Friday, April 9, 2010

Let's Net 10.....

With Straight Talk off the board, during my lunch hour yesterday I went to Best BuyBest Buy carries about every line of prepaid there is (other than Straight Talk).  I explained to the girl my situation and she suggested I try Net 10.

Net 10 is one of the older prepaid plans out there.  It's a division of Tracfone (as is Straight Talk) but it runs off a different network.  I haven't really been able to figure which network that is, but I'm reading it can be either AT&T or T-Mobile.  Not only are Net 10 phones cheaper than the Straight Talk ones, they also come with 300 minutes included upon activation.  I was informed the return policy was 30 days and the whole price would be ripping off when it comes to the activation minutes.

The girl at Best Buy also checked the areas for me.  She advised that no store is allowed to sell a phone service that can't be activated in that particular area - so that had my work area covered.  She got online though and input the home area zip code - it popped right up.  So we were set!!

Again, an extremely easy activation.  The phone is almost identical to the Straight Talk one and the test run today showed it worked in both areas with no issues, sound quality is good and texting worked.  I'm very pleased.

Another great thing about Net 10?  The minutes roll over......that's right, even though you do have to add to keep the activation, any left over minutes roll right over!!!  The cheapest plan is $15.00 a month which adds 200 minutes. 

So what am I giving up?  The internet mostly but like I've said before, I rarely ever used it the way I thought I would - and when I travel I take my laptop anyway.  No email on the phone either, but if someone needs me that bad - they can call or text me.

My going off the plan will probably save us about $100 on the cell phone bill - WOW!!!

My one sister informed me that she has been using Net 10 for about 4 years.  They were looking at prepaid plans through the provider and the person in the kiosk walked them to Radio Shack and pointed Net 10 out to them - said it's the best deal out there.  Yep, you heard right...the person gave up a sale.

Prepaid is perfect for the person that doesn't live by their cell phone.  If you really need the internet and email on your phone, then you probably don't want prepaid BUT if you just need a phone "just in case" - well this is the way to go.

Would love to hear some comments on some of the other prepaid services out there - Boostmobile? Virgin Mobile? AT&T? Verizon?    ANYONE????


  1. I use net10 also. I used to use a different prepaid phone company but the reception was not as good Net10, nor were the rates. Net10 is truly first in its class. The other prepaid companies just don't seem to cut it for me.

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