Monday, December 27, 2010

It's All Over...

Whew!!  Christmas is over and now the store's are preparing for Valentine's Day!!  I'm not kidding...I was in Kmart on the 23rd and they had all the Christmas stuff pushed to a corner and were unpacking Valentine stuff!  Jeese....

In my area, the big snow storm missed us...I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good weather for the 6th & 7th...after I'm back from NY, it can snow, ice, sleet, etc..  all it wants.

Christmas wasn't too bad.  I've got a starting fund for an Ipad (though I'm not totally sure that's what I plan on buying - looking at other tablets as well); and a few needed odds & ends.  Christmas was well and I even got over my little madness in regards to the jacket from work.  I figured I don't really wear work related items in public anyway - only at work; I'll take it there and wear it when the heat isn't up to par (which is often in that office).  Course the big test will be Thursday evening at weigh-in...I've got my fingers crossed!!

Nothing planned for New Year's, though we were invited to Kim's.  But since it means we'd have to travel a wee bit and roadblocks are set up just about everywhere to catch drunk drivers; we play it safe and stay home.

Other than that, it's back to work tomorrow for 3 days, then off 4, then work 2 then to NY!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sick, sick, sick....

I've been sick all day.  The cold going around that I've been fighting for a week finally caught up.  I could of drugged myself up and went to work but I chose to stay in bed - I think that was needed.  I should probably stay in bed tomorrow as well, but I'll have to go to work before the 4-day holiday weekend.  We're so short staffed in the office that it's hard when someone takes off; but we realize that it happens but I just can't do it again.

I slept through the morning, not getting up until about 12:30.  Then I watched a very bad horror movie..and now I'm watching "The Book of Eli".  Seems okay so far.

Last night I was down 2/10ths of a lb. at weigh-in.  I was actually surprised as I was expecting a gain due to several parties and the amount of goodies coming into the office this time of year.  CC however is doing very well and is still losing poundage - You Go Girl!!  After weigh-in we went to a store and tried on clothes.  I am happy to say that I ended up buying a size 10 pair of jeans!!  I was really excited about it!!  When I started Weight Watchers I was busting out of size 14's!  Now I'm in a 10!  I always thought 10 was where I wanted to be, however, I'm no where near my goal weight and now I'm thinking maybe a 6 is where I'll end up.  That's very exciting!!  It's nice to see the weight go down but when the clothes get smaller it's a wonderful feeling!

I'm also happy to see that Kim did a posting yesterday and indicated that she and the pastor had talked and he informed her that he told "the gentleman that started all the church problems" that he had been wrong and should of come to Kim first with the blog posting and if that didn't work things out he should of gone straight to the pastor.  That's so correct...instead he chose to do a witch hunt that has led to hate & discontent in the church.  Always think how your actions will affect others.  It does make me think how my parents will take the news that the pastor they think so much of, does not agree with them.  It's a sad situation with no real winners.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Believe In God...but Church, well.....

Exactly what is a church?  In my opinion, a church should be a place that you go to worship God, share your belief with others and help and support those that are less fortunate as Jesus would do.  Oh I am so very wrong....

Hubby and I left our church several years ago...mostly because it became too political.  I wanted to worship, not have a political agenda rammed down my throat.  That church seems to be failing, especially within the past year.  It's a shame, but when the leaders lead in the wrong way, that's what happens.

I grew up in a Lutheran Church.  My parents still attend that church, but the rest of our family stopped years ago when my nephew was going through the process of joining the church.  The person in charge of that class told him that because his parents were divorced, that meant they didn't care about him.  Yeah, you read that right!  Anyway, my mother complained to Pastor, who did absolutely nothing.  We all dropped out, my mom continued to go because that's the only church she's ever gone to.

About 5 years ago, that church went through a HUGE break-up.  There was to be a vote and though both sides agreed whatever the outcome would be God's will and accepted...the losing party decided that God's will was for them all to leave and start their own church - which they did.  Unfortunately, the part that left was most of the money.

The little church on the hill has been struggling to survive.  And they do struggle and do survive...but they just can't seem to get past the split...and well, when a church is filled with hate, you have to wonder where they are heading.  My parents are part of the group that can't get past it and don't seem to be happy unless there is some type of discontent in the church.

The most recent seems to be with my BFF Kim, who is the church secretary there.  On her blog (her own personal paid for space) she posted her struggle with the sermons and the new pastor.  Now, I realize that there are people that lose their jobs over this kind of stuff, HOWEVER, Kim in no way, shape or form..mentioned the church or the pastor by name; and if you don't know that this is her'd have no idea who or where she was talking about.  But someone at the church came across it, called everyone and gave them "his" version of it, conned someone else into bringing it up at a council meeting (while he sat and played dumb)....and well, this whole thing got blown way out of proportion. 

So what is left of the church has been divided and whenever I see my parents, I have to listen to the discontent that Kim has caused.  Actually Kim has not caused them any discontent...her opinion is just different then theirs, but apparently she's not allowed to have an opinion.  Yeah, I don't like taking sides and I love my parents dearly...but I really feel they are being led astray and I have to question what kind of church they are going to.  The Pastor has even given sermons stressing forgiveness and putting things behind you...but nope, they'll have nothing of it.  Today I stopped by to drop off lard that my son-in-law got for them (yes, they still fry everything in lard); Mom was at a luncheon at church, but Dad was home because the people at that church are nuts (it took him how long to realize this?).  He then went into the speech of how so and so (people that up until now they've been good friends with) are now unhappy with things.  See....these people agree with Kim...and well, they can be nothing more than troublemakers.

I can say that Kim has found a church she is happy with and as soon as we find her a new job - she'll be extremely happy!!

But now you know why I believe in God and not church.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

It Snowed Today

It snowed today and reminded me of how much I hate winter.  Oh snow is pretty and all and I would imagine if you don't have to drive in it, it can be nice.  But for the most part it just makes things crappy.

It's been very cold here.  This morning Joppa Rhode, Cooper and Mickey went outside.  When I was ready to leave for work, I called them, but only Cooper came in.  I was pretty sure I'd get to my car and the other two would show up, so I decided to take my things to the car and then go back and lock the door.  Still no Joppa or Mickey.  I couldn't search, I went to work.

When I got home and pulled under the carport, I could hear Joppa meowing.  I opened the car door and he was on my lap immediately.  We went inside.  About 15 minutes later I found it odd that Cooper had not greeted me.  I searched the house - no Cooper.  I knew he came in that morning, what happened?  About an hour later he shows up at door....I can only assume he ran out unseen on me this morning when I went back to lock the door.  That left Mickey.

I'm no dummy and neither are any of you.  Mickey had been going in and out on short intervals the past few days.  But being out all day was a longer period of time and hubby had said those words we should never say that morning..."I think Mickey's going to stay this time."  Hmmmm.....sure.

Hubby gets home an hour later and here comes Mickey!!!  Though I'm not sure he'll stay forever, I am hoping through the winter.  But I also realize that Mickey will soon be 13 years old and well maybe he just isn't up to traveling anymore.  Time will tell.

Due to the weather no Weight Watchers tonight...I'm kind of glad as I was totally unprepared to weigh in.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Aim To Maintain

I really feel as if I fell off the diet this past weekend.  With the get together after the funeral, there was tons of food.  I had all my daily points to use and I took off an additional 10 from my weeklies just in case.  Though I had to basically estimate points, I’m sure I was still within my point range.  At my mother’s Sunday, again I was within my range but it was the second day in a row I had to “guess-timate” so I added another 10 weeklies to that.  Then last night was a Christmas Party, which was a sit down dinner.  I could control that a little better and didn’t go over my daily points; but I still feel like I’ve gained.

