Saturday, October 31, 2009

I'm Back!!!!!

Oh, I know what you're thinking.....WTH have you been????  I'm still here alive and kicking!!

Things have been very busy; I missed almost a full week of work off sick with the flu...which meant all my work was backed up.  It took me a week to get that caught up (well the back load caught up, which in turn backed up the current stuff) and the first week back was tough as the flu left me totally whipped and I got tired so easily it was hard at work.  So the next week, I'm finally full force again and what happens???  The guy that runs the commissary at work has to take off for surgery...and now I have to handle those bank deposits and such.... AND starting on Monday, the Warden has assigned me and two officers to start running the commissary as normal.  No one but the commissary guy knows how to do this - should be interesting.  Oh, yeah and also - the three of us are expected to keep up our own work as well.  No one else has to crunch themselves to help us out.  I get stressed just thinking about it.

Happy Halloween to everyone. 

Trick or Treat was this past Thursday in our town (always the last Thursday of October); I didn't hand any candy out though - never have.  But the neighborhood was actually quiet.  Some year I'm going to dress up and hand out candy though.

Thinking of Halloween, it amazes me the people that find this fun holiday, evil.  I mean really, do you think all the little kiddies dressed up and out getting candy are secretly worshiping the devil???  Really????  I had someone say Christians cannot observe what was once a Pagan holiday.  Now I'm sure all these "Christians" celebrated Halloween when they were little but all of a sudden, though nothing has really changed, it's a bad thing.  Do all these Halloween haters know that Christmas is celebrated at a time when a Pagan holiday was celebrated??  And that that is why Christmas was placed at that time, it made the conversion easier to place Christian holidays, where holidays already were.  Do a web search you'll see.

Anyway, I must reshare one of my favorite Halloween moments, which occurred at CC's house.  She has one of those big blow up yard ornaments that is 3 ghosts.  I was at her house last year and this is what I saw:


It had been windy that day and the ghost that "should be" in the middle had gotten twisted and was getting busy with the ghost in the back:


They do say a picture is worth a thousands words!!!

So how am I celebrating Halloween this year??  Well I'm avoiding the big parade held every year in Hagerstown, MD; cause if you've seen that once, you've seen it a million times (and trust me I *have* as I use to live along the route).  So CC and I are heading to The House of Kobe for dinner and then off to the movies to see Paranormal Activity .  Halloween, good food, horror flick - how else would you want to spend Halloween???

Anyway.....tomorrow not only starts November, but it's also the start of National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) - a post a day; and as in previous years I'm participating!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

It Was A Long Week

Last week was a long week.  On Monday I ended up leaving work early as I was getting sick.  I didn't get back to work until Friday and even then I only went back because I didn't want to get a doctor's excuse to return.  When I got home Friday, I went to bed and then get out until about noon on Saturday.  Was it H1N1?  Well, I didn't go to a doctor, so I don't know - I just know, that though I'm feeling better, it doesn't take much to wipe me completely out.  It gets better each day, but I'm still really tired when I get home.  And of course, the filing is all backed up at work.

Friday evening, prior to getting home, hubby stopped to drop an order off in our old neighborhood; so we drove by the old house to look for Mickey.  We haven't seen Mickey since June, but there he was sitting on the side porch.  We stopped, I picked him up and we took him home.  Mickey was extremely clean and healthy looking, so I'm sure someone has been taking care of him - probably even allowing him inside their home.  The thought that I may see a lost & found ad in the paper for him crossed my mind.  Mickey hid under the dining room table, when I tried to pet him, he backed away.  He hissed at all the other animals in the house.  Sebastian and he used to be such buddies.  Saturday afternoon, in all the rain, wind and cold...Mickey left again.  I asked God to see him safely back to the old neighborhood.  I don't think we'll see Mickey anymore.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Animals, Animals, Animals....

Cooper seems happy to be home and up to his usual antics:

I'm glad he's home too!

A few posts back, I spoke of my great-nephews birthday present of a dog, which unfortunately became quite ill with a rare disease and had to be returned to the rescue.  He had the dog less than 24 hours.  I'm happy to say, that he finally got a dog, named Brita from Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter , which is the same place that Cooper came from.

She's very sweet and well mannered.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Cool, Crisp Autumn Morning

Keyser had me up at 6:00 this morning needing to go out.  So I got up, put him on the leash and opened the back door - "Jingle, Jingle, Whooosh!"  Nearly knocking us over - Cooper came in the door!  I was so relieved.

