Thursday, April 8, 2010

Let's Straight Talk.....

A few posts back I was asking about prepaid cell phone service.  After a lot of web searching and such, I opted to give Straight Talk a try.  Straight Talk is a new service working off the Verizon network and a division of TracFone.  They've joined forces with Walmart, which is the only place the phones and cards are available other than the Straight Talk website.

They have a few phones to choose from and even have a touchscreen one (though it's hard to find and not available on their website).  I chose a Samsung phone with a slide out qwerty keyboard, which I very much liked.  Straight Talk only offers 2 plans - for $45/month you get unlimited minutes, text and data or for $30/month you get 1,000 minutes, 1,000 text and 30mb data.  I chose the lesser plan to start.

When I purchased it, I asked the employee if the service was good.  He said it was.  I also asked the return policy, which he stated was 15 days on the phone; the card, of course, couldn't be returned once activated.

I get home and have no trouble getting the phone set up.  I didn't choose to port my number over as from all the reviews I've read when it comes to problems with this service, normally starts with the number port.  Besides, I didn't want to cancel out my Sprint phone until I knew I had what I needed.  I couldn't get it to connect to Facebook though, but that seemed to be a Facebook issue and not the phone itself, but that's not that big of a deal.  I had plenty of bars and things looked good.

UNTIL.......I'm heading to work this morning; I get out of my home area and well I had No Service.  When I got to work, I went online and checked the service map.  Yep, there's service in that area.  But I had none.  After trying about everything, I went to their website and inputted the zip code area for my work (as if I planned on activating a new phone from there) immediately told me no service could be activated from that area.  Hmmmmm......the map says there is service here, but you can't activate - doesn't really make sense.  But since I need the phone to work in both areas for emergency purposes, well....I'm going to have to return it!!!  Bummer!!

So that no one else has the same issue - there is no service in the Hagerstown, MD area for Straight Talk!

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