Don’t get me wrong – I know at some point and time I’m going to gain.  It’s just par for the course…but I’m just not ready for it and frankly next week scares me.  Two work parties coming up and then Christmas Eve and then Christmas Day…I need to start doing some exercise I guess.  I haven’t really truly done anything with exercise, but again, I knew at some point that would have to happen.

I’ve decided the best I can do for the holidays is the “Aim To Maintain” – if I can maintain where I’m at, I can get back into the regular routine after the holidays.

So what are your diet goals for the holidays?



Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Way Too Cold Out

I know it's December and I expect it to be cold...but must it be arctic cold???  With really high chilling winds???  Brrrrrrr........

It was a long weekend.  In the event you missed the little snippet in one of my posts, my mother-in-law passed away last week.  It was a very long, emotional, tiring weekend.  Everyone is doing fine though.

Course having the few days off resulted in an extreme file room back-up.  It's it totally unreal.  I had to catch up the commissary deposits, which was a weeks' worth and then from 1:00 - 5:00 I put paperwork in order.  That's right, it took 4 hours and I was just combining stacks of paperwork that were already in order!!!  So nothing's been filed yet.  Tomorrow that will start.

I'm so very cold....

Saturday, December 11, 2010


While discussing FaceBook with an online friend, I made the statement that I had originally gotten on FaceBook for High School Reunion purposes.  I was met with a "Oh, none of those people spoke to me then, I certainly won't speak to them now.  I don't go to the reunions and have no desire to."  I have found this to be a common answer from alot of people.

I graduated almost 30 years ago and yes, there are people on FaceBook that I went to school with that weren't my friends then but are now.  Why?  Mostly because I'd be leading an awfully sad life if I was still holding onto grudges from 30 years ago.  I grew up!!  My online friend may absolutely truly not care of being in touch with those people, and that's fine...but I think it's sad that one would choose not to have a lot of friends.  That doesn't mean that I "hang out" with these people; but we do share at FB and talk at reunions and I don't see anything wrong with that.

Friday, December 10, 2010

First Week On New Weight Watchers Program

I'm happy to say that after one week on the new Weight Watchers plan, I've managed to lose 2 lbs. !!  So the new system does seem to work.  But of course, I'll feel better after being on the plan about a month to really be able to see if it works!!  Guess I still have all those old points in my head!

One of the questions I asked at the meeting last night was "Do I have to use all those daily points?"  My daily points increased from 22 points to 29 points.  Though it's true that items high in carbs increased in points; fruit became free so things worked itself out...but they still gave me more points.  Those points are a little handy if you want to eat out or have a second helping...but on a regular basis it's too many.  If I have 6-8 pts still to use at the end of the day and really am truly not hungry, should I just eat anything to get the points?  I was advised that though I should make an effort to eat all the points, I should not eat if not hungry especially if it means eating unhealthy snacky things.  That made sense.  Right after we have this conversation....and I mean immediately after, someone else asks the exact same question!  Was she sleeping through the conversation I just had???

So I posed the question at the WW message boards - "How do you get all your points in?"  There were some good answers.  One being something I never thought of - replace some of those non-fat items (cheese for example) with the low-fat ones.  Will be higher in points and much better in taste.  Also make sure that I'm getting all my Healthy Guidelines in as well.  That's 6 cups of liquid (water preferred), 2 servings milk products, 5 servings of fruit/veggies, 3 servings of healthy oils, a multi-vitamin.  I got the vitamin and liquid under control...but the rest I need to work on..and yes, that would help with points. 

So I've got some items to work with but I'm still going strong and am now down 21.2 lbs.!!  Any other diet I've ever done I could get to 10 lbs. and that was it, could never get any further.  With this one, no food is forbidden and I don't feel like I'm dieting at all....

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Prodigal Son Returns

Remember this guy:

We haven't seen Mickey since last winter during the big snow storm.  We brought him home but as soon as the weather cleared he left to go back to the old house and has remained there since.  However the weather has gotten really cold in addition to some high winds and it made me think of Mickey again.  So yesterday I drove by the old house and there he sat on the side porch.  When I pulled in the driveway he started towards the car, HOWEVER, when I got out of the car he ran in the other directions.  The home owners came out, agreed we were in cold weather again and said they'd try to catch him, crate him and give us a call.

When I got home today I had a message from them and went to the house to get him.  I took him out of the crate and we drove home.  We got out of the car and while walking to the house Cooper came along.  Mickey took one looked at him and turned and ran in the opposite direction - GONE!!

I had a place to be and since he ran from me, just decided to let him go on his journey back to the old house.  But when I got home a few hours later, I heard him howling and he came to the door and came inside.  Right now he's hiding in the basement, but at least for tonight he won't be out in the cold and wind.

On a sad note, my mother-in-law died today.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Busy, Busy....

Last Sunday I went with CC to return her son and friend to Penn State after the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Long drive, but nice day.  Some photos:

Yeah, it was a long day!!

On Thursday we did our Weight Watchers meeting and despite a holiday loaded with food we had both managed to lose some weight, get new program material and hope for the best with the new point system.

Friday evening we went to the Waynesboro Children's Theatre Troupe's production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  A friend of CC's had 2 sons performing in the play.  The oldest was playing the part of Pharoh and is so very talented.  This is his last show with the troupe as he graduates high school this year.  You will see this boy on Broadway some day - I've no doubts about this.  Her younger son was one of the kids in the play and it was his first time - it was so funny to see him really getting into the music!  It was a fun time!

On Saturday CC and I (it's a crying shame we never see each other, huh?) went to some Christmas Bazaars at some area churches.  We then headed to the outlets in Gettysburg for some much needed shopping.  As an after thought, we went to Boyds Bear Country.  I haven't been there in a very long time.  It was all decorated for Christmas and I took some photos:

The bears are always so cute!!  It was a tiring but enjoyable day!

Today was our family Christmas Party for my mother's side of the family.  Two of my cousins and I are in charge of this and it's rather tiring.  We had a good turn out though and even though a few didn't show for various reasons, we had some that were first timers - so that was great!  Again, photos:

There is always plenty of food!  Too much for a dieter like me as a matter of fact - lol!
And speaking of diets, I'm very happy to say that several family members noticed I had lost weight!  I thanked them profusely as no one else ever notices...but as hubby tells me the people who see me every day (co-workers for example) aren't likely to notice the changes as quickly as those who don't see me as often.  Guess that must be true!

Starting tomorrow is our audit at work....busy, busy....

Busy, Busy....

I've been pretty busy!! 

Friday, December 3, 2010

I Have How Many Points Plus????

How can I use all these points???
The goal is to eat healthier thus the 0 pp for fruits and most veggies, however, if I eat mostly them, I’m not using any points.

I’m also aiming to get all my healthy guidelines in but again the majority of that is fruits/veggies.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Meeting Tonight!

Well tonight was my Weight Watchers meeting.  My head is still spinning!!  It's a lot to take in especially if you've been doing WW.  Points have to be all re-thought!!  Oh and we're to refer to them as Points Plus not just Points...but it will be PP for this blog!

The best way to approach this system is to act like you've never done WW ever!  Which we all know really is impossible.  It'll be great for the newbies; but for those of us that have been doing the old program...well forget all the points you have memorized - they all have changed.

