Monday, August 31, 2009

Another Relaxing Day

I love the beach; I hope to live on a beach someday.

Weather was stormy and rainy this morning.  Hubby and I opted for a movie.  He wanted to see "District 9", though I already have seen it, I really liked it so I didn't mind sitting through it a second time.

After the movie, the weather had cleared and I walked down to the beach where my sister, niece and great-nephew were.  They began telling me that right before I got there the lifeguards had everyone get out of the water.  My sister and great-nephew were the last to get out as they didn't think the lifeguard was blowing his whistle at them - lol!!  Anyway, the area was cleared as there was a SHARK within the vicinity.  Fortunately there were no problems and within 20 minutes everyone was free to go back in - we chose not!

Yesterday, a young girl staying at our hotel was stung by a stingray!  She was only in knee deep water when it happened.  My niece and I were sitting on the beach and she was sitting down in front of us, when we saw the lifeguard walk over with his first aid kit.  We were thinking jellyfish sting or she stepped on something that cut her foot.  We then saw the lifeguard motion for another lifeguard to come over.  Then the medical jeep showed up.  The lifeguard began to give the guy with the girl directions to a medical center.  As it turns out they were in the room right next to my mother and my mother talked to the girl as she waiting for her father to get the car.  She told my mom that she had been stung by a stingray (we don't know if she saw it, or if that's what the lifeguard told her) but apparently medical personnel has to remove the barb (which is what they call the stinger).  The girl was in tears and said her whole leg was in extreme pain.

Stingrays, Shark - what more can happen????

We went to the IMAX theatre last night - on the way in they stood us in front of a green screen and took photos.  On the way out, you could purchase the photos which they added backgrounds too.  Our's came out rather funny, so we opted to buy them.  When I'm home and can scan them, I'll share!

Off to bed....

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Beautiful Day!!

Well I'm in a room with ocean view.  We arrived a day early - same as last year; except last year we were able to get our reserved room; this year we had to take the room next door, but we're now in our correct room!!   The first year we ever came, the drive was long and after that we decided to leave the day before and drive at least halfway.  Last year and this year we left earlier, hit no traffic and made great rather than stopping, we just kept going.

I bought one of those Virgin Mobile Broadband to Go USB Devices - you pay for the time you need, no contract as this hotel doesn't offer any internet service, HOWEVER, this year for (never occurred in other years), my wireless card is picking up all kinds of signals (weak, though I think that's because the hotel is small and sits between large resorts) but doable.  I figure I'm picking up signals from the resorts.  Hurray!!

My sister, brother-in-law, mother, niece and great-nephew will be arriving later today.  In the meantime here's the view from the room:


I just discovered the laptop has a slot for the memory card from my camera - which is good as I forgot the cord to connect the camera to the computer!!!  Actually the picture doesn't give the true picture - it's very sunny and HOT today!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Rotten Day - But Vacation Has Finally Begun

I had one job to do today....FILE.  I was off yesterday due to another Johns Hopkins visit (all went well) and was due to start vacation tomorrow.  With the new furniture in and getting things in place, the filing became backed up - but I knew I could get it done in a day....yeah who was I kidding???

First dilemma of the morning were keyboard trays - you know the type that attach to a desk...I hate them, don't want one, never have.  Didn't order one with my new desk.  But somewhere along the line someone got the impression that I wanted one.  And during this dilemma when I said I didn't want one, I got the "Why did I order you one then?"  Well, I don't know - why did you?  A half hour later, a rather cranky boss walks into my office and asks "Why don't you want the keyboard tray now?"  So I tell him, I never wanted a keyboard tray - didn't order it initially, didn't order it later - I DON'T WANT IT!!!  They then decide since it wasn't open, they'd return it.  (You did notice that the orderer ran to the boss to tattle didn't you?)

You would think it would end there but it didn't.  Someone then says "The boss is going to come look at your Kiosk, I told him you didn't like it, so he may switch you."  (Mind you this is the same person that ordered me a keyboard tray).    I inform her that I NEVER said that, that his Kiosk was useless to me and I was keeping the one I ordered.  A few hours later, the asst. boss comes in and starts looking at it.  I said "No, he's not getting it."   He says "You don't like it."  I said "I never said that.  I just made the comment that the shelves on it are so deep.  I'm keeping it."  He leaves.