He's actually in pretty good shape, is clean, still has his collar.  It kind of makes me wonder if someone had him in their house?  I mean, I certainly wouldn't take in a cat that has a collar on it as that's so obvious a sign that it belongs to someone.  But some people are just stupid.

I think micro chipping is a good thing.  I've been reading stories where dogs and cats have been missing for YEARS and have been reunited; but the scanning of that chip is only going to occur if the animal makes it to a Shelter or a Vet as a stray.  If someone just takes your pet, removes the collar and never mentions it to the Vet that they "found" them (if they bother to take it to a Vet), who's going to know to scan it?  And what if they only use clinics for shots? Animal would never be scanned.  Fortunately Labs will scan and check for tattoos when animals are brought to them.  But what about the animals that someone just chooses to take as a pet?

This worries me.....


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cooper's Gone


I'm really beginning to hate owning animals.  My Cooper has disappeared.  He was out Thursday night but didn't show back up in the morning - which isn't the norm, but has happened before.  But when I got home from work and he still wasn't around, well I began to worry.  He often hangs out in bushes down the alley and when you walk down and call him, he pops out.  But he's not there.  I've searched the neighborhood, asked neighbors, placed the newspaper ad and just got back from the Humane Society.  Now all I can do is wait.

While at the Humane Society I opted to go look at cats to just check to see if Strat was there.  On our way back the lady asked what he looked like, I told her, she said "Good Luck" and motioned me to the cat room.  She wasn't kidding, with the exception of maybe 3 cats - all the other cats (and there were dozens) were Strat look-a-likes.  It was very sad.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pets Are So Funny

About a week ago, Keyser and I went for a long walk.  As we're walking through the neighborhood, we come around a corner and this black cat comes running across the street to greet us.  Keyser just loves cats, so he's very excited - the cat didn't seem to mind Keyser at all and was quite happy until Keyser decided it was time to wrestle(which he does with Cooper and use to do with Strat), then the cat wondered off.

We walk down the block and around the next comes a gray cat.  Doesn't seem to mind Keyser at all either, until Keyser decided it was time to wrestle......   Another block and out of no where comes an orange cat!  Same scenerio - greets us, loves us, doesn't want to wrestle.  It was quite funny.

The gray cat has become a regular on our walks now.  I swear he must sit under a bush and wait for us to come out of the house.  He's very friendly, doesn't mind dogs (unless they want to wrestle) and will walk with us while he aggrevates Keyser the entire walk.
Sometimes he'll run ahead and hide and pounce out of bushes on top of Keyser!

When I got home the other day, I walked Keyser along with that gray cat, whom I now refer to as "Pita" (Pain In The A**) and it was a normal aggrevated walk.  I got Keyser back to the house; and then walked Toby. 

Toby also likes cats, well let me rephrase that...Toby likes cats he KNOWS (Cooper, Spunky, Sebastian).  However, we're not a 1/2 block from the house when Pita decides to join us.  Toby does get excited and they touch noses; but then he notices as we walk that this cat is right behind us; and it somewhat has him worried.  At some point Pita got bored and crossed the street; Toby calms down and decides to "do his business" but of course, is also watching what the cat is doing.  Pita in turn decides this looks interesting and comes back.  Now Toby is in a panic; he's still "going" but at the same time doesn't want the cat near him, so he starts walking while in his squatting position to move away from the cat!  I almost fell over, it was so hysterically funny!!!

Okay, maybe it was a "you had to of been there" moment!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another Day

I know I've been really bad about updating this blog - just plain old laziness....

Yesterday there was a festival in the downtown, so I walked down to check it out.  There was some music and lots of vendors.  Some vendors were businesses, some arts & crafts, food stands, vegetables & fruit and then a few yard sale type ones.  I didn't buy anything but did pick up a BBQ chicken meal from the fire department that was very good.  I keep forgetting that I now live on a the walk to the fest was very easy; the walk back was uphill - tiring but good exercise.

I've actually mapped out a mile walk in the neighborhood.  I had one mapped out in the old neighborhood, but the one here is a little more challenging as it's a hilly route.  Now I just need to get my eating habits back in order.  I've opted not to follow a specific diet but just make some better choices in what I'm eating.  Diets, I find, put your whole focus on what you're trying to avoid "food" - how can you focus elsewhere when you're always weighing, measuring and preparing menus?  There's better things to focus on.