I was disappointed that our center (and I'm reading this is true of most centers) were completely sold out of the new kits.  Apparently enough weren't ordered, or maybe enough were they just weren't expecting all the newbies at this time.  I would think there would be a flow of newbies after Christmas; but for some reason they're all starting now!!  Anyway, most of the products are being sold at discounts and they were throwing in the individual items as a packet at a reasonable price; I chose the pack that came with the Food Companion, Dining Out Companion, 12 week tracker, calculator and cookbook - CC chose the one with everything I got minus the cookbook (we'll share that anyway).  The calculator is a must for this program (no more slider folks) but I find this one to be rather cheaply made - it even looks it!!  Hopefully they'll improve on that model - I do live by my calculator.

Hopefully, I can make it through tomorrow and CC and I can grocery shop to get things working!  We need plenty of those 0 PP Fruits!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

A New Weight Watching We Will Go....

Though my Weight Watchers meeting isn't until Thursday because I have the monthly pass I get full access to the website so I'm seeing a lot of the new information.  I always track my points online but now it's only doing the new plan.  So I thought I'd give it a try.  But I'm confused....

Old Plan Breakfast:   oatmeal (2 pts.); banana (2 pts.)
New Plan Breakfast:  oatmeal (4 pts.); banana (0 pts.)
So both plans give me a 4 pt. breakfast for the same items...what changed???

Oh the amount of daily points I had changed:
Old plan daily points:  21
New plan daily points: 29
Old plan weekly points:  35
New plan weekly points: 49

This is what I ate today (points are according to new plan):
Oatmeal - 4
Banana - 0
Grilled Cheese - 5
Pringles - 2
Hostess Mini Cupcakes - 3
Crabcake - 4
Small potato - 2
Broccoli - 0
Total:  20 - I get 29 so I have 9 more to go and I'm not a bit hungry!!  Fruit or veggies wouldn't give me points so my only options would be junk food - that can't be healthy!!  See my predictment?

On the old plan this would of been:
Oatmeal - 2
Banana - 2
Grilled Cheese - 3
Pringles - 1
Hostess Mini Cupcakes - 1
Crabcake - 4
Small potato - 2
Broccoli - 0
Total:  15; Daily would of been 21 with only 6 left over.

Hopefully they will explain this more thoroughly.  I'm glad they are giving more points otherwise you'd be staring at a plan that was more vegetarian than anything...but 29 seems like an awful lot (and some people will get more than that).  Hate to see more points set us up for failure.  I mean even with the new point values I'd still be 1 point under on the old plan.

Anyway - if you also are waiting for your meeting this week, I have read that you will need to purchase a calculator (no slide thingy this time) and products are being sold at reduced rates.  Kits are available.  Check out Danica's Daily and Roni's Weigh for more information.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Holiday Is Over - How'd I Do???

So the holiday went well and the only "bad" thing I ate was a slice of cherry pie (13 pts - yikes!).  But besides my daily points, I still had weekly ones so I didn't go over points; so I did very well.

My one niece has shown an interest in WW and her mother brought her an old set of the WW books to use even though I explained they'll be some changes.  My niece is under the impression she can just eat the frozen Smart Ones dinners and lose weight.  Her mother agreed that yes, as long as she stays within the point range; that will work!!  Uh-huh, overlook the person standing there that is doing WW and trying to offer advice.

WW is so much more than tracking points and staying within a range.  It's about learning healthy options, learning portion control and learning to listen to your body and knowing when it's satisfied and not stuffed!!  I can tell you from experience that the diet frozen dinners should only be used in emergencies and not as a regular part of the diet.  Why?  One - they are loaded with sodium; and Two - you'll starve and then set yourself up for a binge.  These meals just do not satisfy; an hour later, you'll be hungry again.  I've even tried having salad and fruit with them and it still can't get me to the next meal.  In a pinch, yes, they are convenient to have.....but regularly - no way!!

Besides, if you choose to just eat the Smart Ones that means that for the rest of your life you will never ever eat a home cooked meal or eat out!!!  How could you?  Do the program correctly and you can learn how to eat without over eating.  And that is what WW is all about!!

One thing CC and I like to do is pick a restaurant and put our WW knowledge to work.  We always look for the nutritional listing for the restaurant on the internet (most of the chains have this) and plan a meal ahead of time.  No nutritional info available?  Then it means you have to crack open the point books and do the best that you can!  We do very very well this way.  Some safe choices?  Grilled Chicken or Fish are always a good starting point; stay away from things that have sauces on them; get your salad dressing on the side (and aim for non-fat or low-fat dressings) and a side of broccoli, cauliflower and green beans add no points! 
Don't be afraid to have your nutritional listing and/or WW books on the table.  At least twice this has started conversations with waitresses and other customers and has resulted in a learning experience for us. 

Just please, don't live off the frozen dinners - you will never last!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This & That

I've totally forgotten about "Survivor" due to it being moved from Thursdays to Wednesday nights.  So this evening I'm catching up on the On Demand (how did we ever live without this??).  Anyway, the one lady (and I use that term very loosely) got mad because she got the smallest tortilla at breakfast so she has stolen food and hidden it.  She's been a royal pain in the you-know-what since day one and I can't believe she's still there.  Now she's being confronted (because someone saw her do it) and she's lying about it and getting an attitude like everyone is accusing her!  It's so funny.  I'm sure her family is proud.  You should of seen the week when she pushed down the lady with the artificial leg - and then to the camera made all these derogatory comments about the lady.  I can't believe the show kept her!
Oops!  There we go - she didn't get voted out on that episode.  How stupid are these people???

I'm beginning to feel as though I'm coming down with a cold.  I felt this way on Saturday and it went away.  Now I'm feeling it again.  I need to get to the drug store and get some cold medicine before it get full blown.  Nice way to spend Thanksgiving huh?

I want to thank everyone that came to my aide with ShurePet orders. I did reach my goal and the order will get placed on Friday.  I'm waiting for the money transfer from PayPal.  One recent order was from someone I met in NY back in 2007 and had totally forgotten about - lol!  But once she jolted my memory a little, I remembered!  Hope she can make it to NY this time around as well.

Hmmm...someone just went up the street singing extremely loud.....holidays bring out the weirdness in people.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Have You Looked At The Sidebar???

The one to the right has my weight loss.  I'm happy to say that I've reached the first Weight Watchers goal of losing 10% of your starting weight!!  What made it extra special is that, due to the holiday, the weigh-in occurred 2 days earlier in the week!  The icing on the cake?  CC made her 10% also - so we're moving along really well.  Next week will be the introduction of the new plan - "Points Plus" - they did give us the name tonight.  The UK version is "Pro Points", so I don't know if they're the same or there will be some differences; the UK plan has always been different from ours.

The sidebar on the left indicates that Kevin Spacey gets closer each day!!  Need I say more????  :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

I'm Stay-cationing.....

So I'm on V A C A T I O N this week!!!  I have plenty to do, but right now I'm watching Comcast On Demand as they started the HBO Series "Big Love" from the beginning and Season 2 started today.  I'm addicted.  If you don't have HBO, you're missing some of the best TV series on television.  I've yet to come across one I don't like.  And there's a new on in the works starring Kevin Spacey.

