Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Joppa Rhode

Whenever hubby and I head toward Johns Hopkins for any of his follow-up appointments; we always pass an exit for Joppa Road.

Last year my stepson's cat had kittens.  We had told him we would take one IF he couldn't find homes for all of them.  While we were driving back from Baltimore one day, hubby said that I always name the pets - he'd like to name the kitten.  I asked what?  And we were passing this exit and he said "Joppa".  The kittens all found homes, so we never got the Joppa kitty.

Today, hubby called me to say he'd be fostering a cat at the shop.  His good friend (and accountant) had found one at her house that she believes someone must of dropped off.  She and her husband don't want it, but they want to do good by it, so they took it to a Vet.  The cat is a 1 year old male and currently has a respiratory infection, so it can't be around other cats.  She couldn't keep it until it was better due to her cat; so hubby's shop became the foster home.  Once the cat recovers from it's cold; she's having it neutered.  She knows someone willing to take it.

So why did hubby call me?  I'm not real sure, but after a 30 second discussion - we decided he was Joppa Road (though I've changed that middle name's spelling to Rhode).  He's extremely friendly and is the coloring of my beloved and very much missed Strat. 

And here he is:

I think he and Cooper will become good buddies!!

The Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter in Chambersburg is having a microchip clinic near the end of the month and I'm going take him for that.  Microchipping is a good thing!!

Do any of my readers have a pre-paid cell phone???  We are paying way too much for cell phones and after viewing my usage this past month (4 minutes, 2 texts and 178 kb of data), I've decided I just don't use the phone enough to justify the cost.  A pre-paid plan would accomodate me better.  I'm looking at Boostmobile (which uses the Sprint network) and also at StraightTalk (which uses Verizon).  Does any one out there use either of these that could tell me how they work, if they like it - which phones are best......  or any of the other prepaid services???

Monday, March 29, 2010

"True Blood" - "Twilight" For Adults

I'm not a Twilight fan...just can't see the hype.  As I tell my husband, it's nothing but vampire fluff...

Or maybe it's not vampires at all.  It's like one day someone got the idea that they wanted to write a story about a teenager who falls in love with a teenage vampire.  Now, how would the two meet?  Well, school would be the obvious place, but a vampire can't go out in sunlight and it would seem stupid to have them go to night school, hmmmmm.....oh I now, I'll just change the entire vampire legend to accommodate my story!  And thus, Twilight was born.

I've never read the books.  Though I've been told how great they are, I did in fact go out and buy the first one.  I couldn't get through the first 20 pages, much less read the whole series.  I did however go see the first movie with CC, which was my first Twilight experience.  It was alright, but I couldn't get past the fact that the vampires were out in daylight!!  So I didn't anxiously await for the next movie to come out.  I didn't even go see it.

However, this past weekend I decided to watch New Moon on Comcast on Demand.  What a S N O R E  F E S T.   I almost fell asleep, I'm not kidding you.  As a matter of fact, I went to bed halfway through it and then forced myself to finish it the next day and I only did that because I had paid for it. 

First there's Edward - he's the vampire love interest.  Edward always looks depressed.  Even when he should be happy, he never shows it.  He's the vampire that doesn't want to be a vampire and just lives this tragic existence.  You can relate to this because technically when you're a vampire and you don't want to be, you should be able to go out into the sunlight and burn up....but in this case your skin just glitters.  I'd be depressed too!

Then there's Jacob - Jacob's the guy that wants to be the love interest; but the heroine only sees as a good friend.  Oh and to make he and Edward even more competitive - he's a werewolf!!  And in case you didn't know, the werewolfness only comes out when vampires are around...they are sworn enemies.  Yep, you got it, no howling at the full moon, the werewolf legend must be changed to accommodate the author's story.

