Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Year and Back To Work

I'm dreading going back to work tomorrow.  The year has changed.  That means I have to catch up all the filing, move the 2009 files and start over with 2010.  Filing is at least 2 weeks backed up, this is due to people being off over the holidays.  See there are at least 2 people I cover for when they are off - who am I kidding, I'm the only one that covers for anyone when they are off.  Since all their work ends up in the file room, it is a disadvantage to me to not do their work...but covering another job means my own backs up.  No one else helps out; oh I get offers - but for some reason those offers are never carried through with.

That is one of the reason I take no advice when it comes to the files.  No one else wanted the job, everyone thinks it's too beneath them to file and well why would I want to take their advice on filing?  Please do the job before offering advice.

The other dread at returning to work is that we only had to work 3 days last week; they gave us Thursday & Friday off and let us go early on Wednesday.  The one lady I cover for was off the whole week.  She'll come back to piled up work just from the holidays - but she'll view it as *I* not doing anything for her (it won't matter that I wasn't there).  She'll not speak to me for at least 2 days, and whine behind my back.  Actually spending this week in the file room really doesn't seem so bad anymore.

Hubby and I have spent the past 2 days watching the first season of True Blood.  I've seen it, but he hasn't (he's only caught bits and pieces of season 2 when I was watching it).  I really love this show and am looking forward to season 3 (not sure when that'll start).  Hubby seemed to enjoy it as well.  Yeah, it was a lazy weekend, but every once in a while you just need one.

No "official" resolutions this year - they seem so useless.

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