Friday, May 22, 2009

We Now Take A Break...

Yes, there are still some wedding photos to come...but in the meantime regular life does happen.

My internet has been buggy lately.  After trying numerous things I finally broke down and called Comcast support.  The first few things they suggested I had already tried, after much glibberish of other things, he had me plug my cords into the cable modem and forget the Vonage modem & Wireless router for now.  It worked perfectly.  He suggested I power everything down and rehook up, which I did.

But everytime that wireless router got back into the equation, my internet got buggy.  I researched, nothing worked.  So I broke down and bought a new router.

When I first hooked up a wireless router I purchased a Linksys.  It was a nightmare, 6 hours later I returned it to the store.  I then purchased a Netgear, I was up and running within minutes - very user friendly.  I've since hooked up a D-link and Belkin rather easily for friends/relatives.  I've never ventured Linksys again, though probably by now they've improved.  Anyway, I  hit Walmart and looked at Netgears...but there was a Belkin a tad better and I bought that.  It was a very simple hook-up and the lights on it are actually easier to read.  It even tells me that my network is secure and the wireless lights up when someone is connectly wirelessly (so if the secure light is on and the wireless connection is on and I'm NOT on - that means someone has hacked in).  I'm very pleased....

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