And then there's Bella - our story's heroine.  You think Edward's depressed?  You should meet Bella.  What a joy she is to be around.  The girl is NEVER happy.  She never smiles.  But while watching the movie I realized probably a very good reason I don't like these movies (other than the liberties taken with the legends)....Bella has no chemistry with either Edward or Jacob.  I don't know if it's the actress playing the part or what but there is absolutely no chemistry there.  So how can you make this love story work?  Oh well apparently you don't...people just seem to buy into the fact that they are in love...whether they see it or not.

So I'm not a Twilight fan.

True Blood, can you not want this:


No fluff here - if he goes out in sunlight....he's gonna burn up!!!  He's the bad boy vampire and I sooooo....
look forward to the new season to have him in my house again!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday, for lack of a better title...

This morning I got up and made this:


And yes, that is the actual one *I* made and not a photo from the internet - lol!!  It's a low carb dish from Linda's Low Carb Menu & Recipes .  This was the Bacon & Swiss Quiche, though I used cheddar cheese instead of swiss cheese because that's what I had in the refrigerator.  It was actually very good and since it's freezable, I froze the left overs (which was most of it) into single servings and decided that's breakfast for the week!!  Linda's site is just full of recipes and I've made a few others.  Her site is a MUST for anyone trying to live low carb.

And today was the official weigh-in for me.......and I've now lost 10 pounds!!!  <insert happy dance>  I was very excited because I hadn't stuck totally to the diet this past week, but I ate within reason..and it paid off with another pound.  Granted had I stuck to it, it may have been more of a loss, but I'll take what I can!!

What did I do wrong???  Well there was popcorn at the movies (though I didn't have any jujy fruits, gobstoppers and/or snowcaps); PEAS, and last night hubby and I ordered pizza.  We went with thin crust and I got wings as well (since I'd eat less pizza that way).  There was also the mini donut at work one day.  But other than that, things have been good.

I've also discovered that the little pretzels come in at 1 carb a piece....and I've found wheat crackers coming in at 1 carb a piece.  It's nice to have one or two of those with some cheese for a snack.  Pork rinds just won't do it - yep, that's the chosen crunchy snack for Atkins....and nope it's not happening at my house!!!

This week I'm adding my Dannon Light N'Fit Yogurt back in and we'll see how it goes.  Though it actually has a high carb content, it's the only yogurt I really like and makes a quick snack!!  They've fired the kitchen manager at work (hurray!) and the district manager has been running things, so the salad bar has been up to par, which is great since I don't have to pay for it and don't have to buy my own!!  I also added almonds and walnuts in last week and that seemed to work well, so I'm buying more of those (I found little packs in the dollar store that have 2 servings in them). 

Toby and I attended a Luv My Pet clinic yesterday at Petco.  What a nightmare!!  From past experience, I know you have to arrive early - which we did.  Everything went fine as far as sign up and despite being second in line, it took FOREVER because the Vet was late getting there.  This put the Petco store manager in a crappy mood and she talked terrible to the techs that were there in front of all of us (which in my book are "potential customers").  Everything is numbered, so you can't get out of line...the store wasn't busy at all (it never is), so I don't know what her problem was!!  Once the Vet got there though, things moved fast and I opted to buy Toby a treat at Petsmart rather than Petco.  I swear Ms. Manager must be related to my Pink Bunny neighbor.  And no, I haven't been by that house again....for now I've decided to walk the opposite direction (which is more uphill and therefore better exercise).  I'm trying to come up with a good Christian come back that'll make him fill like crap ( I can come up with many that have very unchristian like language...).  Course, this man's daughter is a receptionist at hubby's doctor's office - he said he's telling her next time!

Friday, March 26, 2010

I Don't Know Whether To Be Angry, Upset Or What Here.....

My neighborhood has a good many dog owners that walk their dogs.  After living here almost 2-1/2 years we've discovered that the majority of them don't clean up after their dogs.  It's bad enough when they leave it on someone's's twice as bad if they leave it on the sidewalk for someone to walk in.

