Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Sofa

We had a huge sectional sofa at the old house.  It was old but comfortable.  When we bought our house we knew it would never fit, so we got rid of it via FreeCycle.

We were worried at first, as we didn't have a replacement.  Fortunately our house came with a sofa & chair...for some reason everyone assumed they sold at auction.  If they did, no one picked them up.  So they became our's.

Over that time period Keyser has chewed a rather large hole in the middle cushion.  I keep it covered, but there's practically no back if you're sitting in the middle.  A few weeks ago one of the back legs broke off.  So now we had a lop-sided sofa.

We just couldn't see investing in a brand new one with Keyser still chewing everything in sight, so I've been watching Free Cycle.  One eventually showed up and well now it's sitting in my living room (after 2 hours of shoving it in the door).  I'm going to clean it this weekend.  Though not perfect, it is suitable for company and well, it was free! Course now I need new curtains to go with it.

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