So I took Olivia to the Vet's today for her complimentary wellness visit via the Humane Society.  This wouldn't of been that big of a deal except because her one eye had a slight whitish discharge, they insisted on eye drops (not part of the complimentary visit).  That wouldn't of bothered me too much, but they charged me $36.00 for the eye drops!!  Yep, you read that right THIRTY-SIX DOLLARS.  For some reason, I think they upped the price so they'd get their office visit fee in it too.  I know that sounds petty, but do eye drops really cost $36.00?????  $15.00 maybe, not $36.00.

Anyway, once home I moved Olivia to to the 2 level cage and Maggie over to the single level.  Maggie has only been staying on one level in the 2-level anyway which means she stopped using the litter box and just goes anywhere.  She's old and having a hard time getting up and down the ramp.  I decided this was best.  Despite a slightly unnoticeable eye discharge (yep, I'm not letting up on that) Olivia is doing great, and she learned the ramp very very fast. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Really??? REALLY????

As I've mentioned before, Weight Watchers has changes coming on November 28th.  The whole program is being revamped and the point calculation will change.  So all old books, calculators, etc..  will not be usable for the new system.

This has caused a lot of whining and excitement in WW-ville.  Some are very excited about the change...others are very upset.  But regardless which side you're on, everyone seems to really want to push ahead in time and find out what the new program is.  I imagine that November 28th is going to be a very busy time at WW centers.  From what I'm seeing on message boards, most people aren't waiting for their weekly meeting day - they HAVE TO be there the day it starts.  Really???  REALLY???  I mean c'mon people...what's a few days?   It's not like it's a big event and if you don't start that day, you can't do it!  Just continue with the old program until your regular day shows up. 

At first I was know the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality.  But with what I'm reading (the UK members are already on the new program), I'm getting really excited.  Supposedly, fruits will all be 0 points!!  What could be better than that?  Hungry?  A healthy snack that won't cost you anything!!  Some things will go up in points, but since your daily points and weekly flex points will also increase...well there you go it's covered!!  Supposedly, the point calculation will include carbs, fiber, fat and protein instead of calories, fat and fiber.  They are looking at what makes up a calorie and how your body burns it.  Lots of people are excited because they are eating more and still losing weight!!  The whole program seems geared to make you eat healthier, but give you a break for nights out and such.  That's NORMAL living - and that's easy to live with.  So yeah, I'm excited!!

But really???  REALLY??? Is it necessary to overload the centers on the very first day????

Thursday, November 18, 2010

He's So Special....Still!

I got home from work last night and went to walk Keyser.  Cooper and Joppa ran out the door to tag along.  I chose the alley route to keep the cats out of the street.  The guy who lives behind me was out on his porch; as I get closer he says, "Is that cat yours?" (pointing at Joppa).  I told him it was and he says, "That is the friendliest cat I've ever met.  When I sit on the back porch, he lays on my lap."

I had to agree.  I then told him about Joppa's visits throughout the neighborhood and all the people he visits.  He told me it's been a very long time since he's owned a cat, and he really enjoys having Joppa around. far - no one has complained about him.  He's such the charming little fella'.

A Little Update

I never updated the commissary situation from a previous post.
The guy who does that job, as it turned out, was not off an indefinite amount of time…only to the end of that week.  Which was great.
The inmate that didn’t show up the first day – well there was more to that story – kept his job and turned out to be a very good worker.  The one with the attitude, we chose to not call him out and therefore he remained in his job as well. 
I had to laugh reading Polt’s comment on that post!  He was so right in saying it takes THREE of us to do the job of one person!  It’s so funny.  The not funny part of that comment is that no one covers the work of the THREE of us that do that – it sits and waits on us.   Sigh…..

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm So Excited!!

Well Project Spacey 2011 is moving along and several of us are coordinating our schedules to meet up at the stage door!!
JoJo and I have our hotel booked and all I have left to do is my train tickets – whew!!  As hubby so nicely put it “The ticket may have only cost $30.00 but it’s going to cost about $300 to get there and back!”  Oh that is so true….
A few others from last time are coming and the one lady from Alaska that I met at the stage door in 2007 will be in NY for another play; so she got tickets for Kevin as well and I’m very excited to see her again!!!  Hopefully more fans will be added as everyone looks at their schedules!!
I’m so very excited!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

When Losing Weight.....

What everyone wants to hear during the weight loss process is those words "Gee, have you lost weight?"
Yeah, we all want people to take notice.  At 15 lbs. down I'm kind of distressed that I don't hear it more.  Hubby thinks it's because my co-workers see me all the time and thus it's not as noticeable to them as it would be to someone that hasn't seen me in a while.  That could be true, one of my co-workers on a different shift took notice when I worked over one day - I was elated!!!

But I did hit the booking area a few days later, when the officers working asked me about Weight Watchers as one of the other ladies from the office had told them I was doing that.  Was it hard for me?  I could answer that quite quickly - "No it's not."  I then proceeded to tell them that WW has a point value to everything and you're given so many points a day and you can basically eat what you want, but you learn to make the better choices as they are low in points and you can eat more that way.

But I didn't lie to them - there are days I want to go home, plop on the couch with a large bag of chips and some dip.  As a matter of fact - that is what I use to do almost everyday after work.  I got my weight gain from that and I know I can't do that anymore.

Weight loss is all about change.  Change.....

Last night was the first mention of the changes coming to Weight Watchers.  They didn't give specifics but the leader said she hates change and whined about it when they were first told; but she's been trying it and it's working.  We'll get full details the week after Thanksgiving.

From what I'm hearing on the internet (and it may not be true or only half-true) fruits and vegetables will all be 0 points (with the exception of starchy veggies such as potatoes, peas...) and those low point snacky things will increase in points.  Where now calories, fat and fiber calculate out a point value; more things will be looked at for that - carbs for example.  So we'll see.

Course in time for Christmas, we'll have to buy new books and calculators I'm assuming.

Friday, November 12, 2010

A Little Bit of Kevin Spacey.......

On the norm this would be about all I'd have to share of Kevin....a photo taken in May 2007 at the stage door in NYC.  Sigh.....

And guess who is the guest for January 6th?????  And tickets are only $30.00!!!  So guess who has a ticket and is going????

Yep, I couldn't resist.  Already in touch with a few fans and Project Spacey 2011 has now begun.  Everyone at work was like "Is it a play?"  I said  "No, I think he's talking."  They gave me a weird look...I then explained that I would pay to watch the man read a book (and not out loud just to himself).  I mean come on people - IT'S KEVIN SPACEY!!!

So need to get a Spacey Countdown on the Side Bar!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Well today I brought my new bunny home - Olivia.  She's very sweet and friendly.  Here's the photo from the Humane Society's website:

I'll get newer ones, but she was spayed yesterday so I'm giving her time to chill!

And the adoption process was very easy!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Just got the call – Olivia’s adoption is approved and I can pick her up tomorrow!!!




Monday, November 8, 2010

A Long Day.....

It's gonna be a long week - despite a holiday on Thursday.

The commissary guy is out again for an indefinite amount of time.  This means, me and 2 of the deputies have to run the commissary.  We did this once before, but as always your regular work sits while you do another job.

We went back this afternoon to get ourselves re-trained.  There are 3 inmates to assist.  One decided he wasn't coming to help, thus ending his job in the commissary.  The other 2 helped but one of them had a real attitude and I doubt he'll be with us much longer.  Guess the commissary guy will come back to a whole new crew!  (Yeah, I know Polt this doesn't make you happy since you have to find replacements...sorry!)

Once we got moving though, things went fast.  We're hoping to start in the morning tomorrow.