Hubby and I are rather obsessive about this.  We walk our dogs a lot and we would NEVER leave their "business" behind.  If we happen to be a bag short...we'll drive back to get it.  It's not unusual for us to walk our dogs, clean up after them only to get back to our house and see one or two piles of some other dog's "business" in our front yard.  It irritates us, it irritates everyone and I imagine it's doubling irritating to the non-dog owners. 

Tonight hubby and I went on our evening exercise walk and the dogs come along.  We walk down the hill, across the street, and up the next hill.  This becomes a big circle, we're halfway up and around this portion of the neighborhood, when Toby decides he needs to do his "business".  I had seen this coming almost from the time we left the house, so I had my little "poopy bag" ready.  He squats in the yard we're in front of - not way up in the yard - but next to the road (there's no sidewalk in this area).

Directly across the street is a house that is always in decoration of whatever holiday happens to be coming up - they decorate almost every inch of their yard; it's a house you would never forget.  Anyway, from the "large pink bunny in the middle of the yard" house comes the owner.  And he yells across the street at us "Don't let your dog go in someone else's yard!"  And when I say he yelled, I mean he YELLED. 

Me, of course, understanding his frustration as I'm sure he's picking it up out of his own yard all the time, calmly says "Oh, don't worry - I'm picking it up."  Did this make him happy???  Absolutely not, he YELLED at me again "It doesn't matter, you shouldn't let them do that, it's not right!!".

Hubby then stepped in and said  "We won't come anywhere near your house." In which, the man again YELLED, "It's not right!!"  (by this time I could see his wife looking out the door - mind you that the owner of the house that Toby actually pooped in never came out or looked out a window).  Frankly, my temper started to rise and I would of loved to of taken my poop bag and shoved it right in the man's face...but hubby kept walking and we continued with the pink bunny man glaring at us as we continued up the street and around the curve.

This totally ruined the walk for me and I was very angry thus upsetting myself.  I got yelled at for doing what was RIGHT....he had the right to yell, had I walked away and left it, but I didn't.  Out of all the dog walkers in the entire neighborhood, he yelled at the two people that actually clean up!!  What an a**.

And what should I do when walking a dog and it has to poop???  Tell him to hold it??  A dog's going to do what a dog's going to do.  Nothing would please me more than to have a large fenced yard for my dogs to run in, unfortunately I don't have that.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Few More Days Go By....

Well Go Daddy has changed the posting area again and now I have to relearn where everything is.  I don't understand why they keep doing this!!

So far my diet has brought me down 9 lbs. in a 2 week period - which is VERY good, however, the hard part has started and the weight loss will drop to 1-2 lbs. a week or possibly none at all.  I do have weak moments though....My cousin's Bridal Shower was one of them.  There was plenty I COULD eat actually - cheese, meatballs, deli meats....but I also opted for a small slice of cake and a few pretzels.  No over eating, but a little off menu.  I also went to the movies this week which involved popcorn (salt, but no butter) and though I probably ate as much as I normally do, I didn't have any Jujy Fruits, Gobstoppers or Snowcaps to go along with it.

I've added some nuts in this week and I just bought some yogurt, though not the kind they suggest as I only eat one kind.  The carb content on it seems awfully high though, but I figure one or two a week can't be all that bad.

So I'm doing better but not totally sticking to things the way they should be.  When looking at diets you have to ask whether or not you can live the rest of your life eating that way or not; so I'm trying to adjust things without going back to the old way.  But if I don't have treats every once in a while, I'll go nuts!!

I do get sick thinking about food all the time though.  It's the one bad thing about diets.....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Last Night I Ate Peas......

Yeah, yeah, yeah.....don't judge me - lol!!! I actually ate peas!!

Peas aren't on the Atkins diet due to their sugar & carb content. Reading through the book, I've discovered peas don't exist in ANY of the phases...sigh.

As you know I've been struggling with the veggies in the Atkins diet. Though I can start adding some things back in this week...there's still the veggie issue and I knew if I continued the way things are, that I'd never stick to a diet. So yesterday I went out and bought some veggies I DO like. I'm still avoiding potatoes and with the peas, though the can indicated 1/2 cup is a serving size, I only ate 1/4 cup...but it really made a difference in my attitude.

