Wednesday, April 28, 2010

After Much Consideration.....

My new cell phone is getting used ALOT!!  I'm going through a whole mess of minutes.  In the 3 weeks I've had this phone, I've used more minutes than I've used in 6 months with my old phone.

So I began to's going to cost me minute wise and I am missing not being able to access FaceBook.  But why wasn't I using the old phone on the unlimited plan as much???  Well, it was the phone.  I've decided to ditch Net10 and go back to Sprint (hubby never changed the plan anyway) and get a phone comparable to the Net10 one; which involves a slide out qwerty keyboard (rather than a touch screen one).  I just hated that touchscreen phone.  It would call people from my purse, but if I was trying to actually use it, I had to practically beat the screen to death.  So as soon as the new phone arrives, I'll be back to my old phone number (everyone that needs it will get ANOTHER text/email with it).

I've really failed diet wise this week; but I am getting back on track.

Trying to get caught up at work as well - really need to find the top of my desk!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

This & That

My last blog entry brought about a comment from Comcast Cable.  I was a little suspicious at first, but after doing a web search, I discovered that Comcast does have a division that scans the web searching social sites and blogs for Comcast mentions.

Some may view that as being nosey, I think it's great that they would go to the length to try to handle problems.  Yes, it would be nice if the issues were handled before a problem existed, however, problems are always going to exist - and customer service reps are only allowed to do so much.  Anyone who's ever worked in customer service and has to deal with an irate customer who wants to hear you tell them one thing and your policies don't allow you too - well, you know how it is.

If you read my last post, you'll notice the issue wasn't really with Comcast; it was UPS.  My work email indicates I have a message there from UPS - I guess I can deal with them tomorrow.  I also have a nasty letter to go out to them with a photo of my house - I really want them to show me my front porch that the package was left on.

As far as I'm concerned, as long as I get the 2 new ones that are to be shipped out and I'm not held responsible for the other 2....I'm a satisfied customer.


My diet has failed miserably and this weekend has been the worst.  I've chosen to drop Atkins as it's just not a diet I can live forever with.  It got kind of boring to eat the same things over and you not only have to track net also have to track sugar, protein, fiber, etc....  I need things to be simple.

So I went back to Weight Watchers.  At first, I was going to go to a meeting; but then I decided to join online (if that doesn't work, I can switch to meetings).  The plan has changed a little, as it's been known to do over the years, so once in I chose to order the 2010 point books.  But for the most part, it's the same.  I do like that you no longer have to save points here and there for nights out and such.  Instead you get your daily points (use them all daily or lose them) and 35 points to use anywhere within the week (again use them that week or lose them).  No more carrying over.  I like that as the program changes, they choose to make things simpler.  I didn't like having to pay for a diet site (as you know if you've ever read any of my past postings), but I figure once I have everything down, I can jump over to and use it from there.  Fatsecret is the only diet menu counter site I've ever come across that calculates weight watcher points and for atkins lovers-net carbs.

I'm still at the 10 lb. weight loss though, even with my failing diet.  So that's one good thing!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What A Mess....

Our cable provider is Comcast.  I've never really had any issues with Comcast, though I know a lot of people do.  Recently Comcast has been upgrading their digital system and we recently got letters that our area is due for an upgrade.  This means that in order to get all the channels, you're required to have a converter box on your tv sets.

My main tv has a DVR box.  It's get all the channels I subscribe too, plus has On Demand (which I love).  My other 2 sets just get the basics (2-74) as they don't have boxes on them.  They now must have boxes on them for the upgrade, which is fine, especially since Comcast is providing up to 3 per household for free.

I ordered my boxes, they were shipped out on the 17th.  I happened to think about them today and thought I should have had them by now.  I put the tracking information into the UPS site.  Yes, indeed I should have the by now, they were delivered on the 19th and left on my front porch.

Hmmmmm......I don't have a front porch.  I have a front step and I hadn't noticed any boxes sitting there.  I double checked - nope, not there.  I checked in between the doors - nope, not there.  Interesting....

I'm not doubting UPS delivered them, but somehow leaving them out in the open in plain site obviously isn't wise and is against their policy.  I called Comcast to explain the problem.  The girl indicates that my convertors had been delivered on the 19th.  I explain again.  She informs me that I must call UPS.

