Thursday, March 4, 2010

Some More Of This & That

The snow is almost gone!!  Mostly because they are replacing a water line that runs down the alley next to the house; so they had to haul away the piles in the alley.  I came home one day and it was all gone!!  Then the sun and some warmer temperatures is handling the rest.  Hopefully, they'll be no more.

Mickey went outside this evening for about 45 minutes.  We're going to try to start with little trips as it's getting harder to keep him inside, but the first trip out went well.

"The Bachelor" ended Monday and Jake picked the girl everyone hated.  Well, I didn't hate her (I don't know her personally so I can't make that call), but the other girls on the show hated her and most of the posters on the forums were disappointed.  I actually think he made the right choice.  I didn't really care for any of the "ladies" (and I use that term loosely) this time around; so it made no difference to me, but when it got down to the final two - Tenley and Vienna; well it was quite obvious he preferred Vienna, so the choice should never of been a surprise.  I do have some advice for Tenley though.....  Tenley - before you are truly ready for a relationship, you need to get over your ex-husband.  I know you're not over him because you mentioned him and that marriage at least 4 times an episode with tears.....  it's one thing to let someone know you've been married before and to even explain what happened; but if you constantly tear up about it and have to keep mentioning it over and over again....well you win the sympathy vote, nothing more.  When you can talk about it without it tearing your heart out, then you're ready to move on!!  A new relationship won't make that go need to get rid of those feelings first.  GET OVER IT!!!  And also...quit being so agreeable, you must have opinions of your own and totally agreeing with the man all the time, may be cute at first but at some point he'll get sick of it.  Trust me on this, I've been there.

If you missed this season, go to the "Fans Of Reality TV" board and read the recaps - they are actually more entertaining than the shows!!!!

And speaking of the "The Bachelor", the first ever wedding to come from this show will take place this Monday!!  Jason & Molly will be tying the knot.  Y'all remember Jason, he's the one that chose Melissa and sent Molly home only to come back on the follow-up show, dump Melissa and proclaim that he really loved Molly!!  This made him a jerk in bachelor-land and won Melissa the sympathy vote....but, since I always thought he should of chose Molly anyway, and Melissa went on to find fame and a husband...let's wish them well!!

And that's been my exciting life since last post.....

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