Sunday, November 1, 2009

This, That & Then Some...

Last night CC and I went on a girls night out.  We started with dinner at The House of Kobe.  We went early, so they weren't real busy.  I hadn't been there in years; but the food is still good and the atmosphere is nice; oh and their prices are still high!  Anyway, we ordered the same thing, so when the waitress showed up; CC ordered for both of us.  The food comes very fast and there is allot of it!  I brought over half of mine home.

The funny thing was that when we asked for "to go" boxes, the waitress brought them, handed CC her's and proceeded to help me get my food in the box.  We found this rather funny; like they were afraid I might make a mess or something.  It was funny and strange all at the same time.  Anyway, after we left...CC made the comment that maybe they thought SHE was the man of the relationship - it seemed to fit and we got a good laugh about it.  And thinking about it this morning, CC had ordered for both of us so maybe that's why they may of thought that....but we paid separate, so maybe not.

After dinner it was too early to go to the movie, so we went to Funkstown Tavern to have drinks and b*tch about work and such.

Then we went to the movie - Paranormal Activity.

We really love horror movies, we really want to go home and be afraid to go to sleep.  This movie promised this.  It failed so miserably.  First off - the movie was way too slow getting started - WAY TOO SLOW.  You would think they'd be building characters or something during this time, but they didn't.  You felt no connection to the characters what so ever.  You'd get bored with their day time chit-chat, and then at night, while they slept, when something did happen, it would happen and then it would be morning.  When the movie finally got interesting; it was over.  No one in our theatre moved to leave at first; I think they were as confused as we were!!
And as in Blair Witch fashion - the movie is not based on true events.

Early in the day, Colton came to visit.  He's growing like a weed; and now throws little fits when he's told "no".  We have to put Keyser in the pen, due to his jumping and since Toby is such a pain when Colton's there, we opted him to the pen as well - first time Toby's ever been in it.

Colton had fallen the day before, thus the bruise on his head.  He wouldn't smile until AFTER I took a picture!!!

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