I call UPS and explain.  The tell me the convertors had been delivered on the 19th (are you seeing a pattern here?).  I explain again.  They are apologetic, but it's a Comcast problem.

I call Comcast back and once again explain the problem.  She's apologetic but tells me the minute she puts this in the system, she know it's going to tell me to call UPS.  It does, she transfers me to someone higher up.

This person decided to call UPS and then get back with me.  She calls back and tells me that UPS says they delivered the package on the 19th Bang Head Against Wall.  She says she'll ship out two more; I give her my work address to ship them too.  This way we have a signature if there is a problem; but mostly because I trust the UPS guy that delivers there.  I just know at some point that missing package is going to appear on my front step.

What really upsets me is the insistence of UPS that they delivered the package.  They were missing the whole point - the package may have been delivered, but I didn't get it - it's gone!!  Their fault as packages are not to be left in areas in full view per their own policy.  This possibly cannot be the first time they've ever had this happened.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Lazy Sunday

Well it's not totally lazy, I did do some clean up and I am doing laundry, but technically it's a "whatever gets done, gets done and what doesn't, doesn't" day.

Poor Joppa Rhode...his respiratory infection hasn't gotten better which resulted in another Vet visit.  They did a chest x-ray and declared he has pneumonia, which now means he has 2 medications and a vitamin to take.  He's contagious, so he can't come home yet and we have to disinfect ourselves before touching our own animals.  Hubby has now chosen to call him "Ka-ching" due to the Vet bills; but I told him NO, his name is Joppa Rhode.  He does seem happy and content though.

I've been off the diet track, not overly eating but eating things not Atkins approved.  Getting ready to get back on track this week.  I'll be making my breakfast quiche from a few posts back again plus a lunch one as well. 

I finally got my Kindle!!  I've been wanting and wanting one.  First downloaded book:  Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  There's a whole slew of the classics now with a supernatural touch to them.  I haven't started it yet, but I'm told it's enjoyable.

And that's my lazy Sunday!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sizing Up Sperm

Hmmmm...yep, y'all weren't expecting that title huh???

Last night Polt and I went to Waynesburger for dinner and back to his place for wine, snacks and Glee.  Arriving earlier than the start of Glee, we first finished up an episode of Smallville and then discovered that American Idol was running over pushing Glee back to 9:30 p.m.  So we did what any other 2 people would of surfed.

TV surfing led us to the National Geographic Channel which was showing well, the race that sperm go through and why some achieve and some don't.  What caught our attention wasn't really what the show was about but was more so of the fact that the show chose to "upsize" the sperm to human size.  Which basically means, there were all these people dressed in white each representing a sperm and racing across a field.  Yes, you read right - and No, we weren't smoking anything.  Polt was quick to point out that he was pretty sure that no one's sperm would consist of all nationalities and colors.  Yep, even this show aimed to not discriminate against anyone.

Just so you really don't think I'm tripping...I've found the synopsis on the web:

"Each of us was the grand prize in the ultimate reality contest, the amazing race a sperm makes on the road to fertilization.  Millions of sperm compete while overcoming armies of antibodies, treacherous terrain, and impossible odds to reach their single-minded goal.  To illustrate the full weight of the challenge, Sizing Up Sperm uses real people to represent 250 million sperm on their marathon quest to be first to reach a single egg."

And in case you're interested this is repeating on Thursday, April 20th @ 4:00 p.m.  And I'm sure it'll be showing again & again, so you may want to check their website for future listings.

I kept thinking what it would be like to be an actor and having your agent call you for this job - lol!!!

Anyway, Glee was good.  Not fantastic as usual, but still worth watching.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

This Morning....

This morning Keyser and I headed to the Petco in Hagerstown for a vaccine clinic.  His rabies was good but he needed everything else.  Keyser didn't act very well and he really was very bad behaved with the Vet.  But while in the van, this conversation occurred:

Vet:            Who do we have here, Keezer.

Me:            It's pronounced Kizer.

Tech:        I've heard that name before, can't place it though.

Me:            He's named after a character in a movie.

Tech:        That's it - remind me.

Me:            Keyser Sozee - The Usual Suspects.

Tech:        Yes, that's a fantastic movie.  Kevin Spacey - he is so good in that!

