister, Groom and Groomsmen.

                                              The Bridesmaids

                                                    Hubby, Lauren, Step dad Eric and Colton.

These 2 photos are the only ones I have of Colton in his tux; he cried, fell asleep and spent the rest of the day sound asleep wrapped in a very warm blanket!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Wedding Early Afternoon

Okay, so we leave the photographers at 1:40 p.m. (wedding's to start at 2:00 p.m.), we know everything is going to start late.  We arrive at the park and I go wandering to find the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom as I'm to walk in with them.  It's
F R E E Z I N G and W I N D Y !!!  I'm not kidding folks, let's say 50 degrees and 25 mph winds.  The guests are bundled up with blankets and such.

Anyway, Lauren's arriving in a carriage.  Hubby got some photos in the parking lot:

And we get down the aisle tomorrow.....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Wedding Morning

So Sunday morning we get up and head to an early church service.  It's freezing outside, it's very windy.  I'm thinking, I'll freeze to death in my sundress up on the mountain.  Coming out of church the sun is finally out, but it's no warmer.  Hubby keeps'll be fine.

We get ready and head to the photographer's for formal family style portraits.  Since hubby has the largest car, we're in charge of getting Lauren to the park.  Her mother wants her to move everything to the church - it's just too cold.  Lauren refuses - she's getting married at PenMar!!  So photos to start the day:

                                 Lauren - hair done and veil on.

                                  Hubby and Lauren.

                                     Kyle & Lauren.

                                     Hubby & Kyle.

                                     On our way to the wedding.

You all do realize this process is going to take several days right??????  

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Rehearsal

If you follow me at Twitter or befriend me at Facebook this will all be old news for you...but it's worthy of a blog posting.

My step daughter got married on Sunday, May 17th at Penmar Park .  Rehearsal was Saturday evening and here's some photos from that event:

                                      Lauren & Kyle  (stepson & stepdaughter)

                                                               Lauren & Kyle with their brother Nick.

                                            Hubby with the kids.

                                Hubby, Lauren, stepdad Eric and baby Colton.

                 Lauren & Hubby - for some reason I love this photo!!

                                                      Lauren, Brooks and Minister.

                                       Wedding Party (minus the baby of course).


                                  The Happy Family - Colton, Brooks and Lauren.

Another wedding took place right before the rehearsal.  Was rather breezy and we kept thinking it was going to rain, but it didn't.  From there we went to the Country Club for dinner.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Busy, Busy Weekend

First off - Mickey came home AGAIN today for what I suppose is turning out to be just "visits".  Glad the owners at the old house seem to find this humorous.  And because of Mickey, we've all become very good friends - God does do things in strange ways sometime.

My stepson Kyle's cat had 3 kittens that are almost 4 weeks old now.  We plan on taking one of them - probably the black one.  I know, I know...we don't really need it, but I think Cooper needs a younger playmate.  Mickey wants nothing to do with him, Spunky wants nothing to do with him.  Sebastian will play with him, but Sebastian is almost 12 years old and not up to kitten play.  So Cooper needs a playmate.  We had originally said we'd only take a male...but since we do get our animals spayed/neutered - I guess it doesn't make a difference.  The other two kittens are the orange tiger variety - with Cooper already being that and Mickey one as well..we decided another tiger one was going overboard.  So we chose the black one.  But who knows - when they're bigger we may change our minds.  My sister-in-law definitely wants one of the orange ones.  I would, at some point, like to have another that looked like Strat...but not anytime soon.

Hubby's arm is still improving.  He can lift it noticeably now and if he holds it up and lets go, he can keep it up for a good 30 seconds or so!!  We're very excited.  He also, due to this new movement, is feeling pain in that area...another good sign.  The doctor had told us it may just all happen suddenly..and he was right.  The nerve specialist had said he thought there was activity there which is why he chose to wait another month.  I tell you, those doctors at Johns Hopkins do NOTHING until they are positively sure of what is going on.  I would never go anywhere else.  They could of easily given hubby an unnecessary nerve transplant just to get the money for it and didn't. 

My stepdaughter gets married tomorrow, so rehearsal is tonight.  I can't wait to get photos of Colton in his tux!!!  We've got cameras galore between my sister-in-law and I.  Makes a busy weekend, but I really do like her husband to be and that makes it worth it.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Today hubby had a physical therapy appointment and they confirmed what he had noticed in the past week...the nerve to the deltoid muscle has started to regenerate!!  Though probably not noticeable to alot of people, he can lift his arm a little and if someone holds his arm up and lets go - he can now keep it up for about 2 seconds.  That may not seem like a lot, but 2 weeks ago, he could do neither.