Still waiting to hear from the Humane Society on Olivia.  I wish they'd contact me with an update!  I'm assuming they are waiting for her to be spayed.  Which is fine, but it would be nice to know when that is so I can get some idea on when to expect to bring her home.  Or if there is a problem...what is it?  I've always heard that the adoption process through this place is a nightmare...I was hoping to prove that wrong.  We'll see.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Animals, Animals, Animals.......

The weather seems to get colder and colder....what will I do when the "actual" cold weather gets here?

We stopped by the local pet store last night to see about Lucy.  She had been sold and is now in a home with 2 young boys.  The lady said the owners have been back in since purchasing her and everything is going fine.  So that's good news!!

I'm in the process of adopting a rabbit from the Humane Society.  I saw her online and well couldn't resist.  I have a spare cage but am hoping maybe she'll be a good companion for Maggie.  Her name is Olivia.  I filled out the online application and they emailed me back.  I then went to visit yesterday.  She is so very friendly, just loved the attention.  When I walked back out and told them I was still interested; she gave me an application to fill out (it has a few more questions then the online one) and when I checked the back of it - they had already verified all information on my online one.  The girl said they were trying to make a vet appointment (she'll need spayed before adoption).  So my guess is that if they are making that appointment - I'm approved.  Plus when I got back to my office and went online, her photo had been removed from the adoptable pets.  Hopefully I can pick her up this week.

I'm becoming ShurePets depressed.  Most everyone can't do parties until after Christmas and I have until December 9th to have so much sold or I'm out (unless I pay an additional fee).  Right now I've sent out an email asking people to just buy one item to help me meet this goal.  God Bless CC who bought two items...but we've a way to go.  I'm going to purchase my pets their Christmas gifts - Why Don't You?  Again, the link to the catalog is on the sidebar.  You may order online at: or Email me your order at: and receive FREE SHIPPING (you must email me the order to get the shipping free).  You'll get an email back with an invoice to pay via PayPal (you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay this way).  Need orders no later then November 21st.  Thanks!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Long, Fun Evening

I’m not big on blogging via email…but it’s what works best at the moment as I won’t have time later.


Last evening I spent with my BFF Kim (whos blog is being left un-clickable at the moment due to some issues).  Kim wanted to move her blog from godaddy as well, and since it went so smoothly for me – well could I come over and help?  But of course….


But it didn’t go smoothly.  The transfer kept going and going and going…….  We stopped it; made the file smaller.  The 2010 and 2009 post popped right over – but everything from 2008 and prior just wouldn’t.  I was there a looooooonnnnnnngggggg….time.  Nothing worked.


Once home I decided to transfer a new file minus the comments – BINGO!  It worked.  Course it wouldn’t let me do the comments separately; but it’s better than nothing.  Kim will have to read back through them and copy and paste over the ones she likes!


It was a long evening….but lots of fun too!  And Kim, apologize to your son, I forgot the stuffed bear he gave me!




Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ho Hum

I was somewhat a little disappointed yesterday when I checked the local pet store's website and saw that our Lucy had been sold.

She's such a sweet dog and so deserving of a home - and I'm glad she has found one.  But that little tinge hit me...cause I thought the longer she sat unsold, it was more than likely we'd end up going back for her; and now that won't happen.

At the same time, I know we didn't keep her because we weren't up for the house training and such again; and that our household does have enough animals.  But after spending time with her, well she left a pawprint on my heart.

I hope she's happy and well cared for in her new home.

Time For Some Recipes

I must share. I made this recipe last night and it was WONDERFUL!! Oh so very YUMMY!! Hubby even raved about it:  Three Bean and Pork Slow Cooker Chili .

The night before we had this:  Baked Honey Mustard Chicken Bites .

From Green Lite Bites I've made and enjoyed:  Chicken and Veggie Couscous (though I skip the couscous and do rice instead); Marylandish Crab Cakes and Veggie Scoops .  There's more on that site I want to try.

And at Hungry Girl :  Cake (I've made the very last one with the greek yogurt - very delicious and moist); and Vanilla Thrilla (my guilty pleasure-YUM).

So it can be trial and error...but so far so good.  But I highly recommend you try the Chili!  I didn't follow the recipe exactly though.  I left out the carrots and jalapeno and used onion flakes and garlic powder in place of the onion and garlic.  I also used tomato sauce instead of tomato puree (because the grocery store only had super large cans of puree) and I used plain diced tomatoes instead of one with peppers (I'm not fond of peppers of any kind).  In the Crab Cake recipe I used the "update" under the recipe rather than the recipe as written (Roni often tries different things with recipes so always read the whole thing and see if she has a swap or two different from how she originally did things).  And of course her scoop recipe can be made dozens of different ways. 

There's no disappointment from the above sites and they are all very helpful with a Weight Watchers diet.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Did you vote today??? If not, make sure to make it to the polls before they close.  You don’t have the right to complain, if you don’t vote.


And if you’re not registered – shame on you!! 


And no I’m not going to try to swing you to vote MY way – lol!  As long as you’ve read up on your issues and candidates and know what’s important to YOU – that’s what matters.  And please don’t rely on the lies/half truths that come via emails and such – if the person has to make up stuff to sway you to their candidate, well you should wonder what they are hiding; always check even if the email tells you that it has been verified at snopes (that’s just to prevent you from going there and finding out the truth).  I’m surprised at the number of people that fall for these emails.


Well as you can see from my last two posts things are set up correctly so I can blog via email or texting if necessary.  Not that it should ever truly be necessary…but it’s nice to have options!  And the set up was very easy!!  As a matter of fact, the entire transition from godaddy to blogger was extremely easy.  It was a nightmare the time I switched from one godaddy blog to another godaddy blog!  And anyone that signs up as a follower – remember how your email boxes were flooded with posts!!  What a nightmare!


Tomorrow I hope to share some Weight Watcher recipes I have made.  Actually there’s on in my crockpot for dinner this evening.  Hope it’s as yummy as it sounds!





Now testing the mobile device.

This Is Just A Test....


Just running a test email to make sure the blog by email option is working!!

Monday, November 1, 2010


November is National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo).  The challenge is to do a post a day on your blog for the whole month.  I've done this the past few years but decided not to this year.  It would be different if I had daily things happen that are worth blogging about; but that doesn't always happen.  But I am hoping to post more often and not just in November.

I still own the domain and I've set it up to direct my readers to here.  There is a way to use the domain here on blogger, but it's easier to do it this way.  But try to adjust your bookmarks to; because I won't be renewing the domain when that comes due and of course, once it's gone it will no longer direct you here. 

Some of the photos in the older posts are too large due to the fact that I'm using two sidebars here.  I'll try to adjust those, but don't expect miracles!  I like the two sidebars...I'm trying to work them to have the diet stuff all on one we'll see how that goes.

Weight Watchers is going well.  I didn't have a loss last Thursday, but I had no gain either.  Hate being at a standstill but it is part of the weight loss process.  Hoping for some loss this week!  :)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Halloween would just not be complete without a re-sharing of some Halloween decorations at CC's house 2 years ago.  She had these blow up ghosts in the front yard:

It was rather windy out and the ghost in the middle (that you can't see in the above photo) was rather busy with the ghost in the back:

It was definately a Kodak (or in my case an Olympus) moment!  So glad I always carry my camera.

This year she played it safe:

But I like the ghosts best!!  Happy Halloween Everyone!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Girls Night Out

Last night was a planned "girls night" for CC and I.  Yes, I know, we do that every Thursday with Weight Watchers and a movie; but this was another night we chose - mostly because one of the Local Theatres advertised the original "Night of the Living Dead" for retro night.