Me:            I know, I just love Kevin Spacey.

The man is always good for topic conversation!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Let's Net 10.....

With Straight Talk off the board, during my lunch hour yesterday I went to Best BuyBest Buy carries about every line of prepaid there is (other than Straight Talk).  I explained to the girl my situation and she suggested I try Net 10.

Net 10 is one of the older prepaid plans out there.  It's a division of Tracfone (as is Straight Talk) but it runs off a different network.  I haven't really been able to figure which network that is, but I'm reading it can be either AT&T or T-Mobile.  Not only are Net 10 phones cheaper than the Straight Talk ones, they also come with 300 minutes included upon activation.  I was informed the return policy was 30 days and the whole price would be ripping off when it comes to the activation minutes.

The girl at Best Buy also checked the areas for me.  She advised that no store is allowed to sell a phone service that can't be activated in that particular area - so that had my work area covered.  She got online though and input the home area zip code - it popped right up.  So we were set!!

Again, an extremely easy activation.  The phone is almost identical to the Straight Talk one and the test run today showed it worked in both areas with no issues, sound quality is good and texting worked.  I'm very pleased.

Another great thing about Net 10?  The minutes roll over......that's right, even though you do have to add to keep the activation, any left over minutes roll right over!!!  The cheapest plan is $15.00 a month which adds 200 minutes. 

So what am I giving up?  The internet mostly but like I've said before, I rarely ever used it the way I thought I would - and when I travel I take my laptop anyway.  No email on the phone either, but if someone needs me that bad - they can call or text me.

My going off the plan will probably save us about $100 on the cell phone bill - WOW!!!

My one sister informed me that she has been using Net 10 for about 4 years.  They were looking at prepaid plans through the provider and the person in the kiosk walked them to Radio Shack and pointed Net 10 out to them - said it's the best deal out there.  Yep, you heard right...the person gave up a sale.

Prepaid is perfect for the person that doesn't live by their cell phone.  If you really need the internet and email on your phone, then you probably don't want prepaid BUT if you just need a phone "just in case" - well this is the way to go.

Would love to hear some comments on some of the other prepaid services out there - Boostmobile? Virgin Mobile? AT&T? Verizon?    ANYONE????

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Let's Straight Talk.....

A few posts back I was asking about prepaid cell phone service.  After a lot of web searching and such, I opted to give Straight Talk a try.  Straight Talk is a new service working off the Verizon network and a division of TracFone.  They've joined forces with Walmart, which is the only place the phones and cards are available other than the Straight Talk website.

They have a few phones to choose from and even have a touchscreen one (though it's hard to find and not available on their website).  I chose a Samsung phone with a slide out qwerty keyboard, which I very much liked.  Straight Talk only offers 2 plans - for $45/month you get unlimited minutes, text and data or for $30/month you get 1,000 minutes, 1,000 text and 30mb data.  I chose the lesser plan to start.

When I purchased it, I asked the employee if the service was good.  He said it was.  I also asked the return policy, which he stated was 15 days on the phone; the card, of course, couldn't be returned once activated.

I get home and have no trouble getting the phone set up.  I didn't choose to port my number over as from all the reviews I've read when it comes to problems with this service, normally starts with the number port.  Besides, I didn't want to cancel out my Sprint phone until I knew I had what I needed.  I couldn't get it to connect to Facebook though, but that seemed to be a Facebook issue and not the phone itself, but that's not that big of a deal.  I had plenty of bars and things looked good.

UNTIL.......I'm heading to work this morning; I get out of my home area and well I had No Service.  When I got to work, I went online and checked the service map.  Yep, there's service in that area.  But I had none.  After trying about everything, I went to their website and inputted the zip code area for my work (as if I planned on activating a new phone from there) immediately told me no service could be activated from that area.  Hmmmmm......the map says there is service here, but you can't activate - doesn't really make sense.  But since I need the phone to work in both areas for emergency purposes, well....I'm going to have to return it!!!  Bummer!!

So that no one else has the same issue - there is no service in the Hagerstown, MD area for Straight Talk!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Oh I'm Stuck....

I am so stuck at the 10 lb. mark, getting frustrated and frustration leads to not eating the correct things...

I'm trying to get back in line with it!!

My doctor however, was happy with the little bit of weight I lost.  That's a good thing!!