Saturday, November 14, 2009

Out With The Old, In With The New

Okay, so I went from this sofa:

Okay, technically it didn't sit in my house quite like that - I did have the hole covered.  And now the new one:

Can't do the washer and dryer yet - but it's coming.  Today my one sister and her boyfriend stopped by.  Her BF is an electrician and he came to hook up a plug for the new dryer.  Our old one is hard wired and the new one needs a plug.  That was like a 10 minute job for him.  Hubby was going to do it himself, but....I could see it taking the whole weekend along with lots of bad it was just easier this way!! 

When we bought the house it looked like this from the front:

Huge bushes blocking the front of the house; we now have it like this:

You can now see the house and hubby is building a little wall.  I think I want the railings gone as well and carpeting on the stoop.  Course, right now it's pretty barren, won't be landscaping until Spring!

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