Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No Penthouse For Me

I gave up my penthouse office.

It's been so stressful - let's just say that I'm very surprised that people would destroy friendships over windows and office sizes.

The office I've been assigned since the plans of 3 years ago turned out to be the largest (mind you, none of them are large to begin with) has caused so much hate and discontent.  Today I finally walked in the one girls office and told her I'd switch, she in turn went into a "I don't want you mad at me" speech which led into her telling me she's getting additional duties and the Warden wants her in the larger office...okay so why didn't he just tell me that? or just assign offices? Rather he put her through the stress of doing it, but I saved her of that by making the decision beforehand. Now the other lady has offered to take the small reception area and let the other girl have the other large office (which is the only one that lacks a window)  - this makes sense, except I know the other girl will whine over the window thing.


So basically what I've ended up with is 2 feet smaller in each direction, but will have the same desk and filing cabinets; so I really don’t understand why the Warden thinks extra floor space will give her more surface space????  They never think things through.  I'm just going to hang some Kevin Spacey pictures, look out my window and close my door.

We start moving tomorrow, if I don't have to stay late, one of the deputies is taking me out for drinks afterwards (yes, my husband is aware of this).

Pictures from Saturdays D.C. trip are coming....

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