Hubby being so supportive questioned whether or not I was going off my diet. I stated "No, but I really need to eat veggies I like. Certainly peas are a lot better and healthier than a bag of potato chips." He agreed.

He actually has been very supportive, we walk every night and I have this goal to be able to walk up that steep hill by the hospital. It's a real killer!! Right now part of the walk involves a hill that's not quite as steep but still challenging. I can at least get up it without stopping for a rest, but it is still tiring. Baby steps.....

I've started a diet blog over at blogspot:  Size Ten In A Year .  If you read here, you don't really need to go there as all the "diet" posts from here are copied over to there (other than the first few).  But if you're only interested in my diet postings...that's the place to be!!  I felt that was a way to connect with others in the same boat and maybe one day it will help someone else going through all the commotion and turmoil I am. 

I've realized this blog has really lacked Kevin Spacey in it lately, so I'm working on a post about him!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Falling Through The Cracks

I've been grumpy and's the diet.  Oh, it's not the non-support of family members and co-workers (that's easily forgivable), it's just well me.

I've hardly eaten anything the past 2 days.  Yesterday at lunch, I could not eat what I brought because I was sick of eating that.  Today, I started the day with a Atkins/pumpkin shake...I then decided to eat out at lunch for a change and chose Boston Market - I got 1/4 white chicken with mixed vegetables and creamed spinach....the mixed veggies ended up being a miss as I could only have the broccoli out of it...and though I really don't like cooked spinach, after a few bites....I just got depressed.  This evening hubby and I went to Bob Evans for dinner and decided on the breakfast menu to make it really wasn't.  I ended up with an omelet consisting of ham, bacon, onions, tomatoes, spinach and cheese.  Had to pass on the potatoes and biscuits..but got a side of bacon.  I ate the bacon....picked at the omelet as it was quite unappetizing.  It was at this moment I realized I had to come up with a solution or starve.

My biggest issue happens to be in the vegetable area.  I just have very few I like...and I've noticed at the Atkins boards I'm not the only one suffering with this.  They really give no solution other than well just learn to eat them.  That's not very helpful.

Though the next phase of Atkins, which I'm due to start next week, let's me begin to add things back in (nuts, fruit, yogurt, etc...), there still is the veggie problem and absolutely no upgrades to the veggies I like.  I can only really eat so much pumpkin.

As I'm voicing my concerns to an online diet pal...she said that if I were complaining about potato chips or something, she'd just tell me to get over it....but it's veggies I'm in a tizzy about.  VEGGIES!!!  Yeah, there are some that are better than others, but if all it takes is a small serving of peas, potatoes or corn to keep me on the diet - then eat them!!  I, of course, advised her that the carbs and sugar content make that impossible for Atkins.  She in turn told me that the new phase is about putting yourself back in to normal eating a step at a time.  It's about learning what and how much you can eat...and what causes you to gain weight.  Yes, it may be overstepping the program adding that stuff in, but she was sure that a serving of peas wasn't gone to gain me 5 pounds. 

I think she may be right.  I pulled my old Curves diet book out, which is a low carb diet and the first week looks pretty much in line with the next Atkins phase.  So I may use that as a guide and hopefully get more variety out of it.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Can I Get A Little Support Here Please?????

Last post I mentioned my Atkins Diet - I weighed in Sunday Morning and was down 7 lbs. in the first week - HURRAY!!!

When I started this diet journey, I opted not to mention it to too many people.  At work, when asked if I needed lunch, I just responded that I packed.  Which isn't exactly a lie, as I did...I just didn't mention that it was due to a diet.  Eventually someone found out, after seeing me drinking an Atkins shake.  Conversation went like this:

Co-worker:    Are you doing Atkins?
Me:                Yes.
Co-worker:    So you're eating just meat, cheese and eggs?
Me:                No, that's a misconception - that isn't Atkins at all.  You move through phases gradually
adding carbs back in.  Most of your carb intake is to be vegetables.
Co-worker:    Oh......

