Sunday, November 15, 2009

Darkness, Guinea Pigs and A Virus....

I hate that it gets dark so early....I always think it's later than it is.

Today I lost another guinea pig.  He was fine yesterday, happily taking his morning carrot.  Today...well, he was on the bottom of the cage stiff.  His cagemate just took both carrots without even thinking about it.  Can you believe that I'm now down to TWO guinea pigs????  I remember when I had 15!!!  It's sad to see them go, but it does free up time - I hate to say.  At one time it was my passion.  Anyone, I combined the last 2 into one cage and so far they seem to be doing okay.  I have a rather large spare cage on a stand with wheels if anyone is interested.

My niece called me in quite a panic this morning as she had opened a private message in her FaceBook that hijacked the computer and then sent the virus out to most of her FaceBook friends!!  Yikes!!  I've spent most of the afternoon cleaning the mess up.  The PM came from someone she knew (who apparently had opened it and thus sending it to all their friends).  Word of caution - even if it's from a friend, if it's anything about a video or movie, delete it.  Her's said something like "Is This You In This Video?"  Course, her laptop had no virus protection - I've since fixed that.  And if it does happen to you, change your FaceBook password right away and go to , they'll provide some helpful suggestions.

Until Tommorrow......

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