Thursday, September 24, 2009

Keep The Prayers Coming

Apparently the prayers are working.  After days of worrying over what has happened to Gizmo (the dog from my last post), I finally emailed the rescue and got this response:

"Gizmo came home from the vet's yesterday.  He was transferred to Long Meadow on Monday.  He was doing better and then took another turn for the worse on Tuesday and needed a blood transfusion.  That seemed to jump start him and he improved a lot and is still holding his own.  He will go back to the vet for a recheck on Saturday.


It has been a real roller coaster with him.  We are all so attached to him that it has been very emotional.  We found out he has something called Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia.  They don't know really what causes it - in some cases they believe it is just hereditary.  About a third of the dogs recover completely, about a third recover, but have one or more relapses, and about a third don't recover from the first episode. "
So apparently the chewing of wire wasn't the issue.  I had never heard of this condition, so I looked it up and found this:
In immune-mediated thrombocytopenia (IMT), the reduction happens because there is increased destruction of platelets by the body's own immune system, at a rate faster than they are produced in the bone marrow. IMT may be secondary to some other process (such as an infection, tumor, or drug reaction) or it may be primary, meaning that no other causative factor can be found. It is more common in certain breeds, suggesting there is an inherited component. IMT may occur by itself or with other conditions.  The main problem for dogs affected by IMT is increased bleeding. Your dog may have nosebleeds, bruising on the gums or skin, and/or blood in the stool or urine (seen as a darker than normal color).  Your dog may also appear weak or lethargic.

So there we have it.  Gizmo is suffering from this condition but fortunately is responding to treatment.  Please continue to say a prayer for him.

Monday, September 21, 2009

So Depressing

As you've read here, my niece was in the process of getting a dog for her son.  They settled on the one I had found at a local rescue and planned to surprise him for his birthday.  Party was set for Sunday, and the people fostering the dog brought the dog to them on Saturday night.

When I got to my Mom's on Sunday, my sister told me that the dog was very ugly.  I in turn pulled out the photos from the internet of the dog - she insisted that a stand in must of been used.  She said the dog doesn't move, holds it's head up constantly.  I advised that she had no idea what the dog has been through and it was probably scared and needed an adjustment period.

When we got to my niece's the dog was laying on a blanket.  He had dried blood around his mouth.  My niece said that the people had told them that they discovered he had been chewing on some fencing and had cut it's mouth.  They had advised that if a problem occurred to take it to a Vet and they would pay for the cost. 

My sister wasn't kidding, the dog didn't move much and was constantly holding it's head up.  It did take a liking to my other niece and go to her.  Everyone that came, said the dog just needed to go through an adjustment period.

Later that night, when I was home my sister called and told me that the dog was dying.  I asked what had happened.  She said that the dog had started bleeding at the mouth.  They called the rescue and were told they'd be there in the morning to take it to a Vet.  My sister checked the dog's mouth and noticed it's tongue all cut up.  The poor dog than began to puke up blood.  It was decided to go to the emergency clinic.

The Vet informed them the dog wouldn't of lived through the night.  His gums were white indicating internal bleeding.  He also said the dog was probably holding his head up because that was the most comfortable position.  The Vet called the rescue and the people came in.

The cost for diagnosis would be $1000.000 with close to $5000.00 in treatment.  Technically, the rescue would be responsible for this, but figuring the rescue wouldn't be able to afford the cost, my niece reluctantly chose to sign the dog back over to the rescue.  Last she knew the rescue was paying for the disagnosis tests.

We don't know if the dog is going through treatment or if they chose to put it down.  I don't believe anyone intentionally did anything wrong to the dog.  I think, he was chewing wire and more than likely swallowed it - cutting up his throat and who knows what else in the process, the rescue probably didn't notice until he started bleeding at the mouth.

Anyway, it wasn't a Happy Birthday for an 8 year old that wanted a dog.  Whether Gizmo is on his way to recovery or in a much better place - please say a prayer for him.  I believe he would of been a very good dog.


And please, PLEASE - watch what your dogs eat and chew on!!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's Been A Sad Week

A week ago my Great Uncle died.  He was 97 years old and had been sick for the past 2 months.  Though it was sad to lose him, you couldn't really mourn his death.  He had led a long life and fortunately had a sound mind.