A few days later while crunching on some celery, the same co-worker advised me that I'd never last due to my addiction to potato chips.

My immediate family was aware of my diet.  I get to my mother's and both she and my sister immediately ask "Are you still on your diet?"  I answered that yes I was and that I had lost 7 lbs.  Conversation went like this:

Mom:     Really?  (as she glanced up and down me)
Sister:    Don't get use to that type of weight loss, you always lose alot the first time then it dwindles to a little.....and then you don't want to continue. you see my point???  First thing, I've dieted before and am quite aware that you lose the most weight the first week (which is mostly water), I'm also quite aware that I'll be lucky if I lose a pound a week here on out and it will take some effort to get there.  As for my co-worker, yes I do love potato chips, I've never hidden that fact and at some point I'll probably be craving them....but can we not discuss it?!

What about  - Good job, just keep hanging in there!   Wouldn't that be an appropriate reaction???

I have a my cousin's bridal shower to go to next week...I'm quite sure they'll be food that I cannot eat - I may not be able to eat any of it, but that's okay....but I know, my mother will announce it to everyone - "Laura's on a diet and can't eat any of this."  She'll then continue with the dozens or so reasons why she couldn't do this particular diet.  She'll also apologize eating things in front of me, but let me know how good it is.  I don't want people to know I'm dieting and I certainly don't want people to prepare special dishes for me.  And I just don't want to discuss it with anyone, it's a private matter.

My weight loss may not be noticeable to alot of people right now, I don't expect it to be...but it is to me, not just on the scale but with my clothes and the mirror as well.  That's the only time I want to discuss my diet - when someone notices with a "Have you lost weight?" or to compare notes with someone who is struggling through the same thing.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Atkins Is Not A High Protein Diet

Atkins is not a high protein diet - I repeat, Atkins is not a high protein everyone say it with me: ATKINS IS NOT A HIGH PROTEIN DIET.

There - that feels better.

Last week I embarked on a new diet as I had long gave up on the old one due to no weight loss (or inches for that matter).  Deciding I needed a plan to follow - and not one from the past, I happened upon the Atkins website - you know the diet where you can eat all the meat, eggs and cheese you want.  What could be better than that?

Actually that's an old wives can't actually eat all you want of any of that.  Atkins is set up into phases which you work your way through.  The first phase is "Induction".  You stay on this phase for at least 2 weeks but can remain there up to 6 months.  Induction of course is the most restrictive area.  You're limited to 20 net carbs per day, with 12-15 of those coming from vegetables.  You heard me right - VEGETABLES (didn't think that existed on Atkins did you?).  But with all diets, my favorite veggies of potatoes, peas and corn aren't on the list.  I've been making due with salads of lettuce, tomato and cucumbers; green olives, celery and broccolli...but really how much broccolli can one person eat?  I've just never been a big veggie eater.

From the Atkins website, I hopped onto the forums (by the way, the website is FREE and offers alot of tools and support).  There's a lot of good people there.  The Atkins diet now, though very similiar to the one in the past, isn't quite as restrictive as it use to be, but fairly the same.  This sometimes causes some hate and discontent on the forum, but I've never been at a forum yet that *that* didn't exist in.  Anyway, I found a group that was all starting when I did and it's always helpful when dieting to have friends on the journey.  I also discovered I wasn't the only one having a veggie problem.

Most of the experts stated that it was necessary for you to try to eat the veggies you wouldn't normally eat.  I can agree with that to an extent, but if you have to choke down veggies you don't like, well you won't stay on the diet for long!!  It was then that someone on the board introduced me to canned pumpkin.

Pumpkin is a vegetable and not a fruit.  1/2 cup of pumpkin will give you 4 net carbs!!  Wow!!  Pumpkin can be added into a lot of things to make them taste good......Pumpkin crop was really bad last year, pumpkin is hard to find in certain areas of the country - mine being one.