Every since we were little, we've loved this movie!  Oh, yes - we hide our eyes through most of it (still do) but zombie movies have always stuck with us - though this one remains the best.  Anyway, on Wednesday I took notice that the theatre mentioned the 1990 version.  Hmmmmmm......I then clicked for the trailer and got the 2006 3D version (which is awful).  So I went to their FaceBook page and asked which version they were showing.  They were unable to get the original but got the 1990 remake instead.  This disappointed us greatly - always wanted to see the original on the big screen.

But we decided to go out anyway.  We chose to eat at The Greene Turtle .  This turned out to be a wise choice.  When all possible I like to go online and pull out the nutrition labels for restaurants (chain ones normally have this for their menus).  When I pulled up The Greene Turtle's and printed it out, I noticed it had a column for "dietary points".  Hmmmm....I randomly checked some items and discovered these "dietary points" are actually "weight watcher points"!  Bingo!

When we pulled out the pages of nutrional values at the restaurant, we explained to the waitress that we were doing Weight Watchers and would need a few extra minutes to we worked it out.  She in turn, sits down, says she just joined WW online and was unaware that the nutrional listing included points!  She was quite surprised that some of the items (wings for example) came in at double or more points that you're allowed in one day.  She also shared the list with the bartender (another Weight Watcher's member) and another shocked person at the point values.

We each ordered a crabcake (2 pts), red mashed potatoes with beef gravy (3 pts) and a cup of vegetable crab soup (3 pts) for a total meal of 8 pts!!  It was so very good!  Who am I kidding - I felt like I was in heaven!!

We then headed to the movies to see "Like Dandelion Dust".  Which is a very good movie.  We were in the theatre with the recliners, which are nice, but certainly not worth the extra $4.00 per ticket.

All in all it was a great evening!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Yesterday, during lunch, a co-worker asked me how my diet was going. I told her I was down 12.2 lbs as of last week's weigh-in. She then asked me the cost of Weight Watchers. I told her that you can pay $13.00 weekly, but that I pay monthly at $39.95 which averages to about $10.00 a week. She told me that wasn't a bad deal when you consider the food cost. Hmmmmmm......

I told her that cost didn't include food (once again I explained that WW isn't Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem); she then said well I guess that's an okay price for the exercise. Again, I it's not a gym. To which she asked, "Well, what are you getting for $40.00?" I told her complete access to the WW website, a weekly weigh-in - that keeps me very accountable; and much information, tips and group support. She replied, "Well for $20..00 a month I'll give you some tips." This coming from someone who also struggles with weight issues...why would I take advice from her? She's obviously not following her own advice.

Anyone that reads here regularly certainly knows that I'm an advocate for doing things FREE whenever possible. There are many weight loss sites that have no fee associated with them ( for example) and I highly recommend them. However, I could never get them to work for any length of time because I'm a person that needs some accountability; and though I have fallen a few times...knowing that weigh-in is coming up gets me right back on track!! The one thing I like about WW is that I can eat WHATEVER I WANT. You just have to keep within your point range. Naturally you don't want to use all your points in one meal and starve the rest of the you learn correct portions and you learn to choose healthier ones. I eat rather a lot in a day's time, and I don't always use all my points!

So maybe you wouldn't pay $40.00 a month, but I think it's been a worthwhile investment!

10/27/2010 10:32 AM Kim wrote:

OMG, are you blogging at work??

The co-worker has no idea...tell her you don't think her tips are worth $20 as she doesn't have the success standing behind them!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Don't Take It So Seriously

Today I'd like to explain to everyone about blogging. Blogs are created for a number of reasons. My blog was created just as an expression of myself..
Though I enjoy that people read here, it's not a necessity for me. A close friend of mine recently went through an incident over a blog posting. Those that were upset over the post refuse to listen to any reasoning. So let me explain.

A blog posting is that of the blogger at the moment they are writing. They may have had a bad day and/or a situation may have upset them. They may be dealing with a struggle and are trying to work their thoughts out. Oh yes, I know there are those postings that are true attacks, but most people don't mean it in that way.

I could write a blog today and set it to post on my blog 6 months from now. Yep, there's a time date option. I can set the date and the time of day I want it to post. So what you may be reading could have been written at another time. Don't always depend on the date/time of the blog as proof of when it was written. Most of the postings I put up for special occasions (my anniversary for example) are set to post several weeks earlier.

Don't read between the lines. In my friend's defense, her blog was simply an opinion of a struggle she's been dealing with. She wasn't slamming anyone or any place. But the people that got upset saw it differently. There was no reason for anyone to be upset, as the post had no innuendos to it, it was her exact thoughts written out. Actually I think the issue is, that there opinion is different and thus that means hers must be wrong. Well, no one is really would be an awfully boring world if we all had the same opinions. Had they spent time reading more of her postings, they'd realize that this is a struggle she's been dealing with for some time; and one of the reasons? Because she truly cares for all of them and thus it makes the situation complicated.

Blogs aren't always written with a certain situation in mind; even if they are that doesn't mean it's about you. Twice I've had postings that for some reason struck cords with some people. It really wasn't about them but I found it funny that they saw themselves in it. I guess it's the "if the shoe fits, wear it" situation. But obviously if my opinion is different; it doesn't mean I don't respect yours or that I don't like you anymore or something. Don't read too much into it.

I always figure that my blog is my personal space. I'm allowed to be happy, sad and angry on it. I'm allowed to have a bad day and a different opinion. Sometimes it's just a mindless rant to help me sort the situation out or the rant just makes me feel better. No one should take it personally. Tomorrow I may read it and say to myself "Why was I all upset over that?" Or "Yep, I know what to do now." Or "I need to look further to sort this out." Or "I feel so much better after ranting about something entirely stupid." Or the worse (and it's happened) "I wish I never would of wrote that - I feel so stupid!"(and fortunately true friends just overlook it or take you out for a drink!).

Blogging is a delicate situation, but remember "Don't take things so seriously." And if it really concerns you? Personally talk to the blogger, don't make it a bigger issue then it has to be.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So What's Happening With All Those Weight Watcher Points?

The "New" Weight Watchers is coming.  No one's quite sure what is actually happening and there is much speculation.  But apparently how the food points are calculated is changing.  Right now the formula uses Calories, Fat and Fiber.  Apparently the new formula is looking at carbs and protein as well.

This can be exciting but also terrifying at the same time.  I mean, CC and I just started this program and it is working very well, what if some of our favorite indulgences point values explode upwards?  It's the carb part that scares me...I don't want to end up in a low carb diet - been there and done that; was starving!  Sure I know, regardless of the change, we could still do the system we're on but that really won't work for meetings, which I'm sure will be required to do the new program.

The points program has changed over the years.  I can remember when it first started and we tried to get a group started up where I worked at the time.  We were one person short of the requirement so we couldn't have the group, but the one girl went to the Weight Watchers Center and bought the books for us all to review and share.

I remember my first day very well.  I had 1/2 a mini-bagel w/ a glaze of butter for breakfast and about 1/8 cup of wild rice with 2 grilled chicken strips for lunch.  And THAT, was all my points for the day!  I had a migraine headache and was sick to my stomach by that evening.  Looking through the point value book then, I realized that if you were not a veggie eater, you couldn't succeed on the program.  I use to call it the starvation diet - lol!!