This past week my one aunt died.  Though she had been sick for a while, we weren't expecting this.  It was very hard.

Yesterday, my one uncle died.  He had been sick for a very long time and we were expecting this....but it's just been hard dealing with 3 deaths in less than a 2 week span.

I so hate getting older.

Monday, September 14, 2009

He's Still Around

I ran into the people that live in our old house at Walmart on Saturday.  I, of course, asked if they had seen Mickey as it's been June since he last left.

They apologized.  The woman's sister had gotten a dog and has their crate.  Mickey IS in the neighborhood and apparently living on his own.  They leave him food out (as does the neighbor) and they've decided to wait until it gets cold out to try catching him again figuring the cold weather will make him stay in.

I thanked them, but didn't bother to tell them that Mickey won't care what the weather is!

Humane Societies

I think Humane Societies are good things.  I believe they do excellent work that they really shouldn't have to.  But since all people are not responsible pet owners or view pets as "disposable", I'm glad that Humane Societies exist.  I don't understand, however, how some can be "No Kill" and others "Kill" - why can't the "No Kill" shelters train the "Kill" shelters?

Anyway, as you know we got Cooper from a Humane Society.  The process was very simple; I filled out an online application, within 24 hours was approved but told my cat of choice was already chosen.  I was then told that my approval was good for 6 months and I had that amount of time to adopt a cat.  We had Cooper by the end of the week.  Simple, painless process.

Not so with another local Humane Society.  Where Cooper's shelter was no-kill; this other one is not.  They make adoption extremely difficult that you get the impression that they would rather just put them all down.  My great-nephew has wanted a dog for sometime.  His mother & father took him to this shelter to look at dogs.  He picked one out, they let him play with it, he was allowed to take it for a walk, they all fell in love with it.  They were then told they were number 6 on a waiting list for him.

Ummmm....I don't know about you, but I think when an animal has just ONE application on him; he shouldn't be made available to anyone else until a decision is made.  Plus even if they disapprove the other 5 applications - it would probably be a good 6 months before they'd get to them.  A co-worker is adopting a cat from this place - she's been waiting for approval for 3 weeks - there's no line, she's the only one.  What more do they need to know?  They wonder why pet stores and puppy mills exist - this is why; too complicated of an adoption.

Now I understand they want the animals to have a good home and I agree there should be a process....but other than the following what do you need:

1.    Proof that you own your home or proof that your landlord will allow the animal.
2.    One or two references.
3.    Employment information (just so they know you have an income).
4.    Vet information - if this is your first animal the vet you intend to use.
5.    Maybe some information to sign off on explaining the time and cost of the animal of choice.

What can it take no more than 72 hours to accomplish that process?  After that have the household come in for a final meet & greet with the animal.  I think home visits are unnecessary unless there's a flag somewhere.

Anyway, I got online at Petfinder and found a cutie at a local rescue that I have dealt with in the past with guinea pigs.  I emailed it to my niece.  She fell in love with him.  She contacted them and within 10 minutes they had emailed a ONE PAGE application form.  There's no waiting list.  She'll probably know within 48 hours if the application is approved.  Then it's just a meet & greet.  They could have a dog by the end of the week; while the first one they chose will be sitting in a cage at the local humane society waiting weeks to get his forever home (if he makes it that long).

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just Shoot Me Now....

Despite the first week back from vacation, work hasn't been too bad.  The one person is off and the atmosphere is rather pleasant. 

Today was my planned filing day...yeah-didn't happen.  What did happen kind of threw me off guard though.  As I began to file, the Captain walked in and said he needed an ink cartridge.  Office supplies are kept locked up like it is gold and only one other person has a key besides me - the person that is off this week.  So I dropped what I was doing and walked back the hallway with him.  We found the cartridge and as we're walking out of the supply room he says to me, "You're not going to be able to wear those type of pants anymore." (I had on capris). 

Me:   "Really why?" (thinking he's joking around). 
Him: "Because of your tattoo.  Policy says tattoos cannot be visible."