When I say "pumpkin" it must be 100% pure pumpkin NOT pumpkin pie filling (due to the sugar).  All the grocery stores I went to had empty shelves where pumpkin should of been.  One had a sign explaining the shortage due to the crops; another had the pie filling type.  No one had what I needed and I was on the verge of quitting this diet as I couldn't get the veggie amount down that I needed.  I just couldn't.

Hubby, being as supportive as he is, drove me to a Country Market...if anyone would have pumpkin, it would be them.  Well they didn't, oh they had pumpkin butter and pies, but not what I needed.  But they did have a lot of organic stuff that I'll be able to use in later phases, so it wasn't a total wasted trip.  On the way back home, he asked "Did you try Henicles"?

Henicles is a little grocer in town, you know, one of those neighborhood grocers that's just little and a quick pick-up for necessities and things.  I forget they exists but we opted to stop in.  Good, good choice - they had 100% pure pumpkin - actually they had a good bit and even 2 different brands.  I was so relieved.

So I figure, I can blend a 1/2 cup of pumpkin with my vanilla Atkins shake and end up with 4 net carbs there, and make one of the microwave dishes with a 1/2 cup and there's 8 net carbs total.  My salads and such should make up the rest!!

And so, if Atkins isn't a High Protein Diet, what is it???  Atkins is a Low Carb, High Fat diet - but only the good carbs and fats.  You have to watch the sugar contents of items as well.  Most foods labelled "Non-fat", "Low-fat" and "Diet" normally contain sugar in them; so Atkins advises to eat the regular kind; but you should avoid processed foods to begin with anyway.  And yeah, you still have to drink a whole lot of water too!!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Some More Of This & That

The snow is almost gone!!  Mostly because they are replacing a water line that runs down the alley next to the house; so they had to haul away the piles in the alley.  I came home one day and it was all gone!!  Then the sun and some warmer temperatures is handling the rest.  Hopefully, they'll be no more.

Mickey went outside this evening for about 45 minutes.  We're going to try to start with little trips as it's getting harder to keep him inside, but the first trip out went well.

"The Bachelor" ended Monday and Jake picked the girl everyone hated.  Well, I didn't hate her (I don't know her personally so I can't make that call), but the other girls on the show hated her and most of the posters on the forums were disappointed.  I actually think he made the right choice.  I didn't really care for any of the "ladies" (and I use that term loosely) this time around; so it made no difference to me, but when it got down to the final two - Tenley and Vienna; well it was quite obvious he preferred Vienna, so the choice should never of been a surprise.  I do have some advice for Tenley though.....  Tenley - before you are truly ready for a relationship, you need to get over your ex-husband.  I know you're not over him because you mentioned him and that marriage at least 4 times an episode with tears.....  it's one thing to let someone know you've been married before and to even explain what happened; but if you constantly tear up about it and have to keep mentioning it over and over again....well you win the sympathy vote, nothing more.  When you can talk about it without it tearing your heart out, then you're ready to move on!!  A new relationship won't make that go need to get rid of those feelings first.  GET OVER IT!!!  And also...quit being so agreeable, you must have opinions of your own and totally agreeing with the man all the time, may be cute at first but at some point he'll get sick of it.  Trust me on this, I've been there.

If you missed this season, go to the "Fans Of Reality TV" board and read the recaps - they are actually more entertaining than the shows!!!!

And speaking of the "The Bachelor", the first ever wedding to come from this show will take place this Monday!!  Jason & Molly will be tying the knot.  Y'all remember Jason, he's the one that chose Melissa and sent Molly home only to come back on the follow-up show, dump Melissa and proclaim that he really loved Molly!!  This made him a jerk in bachelor-land and won Melissa the sympathy vote....but, since I always thought he should of chose Molly anyway, and Melissa went on to find fame and a husband...let's wish them well!!

And that's been my exciting life since last post.....