Over the years, they eased up a little in the point section.  I can remember when bananas were pretty high in points but now they are not.  They've done it where you could save unused points for a night out; and one time they even gave you a "range" of points - a minimum and maximum area to stay in.  But I think the system they use now - a daily set amount of points and the 35 weekly extras for "just in case", is the easiest.  Course I also know the program existed prior to the point system and worked for many people.  But change is still not easy.

Apparently we will know what the change is after Thanksgiving.

Tonight I made Kim's chicken enchillada's for dinner.  The recipe made more than I needed, but was very good.  I'm thinking next time to cut the tostillos in half - which will knock out some points.  One came in at 6 points but one was more than enough for me.  Hubby managed 2.

Monday, October 18, 2010


So hubby made the decision this morning and decided he'd return Lucy today. She's as cute as a button, highly trainable and just overly friendly....but an addition to an already loaded household (2 dogs, 4 cats, turtle and rabbit) is becoming a little much. She does get along well with other dogs and cats...and has learned to walk on a leash. We'd really like to find a good home for her. So if you're looking for a dog, please consider her and visit by stopping by here:

She is truly a sweetheart and deserves a good home!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

More of This

Weight Watchers is going really great.   I’m down 10.4 lbs.  I reached 2 goals this past week…another
5 lb. loss and the loss of 5% of my starting weight!!  You get little stars every time you lose a total of
5 lbs. to put on your bookmark, and a big star at 5%.  I am getting a little tired with some food choices.  Looking for some new options!  But so far, so good and I don’t feel like I’m starving.

Today is CC’s birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Last night Hubby and I went out to eat.  While driving to the restaurant we had this strange conversation:

Hubby:   Can we stop and see Lucy?
Me:          Sure.

Now you may be wondering what is strange.  There’s this hardware store near the restaurant that has a pet department in it.  We stopped in a few months ago to check things out and hubby came across this beagle puppy.  She’s growing into an adult fast and no one seems interested in buying her.  But we’re in that area almost every other week (sometimes every) and he always wants to go in to see if she’s still there.  The request was strange this week as the dog has no name and this is the first hubby’s ever used one.  It’s doubly strange because I knew exactly what he was talking about.

We go in and sure enough she’s still there.  This past month her price has been marked down in hopes someone will buy her.  However, she’s almost 7 months old and she’s surrounded by little puppies that have everyone’s attention.  I ask what happens to the unsold dogs, I’m informed that they go to a rescue that finds them homes (this is a locally owned pet store and not a chain, so I’m sure they are telling the truth).

We’re recognizable now by the staff.  They seem to like the name Lucy.  They offer to cut the price in half.  Now she’s more affordable.  And for some odd reason I hear myself saying, “Could we bring our dogs in to meet her?”  Though they have no problem with that, they suggest that we stop in one day and take her home to meet them; that way our dogs won’t be distracted by everything around them.

We leave and go to dinner.  Okay, the price is affordable and we need to consider having her spayed, shots, microchipped and license plus the increase in food costs.  How will she be around cats?  Joppa and Cooper shouldn’t be an issue, but what about Spunky and Sebastian?  Lucy practically lives in a cage, so crating shouldn’t be a problem (as a matter of fact, while we were at the store, she was out running around and when she got tired she hopped back in her cage to lay down).  Hubby asked if the name “Lucy” is the right one?  We decide that it is.

I’m not quite sure where we are in this process yet.  I did tell him that he will need to take at least one dog with him each day to work and all three on Thursdays.   So he needs to think it through.  I can’t really deny him another pet as he’s never denied me any.  At the same time we need to look at things long term and how it will affect the household.  Plus it means an additional cost for boarding at vacation time!

Here’s her puppy photo from their website:

And I also came across our granddoggie Baylor’s puppy photo:

Apparently they haven’t updated their website in a while!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This, That and Then Some

Things have been going along pretty well.  Today was my first day back from a 4-day weekend...I hate the first days back. 

Weight Watchers is still going well...I'm hoping to be at my 5% loss point this week.  I want to buy a measuring tape though, I'd be interested in seeing how I'm losing in inches.  I'm starting to notice a little difference in my clothes - not enough to be down a size, but things are starting to get baggy.

Now don't get me wrong, there are days I'd love to be laying on the couch with a huge bag of potato chips and dip!  But I know that would be wrong...and the urge isn't that great!!!

I've been thinking a lot about winter.  Walking is my exercise of choice but when the cold weather hits - who wants to be out for that?  I don't have the funds for a gym membership; so I've suggested to hubby that our Christmas buy (instead of gifts) this year (last year was the washer/dryer) be a Wii.  I figured I could get the Wii Fit then.  He seems to like the idea, though nothing is set in stone yet.

Went to visit Colton today.  He informed me that he doesn't pee in the potty, he pees in his pants!!  Since he was bouncing off walls, I asked him how much sugar he had today...he told me his mommy puts sugar in her drink.  Oh, the minds of two year olds....

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Do You Freecycle?

I discovered Freecycle a few years ago.  I really enjoyed my town's group on Yahoo...but this past year they moved the group to the actuall site.  The site moves like molasses, and thus the group isn't as active anymore (but the moderators don't seem to care).  I hadn't been there in quite a long time, but popped in and did a quick hop through the list.

If you're unfamiliar, on freecycle you can offer items for FREE or post wanted items (though there are limits).  Since everything must be FREE; when you post a wanted ad - you're basically asking someone to give you something for nothing.

So I found this post rather humorous:

Wanted:  i am looking for a washer and dryer the front loader with the pedistools.

Really?  REALLY?   Have you priced front loader washer & dryers?  The pedestals alone can be priced at $150-$300 a piece.  I guess it never hurts to ask, but if you're truly in need of a washer & dryer - would you really be this particular????  I bet he couldn't control the emails that flooded his box as people offered to give up their frontloaders and pedestals.  Yeah, I'm being sarcastic.

People are funny.

Friday, October 8, 2010

So I Worried For Nothing

So I worried over absolutely nothing last night as my weigh-in revealed a 2 lb. loss.  Whew!  I've decided that scale must go into a closet so I don't go through that addiction again.  My weighing will be done at the meetings only.
I had thyroid check-up at the doctor's yesterday (every 6 mos.) and he's all for Weight Watchers.  Oh he'd probably be for ANY diet I'd choose that would help me lose weight; but he seemed to be well informed when it came to Weight Watchers and that's always good.

Yesterday's lunch was this:

1 cup of grapes (1 pt.) - CC found these at Walmart for 25 cents a pound - good find!; Hostess Mini Cupcakes (1 pt.) and Roni's Veggie Scoops .  These scoops can be made just hundreds of different ways.  In this particular instant I used 12 scoops (3 pts.); a little salsa (0 pts.), 6 steamed shrimp (1-1/2 oz @ 1 pt.) and one slice WW Swiss Cheese (1 pt.) = 5 pts. total.  Total Lunch = 7 pts.  I may try the scoops as mini-pizzas today, I'll let you know how that goes.

CC's been trying some of the recipes from the Weight Watchers cookbooks.  I keep telling her she needs to start a blog!  I mean really, remember that Julie & Julia movie????

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

This & That

A Photo of me and my nieces from Saturdays Downtown Festival.  I like very few pictures of myself, but I do like this one.

CC tells me that my blog is her daily reading pleasure (yes, she leads a rather sheltered life). Hmmmmm...I tell her so much more in person - EVERYTHING as a matter of fact.