(Really now, what went on while I was off?  Did they all fall asleep next to a pod or something?)

But it gets better.  When I left Tuesday, I had gotten all the paperwork in order so I could file.  In the meantime, someone had been hoarding a pile which just appeared out of no where - I'm now sensing I'll have to work a little over.  But I'm determined that filing is being done before vacation.  But first, I have to crawl around on the floor under a few desks for computer stuff.

Then all of a sudden there's an important meeting about a screw up.  Everyone is at the meeting other than the people that screwed it up!!!  Then that 15 minute meeting goes into a 1/2 hour and somewhere along the way...I can see one person whispering/motioning to another to "go ahead and bring it up".  So my office buddy (apparently not) says "We have lots of vacations coming up.  Laura will be gone next week and Kathy the next.  It's very important that everyone keep things caught up.  Please make sure you're not letting things get backed up." 

Let me interpret for you - "There's piles of filing sitting around that needs filed and well that's Laura's job and not ours."  We wouldn't want any of them to lower themselves to have to do such a common tasks as file, now would we?  And wasn't this what I've been trying to do ALL DAY LONG!! 

None the less, by the time I left - every piece of paperwork was filed.  The boss however was gone by then so I had to fire off an email to him explaining that I wanted my Kiosk, didn't want the keyboard tray and that the filing was complete, oh and after today...I really needed the vacation!!!


Monday, August 24, 2009

There WAS A Post

I wrote a nice long post yesterday, went to preview it and POOF! it was gone.  And that auto-save at Go Daddy just apparently wasn't working.

Anyway, Saturday we went to the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter in Chambersburg, PA for their Dog Wash Fundraiser.  For $20.00 each, Toby & Keyser got a bath and a nail trim.  Keyser did very well, but Toby is rather frightened when it comes to strangers and I had them muzzel him as a pre-caution for the nail trim.  He's never bitten anyone but he has kind of, on occassion, acted like he might; so I didn't want to take any chances.  While there we took a look at the cats and they have quite a lot that are "Strat" look-a-likes!  I hope to get one as a playmate for Cooper (as he's driving poor 12 year old Sebastian nuts), but we're just not quite ready for another yet.  They have some very nice looking black & white and white & black ones as well - they even have a persian.  Check out their website if you're interested.

Back at work today and we're still trying to get situated in the offices with the new furniture.  I could really use more desk space - I'm trying to find a desk organizer to hold quite a few things - when I find something that'll work, it tends to be too big.  Oh well, I'll get it worked out.

Leave for V A C A T I O N on Friday - I can't believe it's almost here!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

And The Furniture Project Ends

Today the new office furniture arrived - FINALLY!!!

It was to arrive on 2 trucks and be packed so it would be unloaded office by office.  It actually arrived in one big truck and was packed with no rhyme or reason to it.  This really didn't surprised any of us.

As I mentioned before, after ordering the furniture, we ended up switching offices.  We had decided, if possible, to switch pieces around if there was definately an ordered piece that an occupant really wanted.  This only occurred with 2 of the occupants.  The crew began bringing items in and placing them by the office plans.  They began to complain.  The Captain advised that everything was going to the offices as the plan was laid out.  This ticked one of them off first thing - out the door she went.  The reason the Captain wanted it this way was so we could make sure no pieces were missing; once the crew left - we could rearrange how we out the door he followed.  Things calmed down and continued.  The 2 who chose to switch some things around, did that and also chose to add some of the old furniture in as well.  I think they've overcrowded themselves, but I don't have to work in those offices.  The other girl and I chose to just leave things as is (though I did eliminate one guest chair) and I also was able to hand over the leave slips to her - which for some reason she willingly took.  One less thing I have to worry about.

Once furniture was arranged, it was time to unpack all the boxes and put the stuff in place.  It was a very tiring day.  I then came home and babysat the grandbaby for 3 hours.  I'm extremely tired!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

War of The Worlds - Oh, No...Just Health Care

When I was in school, I remember being told that when War Of The Worlds originally broadcasted on radio, there was panic as people believed it to be true........kind of like the widespread panic over the Health Care Reform going on now.

