Sunday, November 29, 2009

There Was A Brief Thanksgiving Incident.....

Thanksgiving went very well, but we had one issue.....

I opted to take Keyser to my parents for Thanksgiving and Hubby took Toby to his family's (we didn't spend the holiday together).  Toby has been to my parents house on a few occassions, but Keyser hadn't; but I wasn't too concerned.

Keyser actually did very well.  He loved the attention; loved the table scraps and loved running up and down the yard.  He liked playing with Caden & Maddie.


Caden arrived with his dog Brita.  I've been around Brita and she's always been very well behaved.  We were in the kitchen when my sister said "Oh no, they brought Brita."  At first I didn't understand her concern.  Keyser loves other dogs.  She explained that Brita tends to get out of control when she sees other animals.  I put Keyser on his leash and hoped for the best.  Dogs normally go through a very cautious sniffing of each other; I figured Brita would see Keyser was harmless and vice versa and well they could run in the yard together.......yeah, right.

Brita apparently smelled Keyser ahead of time, the door wasn't even completely opened when she just burst through it and jumped on Keyser, whose hair immediately stood up on ends all down his back (not a good sign).  There was growling and some yelping.  Since they live the closest, poor Brita had to go home.  I felt kind of bad and told them that I wouldn't bring he or Toby again without checking to see what they were doing first.  I told them they could have Christmas.

But other than that, it was a good day.

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