Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This & That

It was a very long day back at work and I don't think I made any dent in the paperwork....

Hubby's coming along fine.  They now think it will be Friday before he gets home - no major problems, just making sure everything is the way it should be. 

I'm a little distressed this evening.  The neighbors down the street pulled out of their driveway when I got home from work and when I went out to walk the dogs, I notice this little black kitten sitting at their back door.  I've seen it sitting in their windows but never outside.  It's very friendly and even loved my dogs but the poor thing is thin as a rail.  These neighbors rent the house, so as I crossed the street and into a driveway pulls the neighbor that OWNS that rental property.  She stopped to pet Keyser and asked me if I knew who's cat that was.  I told her I had seen it sitting in that house's windows.  I guess you know where this is going, they aren't to have animals per their rental agreement (they've somewhat trashed the house too).  I then told her I was pretty sure they had a dog as well - I've never seen it, but I've heard it barking a few times.  So since they weren't home, she went over, looked in windows and sure enough there was a dog in there.  She thanked me.

But back to the kitten, so this was like around 5:00 p.m.  CC and I went to the movies and I got home a little after 9:00.  Took Keyser for a walk and there's that poor little kitten still sitting there (and during the movie it had poured down rain).  Those people are still not home.  I took him some food down and he gobbled it like he hadn't eaten in days.  Actually, I'd pick him up and just bring him home if it weren't for the fact that he looks a little sickly and I don't want any of my cats catching anything.  He has shelter under a carport, there's puddles from the rain he can drink out of, and I just fed him plus it's not cold out so he should be alright for the night.  But it saddens me when people neglect their animals this way.

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