As more and more town hall meetings regarding health care are held, the more I realize what a bunch of lunatics the rest of the world must think we are.  At one time, they looked up to us as the greatest nation on earth, and well now....we're a bunch of crying babies.
Okay, not all of us - but the ones being portrayed are really a representative of all of us.

If you have questions in regards to the Health Care Reform, please educate yourself by doing your own not rely on emails, radical websites or (as much as I hate to say it) your church.  There's a lot of half-truths and downright lied associated with all of it.  For example, I received this one day in an email:

"On page 425 of Obama's Health Care Bill, the Federal Government will require everyone who is on Social Security to undergo a counseling session every 5 years with the objective being that they will explain to them how to end their own life earlier.  Yes, the are going to push suicide to cut medicare spending.  And, no I am not kidding you.  Also, planned denial of medical care for seniors."

Not something I really want happening, but before pushing that forward button..I hopped over to , like I always do when I want to check the truthfulness of email information, because I really don't want to resort to LIES in order to tell the truth do I?  Anyway, here was the response, better yet, click the link and read yourself...but just to prepare you, the above claim is FALSE: .  Refusing to click that link?  Afraid you may learn the TRUTH?

Anyway, I bring this up, because as I watch the news...I see citizens protesting, crying and screaming.  During the meetings, no one listens.  They've already made up their minds before they get there and their minds are full of the propaganda like above and there's no way of changing their minds.  Nothing is peaceful about these meetings.   Let me give you a quote that caught my eye on the internet the other day:

"Those that make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable."  John F. Kennedy

Is that what we want America?  Another Civil War?  I'm amazed that the people doing the most yelling and screaming and spreading downright lies are the "Christians".   I hate to say that, but it's true.  I have to question a church (or any person for that matter) that has to resort to lies to bring people to their side.  Hmmmm...."What Would Jesus Do?"  Certainly he wouldn't LIE!!

One of these town meetings was held recently in my area, I'm appalled when I see children hop up to ask questions - obviously coached by their parents- do good parents really USE their children?  But the meeting itself wasn't what I found interesting as much as the comments left on the local newspapers website in regards to it.  One in particular chose to do post after post copying the bill over.....well, not the entire bill - just pulling out the lines to prove he was right.  Problem with that, if you go back and read that line with the portion before and after it - it changes the meaning entirely.  See what I'm saying?  Why all the lying?

I'm sure this Health Bill isn't perfect, I'm sure it probably needs work.....but I just don't understand the widespread panic and meanness associated with it.  Everyone needs to shut-up and learn to LISTEN!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


A few posts back I mentioned a little black kitten that had been left outside by neighbors.  Since the owners of the property have put the house on the market, the renters moved out a few days after my post.  A day doesn't go by that I don't think of that little cat; and I'm very mad with myself that I didn't pick it up and bring it home.  According to the landlord, she did not see the the cat around while the renters were moving (and she was present the whole time) so we're both hoping some kind soul picked it up that night and took it home - she said the dog looked like it needed medical care as well.  Very sad.

June 29th was the last time I picked up Mickey from the old house.  He stayed 3 days...there's been no news on Mickey since.  I drove by the old house the other day; the kennel is not on the side porch which means they haven't seen Mickey (they get it out for a quick catch when he's around).  I'm afraid that Mickey didn't complete his travel this time.  Perhaps he and Strat are now together in a much happier place.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009



Have you seen the movie G-Force, the one about the secret service guinea pigs?  Very cute movie, but as with any movie regarding a certain type of animal - it causes a surplus of people wanting one for their pet and within 6 months to 1 year causes an abundance of unwanted animals sitting in Humane Societies and Rescues or worse yet, being dropped off in parks and in the country.

So before you run out and purchase one of these creatures to add to your family, please keep the following in mind:

    Your guinea pig isn't going to do ANYTHING those in the movie can do - make sure your child is aware of that.

    Guinea pigs do not use exercise wheels in their cages or will they roll around the house in the plastic balls.  So many movies have made the mistake of showing these in movies with guinea pigs.  Don't waste your money.

    Guinea pigs can live 3 to 7 years (sometimes longer).  Are you willing to make that long of a commitment?  If you can't make the full life time commitment - don't get the animal (and that goes for ANY type of animal you may be considering).