This was news to me!  So I asked the obvious, "When did this start?" 

Him: "It's in the policy that you already signed for back when the policies started online."  
Me:   "Really?" 
Him: "Yes.  There's a big controversery over tattoos in the other division; it *is* an issue."

I walked back to my office and after awhile shared this with the other girls.  They were perplexed.  Definitely someone had to of complained.  The one even said she was thinking of getting a tattoo and couldn't believe this was happening.  I walked back the hall to the Sergeant's office and said something to him, the Property Officer was in there- she said "You have a tattoo?  You've worn those outfits all summer and I've never noticed it."

The Sergeant said he just had to call the other division for information on skin toned sleeves to cover tattoos.  He pulled up the website and printed it out.  As I'm heading out the office, he asks me to drop it off at the Captain's office.  I do, the Captain says, "Oh, that isn't for me, it's for you."  I left it lay on his desk.

When they put all the policies on the computer they did it in clumps.  You're to read and sign off on them by a certain date.  I'm sure I'm not the only one that didn't read them completely (I've typed those manuals at least 2 times).  But I realize that is my fault.  I pulled the policy and read it; it *does* give me an option to request an exemption to the policy.  I plan on doing that especially since I work at a desk and my legs are barely visible and when I'm in the file room I'm the only one there.  I realize with cold weather right around the corner, my dress attire will not be capris...but really now, who is offended by a butterfly tattoo??

Monday, September 7, 2009

And No Beach Vacation Would Be Complete.....

Without Beach Pictures!!!!





Barefoot Landing

Though Broadway At The Beach is closest to our hotel, we do drift up to North Myrtle Beach to Barefoot Landing .  It's here we buy bagels and treats for the dogs at The Baker's Dog (formerly Bone Appetit).  This year we decided to go to Alligator Adventure. This was alot of fun especially with my sister freaking out left & right (what was she expecting?).  I have TONS of photos from there and here's a few:












There was more than just alligators there:








Where To Eat In Myrtle Beach?

Our favorite place to eat at Myrtle Beach is Liberty Steakhouse located at Broadway At The Beach :

The food is very good and we've never had a bad meal. 

Another place we venture to is Carolina Roadhouse - I highly recommend the ribs; we also found this interesting sign when we left:

Course we didn't need it - but it's a nice thing for them to do.

When I'm hungry for seafood, we normally head for Hooks Calabash Seafood for the buffet, HOWEVER, instead of going there Hubby and I wanted a change and found Captain George's; it's well worth the few extra bucks it costs.  Well worth the trip.

One night we attended the Dixie Stampede .  Keep this place for when you're really hungry - each person gets a WHOLE rotisserie chicken plus a bunch of other stuff.  You'll never leave hungry here.

Other places we enjoy are: Fuddruckers ; Godfather's Pizza and a variety of breakfast diners.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

V A C A T I O N ! !

Yep, Vacation is over; but due to the holiday weekend I don't have to go back to work until Tuesday!!  Hubby and I have been power washing the outside of the house.  We did one side last night, the front this morning and will do the other two sides tomorrow.  You can really tell a difference!!  We keep getting great comments from the neighbors, and actually if you look around - our house *did* look the worst!  But once we landscape next spring - it'll be very nice!!

Anyway, I wanted to share some vacation photos.  As I mentioned a few posts back, we went to the IMAX Theatre and when going in they have you stand in front of a green screen and take 2 photos.  When the movies over you come out and the photos are there for purchase if you want them - we couldn't resist:

Here's the first one:

From the Left:  my brother-in-law Randy, my sister Judy, my niece Kelly with her son Caden, Me, my Mom and Hubby.

We were then told to act frightened (some of us could follow instructions, some could not - lol) and this was the result:


We got a good laugh out of it!!

I have more photos to share, but I'll do so tomorrow!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

And So It Ends...

Has it been a week already????

Well vacation is coming to a close.  I do have some photos to share, but the internet connection has been rather spotty so I'm waiting until I get home to upload the photos.  I *do* miss my dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs and turtle though and am looking forward to seeing them.  Not looking forward to returning to work on Tuesday though...