Saturday, February 6, 2010

And It Snowed And Snowed And Snowed......

Snow does create a big mess and hardwork BUT it is very beautiful (that is before all the dirt from plowing and such takes over):

So because essentially you can't really go anywhere....we're all lazy:

Hubby and the "boys" in what I call - "No Lap Is Too Small"!

Spunky doing what she does best!

Cooper bored because no one will play with him!

Mickey, looking very healthy & clean for a totally outside cat - makes me think that someone in the old neighborhood is making him their own!  He's being somewhat of a bully here; but I'm hoping to keep him around to get his shots updated.

And then there is me (minus the photo) doing what I do best - sitting at the computer!  Oh and Sebastian is being camera shy as well!

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