They've told us all along this would take time and it may happen all at once.  So we're hoping the next appointment at Johns Hopkins will be productive.

Two Years Ago Today....

Time sure does fly doesn't it?  Two years ago today "two" things happened (it was a fabulous day) - reposting of two old posts honoring that day:

The main event:

Just got home and am extremely tired.  I have lots to tell but I'll tell the "main event" right now!!!!

My husband owns and operates a screenprinting/embroidery shop and he and I designed a "Moon For The Misbegotten" long-sleeved t-shirt for Kevin and a hat that said "Got Moon?".  (Sorry, everyone - they are not for sale, in the card I told Kevin it was a one of a kind original and no one else had one).

Thursday, May 10th I went to the stage door with the gift bag.  I wanted to be up front at the barricade in order to give it to him personally.  The one Security Guard saw me and asked me who I was giving it to and I told him Kevin.  He explained that Kevin is unable to accept gifts that are not cleared through security first and I wasn't able to do that.  However, he said he would be more than happy to take the bag backstage to the room where things are inspected.  So, of course, I handed it over to security.  When he came back out, I explained that it was a one-of-a-kind specially made gift and I really wanted him to have it.  The Security guard admitted that he himself had already "peaked" in the bag and I needn't worry.  In the meantime another security guard came out with a thumbs up that the bag had cleared.

On Saturday, May 12th, we went back to the stage door to wait for Kevin.  We noticed the one Security guard carry a few items to Kevin's car - I immediately saw my gift bag and got excited!!!  What a slice of heaven - he apparently likes the gift as he's taking it with him!!!  Joanne said that I would probably be receiving a thank you card soon!!!

Well, when Kevin came out the stage door HE WAS WEARING THE SHIRT!!!  I was right there and said "That's my shirt!!"  He said "Did you get me this shirt?"  I said "Yes"  He said "I LOVE this shirt!!!"  So I asked him to pose for a picture, which he willingly did...then I asked for one of he and I, which he replied "Sure, come here..."  I was able to cross the barricade to HIS side and put my arms around him as he did me!!!  While Joanne took an enormously loooooooong time to take the picture (thanks for that sweetie - it was worth the wait).

What a night...........

The picture of us together is personal and I'm not ready to share it just yet.

But earlier in the day:

For those that have been asking...yes, KevieBear got his picture with Kevin Spacey!!!

At the Saturday matinee after the stage door crowd started to thin out, I approached the man and said "Can I ask a favor?"  He said "Sure" without looking up from his signing.  I said "Will you have your picture taken with the driving mr. spacey bear?"  He got this cute little grin on his face, looked up and said "I'd be delighted."  He took the bear, read his button ("I was mooned on Broadway"), laughed, posed and handed him back saying "I hope he has a safe journey home."

What A Guy!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

It Was An Interesting Day

I got to work today and walked into the back room where the refrigerator is to put my lunch in there.  I unlocked the door, flipped on the light and opened the fridge.  The light on the fridge didn't come on, but I assumed the bulb had blew.

I then walked across the hall into the bathroom and flipped the switch, no lights....

Apparently the on going construction required the electricity to be turned off and we were to work the whole day on the generator.  The generator, however, doesn't run everything..just what is deemed "necessary". 

Our office area was rather funny.  The Admin. Sgt., Mary and I had working computers. Mary and I also had office lights, which the Sgt. did not.  The Warden, Captain, Brenda and Kathy had no lights or working computers.  The Men's bathrooms had light, the Ladies' did not.  The hallways were half and half.  The lunch room had lights and a working coffee pot.  The copier worked, but the light above it did not - same with the shredder, it worked - the above light didn't.

This made work rather challenging.  I offered my computer to Brenda and opted to just file and put paperwork together.  Kathy decided to shred boxes of old files and paperwork  from the storage area.  We complained, we laughed...a lot of work actually got done.

I had my hair cut after work and came home and did some cleaning.  My step-daughter stopped by with my grandson, whom I hadn't seen in quite a while.  He's growing so fast and is 7 months old already.  He can almost crawl  - he got going a few crawls while here but we couldn't get him to do it a second time.



His parents get married this coming Sunday.  He'll be wearing a tux.  I can't wait for that photo opportunity!!  I'm not, however, looking forward to the professional photos we'll all be expected to participate in......