    Guinea pigs do have sharp teeth and too hard of a squeeze can kill them; no small animal is an appropriate pet for small children.  Can you offer total supervision while your child is holding the animal?  If not, perhaps you should wait until your child is a little older.
A good rule to follow - when your child is old enough to clean the cage, they're old enough to have the animal.

    Most cages sold in pet stores are too small for a guinea pigs, are you prepared to make the investment for an appropriate sized cage?  Marchioro Cages are at the top of my list and optional stands are available for them.  A lot of pet stores have started to carry them plus they are available all over the place online; I highly recommend the Tommy K line.  A good site for cages is Cavy Cages, it'll give you information on all types of cages available in pet stores, plus show you how to build your own!  When buying a cage remember - wire bottoms are a no-no (would you like to live all the time in your bare feet on wire?  Neither does ANY animal).  

    So you've decided you are ready to make the commitment?  Before running off to the pet store, check your local Humane Society or Rescue; you'd be surprised the number of small animals that are there.  Check Petfinder for agencies in your local animal.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bad Girl, Bad!!

I've been very, very bad in regards to this blog.  It's been forever since my last post.  Sorry about that life does sometimes take over blogging.

Not a whole lot happening really.  Hubby's coming along fine and doing better than expected so quickly.  I just keep reminding him not to overdue it - or it could mean a huge set back. 

Then there' s that remember, the new office furniture.  It's not here yet!!!  They told us normal turn around was 6-8 weeks, but they put a rush on our's for 5 weeks.  Yeah right, not only has it been 8 won't even all be coming'll come in pieces OR we can wait to the end of October/beginning of November when it will all be ready......   got to hate dealing with government agencies!!!!  I just know it will arrive when I'm on vacation - so I have to let the other office ladies know what I expect!!  Or they'll have to wait and do mine at a later date.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our Life and Travels

The other night hubby and I walked to a house in our neighborhood that's for sale.  He had looked into the windows and wanted me to see it (not like we can afford a house, but we can always look).  It was starting to get dark when he took me into the backyard and onto the deck to look in the back door - you couldn't see anything.  Coming off the deck, it started to rain - who am I kidding; it started to POUR down rain.  There was thunder, there was lightning and sheets of rain coming down.  The house had no covered porch, we were forced to stand smack up against the garage doors and hope that would keep us somewhat did for a while, we then watched as the wind shifted and all those sheets of rain started coming down the street and headed right towards us!  We were drenched, as soon as the storm seemed to be moving off, we chose to then walk in the rain home.  We were drenched!

Yesterday, was another trip to Johns Hopkins.  Hubby's staples needed removed - his local doctor refused to do it with a "We don't do that anymore."   Then they decided they would do it if Hubby had the removal tool as they didn't have them - ummmm....yeah, we all keep one of those in our pocket!  So he made the appointment at JH and we drove the hour and a half for a 5 minutes appointment.  Beth was very nice, removed the staples, let hubby have them (for some reason he keeps these) and gave us the removal tool as well (they're disposable anyway).  So yeah, now we do have one of those tools.  Anyway, every time we head down that way we pass this place:


It's a bar that sits along 140 near Westminster and Reistertown, MD right before the 795 interstate exchange.  It's always crowded and we also said that one day we would stop.  Since it was lunch time on the way home, we did just that.  I had a shrimp salad sandwich which was served in a bowl and you put it on the roll yourself.  I'm not kidding when I tell you that the shrimp were HUGE, the dressing was good, but I thought it had way too much celery in it; but since it was served on the side I was able to pick some of that out.  Fries and coleslaw come with the sandwiches, the fries are the crispy seasoned type, which I'm not fond of, and the coleslaw would of been good if it had been minus the green peppers (I couldn't see them, but every time I took a bite I could taste them).  Hubby had the fried flounder sandwich which he said was very good.  We also had the homemade potato chips for an appetizer, they are seasoned with Old Bay and come with blue cheese dressing for dipping.  They are very good.  Do I highly recommend this place? No.  But if you're ever that way, it is worth a stop; especially if you're not in the mood for the chain restaurants and just want something different.  The menu has quite a lot to choose from.

Then it poured down rain the whole way home.