Sunday, July 12, 2009

Harper's Island and Other Things

I was right in who the killer was on Harper's Island, but I was disappointed in the conclusion - actually some of my theories were much better.  For instance:

Uncle Marty's bag of money - this was explained as being money that Uncle Marty was going to give Malcolm to invest in his beer making hobby.  Okay, so why was Uncle Marty walking through the woods in the middle of the night with the money???  Malcolm wasn't expecting the money - someone please explain!

Henry's reason for killing - So we are to believe that since childhood Henry has been in love with Abby and when they were little she said to him "I wish we could live on the island together forever" or something to that effect and he chose to take it literary out of the blue one day as an adult???  During their growing up years, though in love with Abby, he never chose to take the friendship to dating or anything.  Then as an adult one day, he is approached by John Wakefield (the mass murderer everyone presumed was dead) and Wakefield tells him he's his real father and thus that's makes Abby his half sister and then Henry becomes a copycat killer in Seattle (again out of the blue).

Not quite done yet....he then proceeds to propose to his long time girlfriend Trish and then insists that the wedding take place on Harper's Island because that's the only way he knew to get Abby back to the island (Abby's mother was killed in the Wakefield killings years ago and her father sent her away).  And once there, since Abby had told him when they were little she wanted to live there with him forever - he and Wakefield start killing off everyone?  Your own family?  The Bride and her family? Your very best friends?  And really, did he think absolutely no one was ever again going to return to the island?  EVER?

So there really was no rhyme or reason for any of the deaths - which I guess in true pyscho serial killings there isn't...but this show led the viewers to believe that everything would come together - it didn't.  For shame.....

On a happier note - I'm loving my new phone!!  And yes, Kim - you should get one!!

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