A Computer Issue Solved

I recently had a computer issue that once online I realized lots of people had.  The advice offered didn't help with my solution and apparently it didn't with alot of others.  I've since solved it (easily as a matter of fact) and wanted to share.

I plugged my walkman into the line-in of my sound card.  Everything indicated it was working, but I had no sound.  I went online, there was lots of advice from downloading a new driver (didn't work) to going into the sound control options and doing a right click to view diabled options (didn't work as a matter of fact the option they were telling me that would appear didn't exist).  I was told my sound card was "intregrated" and thus there was no fix, get a new sound card.  I knew that couldn't be true, if the sound card has an option for line-in, then it has to work.  On a Vista help site, I discovered  that Vista comes with line-in shut I went into the sound card again to "un-mute" it....option didn't exist...again I was told get a new sound card.

My sound card is a Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio.  I had gone to the site to download a driver (which didn't work) but decided to go back and look around.  It was then I found the solution to the problem.

Click your START button
Choose Programs (or All Programs depending on what option you have set)
Choose Creative
Choose Sound Blaster X-Fi
Choose Creative Console Launcher
A program should pop up:

Check the top left corner and make sure you're in Entertainment Mode (this seems to be the only mode mine has, if your's doesn't say that, check around..or this option may appear in other modes).

Run your mouse along the bottom until you find the "mixer" mode (in my case it's the last icon - with the 3 little wire thingys).

You should see this:

Make sure the correct "Output Selection" is picked.  Since I have speakers connected to my computer via the sound card; that's what is chosen.  Then make sure the Line-In box is checked.  Now you should have sound via the line-in jack!

See, no driver downloads, no new sound cards.....just need to find where the settings are!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

An Update

First off I want to apologize to my subscribers.  When I finally got the export/import feature to work on the blogs I was able to pull over the rest of the blog entries from the old site to this one in bulk.  Well CC informed that she had about 200 messages in her inbox due to that.  Sorry everyone...but as you know, that IS everything and you shouldn't see that anymore.

Work's been ho-hum and I still have that furniture project going on.  The first bid the guy sent was extremely low and after a phone call we realized he had only put us in for L-shaped desked...forgot to add the overhead units, credenzas, file cabinets, etc...  he insisted we never said we needed those.  I finally went to the Captain (who was at the meeting with the guy) and asked him if he remembered us discussing that - which he did.  So he called him and the guy was to send out a new quote a week's never arrived.  Looks like furniture will be our hold-up and every day past June 15th is going to cost $$$$$$$.  See once we move over to the new offices, the area we are in will be all torn apart for remodel for Central Booking so they need us out to meet their January 1 deadline.

I'm getting a little bored with Twitter now.  Still like it but it gets uneventful at times.  People are so touchy.  Kevin Spacey was hounded because he did a tweet in all capital letters!!  And Dana was hounded because he chose to unsubscribe from at least 99% of the people he follows as he had so many his Home page was out of control and his DM filled up with messages from people he didn't know.  He decided to start over.  Now, anyone can follow him - but people were insulted he wouldn't follow them.....these people act like they know him personally or something.  Weird.

Still enjoy Face Book though and I got hubby on it now!!  I've met up with some people from school and one of the guys who now lives out of town is coming home for a visit, so a small group of us will be meeting up on the 21st for dinner and drinks.  Course right now I think I'm the only female.....hmmmm...still popular after all these years...LOL - actually no, was never part of the popular crowd, just the fun one!!

Happy Mother's Day to all - even if you're only a mommy to the furry kind!!


I always thought this was the best commercial ever:

But I think it's been topped by this:

I just find that so funny and well - so true!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This & That

You'll all be very happy!!  I THINK all the posts from the old site are finally on this one.  It's been a real trial...I couldn't get the import/export on here to work right; so I've been copying and pasting them over one by one.  I decided to give the import/export another try again and after 3 tries it imported a few (like 4) over.  So I tried again and TA-DA - they made it!!  Unfortunately it didn't bring any of the comments over with it...but I'll see about getting them over.  I'm so happy that's done!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Was Justice Done?

In December 2007 I posted the following:

It's been a very long journey with this case.  Most recently the prosecution and the defense were arguing over who had rights to copies of the inmate file (which really had nothing of consquence in it).  Never-the-less, last week we heard that "the accused" was changing his plea.  The update is available here:

It's very sad....and really - was justice done???