Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Joppa Rhode

Whenever hubby and I head toward Johns Hopkins for any of his follow-up appointments; we always pass an exit for Joppa Road.

Last year my stepson's cat had kittens.  We had told him we would take one IF he couldn't find homes for all of them.  While we were driving back from Baltimore one day, hubby said that I always name the pets - he'd like to name the kitten.  I asked what?  And we were passing this exit and he said "Joppa".  The kittens all found homes, so we never got the Joppa kitty.

Today, hubby called me to say he'd be fostering a cat at the shop.  His good friend (and accountant) had found one at her house that she believes someone must of dropped off.  She and her husband don't want it, but they want to do good by it, so they took it to a Vet.  The cat is a 1 year old male and currently has a respiratory infection, so it can't be around other cats.  She couldn't keep it until it was better due to her cat; so hubby's shop became the foster home.  Once the cat recovers from it's cold; she's having it neutered.  She knows someone willing to take it.

So why did hubby call me?  I'm not real sure, but after a 30 second discussion - we decided he was Joppa Road (though I've changed that middle name's spelling to Rhode).  He's extremely friendly and is the coloring of my beloved and very much missed Strat. 

And here he is:

I think he and Cooper will become good buddies!!

The Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter in Chambersburg is having a microchip clinic near the end of the month and I'm going take him for that.  Microchipping is a good thing!!

Do any of my readers have a pre-paid cell phone???  We are paying way too much for cell phones and after viewing my usage this past month (4 minutes, 2 texts and 178 kb of data), I've decided I just don't use the phone enough to justify the cost.  A pre-paid plan would accomodate me better.  I'm looking at Boostmobile (which uses the Sprint network) and also at StraightTalk (which uses Verizon).  Does any one out there use either of these that could tell me how they work, if they like it - which phones are best......  or any of the other prepaid services???


  1. Can't help you with the phone but love Joppa Rhode! Both the name and the kitty! Congrats, Paul, on his new son!