We're due for our third WW weigh-in tomorrow. I've been somewhat freaking out this week. I've become a slave to my scale and well, we all know what that gets you. Since you can weigh different daily and differently at different times of the same day - it gets stressful. Need to hide that scale. This was the first week I've used any of my weekly points (yeah next to the daily ones, you're allotted some weekly ones) - so my mind is set that more points used, more food loss or worse - gain! I'll be glad when weigh-in is over.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No Starving On Weight Watchers

One day, I'm pulling a "Smart Ones" frozen dinner out of the microwave at work when a co-worker said, "You're doing Weight Watchers but I notice you're not eating their food."  I explained that both Smart Ones and Lean Cusines come with WW points value on them....and though Weight Watchers does in fact have some snacks and such available, that there really isn't a Weight Watchers "food".

In other words, Weight Watchers is not Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem where you buy their food to lose weight. Mind you, I'm not knocking either of those plans - if they were affordable to me, I'd probably do them - but yeah, Weight Watchers doesn't sell you meals.

Weight Watchers assigns a point value on foods. You're given a daily point value and you eat foods up to that value. Yes, there's lots of measuring, weighing, point calculating, etc. It's work, I won't lie to you. But at least I can eat what I like, and that was something our leader told us one week - "Eat foods you like or you'll never stick to it."

For instant, I brought leftovers from last night's dinner today for lunch:

What you're looking at is 1/2 cup of sauerkraut (0 pts); 2/3 cup of Birds Eye Steamfresh Corn (1 pt.), 2/3 cup of Betty Crocker's 80 calorie instant mashed potatoes (1 pt.) and 3 oz. of pork loin (4 pts.).  Not a bad meal, huh?
Don't be deceived though - not all products are created equal.  Watch your instant mashed potatoes - I found the ones above in the dollar store and you make them with water (not with milk & butter like other brands which adds points) - thus the low point value.  Hubby found them rather bland so he added butter to his.  Though I do agree they were bland, I eat each bite with either sauerkraut or corn - so that adds flavor for me.  Read your veggie labels too - again points aren't always the same.

Meat is pretty much hit or miss - if I can't find it on the Weight Watcher's website, I just go with 1 point for each ounce.  The site can be deceiving though - I found the mashed potatoes above on the WW's site - they calculated at 3 points a matter how I looked at the food label and tried to rationalize, I could not get the value higher than 1 point a serving.  I'm thinking that perhaps that value was for the Betty Crocker mix that uses milk and butter and not the one I used.
And it really is grand that Fat Free Pringle Potato Chips come in at 1 point for 15!!!!!  YUMMY!  

Monday, October 4, 2010

He's Still A Special Kitty

Saturday was a fun day.  The festival downtown was very nice and there were more vendors than the past few years.  Hubby and I are thinking of a booth for next year.  Anyway, I had walked down, checked things out and picked up food and took it home.  After eating, I settled down to watch some wasn't long that my phone rang and my two neices told me they were downtown at the festival in the beer tent area.  I told them I'd be down. 

I'm not a beer drinker - blah!  But I paid the $3.00 to get in the area, got my free beer and handed it over to my neices.  We sat and chatted, I called hubby to tell him where we were and he said when he got home he'd join us.

While we were sitting there a woman asked "Do you mind if he sits at your table to eat."  I turned and it was an elderly man with a walker that I immediately recognized as my neighbor.  So they sat down with us.  Hubby shows up with Keyser and we all start chatting.  My neighbor finally asks, "What's your cat's name, the one with the white face."  I said, "Joppa."  He proceeds to tell us that Joppa comes IN their house and inspects all the rooms before leaving almost daily.  They find him very amusing.  He's "special" remember?  I'm beginning to wonder which neighbor won't be charmed by him???

Later that day, I went to CC's to pet sit overnight. 

Nice relaxing day...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

He's a Special Kitty

Yesterday, I got home from work and began the normal dog walk.  Whenever Joppa or Cooper are around, they come along for the walk (both Strat and Mickey use to do this as well).  Though I know it must be a funny site to others; it can be both funny and annoying.  The cats mess with the dogs, if you're walking along the street the cats seem to be oblivious to the cars around them sometimes.  So it may be a funny site...but it can be annoying and well dangerous.

But yesterday, I started out the door with the dogs and Joppa decided to tag along.  I decided it best to walk the field next to the alley.  Almost immediately after leaving the house, our mail lady came around the corner.  She delivers my mail and begins to walk towards the house behind us.  Closer to me, she asks the obvious, "Is that cat actually walking with you?"  I, of course, said "Yes."  She was very impressed and said "Wow, I thought my cat was special; but he *is* a *very* special kitty."  I agreed and told her I have an orange cat that will walk with us at times as well (actually Cooper would of been walking with us, but when he saw the mail lady he hid under the car).  "Very special."

Joppa is a special kitty.  He is very friendly and will go to anyone.  That's a blessing and a curse as well.  Blessing because who doesn't want a lap cat?  Curse, because, well....anyone could take him and keep him.  But for the most part the neighborhood seems to know who he is and who he belongs to.  He visits everyone.  Last night while walking Toby...Joppa and Cooper trailed along.  We rounded the corner and a car very slowly was driving down the street.  I turned around and realized both the cats were messing way to close to the curb thus the car driving slow.  The car passed us and parked across the street a little ways down in front of a house.  A little girl hopped out, ran across the street, picked up Joppa and took him over to her front yard and began playing.

As I reach the area right across the street, the mother comes over and asks if that was my cat.  I tell her it is.  She says my daughter will be glad to hear that.  He's there all the time playing with her in the front yard and despite his collar/tags, she assumed he was homeless, though they've tried to tell her otherwise.  I told her that was not a problem as long as he wasn't bothering them and that he does at times go up the hill to the housing development and play with the kids up there.  Her daughter has named him (I forget what she told me) and I told her the housing development refers to him as "Gizmo" but his name is "Joppa".

I really think a microchip appointment needs to be made.


Today I walked down to the street festival in town.  Lots of stands up and lots of food!  Not wanting to totally destroy my diet, but also knowing it would be hard to count points.  I opted a "no point" day, but be sensible with what you're doing.  I ended up with BBQ chicken and baked beans.  Walked right past the funnel cake, smoothies and kettle popcorn. 

Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's Been That Long.....

I feel like it's been FOREVER, since my last blog post, so hopping in for a quick update!

I just weighed in on my second week of Weight Watchers and now have a total of 6.8 pound loss!  I'm very excited.  I'm not even using all my daily points, as I'm just not hungry.  I'm not depriving myself and I'm eating much healthier.  HURRAY!!

Doing some major file moving in my file room at work.  The whole room was set up with the assumption that old files would be scanned when they reached a 7 year period.....well it doesn't look like that's ever going to happen.  So to make things eaiser to find, I'm combining all the older files all by number (and not separated out by year) - big project but it's actually moving along pretty well.

And That's My Update!

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Product Endorsement

During our almost 3 hour grocery shopping spree Friday evening, CC and I came across this little treasure:

The "light" version comes in at ONE weight watcher point and they are rather large!! They taste so much better than regular bread (especially the diet kind) and their website shows you dozens of recipes! Today I used it as a wrap along with deli thin ham and weight watchers swiss cheese with a little bit of mustard; but I'm thinking pizza real soon! Gotta check tomorrow to see if we still have the toaster oven at work. If you don't find them in your bread aisle, check near the deli - that's where we found ours.

So far the diet is okay. I'm not hungry at the moment but I have 7 points I can still use - amazing! And the little veggie scoops from the last post - YUMMY!!